tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 05

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 05


Back at home after her morning with Ted, Mandy put the piece of paper he gave her on her dressing table, undressed and took a much needed shower.

The 20 year old still felt confused by her enjoyment of these encounters, she knew it was wrong and as always after the event she was a little disgusted and embarrassed by what she had done.

She was ok however as long as it remained a secret, she couldn't stand the thought of anyone finding out. If they did it would just be terrible, she would never be able to live down the humiliation. Her only consolation was the fact that she could tell herself that she was being blackmailed...forced to do these things. Although deep down she knew the truth was not quite so straight forward. She had always been a bit of a tease and seeing the state her mere presence got these old boys into was quite a turn on...she really couldn't help herself.

She carried on with her shower and began thinking how this was all starting to get out of hand, she had to somehow get these video tapes from these old men. This could go on for ever and despite her reluctant enjoyment of it all she knew she couldn't allow that to happen. So for now it would have to continue but she would soon have to start thinking of a way of bringing it all to an end.

As she stepped from the shower and dried herself she took the folded piece of paper and opened it out to read. There was simply a name and address on it and nothing else. She knew the address to be a nursing home for the sick and elderly not too far away, she couldn't help but wonder who it was.

Over the next hour or so she kept returning to the piece of paper and looking at it getting more and more intrigued wondering what she should do, until eventually her curiosity got the better of her.

She knew she had to go anyway and so decided not to wait until tomorrow as Ted had instructed, but take some control herself and go today instead. After all she could just go to see and if she wasn't happy with anything she could just leave and then deal with the consequences after.

She dressed herself, and while pulling her blonde hair back into a pony tail she admired herself in the mirror.

She had chosen to wear a nice short red tartan wrap around skirt that fitted snug around her shapely ass. She had on her white knitted thigh high stockings that always went well with it showing the usual few inches of bare tanned thigh between stocking top and skirt. On top she wore a tight red lambswool sweater that clung to her body like a second skin, showing off the size and shape of her tits to perfection.

Pleased with the way she looked she set off to pay a visit to this stranger confident that he would be pleasantly surprised...whoever he was.

She arrived at the old folks home and went in only to be greeted by a nurse.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Erm...yes, yes I'm looking for this man," she replied handing the piece of paper over.

The nurse looked at the piece of paper with a puzzled look on her face, then looked Mandy up and down. "You want to see Bernard?"

"Yes please...if you don't mind?"

"Are you a relative?"

"Erm yes...yes I am."

"Well you're the first relative I think we've ever seen, he usually just has his friend to visit, nobody else."

Mandy realised the nurse was suspicious and so tried to explain that he was a distant relative and she had just tracked him down and would like to meet him.

"You know what he can be like do you?"

"Like?...what do you mean?"

"Well, lets just say he likes the ladies...the female nurses refuse to look after him, it's left to the male staff to do. I mean he may be bed-ridden but those hands of his are prone to wandering...if you know what I mean."

Mandy began to grow a little nervous, what had she let herself in for, she couldn't turn back now it would look too suspicious.

"Oh, don't worry I'll be fine...I just want to have a quick chat with him that's all."

"Well ok, if your sure," the nurse replied as she looked up and down the lovely young girl before her. She looked so out of place, "he's going to love you," she muttered under her breathe before directing her to a room at the end of a long corridor.

"Just knock and let yourself in," said the nurse, "don't worry he can't get out of bed."

She noted the slightly worried look on Mandys face, "go on he doesn't bite...just keep beyond the reach of those wandering hands though...ok?"

"O...oh ok, yeah don't worry I'll be fine," she replied.

As the nurse left Mandy was stood wondering what was the other side of the door, she had the strong urge to turn and leave, she knew that would be the smart thing to do. But she had come this far so she knew she had to go in, after all Ted had told her to 'visit' this man, so that was what she had to do.

She gave a gentle tap on the door as she opened it slowly and went in. All there was inside was a couple of old chairs, a bedside table, a wardrobe an old television set and, of course, a bed.

