tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 02

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 02


Old George spent the next few days in something of a daydream, not quite able to believe what had happened. The whole experience had only served to heighten his state of constant arousal, leaving him with the constant urge to masturbate himself as he tried to recount in detail everything that had happened.

He was annoyed at himself for one thing however... A few years ago he had bought himself a video camera for the purpose of trying to secretly film women out and about in the streets and shops and so on. It never really proved successful and the camera soon finished up stuck in the back of a cupboard gathering dust. He wished he had had the foresight to dig it out and video the whole event, just imagine how fantastic that would have been, being able to watch it over and over again, but such was his blinding excitement at the time that it never even crossed his mind.

The days went on and soon turned into weeks as old George went back to his usual mundane life, doing nothing except walking the streets as before admiring all the beautiful women he saw, wishing he could touch, feel, and of course, fuck them all. His frustration had turned him back to his trusted collection of girls in his porno magazines for relief, wanking himself off over them with a new and far better sense of what it would really be like to fuck them.

It was now six weeks since the girl, Mandy, had come to his house and old George knew he had seen the last of her. After all he realised every time he saw his reflection in the mirror that he had just got extremely lucky....... incredibly lucky in fact, to think that the dirty little old man looking back at him had managed to have his wicked way with such a beautiful and sexy girl as she was.

It was a very warm friday afternoon, and as George was about to prepare something for his dinner he noticed the woman next door go out to do some gardening. Never one to miss an opportunity he went upstairs to watch her from his back bedroom window. She was a slim woman in her mid thirties, nothing too special but attractive enough, enough that is to allow old George to spy on her while he played with himself as he had done many times before.

As she worked at her flower bed old George smiled a dirty little smile as he started to rub his frustrated old cock through his trousers while staring at her ass.

"Oh yes you dirty little slut," he whispered under his breath as he watched her from behind his curtains. "I bet you would love me to stick my big cock up you wouldn't you..." he carried on as he fantasised over her.

Imagining himself standing behind her he was about to get his cock out for a much needed wank when there came a knock at the door. "Shit!" he said as he had to stop what he was doing and go to answer it. Halfway down the stairs it knocked again, "Ok! I'm coming I'm coming!" He was not at all happy at being disturbed, until that is, he opened it to see who was stood there...... it was her.....Mandy....his girl.

"I...Its you...." he said, barely able to speak as his heart seemed to leap into his throat.

"You have to fill in this form and sign it!" she said rather abruptly as she thrust some folded pieces of paper at him.

He just stood there in amazement as he looked into her beautiful young face, unable to believe it was really her. He looked her over, as always she was in her college uniform and looked like a dream, her huge tits every bit as wonderful as he remembered them as they fought to escape the confines of her tight blouse.

"Oh yes, thank you God," he thought to himself as every nerve in his body seemed to be screaming at him to reach out and grab her.

Looking down he saw she hadn't worn her short skirt this time but instead had on black trousers. But they were tight....very tight in fact as they stretched around her thighs and hips hugging her crotch tightly...... God she looked just so incredibly sexy.

"You have to fill this in and sign it!!!" she repeated waving the pieces of paper in his face.

He took it from her but carried on looking down her body, making no attempt to hide the fact that he was pleased at what he saw. The corners of his mouth turned upwards as a smile came across his old face.

He looked back at her sweet young face, her blonde hair, as always, pulled back into a pony tail. "What is it?" he asked.

"Its a satisfaction form that you have to fill in and sign."

"Oh I'm sorry, please do come in....." he said as he gathered his senses together.

"No I think I had better wait here."

"Please yourself," he said, handing her back the form.

"No you have to fill it in for me!" She replied as she refused to take it back from him.

"Well then you had better come in!" he said a little more sternly as he turned and walked through to the back of the house in the hope that she would follow.

"O....Ok.... but no funny business," she called out as she stepped inside remembering only too well what had happened before.

He went through and sat at the table studying the form for a few moments as he noticed her from the corner of his eye appear nervously in the doorway.

