tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Inside Job

An Inside Job


"I am somewhat dismayed by your poor performance, Lieutenant." said the Commander, "Do you have anything to say in explanation?"

Polya knew that the truth would not be a worthwhile explanation. She had become friendly and too trusting with some of the inmates and that would sound like an expression of professional failure. She decided to offer some part-true, part-fiction version anyway. She began to say that the residents had become resistant to authority, or at least sullen and insolent, and at worst truly rebellious and dissident.

"Yes, yes," interrupted the Commander testily, "of course they always will be. They're not here on holiday. This is a prison camp. A work camp. A punishment camp. Yes?"

"Yes sir," she lowered her voice and felt her eyes lowering also, whether she wanted them to do so or not. She became aware of looking sad and helpless.

"It was your job to keep them occupied for four hours in the morning shift. Isn't that right?"

"Yes sir. I'm sorry."

"Well, you'll have to be disciplined in some way. You know that? The rules of the Service are quite clear. Allowing a minor riot to break out, in which one of your fellow officers was injured, is not a situation that can go un-noticed, and therefore I must decide a suitable sanction on you. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." She was becoming submissive and looked down rather than into his eyes.

She knew the sanctions that were available to discipline officers in the Security Service and was expecting a fine or perhaps a period of extra duty without pay. The disturbance had not really been a riot; just a few raised voiced and some throwing of stones. Her friend Robar had been hit in the face by a stone and had a tooth damaged, and his lip cut quite badly. Even so, he'd been released from the medical centre within one hour and was quite recovered two days later.

"The problem in this case is the Scottish prisoner Fawcett. He's been working up to a major disturbance for some months and your lack of attention gave him the opportunity to try out his rabble-rousing tactics. And he succeeded, it seems to me."

In the silence, Polya just waited, sensing that no response was expected from her. She was right and the Commander continued.

"This has set a bad precedent. I have to take account of the future consequences of your lapse. Today: a small riot. Tomorrow: a mass rebellion that we couldn't contain. Even our 1200 personnel with arms couldn't contain 120,000 residents on the move with intent to cause us injury and to escape."

More silence. The Commander was right, of course.

"I've discussed the matter with the Minister and we're agreed that your discipline should be exemplary. I'm sorry but you brought it on yourself and now it's up to me to persuade all your fellow officers to be more vigilant; more thorough in their treatment of residents. I've requested the attendance of General Multomer to carry out the sanction."

Polya knew that name from somewhere, but couldn't place it in her memory.

"It's been decided that you will undergo Internal Scrutiny."

She was shocked and it showed on her face. Of all the punishments available to the Commander, this was the most humiliating and used very rarely, even on prisoners, let alone on security officers. She hadn't heard of such a sanction being applied to an officer before.

She couldn't help herself from blurting out, "Sir! That's barbaric for an officer. Doesn't my rank mean anything? Even a prisoner would get more consideration for a first offence, and this is the first time I've ever come to your notice, isn't it?"

"My hands are tied. The Minister has ordered it. It may seem barbaric but I'm told the experience is not so difficult as it sounds. Lieutenant, your lack of discipline with residents has brought us to this and, actually, I'm sorry that the Minister has taken such a hard line on the matter. But she is the Minister."

He picked up his recorder and spoke into it, 'Sanction against Lieutenant Polya Maszic to be carried out on Wednesday 22nd April. Ends.' That's tomorrow, you understand. I've seen your gynaecological record, so it's a good day, I believe. Dismissed."

The interview was over and she saluted, turned in a regulation about-face and marched from the Commander's office. ------------------------------------------------------- She didn't sleep at all that night because she'd heard about the punishment of Internal Scrutiny but never witnessed it. No one had because it was carried out by one special member of the Service upon one other person in private and in a soundproof sealed room. She tried not to think what was going to happen to her but her imagination would not be silenced. She'd heard of this General Multomer. He wasn't human. He'd done dreadful, shameful things to people as punishments, both prisoners and members of the public. She felt resentment that a woman government Minister should impose such a penalty on a woman officer of the Service.

