tagGroup SexAn Old Flame

An Old Flame

byMaxine MACD©

A week ago I received a phone call from an old boyfriend, Kevin, from way back when I was 22. We had gone together for a few years. It was during our relationship that I was seduced by an older woman and became bi-sexual. I eventually told him about my girl friend. He accepted it well, but eventually we drifted apart. He said he was in town for a few days with his wife, and would like to visit, "If that was OK." I said sure and we made a date for the coming Friday. I don't particularly like cooking so ordered an assortment of snacks from the local supermarket.

My boyfriend, Bruce, bought the booze. The day arrived and I dressed in a white blouse, black mini and white, self-supporting stockings Bruce wore shorts and a tee shirt because it was a warm evening. Kevin arrived and introduced me to his wife, Vivienne. She was gorgeous. Long, copper colored hair fell to her shoulders, framing her pretty face. She was tall with shapely legs. Her breasts were a nice size, not too big but abundant. She was dressed very casually, wearing a long, white shirt with rolled up sleeves. Introductions were made and we made our way to the secluded patio, it being a warm night. Kevin had a chiller box, loaded with beer and wine. Vivienne had also brought snacks. We all sorted ourselves out with drinks of our choice and settled down to chat.

Kevin and Vivienne had been married for almost four years. I liked Vivienne; she was easy to talk to and had a nice sense of humor. Bruce seemed a bit reserved, but then he is the quiet type. I knew he would perk up once he got to know them better. The evening progressed and the drinks flowed. I was drinking vodka and tonic. Vivienne started with wine and then changed to vodka as well. Bruce brought out the hi-fi speakers and put on some music. He was starting to participate in the conversation a bit more. Vivienne sensed his shyness and engaged him in a deep conversation. I went into the kitchen to prepare the snacks. I was busy at the counter when someone came up behind me and put his arms around me and cupped my breasts. I thought it was Bruce at first and turned my head. It was Kevin.

"Kevin!" I admonished him. "Don't. Your wife is here, and so is my boyfriend. What if they come in?"

"They won't." he replied, pinching my nipples. "Vivienne is chatting him up."

I leaned back against him, enjoying the pleasure he was giving my breasts. My nipples were hardening. I let him caress me for a few minutes and then pulled away.

"Help me take out the snacks." I said. We each carried out two loaded plates of eats. Sure enough, Kevin's wife was deep in conversation with Bruce. What was more, she had turned to face him and her legs were clamped around one of his thighs. I smiled to myself. After we had all had enough to eat I started feeling a bit chilly. I went up to my room and changed from my blouse into a warm shirt, to be comfortable like Vivienne. The shirt was very long so I removed my tight mini and stockings. I returned to the Patio. Vivienne got up and went inside to turn up the music. She came back, swaying her hips to the music.

"Time to dance." She said and pulled Kevin to his feet. I went over to Bruce with the intention of dancing with him, but he was quite drunk from all the beer he had consumed, so I changed my mind and sat next to him and watched Kevin and Vivienne. Bruce was trying to say something to me, but all I could make out was, "Work tomorrow." He was slurring so much. He persisted and eventually I understood that he wanted to go to sleep because he had to work the next day. I told him it was OK and to go to bed. He got up and staggered off. Kevin and Vivienne ended their dance and he went to fetch another beer. I was still drinking Vodka. Vivienne took my glass from me and placed it on the table and led me into a dance. It wasn't long before she held me close. I was a bit taken aback.

Vivienne was taller than me, her breasts pressed against my chest above my breasts. She was humming softly in my ear to the music. Her one hand rubbed my back gently as she held me. Casually her other hand drifted down to my ass. She held me closer and I pressed against her slightly, just to see her reaction. She clasped my ass in her hand and squeezed. I felt a rush of excitement pass through my body. I started to wonder whether she was into women as well or if it was the booze. Vivienne brought her hand between us and I felt her casually undoing the top buttons of my shirt. Kevin got up and dimmed the lights right down. Vivienne had undone my shirt almost to my navel. The music ended and she released me and retrieved her drink. I picked up my own and took a sip. I made no attempt to do up my buttons again. I wondered what Kevin was thinking about his wife being so forward with me.

