tagIllustratedAn Aunt's Embrace

An Aunt's Embrace


Bastard, Jenny thought, trying her best to refrain from slamming the front door as she entered her aunt Beatrice's flat. She stood by the front door unsure what to do, her head a jumble of emotions - anger and self pity vying to dominate her state of mind. She wanted to go straight to the spare room her aunt was letting her stay in, but she knew she had to say hello at least, and that meant being seen in this bedraggled state.

'Jenny?' her aunt said, appearing from the living room wrapped in a dressing gown.

Jenny realised she must have been waiting up for her to return. There was a look of concern on the larger woman's face.

On hearing her name and the note of concern in her aunt's voice, Jenny felt her will to resist the torrent of despair crumble. She began to cry.

Her aunt went to her, with surprising speed for such a large woman, and Jenny gratefully sank into her strong fleshy arms, burying her head in her aunt's shoulder, finding comfort in the warm embrace. She felt like a child again, hurt and in need of a hug and reassurance.

'It's okay, girl,' her aunt said, patting her shoulder, holding her tight.

'I'm sorry,' Jenny said, sniffing. 'I didn't wake little Brian did I?'

'No, of course not,' her aunt soothed. 'He's in his cot fast asleep.'

Jenny sniffed again and looked bleary eyed into her aunt's compassionate hazel eyes. 'Well, I guess you were right, aunty; he wasn't for me. Or rather I wasn't for him! I caught the bastard snogging some bitch on the dance floor when he thought I was in the ladies,' she finished her sentence with a sob.

Beatrice sighed, 'He's not worth the tears girl, really. He's the one should be crying, not you. He's lost having a smart, witty, intelligent, and beautiful girl on his arm. I'll bet he'll be kicking himself, when he sobers up tomorrow. Anyway, you're better off without him.'

'Thanks,' Jenny said sniffing. She gave her aunt a hug of gratitude.

'I'd better get cleaned up,' she said, realising she must stink of alcohol from the nightclub. Her mascara had no doubt run from her tearful journey back to her aunt's.

In her aunt's guest room, Jenny picked up a large towel and her toiletry bag and deciding that a shower and change of clothes might help wash away the reminders of disastrous evening. She noted the fresh flowers her aunt had placed on the dresser at the bottom of the bed and made a mental note to thank her. It was convenient to have a relative she could stay over at when out clubbing in London. She had Monday off work, so she could her time going home.

In the bathroom, Jenny peeled off her clothes and gratefully stepped into the shower. The hot water jetting from the showerhead was reinvigorating. She poured a generous dollop of liquid soap in her hand and washed herself, her hands sliding over her subtle naked breasts and stomach, her mind still in turmoil, hurt and bitterness. Fuck, Mark -- he wouldn't get his two-timing hands on her body again, his loss. He was crap in bed anyway. She bent her head allowing the stream of water to course though her long blonde hair, the water dripping from her nose and chin and running through the valley between her breasts.

Why did men have to be such selfish bastards?

Jenny groped for the shower dial, located it and turned the water off. The bathroom was thick with steam. Jenny reached for a towel and began drying herself. She pulled on the dressing gown, her aunt lent her. The soft large garment - oversized to Jenny's leaner frame - was nonetheless comforting.

Jenny dried her hair some more and returned to her bedroom, looking forward to bed and the oblivion that sleep would bring her tired upset state of mind.

She smelt it before she saw it - the sweet tasty aroma of hot chocolate. Jenny smiled at her aunt's thoughtfulness. She took in both hands the mug of hot chocolate that was on the dresser sipped of the hot beverage and realised how much better she felt.

She padded into the living room, to say thanks.

Her aunt was lying on her side on an expansive red leather sofa, watching some American cop show on TV. She looked up as Jenny entered the room. 'You okay, luv?'

'Thanks, yes, and thank you for the hot chocolate, it was sweet of you,' Jenny replied.

'Don't think anything of it,' her aunt said. She shifted her legs up on the sofa to make space. 'Want to sit up for a bit?'

'Sure,' Jenny said, sitting down and curling up beside her aunt. Her aunt put a protective arm around her. 'What are you watching?'

