tagErotic CouplingsAn American Houseguest Ch. 04

An American Houseguest Ch. 04


As Isabelle and I approach the house riding bareback on the gorgeous stallion they called Lancelot, I wish I could somehow stop the Earth's rotation and forever live in this time and place. The afternoon light casts a golden glow over the lake and the light sparkles like a million diamonds, glittering with every ripple and wave. Isabelle is embracing me from behind. I can feel her warm body pressed against mine. The only sound is the steady clip-clopping of the horse's hooves.

"Let's not go back yet," she whispers, finally. She, too, it seems, wants to prolong our time together.

Near the footbridge, she leads us to a narrow path leading up the ridge. The horse climbs the uneven trail with remarkable agility. All I need to do is to hold on. The trail leads to a small creek and we follow it higher and higher. After a quarter mile or so, we enter a clearing --a large pool with a waterfall, surrounded by ferns and evergreens. Isabelle slides off the horse and holds the reins as I do the same. She guides him down to the edge of the pool to drink. She wraps the reins around the branch of a tree.

"I used to come here all the time as a kid," she says, wistfully. "It's our secret swimming hole."

I imagine her as a young girl, riding her horse, playing with her brother, in this idyllic place.

"Come, I'll show you."

She takes my hand and leads me by foot along the edge of the water. At the far end, next to the waterfall, is a large boulder which rises from the deepest part of the pool. We make our way through the brush until we reach the back of the boulder and scramble up the shoulder of the huge rock. On the top, she surveys the clearing with her hands on her waist. Her hair is a full mane of long ringlets, her eyes lovely in the afternoon light. Her tight riding pants show off her strong legs and firm butt.

I'm standing next to her in my hiking shorts and my white button down shirt open. With my peripheral vision, I can see her sneak a peak at my chest, but I pretend not to notice. I just continue to take in the beautiful scenary.

"Wow. Can you dive into the water from here?" I ask, peering over the edge.

"Sure," she replies. "Peter's done it, though I never did. Too cowardly, I guess."

I turn and look at her with the most dashing expression I can muster.

"You are anything but cowardly, Isabelle."

"About some things, sure," she confides. "But about other things, I'm like a frightened child."

I look at her a moment and then look back at the twenty-five foot drop to the pool. I decide to lighten things.

"You know, when I was a boy, my older brother used to make me do things that I was normally afraid to do."

"How would he do that?" she asked.

"He'd dare me."


"He'd dare me. If I said I was too afraid to do something, he'd say 'I dare you.' Or, worse, 'I double dare you.' Oh boy, if you were double dared you HAD to do it."

"But that doesn't make any sense."

I just shrug. "Thus is the power of a challenge. And of an older brother."

I look back at her with a smile.

"Let's go for a swim. I dare you."

Isabelle gives me a crooked smile.

"Are you challenging me Mr. Scott?"

"I suppose I am," I reply, kicking off my tennis shoes.

"But I didn't bring my bathing suit," she says.

"Neither did I," I answer, pulling off my shirt.

I see her looking at my chest and arms as she pulls off her riding boots. She seems taken by my swimmer's body. I stand before her wearing only my hiking shorts.

"Well?" I ask with an arched eyebrow.

"I can't very well swim in my riding pants," she says. "At least you're wearing shorts."

"Who said anything about wearing shorts," I reply, unfastening the button on my shorts. Her eyes go to my crotch and her mouth falls open slightly. I unzip my pants and let the shorts drop to my ankles. I'm wearing jockey shorts and my cock is filling them rather nicely. Undressing in front of Isabelle has caused me to grow long and thick. You can see the outline of my cock, and the swollen head, pressing against the cotton fabric. I step out of my hiking shorts and stand before her.

"Your turn," I say, playfully.

She looks down at her riding outfit. She reaches down and slowly unzips the zipper on one side. She reaches with both hands and slowly slides the tight riding pants down her legs. She's wearing lacy bikini panties that show off her gorgeous ass. Her legs are long and graceful, yet strong. She bends over to pull her feet out of her pants. I feel my cock twitch as I look at her ass. She pulls off her top and I see her torso, firm and lead, a flat stomach and a toned, tanned body. She's wearing a matching bra of fine lace. As she pulls the top over her head, I take in her breasts, standing up, firm and round. I feel my cock swell.

"Of course, I'd hate to get my underwear soaking wet," I say. "Not very comfortable for the ride back."

