tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 06

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 06


The following morning Mandy lay in her bed going through the previous days events. She couldn't believe what she had done, she felt the usual mixture of embarrassment and disgust, but this time she also felt physically sick at the thought of the state of old Bernard.

"You stupid idiot," the beautiful young 20 year old thought to herself as the image of the bed ridden dirty old man went through her mind. "How could you? how could you?" she kept muttering to herself as she seemed unable to quite believe that she had let such a vile and disgusting old man get his own way with her.

She tried to console herself, at least it was only wednesday and she knew she didn't have to go to see George until friday, so maybe she should try to put it all out of her head until then.

Her folks had all left for work and so she got herself out of bed, had a nice long shower and applied her make-up ready for work. Her clean clothes were still out on the washing line and so she wrapped herself in her thick white full length dressing gown and went out to bring them in.

"Good morning sexy," came a voice that she knew only too well.

It was Ted standing the other side of the fence in his garden giving her a good look up and down. "Just checking you haven't forgotten what you're doing today."

"What? What do you mean?" she replied as she took her clothes from the line.

"You know, you're going to visit my friend today."

"Oh no," she told him, "I went yesterday."

"Well that was very kind of you but I told you to go today, so come on get yourself ready," he told her as he looked at his watch.

"No way......I.....I can't.....please."

"Oh yes you can," he replied sternly. "He was rather upset that you didn't say goodbye yesterday."

"B...but he fell asleep so I thought it best to just leave him."

"Well of course he fell asleep, he's a very old man. He was very disappointed to wake up and find you had gone.....he was enjoying himself so much," he said with a grin on his face.

She couldn't believe he was asking her to go back to see that ancient fossil of a man, just the thought of it made her feel sick, why was this happening to her? She knew she had to do as she was told but this was asking a hell of a lot.

"Come on then, I have to be off to work in 30 minutes," he said trying to speed her up.

Ted was semi retired now and had a part time job collecting the trolleys in the local supermarket car park. It was a crap job but he enjoyed it, mainly because there were more than a few gorgeous girls that worked there giving the old pervert much to fantasize about.

"Let me in," he told her, " I don't have much time and I want to choose what you're going to wear."


"Come on, come on," he said as he began to walk around to the front of the house.

With that she went back inside and opened the front door. Within just a few seconds Ted was standing in her hallway. She couldn't even bring herself to look at him she was so disgusted by the fat smelly old pig of a man.

"Oh before I forget," he said, "I need you to give me Georges address."

"Why?" she asked.

"Never you mind, just write it down here for me," he ordered handing her a note pad from the hall table.

She had to do as he said even though she was worried why he might want it. As soon as she had written it down he snatched it back from her and stuffed it in his pocket.

He paused for a moment to look up and down her as she nervously held her gown tightly closed. His gaze fixed on her chest, "what do we have under here?" he enquired as he went to move the top of her dressing gown aside.

"Stop it!" she barked as she swatted his hand away.

The dirty old pervert just smiled, "ok ok, calm down," he told her, "luckily for you I'm a bit pushed for time." Lucky for her but unlucky for him as his cock was already starting to harden just from being in her presence.

He turned and walked straight through the house and into her bedroom. "Right let's find something for you to wear," he said as he opened her wardrobe and began searching through her clothes.

"No," she told him, "leave my things alone."

He simply ignored her as he carried on so she tried to plead with him again.

"N....no please don't make me go, I went yesterday......please...please."

He stopped and turned to her with an angry expression on his face and said, "that was your choice now I'm telling you you are going and that's the end of it.......don't forget I have a copy of that tape and I'd be quite happy to show it to a few people."

She looked down at the floor knowing full well that she couldn't refuse as he turned back to her wardrobe and carried on going through her things. She had a lot of clothes and old Ted was enjoying going through them seeing what there was.

"Well well, what do we have here?" he asked as he pulled an old carrier bag from the back.

"None of that stuff fits me anymore," she told him, "it's only some old school stuff."

