tagLoving WivesAn Audience For My Wife

An Audience For My Wife

byEnglish Bob©

"So, did you sleep with him?"

"What! What are you talking about, Ted?" My wife's voice was unusually high pitched and a little shrill.

"I just want you to be honest with me, Maria. When I was out of town on business, did you sleep with Paul?"

Actually, I already had my answer; in a fit of contrition my friend, Paul had confessed all to me earlier that night, but I wanted to hear it from Maria as well. I wanted to make her sweat.

"Well?" I demanded, "did you?"

"Oh, Ted! I'm so sorry, it just happened, you know? I didn't mean it, really, we just couldn't help ourselves! Please don't be mad!"

I wasn't mad. In fact, since the shock of Paul telling me what had happened whilst I'd been away I'd been feeling very strange. I guess I should have been angry, punched out my best friend, maybe, but in fact I felt intrigued - no, more than that - excited!

"Tell me what happened."

"What?" Maria was sobbing now and looked up at me through tear-stained eyes questioningly. My request for information took her by surprise.

"Tell me what happened." I repeated

"It just happened, Ted. I'm sorry, really I am!"

"No. I mean tell me what happened, I want the details."

Maria stopped crying and looked at me. "You mean you want to know how...how..he..." her voice trailed off so I finished the sentence for her.

"Yes, Maria, I want to know how he fucked you! And you're going to tell me or I walk out that door right now!"

We were lying in bed. The fatigue of travelling had not even hit me after this trip and it seemed as if I'd had an erection since my earlier meeting with Paul. - I wanted to know all the details. Maria was still looking at me silently, her dark, sultry eyes damp with dew-like tears and her jet black Italian hair splayed across the pillow like fine, dark silk. She didn't seem to know where to start so I helped her. My hands went to her breasts through the thin T-shirt she wore for bed and squeezed a little too roughly. I wanted her to think I was still a little mad.

"Did he touch your tits like this?" I asked, my voice a surprising growl.

"Oh, Ted!.....yes, he touched me there."

"And here?" I let my left hand drop down and cupped her mound, squeezing. Maria lat out an involuntary moan.

"Ohhh, yes...and there! I'm so sorry Ted!"

"Was his cock hard....like this?" I pulled her hand to my solid erection and continued with my inquisition. "Tell me what he did to you!"

Maria was now in no doubt about the effect that all this was having on her husband and started to slowly jack my cock as she went into great detail.

"He fucked me real hard, Ted. Real hard. His cock slammed into my pussy...my cunt...it was like being fucked by a freight train."

I pulled her close as she continued to masturbate me, enjoying the way she slid her young, nubile body up against me.

"I sucked his cock and he ate my tight, little pussy until we both came together - I flooded him with my fluid and my face and hair were stained with his cum - there was so much I nearly choked!"

That was enough for me and with a low moan my balls gave up and emptied their contents into my wife's hand.

"Oh darling! I'm so sorry!" Maria said again as I rolled back, pleasantly satisfied. "I'll make it up to you, I promise. It'll never happen again.

"Oh yes it will!" I interrupted. "I want you to fuck Paul again."

Maria looked confused. Who could blame her? This wasn't the sort of thing that happened every day.

"What do you mean?"

"You're a slut Maria! A real slut. But you're MY slut and I want to see you in action. Your gonna fuck Paul again and your gonna do it while I watch! Now get those panties off and fuck me until I cum again!"

My wife of five years knew when she was beat. She was a little shocked to say the least but knew better than to argue. The T-shirt came off, the panties got dumped on the floor and she was up and straddling me almost before I knew what was happening. As my still hard cock slipped into the velvet warmth of her pussy I closed my eyes and thought of the treat to come.

It wasn't difficult to persuade Paul either. For a start, the man owed me big time, and I don't think that the thought of slipping between my wife's legs again was exactly abhorrent to him! He was a bit concerned about me watching, but the thought of his unfaithfulness becoming common knowledge and his wife finding out was enough to have him agree to my plan without further argument.

Finally, the evening of my dreams arrived. I had taken advantage of Maria's guilty conscience over the past few days by having her suck me off each day on my arrival home from work. I'd fucked her every which way from Sunday and even slipped my throbbing dick into her butt on one occasion. And every time I blew my load into or onto her body, I was thinking about watching her with Paul. Now it was all about to happen for real, I just had to wait for Paul to arrive.

The doorbell rang on the dot of 8pm. Paul was dressed simply in jeans and T-shirt and I led him into the lounge where Maria was waiting in nothing but a light, almost see-through robe.

I didn't want to waste time with preliminaries. "Okay you two, lets see some action! You've both been here before so lets not get shy about it."

With her eyes cast downwards, Maria slipped the robe from her shoulders. It was obvious that she had been wearing nothing underneath, but the shock of seeing her totally naked in front of another man almost took my breath away. I also thought I heard a gasp from Paul's direction as well.

"C'mon Paul, I bet you weren't so slow last time!" I cried trying to encourage the situation along.

I took a seat in my favourite armchair and set the video camera running that I'd set up earlier. I wanted to preserve this evening for my own repeated enjoyment and also wanted to have some photographic evidence in case Paul decided to get any ideas that I didn't like the sound of - I knew if his wife found out there would be hell to pay!