'CSI Miami, you haven't missed much.'

'Only the best bit,' Jenny laughed, 'Horatio's moody one liner before the opening credits role!'

'You've cheered up,' Beatrice said, rubbing Jenny's arm affectionately.

Jenny sighed, 'I think a shower and that hot chocolate helped.'

'There's not many problems that can't be fixed with a hot chocolate,' Beatrice soothed, kissing her niece lightly on the top her head. 'Your hair smells nice.'

'It's your shampoo I used, mine's run out,' Jenny explained.

'Well, I guess both our hair smells fine.'

Jenny, feeling a surge of affection for her aunt, kissed the back of Beatrice's hand that rested on her shoulder. Her lips pressed against her aunt's hand longer than she intended and she suddenly feared her aunt might think it was more than an affectionate kiss. She broke the kiss, pleased that her aunt kept her hand there.

Jenny felt her aunt begin to stroke her shoulder and upper arm, a light repetitive movement, an almost unconscious motion of affection.

The two women settled, comfortable and relaxed, as the programme filled the room with light, sound and drama. Jenny gradually felt a familiar tinkling feeling of arousal and realized surprise she was feeling turned on. She'd always been bi-curious, but not since her early experimental teens had she done anything with another girl, even then it had been mostly heavy petting with some French kissing, her friend being the 'boy' as they practiced and role played. Was aunt Beatrice bi-sexual?

Jenny half turned, causing her aunt's hand to brush against her breast.

'You okay, auntie?'

'Uh huh,' her aunt replied, a ghost of a smile on her lips.

Jenny held her gaze. 'It's nice like this.'

'Perhaps, perhaps it's getting late,' her aunt suggested, but behind the words there was more, an acknowledgment that perhaps the line they were approaching should not be crossed.

'It's not so late, aunty,' Jenny said lightly.

'Are you sure, Jenny?' her aunt asked carefully, her hand slightly stroking Jenny's breast, the act ensuring there was no misunderstanding.

'I am,' Jenny said, turning back to face the TV. She took her aunt's hand kissed it again, then boldly placing it more fully on her breast.

They settled again, though this time her aunt was caressing her breast. Jenny's nipples were erect and hard, and by now she was feeling very aroused and wondered if her aunt was too. She pulled her dressing gown open allowing her aunt's hand to caress her bare breast.

The sensation of her aunt's fondling was becoming too much. Jenny's need was growing by the second. She turned fully on the sofa so she was facing her aunt.

Neither spoke their eyes communicating their need.

Slowly, hesitantly, Beatrice lowered her face to Jenny's upturned features. Jenny felt herself being drunk by her aunt's dilated hazel eyes.

Lips touched.

A kiss, gentle, searching.

Another, more confident now, both women sure of each other's consent.

Jenny opened her mouth, felt her aunt's hand on the side of her face. Then her aunt probed her mouth with her tongue, soft, wet, the taste of chocolate still present. Jenny's tongue matching her aunt's in eagerness.

Jenny broke the kiss, and both women looked at each other, their breathing deep, hungry anticipation in their eyes. Jenny shrugged off her dressing gown, in order to lie naked against her aunt.

Beatrice ran a hand over Jenny's breasts and stomach, over the curve of her thigh then fell between her niece's legs, her eyes locked on Jenny's the whole time. Jenny opened her legs, drawing one knee up to offer herself completely to her aunt.

Beatrice caressed her niece's soft inner thigh, stretching out the moment, savouring the anticipation.

Jenny, desperate for contact there had to force herself not to grab her aunt's hand and guide it to her soaking desire.

Beatrice slowly moved her fingers into the dark triangle beneath her niece's thighs. Her finger tips touched the sticky outer lips of Jenny's labia. Jenny shuddered with pleasure as her aunt slid her fingers up towards the hood of her clitoris. Then, without warning Beatrice slipped her index finger deep into Jenny's sopping vagina, feeling her niece tense with the pleasure of the sudden penetration. Jenny pressed herself to her aunt, her mouth open, urgent with need. Beatrice kissed the younger woman hard, allowing Jenny's tongue to thrust and work the interior of her mouth, knowing the young girl's ecstasy, as Beatrice's finger moved and stroked the soft inner walls of the girl's passage.