He emptied the contents onto the floor, it was her old gym kit from her school days. His eyes lit up as he saw a short navy blue gym skirt with matching navy blue panties. He picked up the two garments, "oh yes," he whispered. The skirt was so tiny he knew instantly this was what she was going to have to wear. Also in the bag was a navy blue button front school cardigan, again a few sizes too small.

"That'll do," he said throwing the things at her, "get them on now."

"B....but I haven't worn these things for a couple of years, I...I doubt they'll fit," she tried to explain knowing full well how she would look if she wore them.

"Just put them on!" he barked as he left the room for her to get dressed, "oh and no bra under that cardigan!"

He had a plan to get over to Bernards before she did and set up the video camera that he had gone out and bought especially for this purpose. If George wasn't going to give him a copy of his tape then he would have to make one of his own just in case Mandy were to find out that he didn't really have one.

He was just about to leave when the bedroom door opened and she stepped out. He froze to the spot and stood there with his jaw almost on the floor. He knew he had no time to stay but he found it impossible to move.

"Fuck...in.....hell!" he proclaimed.

He didn't know what to do, he needed to go but there was no way he could leave her looking like that, she just looked so fucking incredible. The navy blue cardigan was so tight that the buttons were struggling to hold the front together, her nipples were clearly visible through the thin knitted fabric. When she would have bought it she was obviously not the magnificent 34F that she is now, the sleeves were the right length but the size of her tits stretched it so much around the body that the bottom was pulled up above her belly button.

That in itself was too much to resist, but the little navy gym skirt and matching panties made for the horniest sight he had ever seen. The skirt was so short that it could barely conceal the beautifully shaped ass that was underneath. Any slightest movement she made gave a flash of the tight panties.

He let go of the door handle that he was just about to open and started walking towards her. "Oh fuckin' hell, fuckin' hell, oh yes..." he muttered as he approached her. He felt his face flush with excitement and his cock fully harden almost instantly.

She could see the look of lust in his eyes and side stepped with her back to the wall to keep away from him.

"Y...you said you had to go...." she said nervously.

"I do, but m...maybe I could just have a quick feel first," he replied as he just stared at her body reaching his hands out towards her.

Unsure what to do she turned and tried to run but the dirty fat old pervert was too close and too strong and pinned her face first up against the wall.

She felt his hot smelly breath on the back of her neck as he kept muttering, "oh yes, oh yes," over and over. Unable to move she pleaded with him to let her go but his bulk had her pressed hard against the wall.

He was so turned on that he couldn't stop himself, he knew he hadn't got the time but she looked so amazing, he just had to release the lust that was building like a pressure cooker inside him.

He buried his sweaty red face into her lovely blonde hair, it smelled so fresh and clean everything about her was just so beautiful.

Unable to move she felt his hot sweaty hands wander down the sides of her body and onto her hips. He whispered excitedly into her ear as his hands roamed across her ass, "oh God look what you do to me, you get my cock so fuckin' hard."

He began to fumble around and she heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down, she knew what was coming and knew she could do nothing to stop it.

He looked down her back at the way her ass stuck out under the tiny skirt showing off her panties. He took his smelly old cock out from his trousers oozing with pre-cum and pressed it against her panties between her gorgeous ass cheeks.

"Ooh you cock teaser, you drive me crazy you dirty little bitch," he puffed as he couldn't resist grinding his cock against her ass.

All the while she's trying to push herself away from the wall but this only served to heighten his excitement as it pushed her ass back against his cock even more.

As he slobbers and licks around her neck it makes her skin crawl, he reaches around her and cups her pussy in the palm of his hand. His breathing gets heavier and heavier on the back of her neck as he extends his middle finger and presses the crotch of her blue gym panties into the damp folds of her cunt.

Again she pleads, "no no please I don't want this.....please..." but the wetness he feels soaking through the crotch of her panties tells him a different story.

As he continues to hump his cock against her panty covered ass he knows he has no time to waste, the pre-cum is pouring from its tip and he can't hold out for much longer.