"Come on in then....don't be shy," he said to her as he again looked her up and down.

She looked at him and although he was in his sixties it has to be said, to her, he looked more like a man in his nineties. She felt disgusted with herself wondering how she could have ever let what happened before happen with the dirty old man that sat there, let alone finish up actually enjoying it!!!. His old shirt and trousers were dirty and stained, his collar and cuffs badly frayed, he looked as if he had been living in the same clothes since the last time they met. His face was unshaven and, together with the rest of him, in need of a good wash. As she stood there the room seemed to be filled with that stale smell of an old person that she remembers so well.

"It says here that you were supposed to have called in on me three times a week for the past six weeks," he said as he looked over at her.

"Well you know as well as I do why I didn't," she replied, "look I'm finishing for the summer now and I need to get this form back before I can get my grades!"

"Do you really?" he enquired as he rubbed his stubbly old chin with his hand looking her up and down, "mmmmmm I see."

"Forget it!" she said angrily, knowing exactly what he was thinking and turned to leave.

"Wait wait wait!" he said hurriedly not wanting her to leave.

"I told you no funny business.....ok?" she again emphasized.

"Ok," he said in a reluctant tone, then as he looked over the form one more time he had an idea. "Look I'll make a deal with you, do a bit of tidying around the place for me while I fill this in, I mean, its only fair as that is what you were supposed to do anyway......"

She looked suspiciously at him for a moment.

"You can make a start upstairs in my bedroom....it is a bit of a mess."

"What, so you can accuse me of stealing from you again?"

"No no, I promise.........trust me."

She thought for a moment before agreeing on the strict understanding that he stay downstairs.With that she slipped off her blazer and hung it over the back of a chair. The old boy just sat there enjoying the view staring at her huge tits longing for a feel.

As she went up the stairs he watched her ass cheeks as they stuck out nice and proud in the tight trousers. God she was so sexy he wished he could just grab her and fuck her brains out there and then.

As she vanished into his room he knew what he had to do, although the erection in his underpants wanted something else, he wasted no time in setting about it.

Turning back he went to the cupboard to dig out his old video camera and then placed it on the bookshelf in the corner of the room. He checked there was a tape in it and turned it on to record. He then got an old towel from the kitchen and threw it over the camera in order to hide it. He then sat himself back down, not completely sure of what he was doing or where it might lead.

Upstairs she was amazed at how messy the room was and how stale it smelt as she set about trying to tidy it up, all the while keeping her ears open in case he came up the stairs.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she muttered to herself.

Grabbing some dirty clothes from the floor she opened the wardrobe to throw them in only to find it full of junk. Turning around she decided to stuff them under the bed only to find something in her way. Dropping them down she reached under to see what it was, only to pull out a huge pile of dirty magazines. "Oh my God!" she whispered to herself as she realised what she had found, her shock grew as she looked back into the wardrobe and saw a pile of maybe a couple of hundred more of them, "you dirty old bastard!" she muttered.

She sat on the floor for a few moments flicking through some of them, the pages were all crusty from years of abuse. As she looked at them she realised that they were mainly full of women with big tits.

"Oh my God, he must have thought all his birthdays had come at once when I turned up on his doorstep," she thought to herself with her own 34 double E cups in mind.

Strangely it all made the 19 year old feel a little naughty as she began to understand the affect her presence must have had on him. She knew men always looked at her and she knew exactly why, but he must have been really struggling to contain himself.

Hurriedly she put them back and quickly tidied the room as best she could before returning back down the stairs.

He sat there pretending to be still looking over the form. Slowly his eyes moved up from it and back to her. She began to feel a little uncomfortable as he continued to stare at her while he placed it flat on the table.

"I'll do this for you," he said, "but you have to do something for me first."

"I told you no funny business!"

"No no don't worry.....I just want you to tell me what happened the last time you were here."

She looked at him puzzled, "what?"

"Well," he went on, "I just want to hear it so I know it wasn't all a dream. Believe it or not, that sort of thing doesn't happen to me every day you know."