My thumb slides under the waist band and I start to slowly pull it down.

"That is, if you don't object of course."

Isabelle blushes. Her eyes are fixated on the bulge in my underwear.

"Object? Of course not....comme tu veux....uh, as you wish." She's stammering now, flustered.

I'm playing with the waistband of my underwear now.

"It's just that it feels so much better when you swim naked, don't you think? To feel the water caressing you completely. You feel so.....free."

"Yes," she gulps. "You do."

"But I won't unless you feel comfortable with it of course."

"Of course I'm comfortable" she asks, her eyes wide as saucers.

"Good," I say softly, and I pull the waistband of my shorts down with two hands, slowly, revealing a tuft of pubic hair and the base of my now lengthening cock. I slide them slowly down and watch her stare at the unveiling of my cock. I make it slow and dramatic. One inch at a time. Sliding it over my thick cock, down, down until I reach the head and the thickness catches on the waist of my underwear. I have to lean back and reach down to clear the bulbous head of my cock and as I do it springs forward, long and semi-hard. I hear her breathe a quick intake of air.

"And you?" I ask, hoping against hope that she will follow suit.

She's staring on my cock, in a daze almost, and her fingers are slowly pulling down the straps of her bra. The lacy cups are loose, showing the tops of her breasts, to the point just above her nipples. She reaches around the back with one hand, trying to unclasp her bra.

"Can I help?" I ask valiantly and she slowly turns her back to me. I move behind her. Her body is so unbelievably gorgeous. A ballet dancer's body. Her back is slightly swaybacked and her perfect ass is beckoning to me. I move close to her and my cock is a millimeter from her lacy panties. I slowly unfasten her bra and slide the straps off her arms, gliding my fingers slowly and softly over her skin. Then, I reach down and take the edge of her bikini panties and slide my finger along the edge, and then slowly start to slide them down, over her ass and down her lovely legs. I stand behind her, taking in her scent. She leans back and presses her naked back against my chest, her head on my shoulder. I feel my cock, long and hard now, against the velveting skin of her ass.

"Oh, Jake," she whispers. "Feel my heart."

She takes my hand and places it on her left breast. It's firm and upturned, the nipple erect and hard. I cup her breast and feel my cock press between her legs. Her heart is indeed pounding.

"Feel mine," I say, and I turn her to face me. Her face is luminous, her eyes so beautiful. Her soft hand glides over my chest until she reaches my heart. Her eyes are fixed on mine as she rolls my nipple in her fingers.

She puts her hand on top of my hand which still holds her breast. "You can feel how I feel. To be near you." She takes my hand in hers and guides it downward, over her tummy to her mound. It's only at this moment that I realize that she's shaved.

"Feel how wet I am," she whispers as she slips my fingers in the folds between her legs. The warm, wetness of her pussy feels incredible.

"Feel how hard I am," I say as I take her hand to my now long and hard cock. Her soft hand guides my cock so it stands upright between us. She strokes me with long, luxurious strokes. My cock throbs under her touch.

My fingers start to penetrate her, pressing into the fleshy wetness, feeling her tight pussy clamped around my fingers. My God, she is so tight. How my cock would feel pushing inside her! Sliding in and out of this equisite nineteen year old body. Fucking this incredible creature. Kissing this amazing face. Hearing her get more and more excited. Moaning in French. Pushing deep inside her. Making her come. Coming inside her.

Suddenly, I feel on the verge of orgasm. She's been stroking me and I've been fingering her. And we've been losing ourselves in the moment. We're both breathing hard. I decide to decelerate a bit.

"Let's swim," I say.

I take her to the edge of the rock.

"Let's jump in together," I say, holding her hand.

"No, no. You. You go. I'll walk around."

"No," I say urgently. "You can do it. I'll do it with you."

"No, Jake, I'm afraid," she says, sounding like a young girl now.

"I know you can do it. WE can do it. Together."

She looks down at the water below. I squeeze her hand and smile.

"Come on. I DARE you."

She smiles back at me and, in a moment, we are flying through space, the water rushing towards us. We land feet first and the cool water envelops us. We submerge and there are bubbles everywhere. I come to the surface quickly to see how she fared. She surfaces a moment later with a big smile on her face.

"I did it!" she exclaims. "Finally!"

I laugh and swim to her and we embrace. We swim together, our bodies gliding over each other. Every now and then I see her breasts above the water and she looks like a mermaid, beautiful and beguiling, her log hair covering her shoulders. She takes me to the waterfall and we climb up into it, letting the force of the water pound our heads and shoulders. We jump and swim and splash like children. It's heavenly.

