tagGroup SexAn Elevator Story

An Elevator Story


It was an ordinary day. At least it started that way. I went to work, 38th floor, and settled into my office. I am the Director of Human Resources for a computer firm in a large southern city.

My secretary, Robin, came in and gave me a run down on meetings and problems I needed to look at. I had some phone calls to make and a meeting at 10:00 and then one at 11:30 with my staff. I had skipped breakfast, so by the time I walked into the conference room my stomach was mildly rumbling. As I was assigning some projects and discussing details, my stomach growled audibly. Two of the girls giggled. I realized that this would be a fairly long meeting, so I asked the staff if they would mind moving the meeting and making it a lunch meeting. No problem, they were all eager to work over lunch.

A little about my staff. There are 3 girls under me, Robin making the 4th. Angie is my benefits administrator, 32, 5' 8, with long curly brown hair, and probably DD tits. She is in great shape, and has an extraordinarily womanly shape. She is a big girl, but not an inch of fat on her, just incredible curves. Annie, the Policy and Procedures gal, is 29, about 5'7, and generally dressed like a librarian, glasses included, black hair with curls she tries to keep under control. She is slender, but has a nice bod, with C cups, that her usual conservative mode of dress can't disguise. She is smart and never one to waste words, direct and delicious. Camille, 24, is my Recruiting Specialist with red hair, D cups, a fitness nut and the most luscious lips I ever saw. I wanted them wrapped around my dick. She is smart and vivacious, laughing constantly. Robin, my secretary is 44, only 5'3, dark hair and a Mediterranean coloring. Probably B size tits, very petite, and a bundle of energy. I am a lucky man.

Anyhow, we finished up any work that required laptops or paper, and headed to the elevators to go have lunch. The elevator we got on was in the middle of being renovated. This was the last elevator to undergo the process. The walls were hung with some kind of mats that looked like movers use to wrap furniture. A small bulb provided the illumination, the ceiling was mostly gone. We hit the lobby and left the building and headed to a Chinese restaurant down the block. Lunch was good, and we got all business discussions out of the way quickly. The girls engaged in small talk, all single, it seemed to always touch on or come back to boyfriends. Camille got them started asking me the "man's point of view" and time passed quickly. When they inquired into my dating life, I got the check and got us going.

Back on the same elevator, we were the only occupants after the 17th floor. Without warning there was a lurch, and the elevator stopped. I had no idea where we were. The girls were chatting nervously as we waited for it to start back up. Again they inquired into my dating life. To keep them occupied, I indulged them a bit, just making small talk. After about 15 minutes, the questions started getting personal. Was I a leg man, breast man, ass man. What size breasts did I prefer, positions etc. I nixed the discussion right there as I am their boss and to me we were friendly and I enjoyed their company, but I needed to maintain a little decorum. I evaded the questions, and finally decided to try the phone, to find out the situation as it had been too long.

Thankfully it worked and we were informed that they were having problems with the machinery, and were working as swiftly as possible. We were to sit tight and they had everything well in hand. No problem... Then the light bulb flashed and we were plunged in darkness. I felt everyone huddle closer to me and Robin and Angie began to show fear in their voices and remarks. I suggested that we all sit down, and relax as they would have us out of here soon. Camille and Annie helped calm the other two, and again boyfriends was the subject they ended up on. Somehow in the dark, it got more open too. Camille regaled us with stories about her boyfriend and started on how big he was. The girls got more interested and vocal and pretty soon it was pretty bawdy conversation. I kept quiet, as I really didn't want to get into this, and they seemed to forget me. After awhile the conversation died off, and I could feel two of the girls clutch an arm each. Couldn't tell who in the dark. At one point I felt a hand on my thigh, around my knee that started off still, but slowly began to move. Rubbing inward and slowly upward. I was enjoying wondering who it was and began to be more aware of the breathing and smell of the girls clustered around me. The hand on my leg got bolder, but I guess they were not able to reach my crotch as they went so high and that was it. The girl on my left shifted and gave a start as she ran into the arm resting over my thigh. I heard a whisper "what are you doing?" Another whisper " just checking it out, he can't know which one of us it is..." Now they were all whispering about the boldness and asking if she had felt anything. My cock was hardening ever since the hand started inching up, and was almost at full mast by now. I felt a hand on my other leg. It traveled up and was an inch from touching my dick when it stopped. Another hand was now on my midsection, rubbing my stomach and chest. A fourth hand touched my hip and moved over covering my crotch. She spread her hand and squeezed. I let out a moan, and then the other hands started converging towards my dick.

The girl who was tracing my dick in my pants, whispered to the other girls that I was hung and they had to feel this. My zipper was pulled down, and the hand on my belly started working on my belt. I told the girls this was far enough, but the whispers told me not to worry, I couldn't tell who was doing anything, and that I should just enjoy it. Okay, my dick was straining and I had four hot girls touching me, who was I to complain. My belt was undone, and I felt a hand in my pants pulling down my briefs and rooting for my cock. Finally it was free, waving in the air. One hand began fisting it, and I felt another push her away as she took over. The girl on my right began nuzzling my neck and I turned my head towards her and was rewarded with a hot mouth on my own. I began dueling tongues as the girls continued whispering and fisting my cock.

Then I felt lips on the head of my dick, and she sucked the knob a few times and then a tongue began to lick the shaft. She took me in her mouth again and began to go deeper. I felt her back off and she was replaced by another who was more vigorous in her sucking. She kept it up and was again replaced by someone who was into using their tongue a lot more. My head was turned to the other side and I began frenching #2. Meanwhile I began pumping into the mouth on my rod. She took me deeper and deeper, and I reveled in the feel of sliding down her throat. Fingers were now caressing and pulling on my balls, and I knew I was on my way to blowing a wad. The girl on my dick obviously was working to get me to shoot, and she plunged down, swallowing me whole, her throat closing and massaging my dick. She pulled up, and whispered "shoot it down my throat boss" and plunged back down deep-throating me again, and my nuts contracted and I began pumping my cum down to her stomach.

I shot several streams down her stomach and she moved back up, sucking the last out and bathing me with her tongue. I heard one girl whisper," no fair, I didn't get to suck him". There was some giggling and I felt hands running all over me from everywhere. I was kissing one than another as two hands on my dick, one pulling my balls and one under my shirt started to arouse me again.

To Be Continued...

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