tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Exciting Adventure

An Exciting Adventure


Welcome back to the saga of my journey into nudism, and the crazy life that I lead today. The last time I wrote, I described how my parents found out about my activities, and found out what Claire and I had been doing the last several weeks. I'm going to flash forward a few weeks to a little "adventure" Claire and I had a few weeks before the end of summer.

At this point in the summer, both of us had been spending pretty much all our time in the nude. We weren't crazy or anything, we did still dress to go out in public (most of the time), but for the most part we hung out at places that allowed us to wear what we wanted. We spent a lot of time at each others houses and at the beach of course.

This one particular day was like any other. We had hung out the day before, and went to the beach (nude of course). I called up Claire to see if she wanted to hang out at my place and maybe stay over tonight. We hadn't had a sleep over in quite awhile, and I thought it would be much more fun to just stay in one place as opposed to having to get dressed to leave.

"Hello?" Claire said as she picked up the phone.

"Hey there. It's me. You sunburned at all from yesterday?" I asked.

"No. I'm looking alright. We were out there for a while yesterday, but I don't think it had any ill effects on my tan" Claire said as she looked down her golden brown tanned body.

Both of us had developed quite the tans that summer. We both had been spending so much of our time in the nude, that we were completely golden brown all over. To this day, that was the best tan I've ever gotten over a summer. Of course, I don't have as much time to lie around in the sun as I did back then.

"I was thinking we could hang out at my place today. Maybe you could stay the night and we could just hang out here?" I asked.

"Sure. That sounds fun. We can get some movies and hang out and eat popcorn all night" said Claire.

"Yeah, that sounds great" I said.

"I've got some chores I have to finish before my parents get home, and I've got to run out and do some errands quick too. Can you pick me up around 4? My dad needs to take my car in for some work" said Claire.

"Yeah, no problem. Don't forget to wear some clothes this time when you go run your errands. No going to the grocery store and forgetting you're naked again" I said laughing.

Laughing Claire said, "I can't believe I went all the way there without looking down once and seeing myself like that. It was definitely a first for me."

"Yeah, I'm sure you gave the parking lot quite a thrill when you got out of the car" I said.

"No one saw me there. I jumped back in the car the minute my feet hit the pavement" Claire said.

"So have fun with all that work. I'll be by later to pick you up" I told her.

"Okay. See you" Claire said, and then hung up the phone.

Once I hung up the phone, I realized that I had some time to kill before going to pick up Claire. So I went out back and got some tanning time in, and waited till I could go pick her up.

When the time came for me to leave, I threw on a one piece sundress and still barefoot headed out the door. I know, your all thinking why didn't I just leave naked again? Well to be honest, I only did it that one time, and it scared me a little, so I stopped driving to Claire's naked. Plus my parents weren't all that happy that I was driving naked in my car. They were nudists, but they didn't want me getting arrested. So most of the time I put on something easy to get on and off.

I could not say the same for Claire unfortunately. She had become more and more daring as the summer went on. She had driven all over town in the nude once she got tinted windows in her car like I did. She had also started going to public places nude. Not like grocery stores and shopping malls, but she would go to gas stations (the self pay kind) and get gas nude. She would also go to 7-11 nude every once in a while, and had dared me to a time or two. I think she just wanted to see what she could get away with.

So when I pulled up to Claire's, I fully expected to be driving around a nude Claire back to my place. And sure enough, as she opened the door to let me in her place, she was fully nude.

"You ready to go?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I got us a couple movies from my dad's collection, so we don't have to go out later" she said.

"Really? I was convinced you were going to make me go to the movie store naked" I said.

"No, not the movie store. I can't decide what movies I want fast enough, and it would just be weird to be hanging out in there naked for that long" Claire said.

Laughing I said, "Alright lets go."

"Wait, are you going to leave like that?" Claire asked.

"Leave like what?" I said.

"Dressed, silly. Your parents aren't home. They won't know that you were out naked" she said.