He puts his arms around her waist and lifts her in the air, carries her through to the dining room and pushes her up against the table, the edge digging into the front of her thighs. Her struggling makes no difference as he puts a hand in the middle of her back and pushes her face down over the table. With the other hand he tugged her panties to one side exposing her lovely sweetly scented young cunt.

As he looked down the sight of her bent over the table in her gym skirt was more incredible than words could describe, "ooh look at that, look at that," he said as he admired her ass. He couldn't take it any more and pushed his desperate cock against her wet slit and, without hesitation, drove the filthy smelly thing right into her as deep as it would go.

"OH FUCK YESSS...YESSSSSS!!!!!!" he cried out, "OH GOD YESSSSS!!!!!!"

No sooner was it in than he started thumping away into her, his heavy balls slamming against her with every thrust. He was already on the brink and knew it wasn't worth trying to make it last and so he just kept on going, harder and harder, faster and faster until in what was only a matter of seconds bucket loads of spunk exploded from his cock and pumped deep into her womb over and over again.

"OH YESSSS, YESSSSSSS, FUUUUCK!!!!" he cried as the immense satisfaction washed over him, "ooooh yes, yes, mmmmmm lovely, he muttered as the final drops were all too soon being pumped into her pulsating wet pussy.

With both hands on her ass cheeks he massaged them slowly as he brought himself back down to earth.

"Ooh God I needed that, mmmmmm," he groaned as his body relaxed.

After a few seconds he stepped back and his cock slithered out of her juicy hole. Feeling satisfied he zipped it back into his trousers, smacked her hard across the ass and laughing told her to go clean herself up and get over to Bernards right away.

Without another word he turned and left, leaving her slumped over the table. She straightened herself up and went to the bathroom to clean up feeling angry and used but also reluctantly rather turned on by the whole experience. She even considered having a quick play with herself before she left but that would mean admitting to herself that she had enjoyed what had just happened and she couldn't do that. So she just put on a long overcoat to hide what she was wearing and headed off for the care home as she had been told to.

Meanwhile Ted had got to Bernards room where, being a late riser, he was still sound asleep. He positioned the camera on top of the wardrobe and turned it on to record. He checked that Bernard was still asleep before creeping back out only to meet Mandy coming down the hall.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him somewhat puzzled.

"Oh I...erm I was going to let him know you were on your way but he's fast asleep so I thought I had better leave him for you to wake up," he replied.

"Oh...ok...erm maybe I should just leave him to sleep then," she suggested in the faint hope that she might get a last minute reprieve.

"No, he wants to see you and I want you to wake him up in a special way."

"What special way, what do you mean?" she asked.

Ted took her coat by the collar pulled her close and said in a menacing tone, "I want him to wake up to find you sucking his cock, I know he would like that."

"W....what? p....please I...I don't,"

"Understand!" he said interrupting her.

She bowed her head in defeat before reluctantly saying, "I understand."

"Go on then," he said directing her to the door, "don't let me down, I will find out." At that he left for work, already over 20 minutes late.

She opened the door and quietly went in, it was quite dark with just a few rays of sunlight coming in between the gaps in the curtains. She approached the bed and shrugged her coat off letting it drop to the floor. As instructed she had on the tiny blue gym skirt and matching panties together with the undersized cardigan. She knew how sexy the outfit looked and seriously wondered if he would have a heart attack if he woke and saw her.

She noticed how loud his breathing was, he sounded so unhealthy and his chest crackled every time he exhaled. Nervously she lifted the covers off him and was surprised to see him completely naked, not a pretty sight, in fact he looked rather creepy. His frail old body looked terrible, every bone was clearly visible through his tissue thin white skin. This was the oldest man she had ever seen without any clothes on and the sight made her feel as if she might be sick.

As she stood against the edge of the bed she looked down at his monster cock laying across his skinny old leg. Even limp it was still much bigger than anything she had ever seen, it was simply huge.

She knew what she had to do and stood for a moment trying to prepare herself. The thought of putting this filthy old mans cock in her mouth filled her with disgust, but she had no choice other than to get on with it.