Jenny pulled away, her eyes hazy with lust. 'Take of your dressing gown, aunty,' she whispered.

Beatrice withdrew her finger, now slick with Jenny's juice, and sucked it clean, savouring her niece's reaction.

Beatrice tugged her t-shirt off, exposing mammoth breasts encased in a white lace bra. She heaved herself upright on the sofa and reaching behind, unclasped, the bra strap. She slipped off the straps and pulled the bra away, freeing mountainous breasts that dwarfed her niece's double--D breasts.

Over her big dark nipples two round cotton pads still remained, stuck with dried milk.

'Sorry, I'm a bit leaky,' she said, smiling apologetically.

'That's fine,' Jenny breathed, taking the pads from her aunt's nipples, they felt soggy with milk. Small tuffs of cotton wool remained on the nipples, and Jenny gently brushed the offending fluff away with her thumb, and as she did so from Beatrice's right nipple, a small globule of milk wet her thumb. Jenny put it to her lips and licked it clean.

Beatrice pulled her close, their breasts rubbing together, skin on skin as they kissed matching each other in the intensity of their lust.

Beatrice's fingers found Jenny's welcome opening, and she moved two fingers inside her niece. Jenny's thighs squirmed in response, and she pushing against her aunt's hand, needing to be penetrated more deeply. Jenny's own hand fumbled with the button on her aunt's jeans, her other hand kneading the fleshy mass of one of her aunt's breasts. The stimulation and pressure of Jenny's body rubbing on her aunt's, caused milk to leak from the older woman's breasts smearing their torsos. The air smelt of Beatrice's milk and Jenny found the smell raise her arousal to a new pitch.

The button popped open on Beatrice's jeans and with her aunt's help, Jenny pulled them down along with the knickers. Beatrice wriggled her legs and kicked off the restrictive garments and now both women were naked, Jenny's smaller body seemingly vulnerable against the larger mass of her fleshy aunt. Jenny kissed and licked her aunt's face and neck, both women groaning with intense pleasure.

Jenny kissed further down, rubbing her face in the deep valley between Beatrice's soft big breasts. Her lips fastened around a nipple and the tasted her aunt's milk. She sucked, teasing more into her mouth, swallowing the warm sweet effluence, sucking harder and being rewarded by a larger gush of warm milk. Beatrice moaned from the delightful sensation her niece was giving her, cupping the back of her niece's head with her free hand, supporting Jenny's head as she nursed her.

Jenny sucked hungrily, gulping down her aunt's nourishing milk, feeling her belly fill with the warm nutritious liquid. She let her aunt guide her head to other big breast, and Jenny began to drink from that, bucking her hips as Beatrice increased the pace of her fingers' penetrating movement, gliding her thumb over Jenny's hardened clitoris, causing the younger woman to cry out in pleasure, the sound muffled by the fleshy cushion of the breast she suckled on.

Beatrice detached her niece's head from her breast pulling her up and kissing Jenny hard, her tongue probing deeply in her niece's smaller mouth, tasting her own milk there.

They broke the kiss, but remained close their noses touching, Jenny's eyes, dilated, and glazed holding the affectionate gaze of her aunt, whimpering as Beatrice moved fingers expertly in and around Jenny's slick vagina, her thumb making small circles around the clitoris. The waves of pleasure were overwhelming, and Jenny, cheeks flushed with the onset of orgasm, made small sounds half plea half cry as her aunt brought her to the brink.

'Come for me, darling,' Beatrice urged softly.

Jenny cried out in response as the orgasm took hold. Her back arched before she collapsed against her aunt, her hand tightly gripping the back of her aunt's head. Her body trembled from release then she relaxed against her aunt, who had withdrawn her fingers from Jenny's now hypersensitive pussy. With her other hand, Beatrice stroked her niece's hair tracing her fingers through still damp soft strands. Neither woman spoke, both taking time to revel in the unchartered new intimacy they were sharing. Jenny resting her head on her aunt's expansive chest, listened to the calming sound of her heartbeat. The sensation of her aunt's fingers stroking her hair was comforting and pleasurable, bringing a sense of warmth and security tinged with desire. Jenny hadn't felt so close to anyone in long time, either emotionally or physically.