"This could be interesting," I thought. The next number started playing and Vivienne again pulled me towards her and we resumed our shuffle. Her hand came up between us and she undid the remaining buttons and moved my shirt to one side and her fingers stroked the top of my breasts above my half-cup bra. She looked at me and smiled. Her face came towards mine and I tilted my head back and looked up at her. She kissed me full on my lips. Her mouth was soft and moist. I opened mine when her tongue tip moved over my lips. Her hand moved inside my bra and freed my breast. She cupped it and gently rolled my nipple between her fingers. It hardened instantly. I brought my hands up as well and opened her shirt.

She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear.

"Have you ever been with a woman before?" I mumbled non-committally.

"Well! " She said, "Kevin and I came here with the intention of seducing you. He never told me how gorgeous you are."

She moved her body so that she straddled my one leg and put her one leg between my thighs and moved it forward so that her thigh pressed against my mound. Her shirt parted and she pressed her pussy against my thigh. Her panties were soaked and I could feel her slickness against my thigh. My own excitement was mounting and I felt my own pussy starting to leak. My nipples were aching with desire from the attention from Vivienne's fingers, which were alternating between breasts. She had freed my other breast and my bra was cradling them. I sighed with pleasure. Kevin came up behind me and put his arms around me. The three of us swayed in time to the music together. He whispered in my ear.

"We want to fuck you." I leaned back against him. Vivienne stepped back and quick as a flash undid the front clasp of my bra. In one movement Kevin removed my shirt. and Vivienne dropped to her knees and dragged my panties to my feet. I stepped out of them. In seconds I was naked, except for my shoes and stockings. Vivienne nuzzled my pussy and sniffed me and then kissed my pussy lips. I keep my pubic hair trimmed to a small triangle above my mons, the vaginal area shaved clean. I felt Vivienne's tongue travel up the length of my slit. I shuddered with excitement.

"Just relax." Kevin said. "You are going to enjoy this."

"I....I... I'm not sure..." I stammered. Vivienne stood up and took one of my nipples in her mouth and flicked her tongue across the sensitive bud. I groaned out loud and pressed against her mouth to let her know I liked it. Kevin squeezed my breasts below my nipples, making them stand out even further, and offered them to Vivienne's mouth. He was slowly moving backwards, taking me with him, till he reached the couch and sat down, spreading his legs. He pulled me down so that I was sitting on the edge of the cushion, between his legs. He continued fondling my breasts and kissing my neck and ear. Vivienne stood up and rotated her hips and looked into my eyes, a slight smile on her lips. Her tongue protruded between her lips and she moved it from side to side seductively. Then she wagged it up and down suggestively. Another twinge excited my lactating pussy.

She crossed her arms and hooked her thumbs under the collar of her shirt and bra straps and pulled the sleeves down her arms slowly. Her firm breasts sprang free, wobbling slightly. God she had beautiful tits. Brown nipples, puckered and erect, sat on big, lighter brown areola. The shirt continued down her curvaceous body, revealing her flat stomach and then the top of her mound. I saw she was wearing a white g-string. She shrugged her shirt off. She was clad only in her panties and high-heeled sandals. Her eyes never leaving mine, she removed her g-string. Her pussy was bald, completely shaved. Her lips were swollen and slightly parted, revealing her rather long slit and the tip of her clitoris, protruding from its hood. Her lips and slit glistened with her love juices in the dim light. Slowly she walked towards me, wearing only her high-heeled sandals.

Kevin released my breasts and his hands moved down my body, over my protruding mound and between my thighs. I parted my legs slightly. He put his hands back to back and placed his palms on my inner thighs. He moved his hands under each of my thighs and lifted my legs. At the same time he reclined backwards, pulling me back with him, parting my legs further. He held my legs straight open and as far back as he could, opening me wide. I looked down between my jutting breasts and saw my sex gaping open. I felt Kevin's huge erection pressing into my back through his pants. Vivienne came up to me until her pussy touched mine briefly. She bent down and kissed me. A long, sensuous kiss. Her tongue snaked between my parted lips and flicked upwards and tickled the roof of my mouth. I moaned softly with pleasure as tingles ran through my body. The kiss continued and our tongues dueled for possession of each others mouths, trying to dominate. Her hands moved to my breasts and she squeezed them, pulling the pliant flesh upwards.