Finally, she tells me to follow her, and I do. Next to the waterfall is a grotto, a still pool of deep blue water surrounded by ferns and moss. She pulls herself onto the shore and looks back at me.

"I feel like Odysseus," I say from the water "and you are a Siren tempting me."

She smiles and gives me a look of complete sensuousness, beckoning to me with her forefinger. I swim to her as she lays back onto a patch of verdant moss. Her naked body looking like a vision from a fantasy. I lift myself out of the water and stand over her.

"Are you a siren sent here by the gods to lure me to my doom?" I say, the water dripping from my torso.

"Yes," she answers. "And you have no power to resist me."

I kneel next to her, looking deeply into her eyes.

"Then I won't. Resist you, that is."

And I kiss her. For the first time. Softly at first, and then fully on the lips. Her mouth opens and her tongue finds mine as we embrace.

We lay kissing for the longest time. Her lips are full and soft. She's a wonderful kisser and we do it well together. I wonder how experienced she is. She's young, true, but the French are so mature about everything its hard to know. For now, I'm enjoying the pure pleasure and innocence of the moment.

I kiss her neck and she coos with pleasure. I kiss her shoulders and the space along her collar bones. My hands are gliding ever so gently over her skin, taking my time, taking it slow. I've never felt anything so soft.

She's caressing me with her entire body it seems. Her legs are constantly sliding over mine, her feet rubbing me, her fingers touching every corner of my back and my shoulders, my arms and my hair. But her hands always seem to gravitate to my ass, she cups my cheeks and caresses them, holds them and squeezes them. She pulls my ass towards her, as if to pull me inside of her.

"Je suis chaud," she whispers in my ear, her fingernails digging into my ass. "J'ai besoin de toi. Seulment toi."

My hand slips between her legs and slides up to her shaven pussy. She's indeed hot, incredibly hot, and wet. Her whole body is writhing, like a live wire pulsating with electricity. I've never seen a woman so turned on, so alive with sexuality.

I slide my fingers into her pussy and she lets out a moan. She's so wet, my fingers are instantly covered with her juices. I caress her labia and watch her as she arches and gasps. She's so responsive. I so much want to see and hear her come.

I find her clit and uncover the swollen mass. It's like a marble rolling in oil. I finger it and she cries out, loudly. I watch her as I slide my finger deep inside her, pull it out, and over her clit, and back in again. She's bucking and thrusting her hips against my hand. She moans again and I can tell her orgasm is approaching.

I start to rub her clit faster now, lightly feathering it, rubbing across it with my fingertips. She arches back, her breasts pushed up to the sky. Her nipples are sticking out, hard and erect. Her mouth is open and her eyes shut. She lets out a long, gutteral moan as her orgasm nears.

I take that moment to wrap my lips around her nipple and suck her heaving breast. She moans again loudly. I suck her hard and she puts her hand behind my head, pulling me to her breast. My finger is still rubbing her clit and her body is jerking and twitching. I glide my mouth down her body and replace my fingers with my tongue. She screams.

I sink my tongue into her wetness, swirling it through the folds until I find her clit. I glide my broad tongue over her clit, again and again, while she holds my head with both hands. She's raising her pelvis, thrusting into my face. Her mouth is open and she's moaning with every breath. I thrust my tongue deep in her and slide it out and over her clit. Again. And again. Her fingernails dig into my scalp and her hips raise and I can feel her tipping over into orgasm.

For the longest time I eat her out, giving her the pleasure of my face in her crotch, my tongue in her pussy. I so much want to please her, to give her the joy of complete and utter sexual release. I've never been with a woman who's given herself over to sexual pleasure the way she does. She's truly orgasmic.

After her orgasm subsides, I lay with my head on her thigh and watch her, her breasts heaving, a smile on her beautiful face. She's running her fingers through my curly hair and I feel completely happy and at peace.

"Jake?" she says softly.


"Je veux faire le soixante-neuf avec toi. Je ne sais pas comment dit on en anglais."

"C'est le meme chose," I answer.

"How do you say it in English?" she asks?

"It's the same as in French" I answer, simply. "Sixty-nine. Let's do sixty-nine."

"Ah bon. Let's do sixty-nine, Jake. I want to suck your cock while you lick me. At the same time."