With one hand Jenny began stroking the soft smooth flesh of her aunt's big breast, the caressing movements of her hand emoting tenderness and affection. Jenny turned her head and began kissing her aunt's breasts. They were kisses of gratitude and love. Small, wet and gentle. With each kiss Jenny felt the stirrings of fresh arousal.

She moved her lips ever closer to Beatrice's swollen nipple. Her aunt still simmering with need to sexual release, guided her niece directly to the desired place. Jenny acquiescing to her aunt's desire, kissed the nipple teasingly, before running her tongue around the responsive hardening bud. A bead of milk formed on the dark red teat, and Jenny removed it with the tip of her tongue. The sweet taste of her aunt's milk both arousing her and triggering in her a thirst for more of the warm white nectar. Jenny pressed her open mouth harder against the breast, taking in as much of Beatrice's mammary as she could, sucking hard to release the flow from the gland.

Beatrice gasped as her Jenny drew hard on her nipple, the intense pleasure almost making her come. She held her niece's head firmly in place, supporting the weight of the girl's head as she nursed her.

Jenny drank deeply from her aunt, the flow of milk coming in warm bountiful spurts. With one hand she cupped the underside of her aunt's huge mammary, her other free hand delving between her aunt's legs, her fingers easily finding the slick sopping opening between fleshy thighs. Beatrice's deep gasps as she slipped long loving fingers inside her, gave Jenny a realisation she needed to taste more than milk from her aunt's giving body.

She released the Beatrice's hardened nipple from her mouth, and slid downward peppering her aunt's belly with kisses as she went. Now off the sofa, she was knelt on the floor.

Beatrice realising what her niece now hungered for, opened her legs obligingly.

Jenny trailed her fingers down the curves of her aunt's inner thighs, following up these caresses with soft kisses, her tongue darting out to moisten the skin her lips touched, each kiss moving inexorably closer to the warm wet folds of her aunt's sex.

Beatrice trying to resist the urge to grab Jenny's head and thrust the younger women's face into her opening, dug strong fingers into the sides of the sofa, sucking in deep breaths in anticipation of the coming moment. Jenny's desire meeting her aunt's desperate need, touched her lips to her aunt's sticky outer labia, tasting the thick treacle like effluence. She dipped her tongue into the dark pink folds savouring the smell and taste of her aunt's lust.

Jenny ran her tongue slowly around the bigger woman's labia delighted at the sighs and moans she was eliciting. She looked up, the sight the big woman's round curvy fleshy mass, above her, heightening her arousal. Beatrice, her eyes glazed, look down through the valley of her vast bosom, at her niece's delicate face buried between her thick thighs. Beatrice, shuddering from the pleasure of Jenny's tonguing, reached down, placing a hand each side of her niece's small face and pulled the girl deeper into her.

Jenny moving her tongue further and faster into her aunt's moult, then moving up to lick and stimulate the big hardened clitoris. The increasing pressure from her aunt's hands and the mounting cries from above telling her that her aunt was close now. Jenny pressed her tongue hard against the big bud, her hands reaching up to find fleshy breasts, adding to the pleasure she was giving, willing her aunt to come.

Beatrice gave a scream, her hips bucking up from the sofa, driving into her niece's young face as the orgasm came and Jenny tasted the flood of her aunt's come as the big woman's release surged from her.

Beatrice, her body wracked from the orgasm, relaxed back into the sofa. Jenny, licked tenderly around her aunt's flooded labia, and gave small tender kisses. Time drifted. In the background the TV burbled on, virtually unnoticed by aunt and niece, who lay satisfied and exhausted. Beatrice, finally stirred and stood.

Jenny, still on the floor from where she had fulfilled her aunt's need, looked up.

Beatrice reached down a hand. 'Let's go to bed.'

Jenny took her aunt's hand and rose stiffly to her feet. Turning off the television as they went, Beatrice led her niece to the bedroom, leaving the living room dark and quiet, the air leaden with the scent of the women's love making.

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