She took each nipple between her thumbs and forefingers and pulled and rolled them till they were hard stalks, aching with pleasurable pain. She broke the kiss and trailed her lips down my neck to my breasts. She took each breast into her mouth in turn and kissed and sucked them. I closed my eyes in passion. Vivienne stood up and took over holding my legs back and apart. Kevin moved his hands to my breasts and kneaded them roughly. Vivienne thrust her pelvis forward and once again her pussy was against my protruding mound. Her pussy was hot and wet. I felt her distended clit press against my gaping slit. She thrust against me in a fucking motion and rotated her hips as she fucked me with her pussy. Because of her long legs and wearing high heels, our pussies mated perfectly. It was a new sensation for me. I had ground pussies before, but this was different, and coupled with the fact that Kevin was pleasuring my breasts, sent me into orbit. Vivienne's pussy seemed to fit into mine, I was spread so wide. My juices flowed abundantly, and so did hers. Our vulva slid and squished over each other's. Our clits throbbed and jiggled. I felt my orgasm building from the stimulation my clit was receiving. Vivienne must have sensed my impending orgasm, for she suddenly stopped and pulled her pussy away from mine.

"Nooo....." I pleaded. "Don't stop..... pleasssse...I...I'm cumming."

"Not yet, darling." She said, quietly. "We've got all night. I want this to be special for you." And she lowered my legs till my heels were on the cushion. Frustrated with desire, my hands involuntarily went to my sex and I started stroking my drenched slit. Vivienne smacked my hands away.

"I said not yet!" She spat at me.

Kevin wriggled out from under me. Quickly he undressed and straddled me on the couch. He rose on his knees, held his huge erection in his fist and pressed his cockhead to my lips. I didn't want to suck him, and turned my head away.

"What's the matter?" He asked, surprised.

"I don't want to suck you or fuck you. Not without Bruce being here as well." I replied meekly.

"And with Viv?" He asked. "You going to fuck her?"

"That's different" I said. I saw his cock starting to go limp in his fist. He climbed off me. Vivienne had been quiet and was watching us.

"Maxine's right." She said. "It wouldn't be right for Bruce. Sorry Maxine. We were getting a bit carried away."

"Shit!" Said Kevin, releasing his penis. He stalked off in a huff to get a beer. I felt shit and started weeping.

Vivienne came and sat next to me. She put her arms around me and held me to her.

"Shhhh. Honey. It's ok. We understand." She kissed my tears from my cheeks. I felt very vulnerable.

"I....I...want to make love to you." I sniffled. "But I can't be unfaithful to Bruce with another man. Not unless he participates as well."

"I want you too darling." Vivienne said, stroking my heaving breasts. "Forget about Kevin, he's sulking. Can we go somewhere private?"

"The spare room." I said and stood up. Vivienne got up as well and took my hand. I led her upstairs to our spare bedroom. She shut the door behind us and took me in her arms and we kissed again. My lust was returning and I soon forgot about my boy friend. Vivienne eased me down onto the bed and lay on her side next to me. She put her arm around me and nuzzled my neck. She cupped my breast tenderly and whispered.

"Maxine you are so beautiful. You make me so hot." I purred contentedly. My heart was pounding in my chest. I flexed my pectoral muscles, making my breasts firm and pressed against her hand. I could feel my pussy oozing fluid. I rolled onto my back and drew her on top of me. Vivienne kissed and cuddled me tenderly, fondling my breasts. My body reacted to her lovemaking and I was trembling with lust to have her take me. We must have lain like that, exploring each other's bodies for half an hour. Gradually our passion rose and we became more and more urgent. Vivienne forced my legs apart with hers and lay between my thighs. We ground our pussies into each other once more. This time I could lift my hips off the bed and rise to meet her downward thrusts. Her long, swollen lips enveloped my distended clit, one each side of its sheath. Her slithering movements forced my clit further from its hood. The feelings were exquisite and I was in ecstasy. My clit felt huge and about to explode. I couldn't believe the extreme sexual pleasure she was inducing in my, by now, ravenous cunt. I put my arms around her bum and squeezed her hard against me. My pussy was on fire, my body went into a spasm and I came like a volcano. I felt Vivienne's own orgasm erupt and we came with a rush at the same time. Our juices spewed from our cunts and mixed together, spreading over our pubic areas, wetting the sheet under us. I felt gloriously slick, wet and hot. Our bodies twitched and we lay together, our pussies still in an embrace, and slowly our breathing returned to normal.

"Can you cum again?" Vivienne asked.

"Mmmmm...plenty more." I purred.

