tagToys & MasturbationAn Afternoon to Myself

An Afternoon to Myself


Between work, kids, chores, and volunteering, it's hard to ever get some time to myself. But today, as luck would have it, I have the entire Saturday afternoon to myself to do whatever I want. Hmmm shopping? No. Go to the spa for a mani/pedi? No. Clean the house? DEFINITELY not! I have something much more interesting in mind...

I plug in the wax warmer and set it to medium heat. It'll take awhile to melt the wax, but that gives me time to jump in the shower and clean up first. The hot water feels so good as it hits my skin, warming me and soothing my muscles. The soapy lather slides down my body, making my smooth skin slippery to the touch. I squeeze both of my enormous bubbly breasts, cupping them in my hand and pinching my nipples until they are rock hard. With extra care, I reach down between my legs with a soapy hand and stroke the outside of my pussy, running my fingers through the folds, occasionally slipping a couple of fingers deep inside. I put another hand down my backside, cleaning my ass and tickling my cheerio to be sure I'm clean everywhere. The sensations feel good, but I must wait - good things come to those who wait. And today there's no rush.

I towel off and begin to assemble the rest of the supplies that I'll need. A torn up brown-paper bag on the floor to catch the wax drippings.. a lighted mirror.. the pre-wax powder.. the tweezers.. a footstool.. and the box of wooden spatulas. Using one of the spatulas, I stir the wax and confirm that it's all melted, then I take the powder and cover my pussy, clit, thighs, and ass with it, making sure everything is dry and powdery.

Next I sit on the footstool and spread my legs wide, looking at my open pussy in the mirror. I take a large glob of melted wax on the end of the spatula and spread it down one side of my pussy. Startled, I stop for a second when I realize the wax is a little too hot, but I know it'll cool quickly and after pain always comes pleasure. Once the side is completely covered in wax, I let it cool and harden while I repeat the process on the other side. Again, my skin momentarily burns from the heat, but in a good way, and within seconds that side is covered, too.

A quick check of the first side confirms that it's ready to be ripped off. I take a couple of deep breaths to prepare myself, then pull my skin tight, grab the bottom end of the strip, inhale deeply, and rip it off while sharply exhaling to cope with the pain. A quick look at the strip confirms that it's covered in hair, violently pulled by the roots from the lips of my pussy. Looking in the mirror, I see that my assaulted pussy lip is red and slightly swollen. I pull the skin tight on the other side, grab the bottom, and again exhale while ripping the hair out of that side of my pussy. Now, my poor pussy looks angry and puffy, but immediately the painful sensation of ripping out the hair is replaced by an erotic warmth, making my pussy tingly. Moisture is gathering inside and starts to glisten from deep within.

Next I work on my clit, one of the most painful parts of the process. Covering the area around my clit with hot wax is so erotic, the heat yields such an incredible sensation. While that wax hardens, I apply wax a little higher on my belly, leaving only the formation of a perfect landing strip. As I rip the wax strip off from around my clit, I bite my lip to avoid screaming from the pain, but my waxed pussy looks so beautiful when everything is clean and exposed.

Lastly, my ass. It's a challenge to reach down there to spread the wax, and a challenge to remove it, as well. Hot wax on my asshole feels amazing, but the pain to remove it is awful. Regardless, it's worthwhile knowing that a few seconds of pain will be replaced by arousing warm and tingly sensations, and my sweet spots will stay smooth for a couple of weeks.

Another strange thing that I noticed once I started waxing, is that a bare pussy is incredibly sensitive when there is no hair to get between you and your panties. One day, I was sitting in a meeting at work and when I leaned forward in the conference room chair, my panties made contact with my clit and put pressure on it, and I actually had a mild orgasm that lasted for 30 seconds or sso! Surrounded by a half dozen men in a boring meeting - I had an orgasm, and nobody knew! I thought maybe it was a fluke thing, but then it happened again.. and again.. and again. I found that I could actually make an orgasm happen at will - anytime, anyplace - just by leaning forward in such a way that direct pressure is applied to my clit. It's not a "When Harry Met Sally" kind of public orgasm - nobody around me has any clue when this is happening - I just experience the rhythmic throbbing and convulsing, which feels so good and leaves me dripping wet and feeling sexually satisfied. Some people doodle on paper in boring meetings, others surreptitiously use their smartphone to do Facebook under the table, but I give myself orgasms!

