tagReviews & EssaysAn Essay on Rude Black Females

An Essay on Rude Black Females


My name is James Nazarene. I'm a tall young black man living in the city of Boston. I moved to America from the Republic of Haiti a few years ago. Recently, I graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Someday soon, I'm going to be a police officer. I've already gotten accepted into the Boston Police Academy. I know I will make it. I am physically fit, college-educated, and I have no criminal record. I'm a goal-oriented Haitian man who's going places. I just wish my black brothers and black sisters from the African-American community were taking note.

Where I come from, black men and black women who are smart, and work hard can accomplish great things. I know it can be done. My father was an engineer. My mother was a college professor and administrator. My brother is a lawyer. My sister is a dentist. We did alright for ourselves back home. I was sent to America to get my college education. And so I did. I made my parents proud. I just wish more black men and black women from America were living up to their full potential instead of tearing each other to pieces and blaming all of their problems on the white man.

Quite a few black men and black women from North America can and have done great things. Look at future President Barack Obama. Billionaire businesswoman and TV mogul Oprah Winfrey. Former United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Secretary of State Condi Rice. We can accomplish great things. We're a people that's hardened and toughened by what life has thrown at us. We've got strength, courage and dedication. We can be stellar athletes, students, entertainers, businesspeople and all that. The world can be ours. All we need to do is stay away from crime. Don't do drugs. Don't sell drugs. Don't get locked up. Stay away from violent men and violent women. Avoid haters. Fight against the dark forces which want to take us out. Go to college. Graduate. Get into the business world. Create successful and happy families. Achieve the American Dream. The world can be ours. We've only got to take it. There is a right way to do it, though.

What I find appalling is when I see young black men and young black women doing what they're not supposed to. Walking around with their pants hanging below their butts. Fighting in the streets. Becoming parents before their time. Cussing on the subway. The world doesn't give them second chances. So they have to walk on the straight and narrow. Most of them don't realize that. In order to succeed, the black man and the black woman have to work three times as hard as white men and white women. We have to be stronger, faster and more intelligent. We have to adapt to new situations and new people. We have to deflect, and sometimes confront, treachery. We can do it all and succeed. But we need to stay away from crime, get into college and make it. Pure and simple.

I don't know when manners went out of style in the African-American community but nobody gave me the damn memo. Why are black men and black women acting so damn rude? Many black men I meet act like savages. They don't have to be. There's nothing sexier than a black gentleman. It's official. All black women are chicken-heads. I don't care if they're living in mansions, or in a damn shack in the hood. I think there's something genetic inside of them which makes them rude and obnoxious regardless of where they are or where they come from. I say this quite reluctantly. I really wish it weren't true. Seriously. When a decent, intelligent and college-educated, heterosexual black male spends time looking for a mate, he naturally thinks of a black woman from a similar background. Unfortunately, quite often these black men are discouraged from dating black women because most black women are stuck-up, rude, crude, obnoxious and downright vicious.

Years ago, the black woman was the foundation of the black family. She supported everything and everyone. Her strength kept the black man going and kept her sons and daughters solid citizens. Nowadays, these so-called ladies are bigger whores than the men. You can see it on television shows like Maury and Jerry Springer. How many black females show up on the show, with similar stories? They've slept with a dozen men in one week and can't figure out who their son or daughter's biological father happens to be. It's mostly black women who have this predicament.

For every black man out there who sleeps with two or three different women outside of his supposedly monogamous relationship, there are five black women sleeping around with as many as six men each! Every time I'm on the bus and I hear some woman in the back making noise, cussing or acting rude, I close my eyes and hope she isn't black. Eight times out of ten, it's a black woman acting rude, cursing and making noise. And they think behaving like this makes them seem tough. If you ask me, it just makes them look like the cheap, common whores we all know them to be. Why do black women think it's okay to act like this? It's not an example of black female empowerment, it's a damn bore!

Every time you run into a black woman say at the lineup in a grocery store like Shaw's or Stop & Shop. They're the loudest, meanest people in the entire damn line. They take up a lot of time. That's just the way they are. And their loud voices, rude mannerisms and bloodshot eyes scare everybody. Black men. White women. White men. Asian men. Asian women. Latin men. Latin women. Middle-eastern men. Middle-eastern women. Everyone is deathly scared of the mad black woman. Like the snarling banshee of Irish mythology, she's the scariest thing in the cosmos.

I really wish I could take all the young black men and young black women in the big cities and place them in specially designed, black-oriented, all-male and all-female schools. Strict, paramilitary-type schools which would demand academic excellence from them. Schools which would teach them some manners and give them much-needed guidance. Then maybe they'd get into college instead of getting into county jail. In a single-sex school, black males and black females wouldn't become parents before they're mentally, physically and financially ready to embrace fatherhood and motherhood. Maybe that would enable me to save the race. But that's just wishful thinking. We need a miracle.

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