"Oh I don't know...." she replied seeing something of a look of desperation in his face.

"Come on, make an old man happy..... If you do I'll sort this form for you..."

"Do I have to?" she complained.

"Well if you don't then maybe I'll have to tell your college that you only actually visited me twice."

"Thats all......nothing else?" she questioned.

"Absolutely....." he replied.

"Well what do you want to hear?"

"All of it....all about the sex we had."

She stood thinking for a moment, and then, feeling rather naughty remembering the magazines upstairs, she thought, "why not, what harm can it do."

She sat down at the table opposite him, noticing how he still couldn't take his eyes off her tits as she began......

"Well, ok, you told me that I had stolen some......"

"No no no," he said, cutting her off in mid sentence, "just the good parts, you know, the sex. Tell me what we did and how much you enjoyed it."


"Please, it would mean so much to me."

She saw the pleading look in his eyes, and so continued.

"Oh ok...well, erm....oh yes, right, well first of all we were in the kitchen and then I let you..........."

Off she went with the whole sequence of events, even telling him how she chose to fuck him at the end as she was so in need of an orgasm.

He sat there listening carefully as he fiddled with his frustrated erection under the table enjoying hearing such filthy talk from such a sweet young mouth.

On finishing she asked if he could fill in the form so she could be on her way.

"Well there is quite a lot of it to fill in so I'll do it overnight and you can pop back tomorrow morning to collect it....Ok?"

She let out a long sigh as she was now getting annoyed but really had no choice other than to agree, even though it was saturday tomorrow.

"Now I haven't taken any of your precious money this time.....Ok?"

She didn't want to get caught out as she did before.

"Well maybe I should search you," he said trying his luck.

She got to her feet and, feeling naughty, she thought she could tease the dirty old sod a little, while remaining in full control of the situation.

"Go on then! I don't want you saying tomorrow that I've taken anything."

His heart was pounding in his chest as he got to his feet and approached her. She looked as his trembling bony old hands reached out to her, his breathing was heavy and his eyes widened as he licked his lips before placing his hands on her hips.

She knew what she was doing and enjoyed the powerful feeling she had over him, knowing full well that his cock must be giving him some serious trouble.

His excitement could be felt in the air as his hands went down over her hips to the tops of her thighs as he began his "search."

Her black trousers were so tight that they felt like silk as they stretched around her. His heart was slamming against his chest as he began to feel her firm young thighs. He moved to her side without letting go so one hand slid across her ass. The other went across her lower stomach, he spread his fingers enough to just feel the top of her pussy mound. The temptation was so great that he couldn't help but give her ass a little squeeze as he went across it.

Standing behind her he stepped closer and she felt his hard cock rest in the crevice of her ass. His hands, now around her waist, started moving higher towards her tits. She could smell his bad breath as his face came closer and closer.

He looked down at her massive tits rise and fall with her every breath as his hands went up her stomach. His blood pressure was off the scale as his finger tips felt the underwire support of her bra, when suddenly, she stepped away.

"Ok thats enough," she said, "you can see I don't have anything."

Looking back she saw the pained expression on his face, together with the huge bulge in his trousers.

"I....I haven't finished," he said as he stepped forward reaching out for her tits.

She simply stepped back and swatted his hands away, "behave yourself.......I think thats enough."

"Oh pleeeease!" he begged her.

She pretended not to hear his plea, "see you in the morning then," she said as she picked up her blazer before leaving. She walked out with a naughty smile on her face feeling rather wicked knowing what a state she was leaving him in. "That'll teach you....you dirty old sod," she thought to herself.

Old George watched her leave, then, trying to ignore his painful erection, he went to where the video camera was to check it was still running.....it was.

He quickly plugged it into his tv to see what he had got.......everything......the whole admission of what had happened between them, even his quick feel at the end.

