tagMatureAn Average Love Story Ch. 03

An Average Love Story Ch. 03


Sunday night Scott's parents arrived home, Scott watched from Kelly's living room as their car pulled into the driveway. Kelly came up behind him just returning from putting her children to bed.

"I guess I should tell them that I have a girlfriend." He said after releasing a heavy sigh.

"How about a confidence builder before we do." She said to turn him around.

Kelly raked her long nails down the front of his shirt down his chest and then stomach, but she was now on her knees and pulled out his meaty cock. She licked her lips and then ran her tongue up and down the full length of his flaccid member. It did not take very long for Scott to get hard as a steel pole, when he was fully hard Kelly engulfed the head of his cock into her mouth. She eased a few inches into her mouth getting his cock really wet, then her head began to bob up and down as she slurped loudly on his tool. Scott let out a loud groan as her tongue touched sensitive areas of his cock with each slurp of her mouth.

"Oh God Kelly's this feels so good, an uh baby I'm going too, cum." He groaned thrusting his hips to match her sucking.

In moments he was shooting spurt after spurt of his hot young cum into her willing mouth, she was able to swallow some of it. Some of it ran out of her lips and down her chin, yet she continued until he was finished cumming. Then she gave him a few more loving sucks to clean all of the cum off of his cock.

"Give me a minute to freshen up and check the kids, then we will go over together." She said.

"All right." He replied as he got his cock back into his pants. When she came back the two of them, went out the front door and they walked across the street holding hands. They went inside Scott's home to talk to his parents, and his father was standing at a desk in the living room going through the mail. His mother walked out from the kitchen surprised to see Kelly accompanying her son home.

"There you are Scott" Said his mother giving him a kiss on the cheek to greet him. "Kelly nice to see you, did you and Scott have a nice weekend?"

"Oh yes we did, and he was very helpful." She said giving Scott a knowing smile.

"Mom, Dad's we need to have a little talk." Scott said nervously.

"Sure son, whatever you need to talk about us will listen." Said his father sitting down in his chair.

Scott watched as his mother walked over and sat down on the arm of the chair, Kelly thought it looked so sweet as his father raised his hand and rubbed her back lovingly as she sat there. Now I can see where Scott gets his affectionate nature from.

"This is something that just happened, you know the whole time we lived back home, that I never had any luck with girls. Well moving here was the best thing for me, I found what I guess you could call a girlfriend this weekend while you were gone." He explained.

"Great son, is this a girl. Kelly introduced you too?" Asked his mother.

"No it is Kelly, Mom." He said.

His mother looked shocked at the news, while his father stopped rubbing her back, he just stared at his son angrily. Then he stared at Kelly, the silence was deafening as Kelly could hear her heart beating in her ears.

"So, Kelly is this a relationship for you or this just sex?" His father asked sternly.

"Well I never met anyone like Scott, nor has anyone treated me as good as he has. I did not make this decision lightly, please don't be angry with me or Scott." She said, she felt like she was a little girl addressing her own father.

"Dad, I understand what you are saying and you have to understand, I've never had anyone, I want to experience this relationship whether it is going to be good or bad." He said taking Kelly's hand into his again.

"Scott you know people will talk, what about family, you know your other relatives will be shocked when you bring this older woman to family get together." His mother said. "None of that matters to me, only Kelly does." His son said firmly.

"Well, I guess what it boils down to is our son's happiness dear, if this is what is going to make him happy then let him have his relationship with Kelly. If it works out so be it, if it does not work then we will be there to help pick up the pieces for him. It may take us some time to accept this relationship you two have so you will have to bear with us." His father explained.

"Thank you." They said in unison.

"Go walk your girlfriend home son." Said his mother. "I'm going up to bed."

His mother quickly brushed past her son and his new lover, and stormed upstairs to her bedroom. They could hear the door slam behind her, but his father gripped the arms of his chair to see them out. He watched them walk across the street holding hands and laughing, then finally they got to her front porch. The two of them stood talking, then his son took her into his arms and they stood kissing. John Murphy went upstairs and entered his bedroom, stripping off his clothes, Margaret was already in bed wearing her long white night gown. She did not even bother pulling back the covers as she laid there sobbing. John got undressed until he only had his boxers on and laid next to his wife, putting an arm around her pulling her closer.

"Oh John, how could he want to be with an older woman." She sobbed.

"He is excited that someone wants him, let him have this dear." He said to kiss the back of her neck.

"She is pretty and very nice, but I just don't want to see my boy get his heartbroken." She said as she feels her husbands lips on the back of her neck.

"It's part of life, if we do not let him experience life he will resent us." He said as he took his hand off of Margaret hip and slid it up her stomach to her ample tits. "Margie your tits are still great after all these years."

"Mmmmmmmm. I'm not that old." She said. "I'm only forty-four."

John did not answer her he gently squeezed and kneaded his wife's breasts, then played with her thick hard nipples. Her tits began to firm up to his touch as she was becoming more and more aroused from her husband's touch. Then his hand stopped playing with her tits and pulled her night gown up, she never slept with panties on. His large hand pushed itself between her legs and began to rub her wettening pussy, her fiery red hair around the pink lips of her cunt had always turned him on. He rolled his wife over onto her back and kissed her on the lips, their tongues began to intermingle. Then he got on top of her and pulled the straps of her gown down off of her arms to reveal her tits. He leaned down to squeeze and suck them, Margaret moaned aloud, arching her back up to his mouth. He slid further down the bed and pushed her night gown up until it was all bunched up around her waist. He spread her pussy lips apart and began to hungrily lap at her pussy, his wife spread her legs wider to give him better access to it. He smiled as he looked up at his wife, one of her hands was playing with her one of her tits while the other was on the back of his head. John expertly sucked on her clit bringing his wife to orgasm, once he knew she had cum, he got up on between her legs. His large cock was out and he plunged it into his wife's eager pussy, he fucked his cock in and out of her as she wrapped her legs around him. His wife kissed him on the lips and ran her tongue around his chin getting to taste her own juices.

"Yes fuck me with you big cock, fuck me." She moaned aloud.

"Oh Margie your pussy is wet and tight." He groaned.

John continued to fuck her missionary style for several more minutes until she came again, then he got off of her she climbed up on top of him. Years of marriage give her the instinct to know exactly what her husband wanted. One hand played with her big tits, while his other hand squeezed her ass cheek. She rode up and down on her husbands big cock, soon, and she was cumming again.

"Oh god John's you make me cream all over your big cock baby." She moaned.

"Oh Margie's I'm going to shoot it in you." He moaned aloud, but he loved to hear her talk dirty when they fucked.

She leaned further down and her husband grabbed her ass with both hands and thrust his cock in and out of her. He was slamming into her pussy all the way up to the hilt, until finally he shot load after load of cum into her pussy. His wife lay on top of him until his cock went flaccid both of them panting hard.

"You know dear if his cock is anything like his father's, I think they will have a long relationship." Margaret said pulling her night gown and getting off of her husband.

John smiled as he hoped for his son's sake that he did have his fathers' endowment in the penis area. If he did, Kelly was going to be a very happy woman, a young virile lover, who happened to have a nice sized cock.

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