tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed


George was the sort of man who never seemed to have much luck in life. Now in his sixties, he just lived from day to day with no real sense of purpose, keeping himself to himself for most of his time.

His wife had passed away over 20 years earlier having been a very unwell and sickly woman for much of her life. George felt cheated somewhat by her constant illness as they never really enjoyed life together and, as for sex, well there never was any.

The many years that have passed since, the old man has spent completely alone. With no real family or friends to speak of he seemed to take very little care of himself. His clothes were dirty and just hung from his skinny frame, he only took a bath or had a shave when he felt like it, which wasn't too often. His hair was lank and greasy and combing it across the bald patch on top of his head did nothing to help improve his appearance.

He spent much of his time just wandering around the town. His lack of personal hygiene, and his scruffy appearance, meant that people would keep at a certain distance as they walked around him.

He, on the other hand, would make a point of indulging his one and only real interest in life.

You see the endless years of being alone meant that George was extremely sexually frustrated, unable to look at an attractive woman without lustful thoughts going through his mind, wanting to touch her. He knew he hadn't a chance in hell of ever getting a woman but he was free to look and fantasise all he wanted. Often he wouldn't even notice the looks of disgust coming his way as he would ogle a pair of tits or a sexy ass walking along the street. "Dirty old man" some would say, while others would try to ignore him as if he didn't even exist.

His constant state of arousal meant that poor old George was needing to masturbate himself several times a day, often thumbing through his mountain of porno magazines that he had collected over the years. He had developed a good imagination looking at the girls in his magazines and could almost believe he was really fucking them as he would blow his load all across the pages. Afterwards he would sometimes talk to them as he mopped his spunk up with a tissue as if they were real. It looked sad but George didn't care, as his female company over the last 20 years added up to zero he was getting something he needed.

Early one evening at home, he had just had his dinner and was settling down to watch some tv, when there came a sudden knock at the door, causing the old guy to nearly have a heart attack.

"Who the hells that?" he thought as he got to his feet and went to the door, he never had visitors....

He opened it, and was about to tell whoever it was to get lost when his bottom jaw almost hit the floor at what he saw....

A young lady stood there, her face a picture of beauty with lovely brown eyes and her blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail. She introduced herself as Mandy and explained that she was in her final year at St Agathas college for girls, and as part of their exam coursework they were to assist the local church with their charity work in helping the elderly of the town.

George new St Agathas was a private all girls school run by the church. Many of them were from wealthy families who wanted their daughters to be brought up in the ways of the church and with no influence from boys.

She went on to say how they had all been given the name and address of someone to help with any odd jobs they had and that she had been given his. He stood there in a state of shock for a moment, then said.

"This some kind of joke is it?."

"No no," she replied "it's true."

Looking at her dressed in her college uniform he said. "Your too old to be at college still surely." He was still a little suspicious as his eyes began to wander down her body.

"No, I'm 19 sir, I am as I said in my final year."

He began taking in the vision before him, and things just got better and better. She stood about 5ft 3inches in her charcoal grey uniform. She had on a blazer which could obviously not be buttoned up as it hung open either side of the most magnificent pair of breasts.

"God what gorgeous huge tits," he thought to himself, noticing the strain on the buttons of her crisp white blouse as they struggled to keep them contained.

His eyes went lower to see the length of her skirt. It was nice and short, just enough to cover her ass. Her tanned firm thighs were exposed briefly before vanishing into white knitted stockings that came to just above the knee.

"Well?" she said, trying to get him to focus his attention back on her face, "have you any jobs that you need help with?"

"Fuck, I know something you can help me with" he thought to himself. "Erm yes," he said, still in a state of mild shock, "yes yes sorry, do come in, come in."

As she breezed past him he caught the scent of her perfume as it filled the air all around him, he directed her through to the back room mesmerized by the swaying of her pony tail as he followed her through.

Still unable to believe his luck that this lovely young thing was standing there in his house he quickly thought of something for her to do.

