tagRomanceAn Evening by the River

An Evening by the River


I set my bag down on the chair and pulled out my laptop. I needed to look up some articles on the Internet, so I decided to escape my hot office and got to the library. It was always cooler in the library, and after recent remodeling, there were dozen of Ethernet outlets on the long tables in the main hall. It was late Thursday afternoon, in the summer, so there were far fewer students there as normal, in fact, I only saw two other people in the hall as I sat down. I picked a spot close to the far wall, so I was assured of having peace and quiet. I also wouldn’t bother anyone else with my mouse-clicking.

Normally, the understood, unspoken etiquette was to find a space as far away from others in the library as possibly, so as not to disturb them. Normally, a person could have an entire side of a table to him or herself, even during the school year. I was a little annoyed when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, someone sit down only a few seats away from me, on the same side of the table. However, that annoyance quickly evaporated when I gave a good look in this invaders direction.

I was treated to a glorious sight; a short, slim creature, with shoulder-length blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and perfect lips. I do admit that I noticed those things only after letting my eyes wander over the semi-transparent shirt she was wearing. I started at the top of her khakis and moved up, fixing my eyes on the bra that I could almost completely make out; a light color, with a floral pattern. She seemed to have small, firm breasts, from what I could tell.

I felt like a freshman in high school, staring at this girl like I had only just hit puberty and never thought to look at girls before. Without even saying a word, or even acknowledging my presence, she had taken a hold of me. I could no longer concentrate on what I was doing. I tried to look away, but I couldn’t. I didn’t think I could be more flustered, but at that exact moment, she looked in my direction and our eyes met. I had just been admiring her lips, when she turned her head. I was so surprised my it, that I turned away. I had spent the last few minutes staring at her, with obvious attraction, and when she actually looked in my direction, I panicked, and turned. I couldn’t manage a smile, or the nerve to stand and walk over to her. I really had reverted to being a teenager.

I was kicking myself on the inside for being such an idiot, for being so shy. I convinced myself that I had just ruined a chance, and felt like crap. I tried to focus on my computer and get back to what I was doing. I didn’t get a chance to wallow in my self-pity, because just as I began to type again, I felt a presence nearby. I turned to my right, and there she was, stand just couple of feet away, looking down at me, a smile on her face. My eyes started with a view of her slightly freckled chest and neck, bare for the several buttons that were undone on her shirt. Up close I was even more tempted to stare through that shirt, but her voice helped me regain my senses and I looked into her eyes.

“I’ve never received this kind of attention before,” she said in a soft voice. Her upper lips was thing, but the bottom was full. I felt lost, for words, for myself; I felt so taken with her right from the start. I managed finally to regain my tongue.

“I don’t usually stare like that, but I have to say that you have a strange affect on me. I don’t even know your name.” I held tight to the chair to prevent myself from shaking. Why was she affecting me this way?

“I don’t mind, in fact I’m flattered. I’m used to just fading in the background wherever I go. It’s nice to… stand out. My name’s Kristy, with a K,” she said and offered her hand.

“Damien,” I replied, as I took her hand. Soft, was the only thought in my head.

“I, uhhhh, can’t imagine that you would blend in anywhere.” Incredibly soft hand. “You’re so, so…” I stuttered.

“So… what, Damien?” she asked, a little red from my previous compliment.

“Breathtaking.” After I said it, I must have turned crimson, because my face felt very hot. It wasn’t an adjective that seemed appropriate for just meeting someone. But she turn the same color that I felt like, and the soft smile on her face, told me that she like the compliment.

“That wasn’t a word I expected, but I love that you think that. I do notice that you are still breathing, thought,” she joked. “And that look on your face is priceless.” Apparently I look as embarrassed as I felt. I thought for a moment that she was enjoying making fun of me, but a squeeze from her hand pushed that thought away. I had forgotten that I was still holding her hand, or was she still holding mine. As she sat down next to me, she finally let go. At last I could look at her, without straining my neck, or having to resist looking through her shirt again.

“I’m used to fading in the background too. I’ve always felt that I was never notable,” I said, almost a whisper. I remembered we were still in the library. I was also surprised ad how comfortable I felt looking and talking to Kristy.