"D'accord, ma chere." I answer.

She lifts herself and lays by my side, her face at my hips. I lay on my back and she raises her leg and lifts it over my body. She's on all fours, her head at my crouch, her pussy hovering over my face. The moss beneath me feels like the softest feather bed.

I watch her move as if in a dance, albeit a dance I've never had the pleasure to see performed on stage. She arches her back and lowers her head in one graceful motion and gently brushes my body with her nipples. I feel the tip of her tongue glide over my cock. She does the motion again, swooping herself down to gently graze my body and I feel her warm tongue slide over the length of my cock. The next time, I feel her lips, her full, fleshy lips, kissing my cock. I become hard almost instantly.

Her tongue finds the head of my cock and she licks me like an artist wielding her brush. Under the ridge, over the tip, and along the tender underside. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster. My body is trembling and electricity is shooting through me with every touch. Finally, her lips wrap around the head of my cock and I let out a loud moan.

"You like?" she asks. "I want so much to give you what you have given me. Complete pleasure."

"That's what I'm feeling, Isabelle. You don't even know."

She smiles and takes my cock into her mouth. Her tongue starts to swirl over the tip, circling me, and sliding over me, and tickling me. It sends shocks through my system. My whole body is shaking. I moan loudly.

She takes me deeper into her mouth and throat. It's incredible what she can do with her mouth and tongue. She slides me slowly in and then out, using her tongue to stimulate me as she does it. I'm moaning with every suck, every lick. She takes me deeper. And deeper. She has me in her throat now. Deep in her throat. Sucking me. Rhythmically. Stroking my long, hard cock with her mouth and lips and tongue. I'm huge now. And hard. She's making me bigger than I've ever, ever been.

I feel I could explode at any moment. I'm that close to the edge. I decide to distract myself my going to work on her pussy. Maybe that will help me avoid coming.

I reach up with my hands and grip her ass, her perfect ass. I lift my head and gently lick the labial lips of her pussy. Like a cat she responds and lowers her pussy to my face. I start to slowly lick it, along the folds, and then pushing inside her with my warm wet tongue.

For a moment, she pauses her sucking, a moment of relief as I try to pull back from the brink. My licking has got her attention and she's having trouble concentrating. I sink my tongue deep inside her pussy and her body trembles. I start to explore her insides and she starts to move her pussy in circles against my face. She starts to suck my cock again, with vigor.

I'm licking her deeply now, and then pulling out to find her clit. Her body is undulating, she's rubbing herself against my tongue, the way she wants it, the way that gets her hot. I'm lifting my hips too, sinking my cock into her mouth, pushing deep into her throat. I'm fucking her face, that beautiful face, while she fucks mine.

God, this is so fucking nasty. And so fucking sexy. I've never fucked such a beautiful woman nor one who has been so sexually responsive. She's putting her whole body into sucking me and rubbing against me. She's like an athlete, a sexual athlete who can manipulate her body to gain, and give, the most pleasure possible.

I, too, am putting my entire body into it. I'm thrusting up with my big hard-on and sliding it into her mouth. I'm big and hard and long and full of cum and I'm sliding it deep into her throat. My face is full of dripping wet pussy and I'm tonguing her clit and sinking it deep inside her. I feel like an animal completely given over to sexual desire.

"Isabelle, I want to move love to you."

"Oh oui," she gasps. "Oui, je veux la meme chose. Maintenant. Depeche-toi."

"Come on top of me. I want to see you. To watch you."

She nods and moves like a cat on her hands and knees. Every move she makes is sexy. She straddles me and I place my hands on her hips. She takes my rock hard cock in her hands and raises it upward. She inches forward to position herself over me. She starts to lower herself onto my cock.

I'm stroking her legs, watching her. Our eyes are fixed on each others. I feel like I'm in an altered state. I'm aware only of her and my desire for her. I want to be inside her so badly.

I feel her pussy on my cock. She's so wet. She rubs the tip along her pussy and then into the folds. I pop inside her and it is so tight, so hot, so wet, I can hardly believe it. It's like a wet, warm fist squeezing the tip of my cock. She lowers herself onto me and lets out a gasp.

I watch her slowly raise and lower herself onto my shaft, moving in slow motion, her mouth open, her eyes fixed on mine. Up and down she moves, each time pressing me into her a bit deeper. It's so erotic I can't help myself and I thrust my hips up and into her, grunting as I do. She lets out an animalistic shriek.

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