She heard a cough that made her jump, it came from the direction of the bed. She thought at first it was empty, but as she approached it she saw there was an old man in it...a very old man.

"Hello," she called out nervously.

"Who's that?" came the response.

"I...I'm a friend of Teds, he asked me to come and visit you for a while...i...is that ok?"

"A friend of Teds?" he asked as he tried with great effort to pull himself up the bed a little to see who it was, "what is it you want?"

"O...oh Ted asked if I would drop in to visit you, and erm as I was passing I said I would...i...if that's ok?"

Her nerves subsided as she saw how old and pathetic the man was, he was obviously very weak and certainly not the monster the nurse had led her to believe.

Bernard was a friend of Teds from a time when they worked together many many years ago. They soon learned that they shared a common interest...women! An interest that often got them into trouble as they would constantly harass the girls where they worked. Back in those days sexual harasment of female staff was accepted more as part of the every day life at work but these two used to go too far. A quick pat on the bum was one thing but cornering the junior secretaries in the stationary cupboard and trying to feel them up was a whole different matter.

In the decades that have passed since that time the two of them had remained good friends and still to this day shared their common obsessive interest in the opposite sex.

Bernard was much older than Ted, now in his 84th year and in poor health it had been a few years since he had been able to leave his room. The only contact he had was Ted, and of course the male nurses that took care of him. Since the female staff refused to go into his room the only women he ever saw were on tv, and so this visitor was a very pleasant surprise.

He put his arm out and fumbled around on the bedside table for his glasses to get a good look at her.

"Come closer come closer!" he asked abruptly.

As Mandy stepped closer her heart went out to him as she saw how white and drawn his face was. He had no hair on his head, all he had was a few patches of grey stubble around his chin and the usual old mans hair growing from inside his ears and nose.

He seemed to breathe with some difficulty through his constantly open mouth, which didn't have a single tooth left in it. A truly pathetic frail sad old man, who was obviously reaching the end of his days. She saw him as no threat whatsoever and so thankfully this was not going to be what she expected. There was no way at his age and in his condition he was going to have any sexual interest in her, he was so obviously past all that. In fact she just felt so sorry for the helpless looking old man.

How wrong could she be...looks can be deceiving and although Bernard was weak and helpless he still had one part of his anatomy that worked as well as ever. In fact if anything his cock was over active and his constant frustration was sometimes unbearable, hence the incidents with the female nurses.

He sensed her naive innocence as he told her to fetch a chair from the corner to sit on. As she went to get it he couldn't help but watch the sexy movement of her lovely cheeky young ass under that short skirt. She bent slightly to pick it up, as she did he hoped he might get a glimpse of her panties.

"Bugger!" he thought to himself as she straightened herself up before he could see anything.

As she turned and walked back with the chair she saw him watching her and gave him a kind smile blissfully unaware of his thoughts. She had no idea that he was marvelling at the size of her tits as they jiggled and bounced around.

She sat herself down and crossed one leg over the other giving him a great view along the length of her outer thigh all the way to where her ass met the seat.

His face seemed to light up as his eyes drank in her beauty, this was the first female he had seen in a very long time, and what a gorgeous young thing she was. She had no idea that under his bed covers his frustrated old cock was hardening as they spoke.

She introduced herself properly and they made small talk about the weather and what was happening in the world for a while. As Bernard began to tell her a little about himself he could see a kind look in her face and decided to play on her obvious sympathetic nature. He went on chatting for a few minutes until he got to the point where he was telling her how long he had been alone in that room and that the only time he would ever leave it would probably be in a wooden box.

It was working as her heart was breaking with sadness for him, "you poor old thing," she thought and just wanted to reach out and give him a huge hug.

He told her how Ted was the only visitor he'd had for years and how nice it was to see someone new. This made her feel a little emotional and she reached out and placed her hand on the back of his where it lay at his side.

"What about you?" he asked as he enjoyed the feel of her hand on his, "tell me about yourself."