“Seems like we have some things in common, because you sure don’t fade into the background,” she whispered. Her smile was intoxicating. “Say, there have to be better places to have conversation than the library, even an empty one. Why don’t we get out of her.” With that, she stood, and waited for me to follow. I agreed with a nod, and quickly gathered my things, and followed her down the table. She never got the chance to pull out her things, so she grabbed her bag and we headed outside.

We walked close together on the sidewalk, seeming to give others the idea that we had known each other for years. The air had cooled off, since the sun had set, and we moved comfortably under the streetlights. We discovered that were both grad students, she a first year in molecular biology, and myself, a second year in chemistry. In fact, she only worked a few buildings away, but I had never seen her. Kristy said she often heard comments from people that she was too young to be a graduate student, indeed she did look quite young, but she was never bothered by it. She turned out to be a local, whereas I was an out-of-stater. We both liked good coffee, good beer, and long hikes. She also happened to like dancing, especially ballroom, and I wasn’t a big fan, mostly because I didn’t think I could dance.

We didn’t seem to be headed in any particular direction, and our conversation sound made us lose track of time. I didn’t bother to find out, because I was enjoying myself too much. I decided to steer us down toward the river, which always looked wonderful under the moon and stars. There were a few benches at the spot we found, one of my favorites in the city. The moon was a thin crescent so it didn’t offer much light, in fact, the only light was from the street yards away. We could see the river flowing lazily, reflecting the faint light. We sat down on the bench, and in a few moments, the river absorbed out words and we were sitting quietly, just getting to used to each other’s warmth and presence.

We sat a few inches a part, hesitating to make contact again, just like teenagers. Soon, I felt her edging toward me, first feeling her shirt against my arm, and then her forearm against my leg. My heart started to pound; I thought that Kristy would be able to hear it in the quiet of the night. Again, acting like a nervous kid. I was 24, dammit, I should act like it. I decided then, not to let this chance get away. I put my arm around her shoulders, and pulled her gently against me. She sighed, and leaned her head against my neck, and put her hand on my thigh, giving a little squeeze.

“I was wondering when you would do that,” she murmured.

“Sometimes, I’m a little slow. I can’t help it, I’m shy,” I replied, a little embarrassed.

“There’s not need to be shy around me, Damien.” I enjoyed how my name sounded in her voice.

“So… what about me actually first caught your attention?” she asked.


“Honestly. I expect nothing else.”

“It was that semi-transparent shirt of yours. I could pretty much see your bra,” I said almost under my breath, but I knew she heard me.

“I see. So it wasn’t my eyes or smile?” she teased. I felt her give my thigh a little squeeze.

“Ummm… sorry. I noticed those things afterwards.” I felt really embarrassed, and I tried to pull away from her, thinking that she didn’t like my answer.

“Hey, now don’t do that,” she said as she held me in place. “This shirt is meant to attract that kind of attention. I’m just glad that the attention comes from a really cute, nice guy.” I was glad for the darkness at that moment, because I knew I was redder than I was in the library.

“So after a couple of hours, you think I’m a nice guy already?” I asked.

“Well, you haven’t tried to take advantage of me in this light, or lack there of. In fact, I can tell that you are just as nervous as I am. I’m a pretty good judge of character,” she said. It gave me a little confidence to know that she was just a nervous as I was.

“Well, I’m not perfect. I was checking out your bra, before I even saw your face., remember?” I began to feel more comfortable, enough to make that kind of joke.

“You’re right, nobody’s perfect. At least I know you think I’m attractive,” she sighed.

“Very attractive, in many ways,” I whispered.

I wasn’t sure she heard me say that, just as I finished, she sat up, and faced me. She put her hand on my cheek, and smiled. Then she took my hand and put it on her cheek. I was surprised by these gestured, but they felt… wonderful, very intimate, just as though we’d kissed. Then she asked a surprising question, my hand still resting on her cheek.

“Do you remember what my bra looks like?” she said, with a quavering voice. I was so surprised by the question that I didn’t answer right away.


“I… let’s see. White, or off white, and a floral pattern, orange, or maybe red, I think?” I stuttered. I wasn’t sure why she wanted to know what I remembered. I would soon find out.