"Yeah, but it really scares me to be driving around like that" I said.

"Stop being such a whiner. Get that dress off, you know you want to" Claire said.

What she said made a lot of sense, and I was only driving across town. So I gave in to her peer pressure and pulled off my dress and left it at Claire's.

So we left, and made it to my house without anyone being the wiser. I had to admit that Claire was right, and maybe I was being a whiner. So I decided to loosen up a bit and try to relax a little more. Being nude was about being free and uninhibited, and it was time I did just that.

So Claire and I went out to tan, deepening our tans even more. Then we had dinner with my parents, who happened to be just as nude as us. We started watching our movies shortly after that. Eventually my parents went to bed, but we stayed up late and hung out.

"You know I've been naked for something like 10 days straight" Claire told me. "I haven't worn a single item of clothing since the last time I went out to dinner with my parents."

With my jaw on the floor I said, "What do you mean you haven't worn anything in 10 days? You just told me earlier that you were out running errands."

"I went to 7-11 where Andrea works. She's known for a while that I'm a nudist and has no problem with me coming in like that" she said. "So I waited till the store was empty and went right on in. No one was the wiser."

"Unbelievable" I said. "I was wondering how you were going places like that nude."

"Yeah, it's not as daring as I make it out to be. All the places I've gone, there have been people there I know that won't call the cops or anything" she said. "I've got a confession. I think I'm becoming an exhibitionist."

"Of course you are. Look at you, you're naked at my house with no clothes for miles. Plus you go out to run errands naked for no reason at all", I said.

"And I think I'm becoming addicted to that rush of being outside nude where you shouldn't be. Its amazing how after I'll come home from a run outside like that, I'll crave turning around and going back out just because I need that rush", Claire said.

That's when Claire had a naughty idea, "It's late out now. You want to go for a walk?"

"Like this?" I said noting our obvious lack of appropriate attire. "You are addicted, and you're going to get me arrested along with you."

"You're being paranoid again. All the places I've been in the last 10 days have been safe, let's try something not so safe" Claire said with a devilish look on her face.

"Are you crazy?" I asked her.

"Its almost 2AM, no one is going to see us. And if they do they aren't going say anything about the two of us" said Claire.

"Yeah, but what your talking about is really crazy. How do you know we won't get caught?" I asked.

"Well to be honest, this would not be the first time I've gone for a walk in public late at night in the nude," confessed Claire.

"Why am I not surprised?" I said.

"Just trust me on this one. No one can sneak up on you because you'll see a car coming from far away and you have plenty of time to hide. It'll be fun, you'll see," she said.

She was starting to sound like she knew what she was talking about, and I was a little curious about what it would be like just walking down the street in the nude as if it were daytime. Of course, it would be far from like that. So I decided to go for an adventure, and see what she had in mind. Deep down I was jealous at how much time she was able to spend nude by going to all those places, and I really wanted to find out for myself what it was like.

"Alright, let's go then. But you have to promise me that we'll be super careful, cause if my parents found out what we're doing, I think I'd never get to go naked again," I said.

"I promise," she said. "Now let's go."

We then snuck out the back door of the house as quietly as we could, trying to avoid any way of being caught by my parents. We walked around to the front of the house and out onto the sidewalk that runs in front of my house. We started walking down the sidewalk as if we were just out for a leisurely walk. It was really a surreal feeling as we walked down the sidewalk, both completely nude, without a care in the world.

Both of us were being very quiet, mostly because we were both very nervous. My neighborhood has a lot of houses in it, so anyone could just look out a window as we passed by and see us walking. But most people are asleep at this time, so that calmed our nerves a bit.

"This feels unreal," I said. "I can't believe we're actually doing this."

"I know, it's quite the rush. You get used to it after a while," said Claire.

"So where do you want to go?" I asked.

"Well, I've always wanted to go to school naked. How about we walk to school and see if we can get inside?" she said.

I lived less than a mile from school, so it wasn't that crazy of an idea. And I thought it might be fun to see if we could get in and walk around.