"Good. Cos I'm going to eat your lovely pussy." Vivienne kissed her way down my body. Pausing at my breasts to suck my hard nipples. She kissed the sensitive under curve and then continued downwards. She swirled her tongue in my navel. She shifted her body lower and reached my mons. She put her hands under my knees and lifted my legs up and back. I parted them wide for her to give her full access to my womanhood. Her fingers trailed lightly down the soft insides of my thighs. I put my hands behind my knees and held myself open for her. Vivienne's fingers reached my wet sex. Gently she parted my lips. She leaned forward and lowered her mouth to my pussy. She blew on my trembling clit and sent shivers through my body. She ran her tongue up the outside of my one outer lip and down the other one. Her tongue was soft and cool on my hot flesh. I twitched at the delicate touch. Her tongue came back up. This time in my gaping slit. I moaned softly with delight. Her tongue passed slowly over my quivering clit. I lifted my legs higher and held them as wide as I could.

Her tongue flicked my hard clit again and my body jerked as she teased my highly sensitive bud. I gasped as she grabbed my swollen pussy lips, stretched them apart with a delightful hurt. I squealed as her mouth slammed against my wide-open hole. Her long, pointed tongue slid deep into my slit, wiggling expertly. Her lips made a seal against my swollen labia and I felt the suction as she sucked my juices out. She tongue fucked me for several minutes before she moved up slightly, and her lips found my engorged clit. Her teeth raked it lightly and then her lips pulled at it. First one, then two fingers slipped into my slick cunt, and began to move in and out rhythmically as she continued to eat me. I thrust my hips up to meet her hand, and began to moan loudly with the pleasure. Vivienne thrust harder and harder, her fingers slammed up inside my drenched hole. I could feel my juices flow, and hear the wet squishy sounds as her fingers worked inside me. Her lips and tongue worked my clit, and I exploded in a violent orgasm, my cries filling the room. I came down to earth to feel her tongue gently licking my wet flesh.

Vivienne moved up and lay on top of me, her warm, soft body snuggling between my thighs, her full breasts pressing against mine. We kissed. Her long tongue slipped into my mouth, fenced with mine. I tasted my pussy juices on her lips and tongue. I lay beneath her, trembling from my intense orgasm. Slowly I calmed down.

I rolled her over onto her back and straddled her in a 69. Her pussy looked gorgeous. Clean-shaven, naked and spread for me. The outer lips were long and swollen with desire. They were open, revealing her blood red inner folds, slick with her creamy fluids. Her erect clit protruded from its hood and I saw it twitch in anticipation. I bent forward and down and lowered my face to the inviting morsel. My hair cascaded down around my head and created a curtain around my face and her womanhood, trapping her sexy, womanly scent within. I inhaled deeply, savoring her rich pussy scent. It was now my turn to taste the delights of an aroused pussy. I licked and sucked her as she had done me. Paying particular attention to her engorged clit, knowing that at that moment it was the most sensitive part of her genitals. Vivienne came quickly, screaming out her rapture. I continued sucking and licking and soon had her on the brink of orgasm again. I felt her hands grasp my butt and pull me down. I squirmed and parted my legs, never releasing her pulsating cunt from my mouth, and lowered my pussy to her eager mouth. We thrashed around on the bed in our throes of lust. First I was on top, then she was. We nearly rolled off the bed at one stage. We were both very vociferous in our ecstasy as we orgasmed in unison. We lay in a heap, panting. My pussy was spasming delightfully. We lay side by side in a 69, recovering. The door opened cautiously. A face peered around. It was Bruce. His eyes were as large as saucers.

"You OK?" he asked, with concern.

"Mmmnnn....Yes!" I answered. "Absolutely terrific."

"Me tooo." Said Vivienne, her voice purring.

"Your screaming woke me. I thought something was wrong......Sorry." He said sheepishly.

Bruce closed the door, leaving us alone. I got up and looked at the clock. We had been ravishing each other for more than an hour. The air was heavy with the aroma of our pussy secretions. I opened the spare wardrobe and pulled out two of Bruce's shirts and handed one to Vivienne. We slipped them on, not bothering to do up the buttons, and went downstairs.

The guys were drinking beer and chatting. Both were wearing only their boxers. I was glad that Bruce was awake and up. They looked up at us as we entered and raised their beers in greeting. I fetched fresh glasses and pored a Vodka and orange juice for Vivienne and myself. We sat together on the couch. Kevin and Bruce each sat in an armchair. I noticed they both had huge erections tenting their shorts.

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