“That’s pretty good. It’s actually cream with yellow and orange flowers.” And with that, she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, and shrugged out of it. I still had my hand on her cheek, but my gaze drifted downward, looking at her bra, and the breasts that seemed to be heaving with her deep breaths. Then she reach behind and unhooked her bra, which drooped and then fell as she pulled it away. She didn’t explain herself, and I found I couldn’t ask why. She looked at me intently for a few moment, while I moved from her bare breasts back to her eyes. There was an expectant look about her, a waiting look. Finally, she took my hand, and placed it on her right breast. I couldn’t fathom what was happening, but for an instant I thought about that fact that we were outside, and anyone could come along and see us.

“Maybe we should go somewhere…,” I started, but she didn’t let me finish my statement. She presser her fingers to my lips and shushed me.

“Please don’t pull away, Damien. It’s dark, it’s late, no one will see. Please just touch me. Please,” she breathed. She mover her fingers away from my lips and stroked my cheek. I didn’t protest and more. She moved closer to me, and took my other hand, and placed on her other breast. She placed her hand on my arms, and squeezed them.

I couldn’t figure out how things had gone this far, but I didn’t hesitate anymore, I wanted this. For the first time I really felt her breasts, her nipple, savoring how soft and smooth her flesh was. The nipples hardened in my palms, and I moved them. She gasped as my fingers grazed her nipples, and she gripped my arms.

My libido took over and I took her nipples, both of them, between my fingers and pinched. This time she moaned, quite loudly, and I expected for a moment that someone would follow the sound and find us, but it didn’t happen. It seemed the night was holding everyone else at bay for us. My hands moved from my arms and went to my sides, slowly moving up, then across my chest. I let go of her nipples and held her breasts in my hands, giving them a light squeeze. She opened her mouth, trying to speak but she couldn’t; only gasps and moans escaped those perfect lips. She continued to try and say something, so I decided to do something about it.

I leaned in close to her, my eyes open, looking at her, my lips, closed just barely away from her. I felt her hot breath on my face as I caressed her skin. Again she tried to speak, and finally she managed,

“Kiss….. me…. Please… Damien…. Now…”

I closed the last few inches, and kissed her, my mouth slightly open, and as we made contact, she moaned into my mouth. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close as we kissed, passionately, hungrily. My hands and arms were trapped between us, so much that I couldn’t move them. Her lips were sweet, berry flavored. A moment passed and I felt her tongue on my lips. We were tasting each other, and I loved every moment. Many of those moments passed as our lips and tongues danced. I didn’t ever want to leave those moments, hoping to would last and last. It wasn’t to be.

After a time, she broke the kiss and buried her face in my neck. I had long ceased moving my hands, but she didn’t seem to mine.

“This is so wonderful,” I heard her whisper.

“Yes it is,” I responded. More words weren’t necessary. Unfortunately my arms were starting to cramps, so I moved them away from her chest, breaking our embrace.

She mumbled and apology, and smiled a little. I managed to move my arm enough to place my hands and her cheeks. She closed her eyes and sigh, putting her hands on top of mine.

“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen,” I said, with a surprisingly strong voice, as though I wanted others to hear. She opened her mouth to respond, but didn’t say anything. She pulled her hands away from mine, and moved them to my waist. I felt her pull up my shirt, and I knew to pull my hands away, so she could take off my shirt. Soon, we were both naked from the waist up. The air was warm enough for me, but I saw Kristy shiver, so I put my arms around her again. I thought that was what she wanted, but she broke the embrace.

“Wait. Not yet. I’m not finished,” she said. I wasn’t sure what she meant. She slowly stood up. Her hands moved to her khakis. She unbuttoned and unzipped them, and pushed them down to the ground. My mouth dropped open as more of skin came into view. I couldn’t make much out in the light, but I saw some of her thighs, and her stomach, smooth and flat was now illuminated. It was at this moment I realized how aroused I was, and how painful it was to have shorts on.

