tagRomanceAn Army Story Ch. 01

An Army Story Ch. 01


I am but a small cog in a very large process. Not that it is not an important piece I play, because defending our freedoms and protecting lives is always important. Rather, that I was just one of many that had been mobilized to serve our country in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I work in the Operations Center of a unit that has been preparing and getting ready to go overseas. I work on the night shift. It was yet another one of those exercises when this story took place.

It had been almost three months since I had last been able to take any leave from the Army and I was starting to get a little irritable. At first I couldn't figure out why, as the training hadn't been too intense. But I figured something must be bothering me. That is when I realized that I hadn't had any sex for the last three months. I had gotten so engrossed in what we were doing that I never noticed. But now that we were out of the field environment and back in garrison, I felt the need brewing. A need to release.

One of the men in the Center that I work with caught my eye. He was the person in charge during the night shift. Not an overly aggressive, cold, cocky officer like I had seen on the day shift. Rather a calculating, mild tempered person with an aura of self confidence that seemed to radiate from him.

I was probably just another enlisted soldier to him. Another person that he needed to rely on to get the answers he needed to make the decisions that could affect so many. I began to be friendlier towards him. A quick smile, a flirtive glance occasionally. Nothing that would border on being insubordinate or disrespectful mind you. That could get me into a whole different world of fraternization that could spell doom to anyone's career.

It was another long night when I went outside heading over to the food tent. Since we couldn't bring anything into the Center, we had to go outside to get our coffee and snacks. As I entered the food tent, I realized that the officer and I were the only two in there at that time. Looking up at me as I entered, he cordially said hello. I returned the greeting as I reached for the Styrofoam cups for the coffee.

He apologized to me after a few minutes of small talk, saying that I probably thought that he was in a bitter mood this night. I told him not to worry about it, that everyone has a bad night every now and then. He said he was feeling restless and couldn't figure out why. I arched my eyebrows as I picked up on the signal. Realizing that he was about finished with his coffee, I quickly finished mine off so that we could leave the tent together.

It was a short walk back to the Operations Center as we left out of the tent. The night was pitch black and it took a minute or two to let our eyes get used to the darkness. Walking side by side, my mind was racing with how to take advantage of this opportunity that I saw before me. Stumbling on the shallow roots of a tree, I fell into him as I lost my balance. He tried to support me as I fell, but all he managed to do was to put one hand on my breasts and one on my waist as he kept me from hitting the ground too hard.

Straightening myself up, I leaned back against the tree that I had stumbled over. My heart was racing and my panties were starting to get damp as my boldness took hold. He asked if I was okay, and then began to apologize for accidentally grabbing me. I reached up from where I was sitting, initially looking for his hand to help me stand up. Instead, what I found was that I had put my hand right onto the crotch of his uniform, and onto a cock that was beginning to become hard.

He immediately went silent, either from not knowing what I was doing, or from being taken up in the moment. Hearing no objection from my inadvertent grab, I decided to go ahead with the moment. I brought my other hand up and went under the blouse of his shirt, reaching for his belt. With one hand I quickly removed the belt and began to unbutton the fly of his pants. He was silent as I finished and pulled both his pants and his boxers down around his knees.

I got up on my knees and took his hardening cock into my hands. It was of good size and girth as both of my hands caressed it. His breathing was heavy as I reached out with my tongue and licked the crown. Tasting the heat of his cock made me hungry and I quickly devoured his meat. His hands went to the back of my blond curls as he helped me to go deeper down his long, curvaceous shaft. Nestling my nose in his pubic hairs I swallowed with my throat, eliciting a groan from him.

I began to suck back and forth on his manhood, salivating over him as I took my other hand and began to knead his balls. This was all he could take as he grunted and began to unleash his load into my mouth. Feeling his eruption onto my palette sent me into overdrive as I dove down one last time, gulping down as much of his creamy jism as I could. When he had stopped bucking into my mouth and his cream had subsided, I pulled back one last time cleaning him off with my tongue.

I slowly stood up, whispering into his ear that I needed some cream with my coffee. Coming back in to his reality, he gathered my breasts in his hands. I moaned in his ear, telling him that it was his turn to take a taste.

He dropped to his knees, unbuckling my belt and buttons of my pants as I leaned back against the tree. He quickly pulled my pants and panties down, noting the wet spot on my panties as he did so. He didn't waste any time as he quickly dove right into my waiting pussy, running his tongue up and down up velvet folds. After but a brief, few minutes I felt the sense of an orgasm starting. It quickly overpowered me as I held onto his head as I shook with the release that I so needed to feel.

Lapping up the last of my juices, he pulled up to my ear whispering that it was time for mutual satisfaction on both of our parts. I turned around, grabbing onto the tree for stability as I pushed out my bottom towards him. He grabbed my hips as his hardened cock searched for my heated pussy. Finding it with relative ease, he pushed all the way home with one quick, easy stroke.

Moaning as he entered me, I held on to the tree as he began to piston his cock in and out of my wanting pussy. It was difficult not to cry out with ecstasy as I felt the start of another orgasm within me. My pussy walls grabbed on to his cock, milking him and helping him to get closer to release. As I felt his cock increase right before he slammed it home one more time, I shuddered as I went over the edge into my own orgasmic bliss. He pumped more of his cream deep inside of me as I felt his sperm hit my cervix.

He started to soften as he finished, pulling out of me with a soft sound of slurping as he exited my now gaping hole. I caught my breath back as I reached down and pulled up my panties, trapping our juices together for me to remember later. He pulled up his pants and we faced an awkward moment as we quickly got dressed, hoping that no one had come by and spotted our animalistic encounter.

Turning around, I thanked him for escorting me back to the Center and for helping break my fall from the tree roots. He thanked me for helping him get over his need for release. I replied that it was my pleasure and that I might need some more cream in my coffee again as I reached down and gently caressed his softening cock through the front of his pants. We went back in, not acting like anything was different and no one else was any wiser to what we had done. My need, for now, was taken care of, and I knew that it could always happen again.

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