"Erm..... the washing up," he said pointing at the dirty plates, "its my back you see, I find it very painful to lean over the sink..... would you mind?" he said, playing the poor old soldier.

"No, not at all, thats why I'm here," she replied as she started to fill the sink with water.

George was getting very excited and could feel his old cock harden at the sight before him.

"Let me take your blazer.... you dont want it getting wet do you," he said stepping up behind, her, his whole body seemed to tremble at the thought of being so close to this beauty.

"Oh thanks," she said as she slipped it from her shoulders for him to take. As he took it he couldn't help but look over her shoulder and down at her tits so big and firm, wondering how it would feel to give such beautiful things a squeeze.

"God, this is fantastic," he thought.

As he stepped back with the blazer in his hands he got his first look at her ass. Her skirt fitted her perfectly as it flowed outwards from her narrow waist hugging her hips and ass tightly before it cascaded over her her firm rounded cheeks like a waterfall. It was so short that he felt sure that the slightest breeze could expose her panties.

It was all getting too much for the old boy as he took her blazer out to hang in the hallway, bringing it to his face to breath in its scent before hanging it up.

Returning to the room he sat himself at the dining table and just watched her. He thought to himself if he had to draw a picture of his perfect woman he couldn't improve on what was before him right now. She was amazing, and in profile her tits looked fantastic, and her ass stuck out as if asking to be grabbed.

Before he knew it she had finished the washing and was putting everything away, he couldn't take his eyes off her as she moved around the kitchen.

"Well thats that!" she said.

Looking back at the old man she paused and wondered when he last had a wash or a change of clothes, she could see he was rather dirty and took very little care of himself. But she realised this was the sort of person that needed helping out, all the while blissfully unaware of what was going through his dirty old mind.

"Anymore jobs?"

"Erm...yes, just a quick one," he replied. Thinking quickly he had come up with a great idea.

"I'm unable to get up my loft ladder these days, and I was wondering if you would just have a quick look up there for me?"


"I, erm, I thought I heard a noise the other evening, there may be a bird or something up there, so if you could have a quick shine around with the torch I'd be most grateful, it'll only take you a minute," he said getting the torch from the drawer.

"Upstairs.....after you" he said, stepping back and allowing her to go up first.

Up she went, he followed her closely, watching the cheeks of her ass rise and fall alternately, pushing against the tight fabric of her skirt causing it to stretch even more, while the hem danced freely about the tops of her thighs.

At the top of the stairs they stopped as he picked up the hook to pull the loft hatch down. As it did so the ladder came down automatically with it. He stepped back and handed her the torch and watched as she started to climb the ladder. His exitement was intense as he looked on, her ass was inches from his face as he inspected it in very fine detail. His cock was so hard by now and he had to adjust himself as he could feel the dampness of pre-cum seeping from its tip into his dirty underpants.

She had her head and shoulders through the hatch, and, shining the torch around said, "I cant see anything,"

"You need to go a little higher," he said, getting more and more excited, licking the saliva that was building up in his mouth from his dirty cracked old lips.

She went another two steps until she was through to her waist,

"Have a good look, make sure theres nothing up there!"

With that she leant forward for a better look, now he couldn't see her face, and, more importantly, she couldn't see him. He quickly took the opportunity to move closer, and, stooping slightly, drew in a deep breath as he looked straight up her skirt.

Spontaneously he grabbed his cock through his trousers, giving it a much needed squeeze, his other hand came to his mouth and he bit down hard on his knuckles. He couldn't believe his luck, he was looking straight at her lovely white panties just inches away. It was the most exciting feeling he could ever remember having. He knew her cunt was right there, just a thin piece of material between him and it. He so wanted to push his face in it, his heart was pounding through his head, when all of a sudden she called out,

"No, sorry, I can't see anything, I'm coming down now!"