After 45 minutes of waxing and tweezing, my pussy and ass are now completely hair-free, smooth as a baby's bottom. The swelling has started to subside, but my sensitivity is heightened and I find that I am extremely horny from the warmth, pain, and pleasure.

Still sitting on the footstool in the bathroom, in front of the lighted mirror, I watch my pussy as I pour a generous amount of KY liquid onto my clit, down my cunt, and around my ass, until everything is slippery and glistening with hungry moisture. Today I'll be taking advantage of the solitude in the house to really pleasure myself right. No quickies today - I'm going all out and pulling out some toys that I rarely have time to use.

I start with the anal swizzle stick - a long slender spiral-shaped toy. I coat it in lube then watch in the mirror as it easily slides into my ass until only the base is still visible. Then I grab the cyberskin dildo - a long, thick, smooth, and incredibly realistic rubbery cock. I run it under hot water to raise it to body temperature, then tease my pussy with it. I run the wet toy up and down my lips, press it against my clit, and jiggle it against the opening to my pussy before sliding the length of it deep inside me. With toys in both my ass and pussy, I feel very full, and sitting on these toys on the footstool, I'm able to rock gently back and forth to vary the sensations so it feels like thrusting. Mmmm it feels so good.

Lastly, I pull out my Eroscillator - a toy that resembles an electric toothbrush. With a variety of attachments, it uses an oscillating motion to rub a woman's clit to orgasm. Totally full from the toys in my pussy and ass, I turn on the Eroscillator and place it gently against my clit. It's a very powerful toy, and it doesn't take much pressure or effort to quickly cum with it. To delay my explosion, I move the toy so it's to the left of my clit, then to the right, then to the bottom, then to the top. I occasionally press it directly against my clit, but when I feel an orgasm may be imminent, I quickly move it to a less sensitive spot to delay my gratification and let the excitement continue to build. Meanwhile, I keep rocking back and forth to thrust the toys deeper inside me, watching everything in the mirror.

Suddenly and with very little warning, I begin to cum. My body instinctively tries to move away from the Eroscillator because it's become too intense, and unfortunately the orgasm passes quickly - it was just a little one. I take the sensation away from my clit and instead focus on thrusting the dildo into my horny pussy with my hand. I slide it all the way out, tickle the entrance, massage my lips, then slam it back in - several times.

Ready for round two, I again sit on the dildo to hold it in place and lean forward on the stool while pressing the Eroscillator to my clit. This time, I'm going for a big "o" - I want it to be massive and intense! I know it won't take very long because I've gotten very turned on. Within seconds, my toes start to tingle as the sensation works its' way up my legs. My breathing becomes rapid and I find myself panting. When I masturbate, I often think of attractive men that I know, imagining what it would be like to have them licking my pussy and sucking my clit, or slamming their big, hard cock into my pussy or ass, or what it would be like to suck their huge cock and make them cum all over my tits. If I call out their name as the orgasm hits me, I cum even harder.

An image of one of my fantasy men quickly fills my head and I whisper his name several times, even telling my imaginary friend that what he's doing feels good, keep doing it, do it just like that. I try to watch in the mirror, but it's hard to keep my eyes open as I start to cum. Suddenly my pussy starts to violently contract and I can hardly breath as I scream out his name. I'm cumming so hard but I'm going to keep pushing past this peak, to yet another, higher peak.

My pussy lips are opening rhythmically with the orgasmic contractions and my feet go numb as the Big O hits. It feels like electricity pulses through my body as all of my muscles tense up and I go wild with pleasure. Liquid begins to ooze out of my pussy, then starts shooting out in squirts as cum sprays onto the floor, covering my thighs and forming a puddle around my ass.

Satisfied, I flop back on the bathroom floor and lay there in pure bliss, taking a few moments to relax and catch my breath before jumping in the shower to wash away the evidence. In a couple of hours, my family will return home and ask what I did this afternoon, and I'll just smile sweetly and say, "oh I just decided to take a nap."

Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll have time for one more round of fun before they get here!

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