tagMind ControlAn Ancient Seed Re-Planted Ch. 03

An Ancient Seed Re-Planted Ch. 03


When he was sure she was gone, he put on his clothes and after awhile of bumping around in the dark warehouse managed to find his way to a door and left the warehouse. It was blindingly bright to him outside, and quite obviously he'd been out of it for some time. Still, he recognized that he was in the same run-down area of campus he'd had his accident in before... Though, God only knew how much time had elapsed since that had happened.

He found his bearings and headed to the student union in the central part of campus. When he arrived at the building he found one of the kiosks for the free student newspaper and quickly found the date.

Shit! He thought, it was now Tuesday, which meant he'd been out of things for at least a day, judging by the amount of sunlight and student foot-traffic on campus.

He dropped the paper back into the kiosk and ran inside the union looking for a clock. He saw the time on a tv blaring CNN at full volume. 10:47am...

"Fuck!" He said, he was late for Beginning Chinese...

Shouldering his bag, which he considered himself luck to still have after everything else that had happened to him, he raced off to class in his day-old clothes and unwashed body...

He arrived at his Chinese class and flung open the door, not caring what kind of entrance he made nor how his appearance and demeanor must have seemed. He sat down in the back of the class, which since it was a first year class in the fall semester, was full with roughly 30 other students there, all of whom, along with the teacher watched him scramble into a chair and look up toward the front.

The teacher, Professor Xiao Li-ling, looked up at the clock over the black board where she'd been giving the Tuesday morning lecture.

"Well, thank you for joining us for the last two minutes of class, William. For everyone else, feel free to leave early today. William, I need to speak with you." She said, as the rest of the class began putting away their materials and leaving.

Billy closed his eyes a moment and shook his head. This was the fifth absence he'd had this semester, which meant he'd now qualified to receive a failing grade for the class... Once all the students had left, Professor Xiao crossed her arms and looked at him disapprovingly.

She was originally from Taiwan, but she'd earned her MA and PhD at Oxford in "Women in Chinese Fiction in Pre-Modern times", and since her first day of teaching some eight weeks earlier had taken every opportunity she could to disparage the American college education system and generally boast every minute she could about how wonderful Oxford was...

Outside of class Billy had heard several of the Teaching Assistants who taught recitation sections for his class commenting on how much they wished she'd just take her uppity-ass back to the UK... The woman was a real bitch and didn't seem to realize that she wasn't at Oxford any longer and really wasn't the Holy-hot-shit she believed herself to be. Still, Billy had to put up with her crap as he had to take two years of Chinese to qualify for a study-abroad opportunity he really, really wanted. Resigning himself to another tongue-lashing about American students' lack of professionalism he moved to the front row of the classroom.

"Professor Xiao, I'm so sorry for being late today. I really-"

"Be quiet, William." She said coldly. "I'm not interested in your excuses. Oh yes, there's always an excuse with you Yanks, isn't there?" His teeth grated on the way she said "yanks", as her Taiwanese and forced-Oxford accent clashed horribly for the thousandth time...

"Yes, quite, you're always either held-up in your filthy, privately-owned-automobile-loving-society's traffic, and I just can't understand why you so detest mass transit here, or you had to work late because being a full time student just isn't good enough for you; I don't want to hear it!" She had worked herself up into quite a hissy-fit today.

"Fucking wanna-be Limey..." He thought.

"Professor Xiao, you're right, there's no excuse for my absence, and if I could just-"

"I said save-it, William! I'm really not interested in any excuse! You've now missed lecture five times, which means you qualify to fail the class. And you know what?" She asked, lilting the end of her sentence in such an annoyingly, synthetic and overly-British way.

"I've decided to give you a failing mark. Come to my office later today and make an appointment to see me. We have to inform your school's dean and decide how you can re-take the class next semester. That's all." She said stiffly, wiggling her tight little ass in her long skirt as she left the room, books in hand. He watched her leave and just sighed with resignation...

As bad as Xiao was, her retro-bitch secretary Noreen (with whom he'd have to interact to schedule the appointment), was always infinitely worse...

After he'd had gone back to his apartment and changed clothes, showered and shaved, he headed back to campus, ending up on the third floor of the Modern Languages building, outside the door to Professor Xiao's office. As "chairperson" of the East Asian Languages and Literature department, she had her own office and a (really nasty) secretary to coordinate all her appointments.

Billy opened to door to Xiao's outer-office, and walked in as another student was leaving, Noreen's verbal-rape following the sobbing girl as she fled the office.

"So don't come back unless you know your own damn schedule before you try to make an appointment!!" Noreen bellowed as the girl, who was very good looking, ran out of the office.

Billy stepped inside the door and quietly closed it after him. He was the only other person in the room, aside from that bitch Noreen, who sat at her desk in the center of the outer-office, staring grimly at her computer monitor and studiously ignoring him. There were a number of chairs set out for students and others to sit on and wait for their appointments with Xiao, but as usual, no one really wanted to wait with Noreen present...

Billy walked up to her desk and noticed that Noreen was happily playing solitaire on her computer, still ignoring him even as he was less than two feet away from her.

He studied her appearance as he waited. Noreen was a large woman, in her thirties, standing close to six feet tall and was built like a grizzly bear. She had narrow shoulders, thick arms and big hands, long but very plump legs and a very, very wide ass. Her hair was light brown and hung down to her shoulders, her eyes were fiercely green, her nose was long and her skin a pale shade of pink. Her fingernails were painted a shade of purple Billy imagined only a full-fledged member of the bowling-alley crowd would ever wear and today she had on a dress that looked as though she'd gotten it from an old, fat lady's closet.