"Oh yes...yes...yes," he muttered to himself as he watched it back with his erection causing a huge tent in his trousers. He grabbed his cock and had no time to release it as he felt he was about to come in his trousers, "look at them fuckin' great big tits!!!" came his cry as he watched the tv, "FUCKIN' HELL!!! WHAT FUCKIN' MASSIVE FUCKIN TITS!!! AAAARGH!!! His cock exploded causing a hell of a mess, but it didn't matter, he was so thrilled at what he had managed to get on tape.

The following day she returned to collect the form, being a saturday she had no need to wear her uniform. Instead she wore a tight white cotton t-shirt that showed off the full shape of her lovely big tits making them look even more tempting (if that were possible). It clung to her as if it had been sprayed on and you could just make out the pattern of her white lace bra underneath. The word "BABY" was printed across the chest in large pink letters. Below she had on what looked like a short white tennis skirt that showed her tanned legs off to perfection.

She looked hot, and she knew it, her clothes had been picked deliberately to tease the old man even more, she loved the feeling of power that this game she was playing gave her. She wanted to teach him a lesson by showing him what she had and that he couldn't have it.

He was thrilled to see her, and dressed like that! "WOW!" was all he could think as she stood at his doorway looking like every mans wet dream.

"The form," she said as she walked past him into the house. Her blonde hair was now down and came to just between her shoulder blades, her skirt from behind seemed to have a mind of its own as the rise and fall of her ass made it dance from side to side barely covering her cheeks.

"Sit down for a moment, I have something to show you," he said excitedly.

"I just want the form," she said.

"I have it here," he said pointing at it over on the table, "come on, it'll only take a moment."

"Ok, but be quick, I don't have much time," she replied rather abruptly as she sat herself down on the sofa.

He watched her cross one leg across the other showing almost the full length of her smooth tanned thigh, the little white skirt just covering her lap. Quickly he grabbed the remote control and started to play the tape for her. He stood and looked at her as the expression on her face changed with the realisation of what she was watching.

He sat himself down next to her, unable to take his hungry leering eyes off her.

"No you didn't take any money this time," he said, "but you have been a little bit silly. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want me to show this to anyone else......would you?"

"You bastard, give me that tape now!"

"Sorry, no chance of that I'm afraid," he went on, "maybe I could run off a few copies to send to your friends or even your family."

"You couldn't, you don't know who they are," she said getting more and more nervous.

"Well your full name is on the top of the form, it shouldn't be too hard to track them down. I could even stand at the college gates and just hand a few out, I mean, what happened between us is something I'm obviously very proud of."

Her heart sank as she realised what was happening, he had got her again, how could she have been so stupid? If her family saw the tape God only knows what they would do, but if any of her friends saw it she would be a laughing stock, never able to live it down. This was just her worst nightmare.

Old George drew closer to her and whispered in her ear, "well you come in here dressed like that, what do you expect....eh?" he paused for a moment before going on, "Oh now let me see, I think we've been here before.......don't you?"

With that he placed his arm around her shoulders drawing her nearer as she tried to lean away. He placed his other hand on her knee and very slowly began running it along her silky smooth thigh, "Oooooh your such a cock teaser," he whispered.

She looked down and felt disgusted to see his creepy frail old hand vanish under her little white skirt.

"P...Please....d...don't," she asked him, "I don't want this, not again.....please..."

"Oooh I'm not going to hurt you, you know that, I just want us to have some fun," he whispered excitedly.

"Please don't.....please..." She again pleaded.

"Oh you're just so fuckin' lovely, I can't help myself...........my cock is so fuckin' hard."

She could smell his rotten breath as his face came ever closer to hers until she felt his nose touch her earlobe. She sat frozen as his dirty old hand roamed under her skirt pushing it upwards until the white lace triangle of her panties came into view.

"Oh yes...." was all he could say as his eyes went down for a look. His cock was throbbing like crazy as he pushed his face back into her neck, her perfume was intoxicating and he let out a long groan as he began to slobber his mouth up and down it.

"Please don't," she pleaded one last time as she felt the unshaven stubble of his chin start to scratch on the soft smooth skin of her neck.

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