As though some silent communication had started between us, she pulled me to my feet. I saw then that she was wearing a small pair of bikini briefs, but they weren’t much more than a lighter shadow. I wanted so much to see her in the light, but I was distracted as she moved closer to me. She reached out, and in a moment, my shorts were unbuttoned, and falling to the ground. I saw her smile as my boxers tented. I felt a little embarrassed, but she gave me a warm smile. I moved again to embrace her, but she stopped me again. This time I was first, as she pulled down my boxers, not without difficulty, considering my aroused stated. I hoped for a moment that she might stay on her knees and take me in her mouth, but she soon returned to her feet. She moved her hands back to her own body, but I wasn’t about to let her do all the work. I pushed her hands away from her hips, and replaced them with mine. I put my finger underneath the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. All our clothes were now in the grass and we were standing there, completely nude, completely aroused, and standing there, hesitating.

Our eyes betrayed us, and instead of staring at each other’s eyes, we were staring at each other bodies. There was still too much shadow to really see every part of her, but the shadow between her breasts and between her legs was mysterious and very sensual. I didn’t know what to do next. She had initiated the loss of clothing, so I didn’t know what she had in mind. It seemed as though her eyes were searching me for an answer, but when all she saw was passion and confusion, determination washed over her. Her arm raised and she pushed me gently back down to the bench. There wasn’t a back on the bench so I had to hold on to right myself. She stood over me for a moment, waiting for me to be ready it seemed. When I righted myself, and looked back at her, she was slowly moving on top of me. She put her legs over the bench, and against my sides, and moved the rest of her body, slowly towards me.

I finally realized what she was doing, and I put my hands on her hips to guide her to me. From that moment on we never broke eyes contact. She reached underneath her, until she found my throbbing erection. I could feel it jerk when her fingers found there way around the shaft. I couldn’t help but moan as I felt her hand, and a look of pleasure found its was on her face. I had forgotten where we were, forgotten everything else in the world. At that moment, just before she lowered herself, she was my world.

She began to lower herself, my hips guiding her, and I felt a soft, velvet wetness slowly surround me, moving down, slowly, until her thighs were resting against mine, her arms were wrapped around me, and we were one. We stayed motionless for long time then, looking at each other, I couldn’t believe that only a few hours before, she was a person I had never met or even seen. Now she was the only person I cared about, and we were about to make love, outside, under the street light, serenaded by the sound of the river. The passion of the moment was almost too much for me, and I had to fight not to release before anything had started.

I felt her lean in, and I knew that she sensed my struggle when she said,

“Please, Damien, don’t hold back. Just let go. Just let the moment take you.”

Those words I will never forget. Somehow, they brought me back to my senses, and as I found her gaze again, I calmed, and was able to pull her body up and watch her face tense in pleasure. The feeling as I guided her back down is one I can’t describe with words. No other experience I had compared to what I was feeling, and the center of pleasure was not between my legs. I didn’t want to look away from her, wanting so much to see the looks of pleasure on her face, but I felt an overwhelming need to kiss her. I kept my eyes open as I leaned in, letting my lips slowly open her mouth.

As our bodies merged, I sucked lightly on her lip, pulling gently away, pulling and warm moan from her lips at the same time. Our passionately kissing distracted me enough from the incredible pleasure we were making together, and for moments on end, we moved in concert, a liquid machine, feeling things I had never thought possible. When the point of release finally came upon me I was surprised, and I moaned loudly into her, so that she pulled her head away. I tried to hold back at the last moment, but her look from her eyes told me again not to hold back, and she moaned with me as my orgasm took me.

We didn’t separate for long time afterwards. I grew soft eventually, but she never once made a move away from me. We kiss softly, she let her fingers move up and down my arms and back, and I soon I knew the taste of her skin, and her nipples. We were alone, never bothered in that place; the night, as I thought, seemed to protects us, shelter us. I fell in love with the feel of her body, the feel of her soul that night. We kissed and held each other long into the early morning, and before we finally separated, a dull orange began to seep into the sky. There was light enough as we pulled our clothes back on, that I was able to see how completely beautiful her body was, soft and smooth from head to toe. The forbidden places I had learned about by touch during the night were made clear to my eyes, and they were perfect. We held each other, and kissed without clothes one last time as the sun peaked past the river.

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