As she told him a little about her life she thought how much happiness she was bringing to him as he seemed truly interested in what she had to say. The reality was rather different, his mind was interested, but not in what she was saying. She was just the sexiest thing he had seen since God knows when and he wanted desperately to feel those beautiful big tits and find what secrets were hidden under that short skirt of hers, she was driving him crazy.

He would have given everything he had, even his remaining time on this earth just to have her for a few minutes.

As they carried on talking it soon became obvious to Mandy that he had no idea who she was, she could only presume that Ted hadn't told him she was coming.

As the conversation began to dry up and the silent pauses became longer the only noise that could be heard was the wheeze of Bernards breath. So she thought maybe she should leave so he could get some rest.

"I guess I had better be going then," said Mandy as the silence became more awkward.

"Oh no...no please don't, not yet...please," he pleaded as she got to her feet.

"Oh...erm," she said as she looked at her watch, "well...ok then, maybe I can stay a little while longer."

As she was on her feet she took a slow walk over to the window commenting on the fact that at least he had a fairly nice view.

"Yes it is," he said, only the view he was referring to was the one of her rear end in that sexy little skirt. As she looked out she rested her hands on the chest of drawers that stood in front of the window and leaned forward slightly. Old Bernard watched the back of her skirt rise with excitement as she leaned further and further forward.

"You can see for miles," she said as she admired the view.

"Yes...yes you can..." replied Bernard desperately praying that she would lean further.

She straightened herself back up which was a great disappointment to the old man...but only for a moment. She folded her arms and then leaned across the chest again, only this time resting on her elbows causing her ass to stick up in the air and her skirt to rise much higher instantly giving him what he had been waiting for...a clear view of her white cotton panties stretched tightly across her beautiful ass cheeks.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing, what an incredible sight. How he wished he was younger and fit enough to get out of his bed, go up behind her, grab her by the waist, and ram his cock straight up her tight young cunt.

After a few moments she stood up straight and came back across to him, arms still folded under her massive tits. She was still unaware of his thoughts, his cock was now rock hard and desperately in need of some attention.

"Could you bring me another pillow?" he asked in a frail voice, "they're in the wardrobe."

"Sure," she said as she went to the wardrobe and took one out.

"I...if you could just slip it under my head, I'm getting a stiff neck you see."

Forgetting what the nurse had said she went and stood next to him with the pillow in her hand. Seeing him struggle to lift his head up she put her free hand behind it to assist. As she did this she tried to slip the pillow in behind him which was not as easy as she thought, in fact it was rather awkward to do.

That's when she felt something, it was his hand behind her and resting on her waist for support. This wasn't a problem for her until she felt him move it down and onto her ass.

"The dirty old sod!" she thought, unable to move without dropping his head and maybe hurting the frail old boy. She decided to put up with it as she struggled to get the extra pillow under his head.

Her tits were bouncing right in front of his face as she wrestled the pillow into place. She looked down and saw him gawping at them with his toothless old mouth wide open. Just then he lowered his hand from her ass and down the back of her thigh, her skin felt so smooth he truly couldn't help himself. She continued to wrestle the pillow into place when she felt his hand begin to move upwards and under the hem of her skirt. Just in time she finally got the pillow in place and quickly stepped away out of his reach.

"I'd prefer it if you kept your hands to yourself!" she snapped feeling somewhat disappointed with him, "I think I had better go, don't you?"

As she said that she saw a great sadness come across his face and his eyes appeared to well up with tears.

"I...I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me...please forgive me...please." The tears seemed genuine as they rolled down his cheeks from his sorrowful pleading eyes. "It's just been so long since I've been in the company of someone so beautiful...I'm so sorry...I don't blame you if you want to go."

He had guessed her weakness to be her kind and sympathetic nature and he was playing it for all he was worth.

She saw how upset he was and realised that she couldn't be so cruel, she felt so desperately sorry for him.