At 06:30, as usual, her Orderly came into the room with a hot drink. She didn't speak this morning because she must have received orders on how to behave today, especially. She had in her hand an envelope, which she gave to Polya. The contents were instructions on preparation for the sanction of Internal Scrutiny. Some of the instructions gave away a great deal of information about the day's proceedings.

"You may wear anything you wish but you are advised to wear very little since there could be damage or destruction of clothing in the proceedings. You should empty your bowel at least one hour before the start of the proceedings and two powerful suppositories are included. They take 40 minutes to work. Do not eat on the day of the proceedings, even if the sanction is scheduled for evening. However, you must consume at least 3 litres of water in the time before the sanction begins, mixed to half-strength with fruit juice if you wish. If the sanction is scheduled for the morning, you must still consume that volume of water, even if it means swallowing very large volumes quickly. If you wear dentures, contact lenses, a hearing aid, any form of inter-uterine or rectal device, you should remove them/it before the proceeding commence. Your sanction is scheduled for 13:00 hours on April 22." Instinctively, she looked at the clock. Nearly 7:00 am, so she had 6 hours to wait and drink water. She thought of what to wear and couldn't decide between full uniform to slow down the proceedings, or else just her bra and pants, so that there would be minimal damage to her wardrobe.

She decided eventually on a casual outfit of summer skirt, flimsy bra and blouse top, with just sandals. She worried most over the panties she should wear and decided on a pair of cream Lycra support pants. She chose those because they seemed to offer her support on the way to the sanction room, and they would give her the same support afterwards, if they survived the proceedings.

During the morning, she completed the preparations dictated by the letter and felt hungry and empty by 12:00, though her stomach gave off sloshing sounds whenever she moved quickly, so full was she of water and lemon juice.

At 12:45, a knock on her door indicated that her escort were here and she walked off with them. They marched but she walked, sauntered even, so as to appear unconcerned before her fellow officers in the compound. There were many watching but none spoke and most averted their eyes when she looked towards the. They also knew about Internal Scrutiny. ------------------------------------------------------ The door closed behind her and was locked from the outside. All sounds from the world outside ceased. In front of her was a dimly lit but attractive room with a large bed in the middle, covered with cushions. On the far wall was a glass cabinet with many different kinds of drinks, both alcoholic and soft. To the right was a door, slightly ajar, which she thought would be the bathroom. On the left was a wall with an enormous screen on which she saw herself entering the room and looking about her. A quick search around the ceiling showed at least four cameras, taking continuous pictures, she imagined.

The room seemed empty but a voice came from behind the door as it swung open.

"Come in Lieutenant. Would you like a drink of anything?" It was a calm and untroubled voice, very deep and would have been reassuring in any situation other than this one.

She turned to see a middle-aged man in a uniform, with greying hair, a kindly face and wrinkles to show that he smiled and laughed a great deal.

"I'm Viktor Multomer. Please shake hands before we begin. There may be no opportunity to observe civilised gestures once we begin." He held out his hand and she took it. A slow and firm, and not-unfriendly shake.

"I shall dim the lights further and suggest that you stand her at the bottom of the bed." She did as he said, moving a few paces nearer the huge bed. The lights dimmed further, leaving only a twilight in which she could discern black and white but no colours and not all the shapes of objects in the room.

He was behind her and she felt his hands on her shoulders, as a father might touch a grown-up daughter from behind. That was the last feeling she had of any normality.

Suddenly, all over her body "hands" took hold of her clothing and began to pull at the fabric. With hardly any apparent effort, the blouse and skirt gave way and were torn from her body, leaving her startled and semi-naked. New "hands" grasped the bra and her tight supporting pants. To do this latter, the "hands" needed to go under the fabric, and brushed against her private areas. One hand was right underneath and touched repeatedly against her lips, as if to savour the sensation for itself.