Paul dropped his jeans and stepped out of them. Walking slowly towards my wife he extended his hands and touched her nice rounded breasts. She sighed audibly as his hands began feverishly squeezing her already hard nipples. I could see them as Paul's fingers closed around them: hard, throbbing buds that stood out at least half an inch from her smooth breasts. Paul's left hand wandered slowly down over Maria's tits and meandered towards her trimmed pussy. His fingers played lightly with the black pubic hair and gently opened her labia to reveal the wet, pink folds and her protruding clitoris - She looked like she was on fire!

"Take his cock out of his shorts, slut!" I almost shouted, "lets see how big he really is!"

I already knew that Paul was not small in the dick department - I could see the bulge in his underwear, but as Maria's fingers pried his waistband open and down, I was shocked to see a prize specimen of thick, hard meat that looked at least ten inches in length. Paul moaned as my wife curled her manicured fingers around his solid shaft and immediately plunged two of his own fingers deep into her sloppy pussy. The room echoed with the couple's excitement as they stood masturbating each other now totally lost in their own world. It seemed pointless for me to issue further instructions, so I simply sat back to enjoy the show.

Paul's hands were now firmly on my wife's shoulders and urging her down to her knees. She followed without a murmur and, once in position, opened her mouth wide and swallowed at least six inches of his weapon. I gasped as I saw the throbbing meat disappear into her mouth and then her throat. I could see the distinct outline of his massive head as it inched its way into her windpipe. Paul's hands moved to Maria's head and held her still as he began to force more of his tool into her abused throat.

"Don't stop!" I cried as I sensed Maria about to gag, "fuck the little slut's face!"

Paul did exactly that and started to thrust his huge appendage in and out of my wife's mouth ignoring her whimpers and just satisfying his own lust. As for me, well I don't think my cock had ever been so hard in my life! A few more minutes of cock sucking and Paul obviously wanted to re-visit my wife's vaginal charms. Sinking down slowly to the carpeted floor, he allowed his cock to slip from Maria's mouth and pulled her down with him.

"Wait a second!" I interrupted, "if you're gonna fuck her, then do it from behind so I can see!"

Paul seemed to like this idea and smiled as he positioned my wife on her hands and knees and knelt up behind her. I zoomed the camera in on Maria's spread legs and could clearly see the wet moisture that had formed on her labia. I could also see the head of Pauls monster cock, wet with saliva as he positioned it against the entrance to her snatch.

"Fuck her, Paul, Fuck the little bitch!" I cried as I massaged my own turgid cock through my pants.

Maria screamed out loud as the huge weapon penetrated her pussy. Her head flew back in ecstasy and Paul held onto her black hair as he rammed his entire length into her. I watched mesmerised as my wife's body began to tremble and then shudder. The tremors started in her toes and seemed to work their way up her legs and then spread through her whole body. Her violent moans became louder and more highly pitched as Paul gathered speed and her orgasm ripped through her body. I watched her ass buck back and upwards to meet his strokes as she came and came, howling his name constantly as the climax completely overtook her.

"Do her ass, man! I managed to say through my excitement. This was what I had really been waiting for. Maria had only recently allowed my cock into her tightest of holes and I was determined to see how she would cope with an insertion as large as Paul's erect cock.

Paul's tool was out of her pussy and lined up against the tiny pink rose-bud in a flash. From the look on his face I don't think that the two of them had tried this before and he seemed like he was going to really enjoy it.

Again, Maria screamed as he pressed his large dick against her impossibly tight hole. I zoomed in again feeling my erection press painfully against my pants. I could see the tight hole stretch and strain under the constant pressure that Paul was applying. He grunted, she groaned. He pushed harder, she moaned louder, and then suddenly, with an almost audible pop, it was in. Maria had her face buried in the carpet and was thrashing her long, slightly sweat-dampened hair backwards and forwards as she received an ass-fucking that she was unlikely to forget.

Paul sawed his cock in and out of her rapidly widening butt and let his fingers slip between her legs to play with the hard button of her clit. The room was alive with noise and I could see from his tight-eyed expression that he was about to unload.

"Do it over her! I want to see your cum splash over her ass cheeks!"

And then suddenly there it was. Pauls twitching cock was out of my wife's gaping hole and spurting thick, creamy seed over her olive skinned buttocks. I couldn't hold out any longer and, leaping to my feet, I unzipped my pants and hauled my own spasming cock out. Standing over Maria's face, I jerked myself off quickly, tilting her head up so that she might receive my gift to her. Her facial expression of satisfied lust sent me quickly over the edge and within a few short seconds both her face and ass were covered in thick, steaming jism.

I was out of breath and sitting back against the table leg when I realised that Paul was already dressed. I said nothing, his embarrassed exit was all the apology that I needed or expected. But Maria wasn't going to do anything in a hurry. She was breathing hard and still sprawled out on the carpet, the cum from myself and her lover dripping onto the thick pile. I looked at her and wondered if I'd wrecked things between us. Yes, she'd been unfaithful, but her punishment - whilst suiting her crime - had been fairly extreme. I stretched out my hand to touch her, perhaps to comfort her but then withdrew. I wasn't sure what sort of reception I would receive. Slowly Maria turned towards me, her matted hair stuck to her face with a mixture of sweat and semen. I sighed, deeply relieved - she was smiling. In that instant I knew we would be okay.

"You alright honey?" I asked, my voice little more than a whisper.

"Damn, Ted! I'm more than alright! That was fantastic! I never knew how good anal sex would be. You gotta get hard and do me again, I need more!"

I could feel my cock slowly coming back to life as I prepared to take my new anal-slut in the hole that she needed filled. But somehow I doubted that it would be the same for her without an audience!

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