"Please don't cry...please, I'm not going anywhere, I'm sorry it was just a bit of a shock...it must be very hard for you, please don't upset yourself."

"Thankyou," he said as he began to calm down.

"It's ok really," she assured him, "lets just forget it happened...ok?"


She sat herself on the edge of the bed and patted the back of his bony old hand reassuringly. She noticed how his old fingers were bent out of shape and every vein in his hand was clear to see through his tissue thin white skin.

He sensed there was a chance that he could use her sympathy to his advantage and so started laying it on thick. He told her how ill he was and that he only had a short while to live, possibly just weeks. He went on to tell her how sad his life had been and he was even thinking of ending it all now rather than wait for the inevitable.

He knew he was getting somewhere when he noticed her eyes begin to water. "Don't say that," she told him, "there must be something worth living for."

"Not for a bed ridden old man like me there isn't," he replied sadly.

"There must be something."

"No...there's nothing, I can't see any point in going on sometimes."

"Please don't be sad, I don't like to see anyone sad," she pleaded with him, "there must be something that would help to make you feel better."

He looked longingly into her eyes. "Well there's always something, but when your old like me it's never going to happen."

"What is it?" she asked him, "please tell me."

"I can't," he said as he brought his trembling old hand over his eyes, appearing ashamed and embarrassed.

"Yes you can, tell me...please..."

"I don't know...you'll probably be horrified." he told her.

"Come on, just say it...I want to help."

"Well, I can't remember what it feels like to touch a woman. I...I don't have much time left and I know I am never going to feel the soft tenderness of a womans body again," replied the crafty scheming old boy.

He saw her pause to think for a moment and so he wiped a tear from his eye, just to really pull at her heart strings.

"I...I told you that you would be horrified," he said to her through his wheezing breath.

She felt so sorry for him and if this was what she had to do to make an old man happy in his final days then how could she be so selfish as to not grant his wish.

"You can touch me...i...if you like."

"Really?" he asked as his face seemed to light up at the thought.

"Of course," she said as she shuffled along the bed a little closer to him.

His open toothless mouth seemed to quiver and his hands trembled as he raised them from the bed towards her unable to believe what he had just heard her say.

"Are...are you sure?" he asked as his eyes went straight down to her tits.

"M...may I?" he asked politely as he held his hands up in front of them.

"What?" she replied.

"May I...you know...please?"

His entire body seemed to tremble as he waited for her response.

What choice did she have, "yes...yes of course."

The expression on his pathetic old face was a picture as he placed his hands against them and slowly began to sink his crooked bony old fingers into them amazed at how incredibly firm they felt. His eyes seemed to almost pop out of their sockets as he watched his hands feeling and squeezing this magnificent and beautiful pair of tits through the thin lambswool sweater.

She found it all a little creepy and couldn't watch turning her head to one side looking down at the floor. She knew it was the right thing to do giving this man a little pleasure in his final days and it wasn't going to hurt her or cost her anything, so why not.

He was in heaven as he massaged her huge firm breasts, squeezing them harder and harder. He wanted more and so he lowered his hands to her waist and began lifting her sweater upwards. As soon as she realised what he was doing she took hold of his hands and said, "no, I don't think that's a good idea."

Realising he couldn't push his luck too far he stopped, but instead simply slipped his hands under the front and onto her bare stomach. It was very toned and smooth, she obviously kept herself very fit. She took her hand away and looked back across at the floor, which to him was a sign that this was ok and so his hands crawled ever so gently upwards. Soon his finger tips felt the fine lace detail of the underside of her bra, and so, still receiving no objections, his hands wandered higher until he had both lace covered tits firmly in his grasp.

"Ooh thankyou," he whispered, "thankyou so much, this is just what I needed."

Suddenly she snapped back to the reality of what was happening and realised he was getting too excited. She took his arms and pulled his hands out from under her sweater. "I think we had better stop now," she said quite firmly.

However he had other ideas and with her still sat on the edge of the bed he rested his hands on top of her thighs and began sliding them up under her skirt.

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