He quickly repositioned himself, trying to look as innocent as he could as she decsended the ladder. Quickly she brushed herself down with her hands, he watched her tits bounce as she flicked some traces of dust from her white blouse. "Take it off and do it, go on," he thought, "get them fucking monsters out." But that was obviously never going to happen as she looked back at him, catching him having a good look. She new the affect she had on men and had grown used to being looked at and so thought nothing of it.

"Right, if thats it I'll go now, but if you have any more jobs I'll be back the day after tomorrow, ok?"

"Ok," was all he could manage as she trotted back down the stairs and, grabbing her blazer, opened the front door, before turning to him saying with a smile....

"Goodbye, see you soon."

He watched her walk off and closed the front door.

Hardly able to move he leant with one hand against it. With the other he quickly fumbled around trying to release his aching cock, such was his excitement he only just got it out as it errupted with a huge explosion of spunk that flew across the room splashing hard against the door. Collapsing to his knees with his cock still in his hand squeezing out the last few drops he was amazed at the amount of spunk there was. He had never seen so much and, to be honest, felt a little proud of himself.

George spent that night with his head spinning with the thought of this young woman. He lay in his bed desperately thinking of a way to get his hands on that body. It had been so long since he had even touched a woman and never in his life had he touched one as unbelievably gorgeous as her. He had to try something...anything.

The experience had left him so horny that he had wanked himself off through the night more times than he could count, a theme that followed for the next day and into the following night too.

The following day was the day she was due to return, he spent it trying not to think about anything sexual, wanting to save himself for her visit. It was agony and proved to be almost impossible, but he managed it and at long last after what had felt like an eternity of waiting, the evening came and, true to her word, there was a knock at the door.

Opening it he was more than a little excited to see her stood there again wearing her college uniform looking exactly the same as before, the tight blouse, the short skirt everything.

"Come in, come in" he blurted out before she even had chance to say hello. "Go through, you know the way."

Barely had she got into the room before he was taking her blazer from her, "Oh, thank you," she said, somewhat taken by surprise. He hung it up quickly and returned to her. She was stood with her back to him as he entered the room giving his eyes the chance to, again, roam all over her causing his old cock to swell once more. He couldn't believe it but she looked even better than he remembered, so lovely and sexy, his mind was full again with lustful thoughts.

"Would you mind getting me a coffee before you start on the dishes?" He asked.

"Sure, ok," came the polite response.

He sat back at the table watching her as she made the coffee unaware of the million filthy thoughts he was having while leering at her.

"Erm.....I'm afraid we have a bit of a problem," he began.

"Problem? what problems that?" she asked.

"Oh I think you know..."

"Know? know what?"

"I know you have it so don't play the innocent with me," he said in a sterner tone.

"I don't know what you'r talking about," she replied getting a little worried.

"The money.....the money you stole from me the other day." He said picking up the phone, "I'm going to call the police."

"Police? why? I didn't touch any money!"

Of course there was no money it was all part of the sordid little plan that he had been hatching over the past two days.

"Just the other week a guy got three years in prison for pulling the same stunt on some other poor old boy like me," he continued with more confidence, "you reckon you could handle prison for three years?"

"No...no....I mean I haven't done anything, please you have to believe me!"

"Sorry, but the police have asked us all to be on the lookout for people like you, so I have to call them," he said as he began to dial.

The thoughts flew around in her head, she was terrified, what if the police didn't believe her, what would her parents say, she would be thrown out of college with nothing, but prison??? that was more than she could stand.

"Please, please anything, I'll do anything I couldn't go to prison, I didn't do it you have to believe me!" She cried.

"No, sorry they have to know, I knew you were up to no good, they're very strict on this kind of thing."

It was all rubbish of course but she didn't know that as the fear grew and grew inside her, thinking of all the innocent people that get wrongly sent to prison. That could easily happen to her and she was now getting desperate as she watched his dirty old fingers start to punch out the numbers on the phone.

"What do you want? I'll do anything, just please don't call the police....please...please," she sobbed, now standing in the middle of the room pleading with him with tears in her eyes.

