tagErotic CouplingsAn Earth Day Gift from a Nice Girl

An Earth Day Gift from a Nice Girl


I'm kind of grown-up now. I have always been artistic, but while I was in college, I was seriously working towards a life as a musician. I played a few different instruments, but made my way through the artistic communities of Cleveland and Columbus, OH, and Philadelphia's awesome indy scene before landing in NYC. After playing in NY for a while, some of the luster of performing wore off for me. I still play, but I do so in a very different context than I did back in school.

When I was an undergrad, I was essentially THE independent musical artist on campus. My guitar and I worked our way through school; I put out a few albums, made some money, sold out a few coffee houses, etc...it was all a blast, and on occasion, there were girls who felt the need to kiss me as a result of my performances. We were a small campus, and I was "the artist" on campus, every 3-4 months, when I performed...It had its perks and I will not dent that whatsoever. Especially as it pertains to my time with Corinne.

I've always been an environmentalist, and as such, I was not shocked to hear from my friend Amy, who ran the Student activities group. She was in charge of this years Earth Day activities on campus, and she called to ask if I would perform at their "closing ceremonies show."

Keep in mind, we are talking about a campus of about 2500 students: small by most standards, but at the time, I will admit, with maybe a small amount of hubris that I was able to get about 1700 of them into a show to hear me play: It was just how things were at the time, and I'll leave it at that.

I agreed to play the show, which was to take place outdoors at Andrews Park. I'd never played there before, but I felt confident about the school's ability to pull of the sound issues, and all that technical crap...

I spent the afternoon walking from tent to tent, helping out a few groups I was connected to, like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club-I actually, more on accident than anything else, ended up serving on a panel discussion concerning the affect of deforestation on the greater Ohio River Valley. I will admit that, as informed as I was, I had to fake my way through that one at times, but I managed.

Anyway, the Earth Day crowd was high and mighty by the time I went onstage. Again, I will allow for my audience to read between the lines there, but for those not so inclined, I will say that the audience was rather relaxed by the time I performed. I do not indulge myself, not even today, but as a result, I can appreciate the "status" that my audience embraced at the time.

I did my set of seven songs and gave the stage to the closing act, a band from Cleveland who's name I forget. I walked off stage and was immediately met by Corrine.

I had seen Corrine on campus before. She was the president of our local Greenpeace chapter and had played a major role in organizing the Earth Day events on campus. She had long brown hair that had a curl to it that seemed unnatural, in an of itself.

Corrine and I were both from NY, and as such had engaged In a few conversations before this moment. I mention all of these things only to make the case that she and I were by no means strangers to one another. We would become even closer before the evening was over.

"Wow-awsome set!" she said as I walked offstage.

"Thanks, I'm beat!" I said back to her, and I was. My whole body had gone into this show, as the audience had fed off of me in a way that was somewhat unfamiliar to me. I, and this is no lie, had a guy throw money at me to buy my demo while I was walking of stage. But that is really another story altogether.

Corinne walked over to me and put her arm around my waist. We moved over towards my corner of the backstage and we sat down. I was drained. It was unseasonably warm for Earth Day, especially in Ohio, which has that dreaded "lake effect" temperature impetus on occasion.

Corinne and I sat down in a dark corner of the backstage area. I had trouble with the removal of my sound equipment, and Corinne attended to me in a professional, yet curiously arousing manner.

I had a wireless microphone taped to my chest in a few different spots. Before I could even attend to them, Corinne began to undress me and remove the wiring and tape from my body. She looked deep into my eyes as she tore the first layer from my chest:

"Is this OK?" she asked, slowly tearing the tape from my chest...

I was unable to respond appropriately. I just nodded.

She gently, yet purposefully removed the tape on my body, and as she did so, kissed the newly cleared skin with her lips.

By the time she had cleared my body of tape and wiring, I was more than in tune with that fact that she and I were driving towards a passionate conclusion.

When Corinne removed the last of my mic tape, we sat together in my backstage area that I'd been assigned. It was pitch dark, and needless to say, we found ourselves with our hands on one another.

What a feeling. We've all had it-that feeling of a new body that feels so intense and powerful that we know it is fleeting, and yet we cannot deny it. It may even be our ability to identify it that leads to our needs to place it somewhere in the experience of our lives...anyhow...

Corinne looked at me, my body drenched in sweat, my guitar placed neatly to the side, and she kissed me. Her mouth seemed to open to me immediately, and our tongues rolled about our mouths in an almost overly passionate way.

We were hot for each other. That much was obvious and true-her hands touched me in a way that felt electirc-maybe it was the moment-maybe it was the fact that we were all connected through the Earth Day celebration.

"You said so much in your music, Dylan. I..." Corinne's voice trails off at that, and she kissed my chest, my belly, and worked her way down my body.

She ran her tongue over my abs, and undid my jeans as she moved even lower down my body.

The other band began to play, yet our area of the backstage remained dark. Corinne looked deep into my eyes and undid the clasp up my jeans, moving them lower and releasing my cock from it's confines in one fluid motion.

Corinne was wearing one of those "hippie girl shirts" that have the one tie in the back. At this moment, she reached behind her and undid the knot and reveled her incredible 34 C breasts. They were firm and perfect, more so than any I have felt and seen, before or since.

The band on stage's lights began to kick in, and Corinne and I were deeply at work backstage. Corinne, on her knees before me took my cock in her hands and kissed its head, ever so gently. She looked up at me then, wondering how much I would beg to have her continue...

I had not words to express myself, yet somehow, she got the point rather quickly. She shook her head, placing her long, brown hair over my belly and my cock. The combination of her mouth and hair moving over me was incredible. Her hands ran along the sides of my cock, teasing me, yet she resisted my attempts to position my cock into her mouth...

She teased me: she kissed my thighs. She even ran her tongue along my balls, but only took my cock into her mouth when the band onstage hit the "hot spot" of their set. At that moment, when the music hit its highest moment, Corinne sucked my cock deep into her mouth and thrashed herself onto me over and over. The lights onstage kicked in fully, and I was able to see her suck my cock clearly. She thrashed her head over and over, making her long hair flow all over my body in a way that hit me passionately.

Corinne took me from her mouth and placed my cock between the smooth but tight tits. She held her beautiful breasts together and worked my cock between them, ever so close to her mouth. Over and Over, she worked my cock...

"Dylan, cum on me, please, cum on me baby..."

And so I did, and as she worked my cock between her beautiful and firm tits I came...Corinne lowered her mouth on top of me and consumed every last bit of cum I had to offer on that particular Earth Day. She sucked me dry, and as the Cleveland band finished its set, I found myself with a beautiful woman in my lap who was aching for my touch.

I gave her that touch, but that I another story. Write me if you'd like to hear it...

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