Then the pulling started and the bra came away with hardly any resistance, although the pants maintained a more determined resistance. She wished then that she hadn't worn them, after all, because they were digging into her flesh before they gave way. Which they did, of course and she was left standing naked but for her shoes.

The "hands" stretch over her shoulders and down to her breasts, where they stroked over their shapes but did not linger as a lover might have done. His hands were now not human hands. They seemed to be elastic extensions of his arms, but still covered in flesh and skin, which now reached down to her waist and then to her abdomen and further still, to her thighs. She could feel the bulk of his body against her back and shoulders as his extended arms took hold of her thighs, with hands much bigger than any human's. He was holding all the way round her upper legs, as if she were in leg-harnesses.

At the same time, she realised that other "hands" were holding her waist. Completely encircling her waist, the "hands" were compressing her slightly, taking a firm hold. Another pair of "hands" held her upper arms in the same encircling way.

"Don't try to move now, Polya, you may become twisted in my coils," came the smooth fatherly voice, "just relax Polya, and let me get to know you." She was surprised that he'd called her by her first name and somehow she felt that he might be more understanding of her fear than she'd expected.

She was lifted off the floor and rotated towards the General in mid air until her head was down and her legs held upwards. Her shoes fell off and she was now utterly naked in his coild. Other new "hands" got hold of her ankles and held them straight up in the air. In the dim light, she could make out a vaguely human form from the waist downwards but possessing many appendages like arms from its upper body. General Multomer was a shapeshifter: an alien from the galactic alliance, employed to use his species' skills as a punishment on this occasion. She wondered briefly what would happen to the rest of his body from the waist downwards, but she knew that it would involve invasion and scrutiny.

In her inverted state, she was disorientated but still aware of what was happening. An appendage must have come from his head because it started to smooth over her buttocks, teasing her skin and making little forays into the crack of her anus, but not going so far as to press on the opening.

"When I press on your mouth, Polya," Multomer smoothed, "don't try to keep me out. It's better not to have bruised lips or missing teeth. I shall enter whether you resist or not. Do you understand?"

"Mmm," was all she could manage to say, and she tried to nod her head but nothing would move.

At the same time, an appendage from his groin moved up towards her face. It was very thin; perhaps only as thick as a matchstick, but she could feel it moving over her face and she closed her eyes to prevent it touching the membranes. It hovered over her nose and mouth. Then it split and hovered over her nose and mouth together. Then it split some more and seemed to waving over her head as if it were a little octopus.

The appendage at her bottom also had split into many smaller probing fingers. She could feel them wandering over her buttocks, into her pubic hair and around her labia.

"Now Lieutenant," came the same deep reassuring voice from nowhere she could identify, "I shall begin the scrutiny. My subjects usually find it easier if they relax and just let all this happen. If you resist me, it will be of no avail. I shall still conduct the scrutiny."

She did not reply or even make a sound to indicate her understanding. And then it started.

Into all her orifices at once a thin probing appendage entered. Into her mouth, and around her teeth. Into both nostrils until they tickled the top of her palate. Into her ears until they reached the drums and then stopped, just resting there, gradually swelling and filling the auditory canal. But also into her vagina and her anus, this last one rather more forcibly than the rest. It pressed harder and harder and seemed to exude its own lubricant, until it popped inside and started moving around gently.

The probes in her ears swelled so that she was completely deaf to anything happening outside, but his voice seemed to come from inside herself. It was as if he were speaking to her through the various probes.

"Now, Polya, I shall go through your entire body and join up my body on your inside as well as on your outside. You will be completely covered and explored by me. I shall know every corner of your body from your head to your feet; the interior as well as the exterior. It would be well if you simply relaxed and let this happen. If I can please you in the process, I will do so."

Polya couldn't speak and she was beginning to experience something akin to sensory deprivation, in her inverted deafened state with all her body orifices held wide and open.