That was it, the words he wanted to hear, had it worked? Surely not. Pausing for a moment he placed the phone back down on the table and looked her over.

"Anything?" he asked.

"Anything, just please don't call the police, I don't want to go to prison."

"Mmmm I don't know....let me see," he said pretending to think of something. "Ok, why not lift that sexy little skirt of yours and show me whats underneath."

There was a pause for a moment as you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. "Go on, go on," he thought, praying that it had worked.

Then she reached down and took the hem of her skirt in her hands and, realising she had no choice, she slowly raised it to her waist giving him a perfect view of her white lace trimmed panties. The crease of her cunt was clear to see through the fabric. She looked at the dirty old man before her as he began to fidget in his seat. He rubbed his hands together and, licking his lips, started to mutter to himself, "oh yes......yes, you little tease."

"Ok? happy now?" she said as she quickly let go of her skirt, turned and went back to start on the washing up at the sink.

He rose to his feet, displaying a huge bulge in his dirty old trousers and walked across the room to stand behind her. Putting his grubby hands on her shoulders she flinched as he began to massage them slowly. He nuzzled his nose into her pony tail moving his head from side to side causing it to sway. She stood motionless, frozen to the spot with the realisation of where this was all leading, unable to stop it unless she wanted to risk going to prison.

He moved to stand at her side, one hand now on her arm and the other in the middle of her back. She felt his breath on her face, it smelt bad and trembled with his obvious excitment. He moved his hand slowly down her back until it settled on top of her hip, aware that if he went too fast she might panic and run away. He took a deep breath as he moved it lower until his palm was directly over her buttock. Squeezing it gently he let out a long sigh, it felt better than he had ever dared imagine, so firm and tight. It was a good sized handful as he sqeezed it more and more. He looked down at his hand on this gorgeous ass and began slowly clawing at her skirt, dragging it up until her panties were on full show. He admired the way they clung to her buttocks like a second skin.

He was finding it hard to control himself, muttering, "Oh God yes, yes....Oh God yes," as his hand started to roam all over her ass squeezing both cheeks in turn.

Looking back at her face he said, "your so lovely, so fuckin lovely." His eyes went down to the next, much larger, prize, "Oooh such lovely big tits," he whispered into her ear, "how big are they? mmmm? what size is your bra?" Now sounding every bit the dirty old perv' he realy was.

"Uuum...thir.....thirty f..four.......d...double..E." She stammered.

With that he raised his other hand and released the highest button on her blouse, taking care not to touch her tits, not yet, that was a moment he wanted to saviour. The next button was released exposing her huge cleavage for the first time. All the strain was now on the one button directly between her tits and so slowly he released it causing them to burst into view encased in a white lace half cup bra. Undoing the remaining two buttons further down loosened the blouse enough to enable his hand to venture in.

As with her ass, he placed it gently over the furthest tit away from him, the first thing he felt was the lace of the bra, it felt so nice as he began to squeeze. Again it was better than he could ever have dreamt, so magnificent, it was much larger than his hand and incredibly firm. So big was it that he had to move his hand around in order to feel it all over.

He couldn't believe it, there she was, the sexiest girl he could imagine, dressed in her college uniform, the sort of girl that every man on the planet would give his right arm to have. Then there was him, a balding dirty little old man who no woman would ever give a second look at, and she was just letting him do what ever he wanted.

He couldn't hold out any longer, such was his unbearable need for satisfaction as he pressed his rock hard cock against her hip. She sensed his desperation as he mauled at her tits and ass, realising that if she could make him come it could be over much sooner, and so she took the initiative.

Turning slightly towards him she managed to push him away enough to allow her to unclip the front clasp on her bra causing her tits to spring into view. They were indeed a sight to behold as they stood large and proud thrusting out from her opened blouse. Old George wasted no time in grabbing one and stuffing it into his mouth, groaning and moaning as he sucked, licked and dribbled all over them.

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