Finally, after perhaps feeling him studying her appearance which she was always quite sensitive about, Noreen took notice of his presence.

"What?" She asked irritably, glancing at him only briefly as she asked.

"Hello Noreen," Billy said, trying to be polite. When she didn't reply back he decided to get on with things. "I need to make an appointment to see Professor Xiao."

"Why?" She asked, still staring at her screen.

"Well, she told me to make an appointment with her."

Noreen actually looked at him now, and it was not at all a friendly look. "When?"

"Well, she told me today at class to make an appointment-",

"No, when did she tell you to make the appointment for?!" Noreen shouted at him.

"Oh, she didn't really say, she just told me-"

"Look, if you can't even tell me when you are supposed to see her then just get the fuck out of here and STOP WASTING MY TIME!!!" She screamed at him, a vein above her right eye pulsing as she shouted. She rolled her eyes and turned away from him, focusing on a huge stack of magazines on a bookshelf behind her, which she began to slowly sift through.

Billy nodded quietly and turned around to leave. He was furious at her, he wanted to knock her teeth out and kick the shit out of her for the way she spoke to him, but then he had a fleeting thought of another option available to him...

He walked slowly toward to outer-office door and quietly turned the lock on it, before turning back around and facing on her. She was still working through the stack of magazines behind her, apparently looking for one that she believed buried in the stack. She never saw him unzip his fly and take his hard, throbbing cock out of his pants and walk back toward her, his dick bobbing rhythmically as he moved.

His balls felt like they were on fire and his cock was so hard it hurt, the purple head of his cock was visibly pulsing along to the beat of his heart.

"Oh Noreen," He said tentatively.

She stopped sorting through the magazines, but still didn't turn toward him. She shook her head and exhaled once.

"What?" She asked, still irritated and spinning in her chair back toward him. Her eyes were staring up at the ceiling in exasperation as she moved back to face him, so she never really got a good look at him.

"What the hell do you wanGHHMMFFFF!" She croaked out as he reached out and took a hold of her hair with one hand pulling her by her head across her desk top and pushing his cock into her open mouth while his other hand held it firmly.

Her eyes went wide-open and tried to focus on the huge dick that now invaded her mouth, her hands flailing around in the air above her desk. He used the hand that had been holding his shaft to take hold of the back of her head and with both hands holding her head firmly, he pulled her mouth closer toward him, gagging her as he did this to push his cock deeper into her mouth and throat.

When she really began to kick and flail, he released his hold and she jerked her head back, his cock sliding out of her mouth, covered in her thick, sticky saliva and her hands reflexively gripping his cock in front of her, no doubt instinctively trying to prevent it from re-entering her mouth.

She just sat there, panting and transfixed as her eyes were locked on the long, thick cock in front of her, all the while Billy felt as though the sperm in this balls was boiling in anticipation of filling every hole on her body...

"Holy shit!" She breathed, "That's the most incredible cock I've ever seEEN-GGGMMMFFF!!" She gurgled out as he pulled her head forward and re-inserted his dick into her mouth, only going deep enough to keep the head and first inch below it of his shaft in her mouth, basically only deep enough to shut her up...

"Shut-up, Noreen. You hear me?!" He asked her quietly and forcefully. "You shut your fucking mouth!"

Her eyes were staring straight up at him, wide open. She nodded as best she could in her awkward position.

"You like to use your mouth to make the students here feel like shit day-in and day-out, but today things are going to change. So, until I tell you to stop, you're going to suck my cock, and rub my balls, and if I decide to cream in your mouth, you're going to swallow every drop of cum I shoot into you, aren't you?" Billy asked, pre-cum already oozing out of his cock and causing her to swallow every few moments.

She nodded quickly and vigorously.

"Good!" He said, pulling his cock out of her mouth again, saliva and pre-cum spilling out onto some forms on her desk, as he walked around her desk and faced her where she sat in her chair. His cock hovered in front of her lips and nose, bobbing gently in front of her as he just stood there for a moment.

"Open your mouth, Noreen." He said and she quickly obeyed. He put just the head of his cock in her mouth.

"Now close your mouth, and I want you to lick the head of my cock, slowly..." He said and she nodded once as she closed her mouth and began just licking the head.

He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of absolutely dominating her and the pleasure her tongue brought him. She was good, keeping her lips formed just right so her teeth never even touched the head. When she'd licked his head enough so that he was ready for something more, he pushed more of his meat into her mouth.

"Now with one of your hands stroke my shaft, and with your mouth, suck my dick by moving your head back and forth slowly, and keep your tongue on the underside of my cock."

She blinked her understanding and began stroking him and sucking him, which felt better than he'd imagined her capable of. Who would've thought such a bitch like her could actually give a good blow-job?

Over the next hour and a half, she sucked his long cock, taking him deep in her throat so that she gagged and sometimes he told her to just use her hands to stroke him. He also made her un-button the front of her dress so he could play with and briefly suck on her tits, which were surprisingly nice tits for a bitch like her. Throughout this time he always ensured he didn't reach the point of cumming. He had other plans to fulfill before he would climax in her mouth.

He'd just about reached the point of having to pull out to prevent cumming in her when someone inserted keys into the lock and began to open the door...

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