The first surprise came from a new probe into her urethra, and she felt like pissing immediately from the unusual pressure. All the probes were inside her and she wondered if that were the extent of the internal scrutiny. She shouldn't have wondered.

Suspended in mid air, upside down and now probed by thin fingers into every opening of her body, she became aware that they were swelling and lengthening. For a moment, longer than that, nothing seemed to be happening; but she was aware of the vaginal probe swelling and pushing her labia apart. It was becoming thicker and filling her opening and also lengthening until she sensed that she could feel it pressing up against her cervix. It swelled further until she was full into every corner of her vagina.

In the instant she knew that had happened, the anal probe also moved further into her and swelled a little to force her anus open rather more than she had known before. The sensation was similar to passing a big constipated turd but it was going inwards instead of outwards. On the inside, the probe lengthened and she could feel it moving up into her bowel. Because of her higher education, befitting an officer of the Service, she knew that the probe was exploring her descending colon and, eventually, that it passed onto the transverse under her ribs and across to her right hand side. After that, she was aware only of pulsations along its length but she imagined it lengthening further into her colon and then through into the small intestine. The pulsing continued as everything else happened to her.

Into her urethra, the thin probe was also moving with a soft undulation and she felt it arrive at her urinary sphincter, on the edge of her bladder. With a little extra pressure, she felt it enter her bladder and immediately felt like peeing again. Nothing could get past the probe and in her mind's eye she sensed it entering the bladder and swirling around in her urine. She felt full and had the instinctive knowledge that it was filling her bladder more than any urine had done. At the same time, the probe itself swelled until it was stretching her urethra. By how much, she didn't know, but it felt like a penis in her piss-hole, but without pain.

She wondered where this would all stop, but her curiosity was put aside as she felt the probe in her mouth also lengthening. Her first instinct was to gag but the probe seemed to be very well lubricated and maybe anaesthetised also. It pressed against the back of her throat and down to her vocal cords and kept extending down (in her inverted situation, up) towards her stomach. One part of the probe adopted the shape of a jaw clamp, holding her mouth wide open whilst the remainder continued to slide into her oesophagus and so into her stomach.

"You will continue to breath," said Multomer, I have left an airway through my limb for you. Relax, my dear." The full sense of the "my dear" didn't occur to her: she was so overtaken by all the other sensations and events that were happening to her.

It was a curious sensation in both her stomach and her rectum because the pulsating probe into her intestines was obviously getting much closer to her stomach. She knew that could be as much as 10 metres in total length and she was beginning to wonder how close it was, when she clearly felt it pressing against the pyloric sphincter which normally closed off her stomach from the intestine, letting only properly-sized collections of food through every few minutes. Now she could feel the two "arms" of the probes meeting in her stomach, swirling around for a few seconds until they met, connected, merged and became one continuous piece of Viktor Multomer from her mouth to her anus.

Her head was held in place by the mouthpiece, the fullness in her cheeks and the probed now filling her ears. Her hips and bottom were held in place by the rigidity of the probe into her bowels. Only the probe in her vagina was moving, and another close to it, rubbing her clitoris rhythmically and positively. Just as she liked to masturbate herself. He eyes were closed and she concentrated on two things: breathing was one and the mounting orgasm was the other. As her excitement grew she realised that her arms weren't held any more and neither were her legs. She was being held loft by the body of Viktor Multomer as it passed through her and by his bulk, which seemed to form stirrups as he supported her limbs without holding them.

She was floating in mid-air, supported by her own skewer that passed right through her body and the thought excited her further. As her excitement mounted, her body was moved by Multomer. On her skewer, she was lying at a slight angle to the floor with her head down. Her hands and feet were held out like a letter X. Her head was bent backwards slightly as the probe in her mouth held her steady but there was no other support for her head. He was bearing her whole weight on his body as it passed through hers, and supporting her limbs and head like a biological specimen pinned out for the investigator to see all the parts and the hidden corners of her skin.

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