"Sounds like fun to me. Let's go," I said.

We then walked to school. We walked pretty fast most of the way, its hard to enjoy that sort of thing when you know you could be caught at any moment. We did encounter a few cars, and we had to hide behind trees and bushes not to get caught. We even had a run in with an early morning jogger. But lucky for us, he was wearing some pretty bright clothing, so we were able to hide from him in time before he saw us.

We were able to make it to school without being caught, barely, and once we got there we looked for a way inside. We knew they cleaned it after hours, so all we needed was for there to be one unlocked door that would let us get inside. There was clearly no one there as there were no cars in the parking lot, and since it was summer no one would be coming by in the morning.

"None of these doors are unlocked," I said. "Maybe we should try the doors around the gymnasium side."

"Okay, this way," Claire said as she led us around to the other side of the school.

Once we got to the gym side, we tried again to find a way inside.

"Oh, over here," Claire yelled. "This one's unlocked."

Claire then pulled open the door and we were in. We started walking around and made our way to the other side of the school to where our lockers were.

It was the weirdest feeling being naked in school. Really hard to describe. It felt completely normal when we walked in, like it was any other ordinary day in a very familiar place. But with every step, you could feel the cold tile on your bare feet, and it made you realize you were naked with every step, and in that sense it was very different. We walked past classrooms that we had class in regularly, and past friend's lockers that we hung out at nearly every day. We giggled to ourselves wondering what they would say knowing that we were here completely nude.

Once we found our lockers, we opened them up. I giggled to myself as I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror on the inside of my locker. "Never seen myself naked in this mirror", I said to myself as I admired my nude body in the mirror.

As I was further admiring my body in my mirror, Claire skipped over to me and slapped my bare ass and said, "Hey there hard body, what are you looking at?"

"Oh nothing, just thought I might never get the chance to admire myself nude in this mirror ever again, so I better make the most of it now," I replied.

"Well, once you're done, do you want to keep going?" she asked.

"Yeah, lets go" I said as I closed my locker and headed off in the direction Claire was walking.

"This is so surreal. We need to do this more often," I said.

"I know, I'm glad you came with me. I'd hate to have to experience this alone," she said.

We walked down the corridor and headed down to the principles office. We walked in and pretended to be caught for going to school naked. I walked around to the back of the principles desk and sat down. I played the principle and Claire played the student.

Saying in manly voice, "So Claire, I see that we did not want to wear clothes today. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Well as you can see sir, I'm tan all over which means that I do all of my tanning in the nude, and I just didn't want to ruin it by wearing clothes to school. Plus," Claire said as she stood up and put her hands on her nude hips, "if you had this body, would you want to cover it up? Frankly sir, I look better nude than I do in clothes, so I figured why not just come to school in my best looking outfit.

Claire was right about that. She did look better nude than in clothing. I hadn't seen her in clothing in some time as we spent almost all our time in the nude, and she had been coming over to my place or going to the beach in the nude, so I couldn't remember the last time I had actually seen her in clothing. But she did look better without clothes I thought. She had a great body, one most girls my age wished for. To go with her all over tan she had long blonde hair that came to the middle of her back. She also had big full breasts (bigger than mine) and a cute little round butt. She was about the same size as me, but just had more curves in all the right places. She was also right about her body, she looked amazing in the nude, and if I had her body I would probably show it off too.

Laughing I said, "Alright, lets head down the hall some more."

We left the office and headed down the hallway passing different classrooms that we attended class in every day.

"Let's check out Mr. Robin's classroom," I said.

Both of us had Mr. Robin's for homeroom last year, so this room was very familiar to us.

"God, I would have loved to walk into homeroom like this last year," I said.

"Yeah, me too. Let's pretend that you did," Claire said.

Claire then went to the front of the class to play Mr. Robin's, and I went around to my desk and sat down. It felt really weird to be sitting in this seat completely naked.

"Jessica, what on earth do you think your doing coming to school like that?" Claire said pretending to be Mr. Robin's.