She bent over the bed and took the base of it in her hand lifting it from his leg. As her pretty young face got closer the smell of it was disgusting, much as you would expect an 84 year old mans cock to smell.

She closed her eyes tight as she nervously placed her sweet lips tenderly against it, the taste was as bad as the smell but she had no choice but to carry on. As she slowly sucked the purple head into her mouth she felt it instantly stiffen and grow. As it got harder and harder she placed her other hand around it too, even with both hands on it they only covered about half its length.

As she started to suck on it old Bernard let out a groan and chewed on his gums as a smile came across his face. She stopped for a moment and waited to see if he was waking up, then seeing he was still sound asleep she brushed her lovely blonde hair back from her face and bent back down to carry on sucking on his cock.

He thought he was just having one of his naughty dreams as he seemed to drift in and out of that state of not knowing if your asleep or awake. He knew he was feeling extremely horny, so much more than usual and the dream felt so real that his cock felt as if it was harder than it had ever been.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," he moaned as his hips started to automatically rise and fall over and over getting faster all the time.

Mandy struggled with both hands to hold his cock back from choking her. It was so big now that her mouth was stretched wide over the end of it as she tried to accommodate its massive girth.

The sensation was so incredible that pretty soon Bernard started to wake. As he came around he was confused to find the feelings were still there, if anything more intense. Thats when he flickered his eyes open and looked down to see Mandy leaning over his bed sucking him off.

He let out a gasp as the realisation suddenly swept over him, what an incredible way to be woken up. His cock was so hard and to wake up to find it in such a beautiful girls mouth was better than any dream he had ever had.

She knew he was now awake and, just wanting it over with, chose to try and ignore the fact as he writhed in the bed trying to force his cock up deeper into her mouth.

As his eyes focused he saw what she was wearing. "Fuck me!" he exclaimed at seeing that the little skirt she wore didn't cover her ass at all giving him a beautiful view of her panties as she leaned over him.

He twisted himself in his bed and reached his crooked old hands out for her gorgeous ass. "I want it....please I want it," he begged her.

She knew what he meant and turned her ass towards him to enable him to touch it. "If I give him what he wants this will be over sooner rather than later," she thought.

Instead of grabbing her ass though he took hold of her leg and tried to lift it on the bed. Somewhat confused she released his cock from her mouth and stood up to ask him what he wanted her to do.

"Climb on the bed, come on," he told her, "please, I want to taste your lovely sweet cunt."

She now knew what he meant and knew she had to do as he asked. So she climbed onto the bed and over him until she was knelt either side of his head with her feet pressed against the headboard. He couldn't take his eyes off the crotch of her panties as she positioned herself on top of him.

Now in the "69" position she took his dirty old cock back into her mouth and set about sucking on it as hard as she could swirling her tongue around it.

The tiny gym skirt was useless as it merely framed the gorgeous ass that was just an inch or two from his face. He brushed his nose against the crotch of her navy blue panties and breathed the scent of her cunt in deeply.

"Oooooooh.....God, oooooh....God" he moaned. The smell drove him wild as he continued to sniff and lick at the now damp fabric stretched across her cunt. He raised his crooked old hands and ran them up and down her legs feeling the smoothness of her firm tanned thighs either side of his head.

He was overcome by a need stronger than anything he had ever felt as he hooked his bent old fingers under her panty crotch and pulled it aside exposing her lovely wet cunt. He admired it for a moment before pushing his face as hard as he could into it. His tongue drove deep inside as he licked and drank on her juices, all the while rubbing his face around all over it.

He grabbed at her ass cheeks and slipped two fingers from each hand into her now soaking cunt pulling it apart so he could see deep into her tunnel, his cock was unable to hold back any longer and he bucked his hips thrusting his cock to the back of her throat like a rampant dog.

She was getting out of control herself as she felt his bony old fingers against the walls of her cunt and his toothless old mouth chew on her clit sending her into orgasm. Suddenly she pushed her cunt back hard against his face and started grinding it around and around, her juices pouring from it all over him.

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