"Well Mr. Robin's, to be honest I just didn't feel like getting dressed today," I said.

"What do you mean you didn't feel like getting dressed?" Claire responded.

"Well you see sir, I'm a nudist. And as such, I don't like wearing clothes. I spent the entire weekend nude, and when I got up to come to school this morning, I decided to come to school in my most comfortable outfit." I rose out of my chair then and said, "And as you can see it's also my best looking outfit."

Both of us laughing hysterically now, we left Mr. Robin's classroom and walked more around the building. We both were loving the feeling of walking around nude somewhere we spent so much time in clothed.

"I wish we had a camera with us, some of the pictures we could take in here would be great for reliving this moment," Claire said.

"Yeah, well maybe we can come back sometime and relive it for real," I laughed.

We then explored more of school eventually coming back around to where we came in. We knew we had to leave soon because it was getting later and later and we still had to walk home yet.

"One last thing I want to do before we walk home is check out the boys locker room," I said.

"You naughty girl. Let's go," Claire said.

We walked past the gym and into the boy's locker room. We had never been in here before, let alone been in here naked, so it was a new place to explore.

"This is the only place in here where it's normal to be naked," said Claire.

"I know, that's kind of why I wanted to check it out," I said. "Plus, imagine the reactions the guys would give to the two of us strutting in here completely nude."

"I'm sure it would be quite a reaction," laughed Claire.

We walked around a bit, and checked out the showers. Claire wanted to take a shower, but I reminded her of a trip home we had to make soon.

"Alright, let's head home before the sun comes up," I said.

So we went out the way we came in, being ever vigilant to those that might catch us. It was almost 4AM when we started on our way back. There were a few more cars, and we had to do some mad scrambling to not be caught by them. All in all though it was an easy trip back home.

We walked in both of us exhausted, but both of us still very turned on by what we had just done. Neither of us wanted to admit it to each other, but this kind of stunt was a turn on for both of us. It was all I could do not to get myself off right in front of her.

We both then went up to bed. I took some time and went to the bathroom and got myself off. I was so horny after that experience that I couldn't take it any longer. That orgasm was one of the best I've ever had to this day. While I was doing that, I think Claire was doing the same. I heard a few low moans coming from my bedroom as I was finishing up.

I came back to my bedroom after my quick "session" and turned to Claire and said, "That was so much fun. But I do have a confession for you. I think I'm an exhibitionist too. I just fingered myself to orgasm in the bathroom. I couldn't take it any longer. That trip made me hornier than I've ever been before."

"I know," she said. "I was doing the same thing just a second ago. But next time, you don't have to scamper off to the bathroom to do that. We can do that in front of each other, can't we? We become so close the last month or so, why should we feel embarrassed to masturbate in front of each other?"

She was making a lot of sense, and I couldn't see any reason why we should feel uncomfortable about doing that in front of each other. We both had spent all this time nude together, it really was not that big of a deal in my view.

"You're right. There's no reason why we can't do that in front of each other. We've seen just about everything of each other," I said seriously.

"Great," she said. "Cause I really need to cum."

Claire then threw off the covers to her side of the bed and started fingering herself off. She had two fingers inside her pussy, and two fingers rubbing her clit. She looked like a porn star as she rubbed her clit and went at her pussy. She at one point pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sucked on them tasting her own juices, something that I had never seen or done before. She also had big enough tits that she could get her nipples into her mouth and suck on them while she rubbed her clit. I was amazed at all she was doing, as I was mostly just a rub my clit till I cum kind of girl. Claire then started moaning loudly as she started rubbing her clit harder and faster, all while massaging her left tit. I thought she was going to wake my parents, but then she got quiet and let out a big sigh as she came. I've never seen such a display before, it was quite a turn on for me as well.

"Oh my god, that was amazing," Claire said still out of breath from her orgasm.

"Yeah it was, thank you for doing that in front of me. You're quite a sight when you're getting yourself off like that," I said.

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