tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 12

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 12


Just five days after being taken into hospital on his 85th birthday Bernard sadly passed away. Having been ill for a long time it really came as no surprise to anybody and the care home already had all the arrangements in place for his funeral.

Ted hated funerals and couldn't be sure until the actual day as to whether he would go or not. He was sure of one thing however, and that was that Mandy was going, she may not want to, but Ted knew that it's what Bernard would want more than anything. To have a gorgeous hot young woman mourning him at his funeral is what every man would want, and they just didn't come any more gorgeous or hot than Mandy.

On hearing the news Mandy was surprisingly a little upset and, despite everything, agreed with Ted that she should go. She told him that she would go alone, obviously not wanting to be associated in any way with him. The only instruction Ted had for her was to dress up nice and to look her very best for the occasion.

The day of the funeral came, a warm sunny day, not hot but just comfortable. It was booked for 11am and Mandy spent the morning taking a long soak in the bath before getting herself ready.

The colour of the day was of course black, and Mandy dressed herself to perfection as always. Rather than bare legs she had decided to wear black seamed stockings, not to be sexy but simply because that was all she had, she prefered them to pantyhose, which she never wore, she always felt that they were for someone older like her mother.

To hold them up she wore a black suspender belt that fastened onto the stocking tops with metal clips, the straps detailed with a fine lace frill. The rest of her underwear was part of the same matching set, the black panties had a detailed lace front while across the ass they were of the smoothest silk that clung to her cheeks beautifully. The bra, of course, looked very sexy with the black lace half cups effortlessly holding out here incredibly magnificent 34FFs.

Over it all she wore a short black skirt that stopped a good three or four inches above the knee, short and figure hugging but respectable.

On top she wore a simple black ribbed turtle neck sweater that clung tightly to her curves making no attempt to conceal the magnificence of her huge chest.

Her gorgeous blonde hair hung down and she had given it a subtle outward flick around the edges. So, feeling good about the way she looked, she headed off for the funeral.

She had decided to take a taxi there as her high heeled shoes were not really designed for walking too far in.

The taxi came and on the way there she wondered how the driver, a huge fat old black man with a bad case of body odour, was able to see where he was going as he seemed to spend the whole journey looking her over in his mirror. He even adjusted it slightly so he got a better view of her legs in the short skirt and, of course, her huge tits in the tight sweater. When you look like Mandy though you simply get used to this sort of attention and learn not to react, you have to, even though you know the person is having dirty thoughts about what he would probably like to do to you.

Choosing to ignore the pervert driver Mandy gazed out of the window and wondered what the day would bring. One thing she knew for sure was that if those two old men from the other day were there she would not be making the same mistake again. She couldn't believe she had been so stupid, how could she have let that happen without first finding out the facts. Well at least she had learnt from this and wouldn't be making that mistake again, if she saw them then they had better just stay away from her.

On arriving at the church Mandy got out of the taxi and went around to the drivers window to pay him.

"You want me to wait and give you a lift back after?" he asked rubbing the curly grey stubble on his fat chin.

"No thanks," she answered knowing full well he was undressing her with his eyes.

"Maybe I could waiver the charge," he suggested as he looked her over.

Knowing exactly what he meant Mandy just threw the money in through the window, glancing down as it landed in his lap to see a huge bulge in his trousers. Irritated by his cheek she turned and stormed off. As she hurriedly walked away she knew he was watching her ass all the way until she was out of site.

When she got to the church where the funeral was to be held she found everyone was already inside and it seemed that the service had started. Quietly she slipped in through the door and took a seat at the very back managing to remain unnoticed.

She was surprised to see just a handful of people there. "Not much to show for 85 years," she thought. Looking around she tried to see if she recognised anyone, Ted definitely wasn't there, but there was one familiar face sitting down at the front, it was the old drunk from the other day.

Mandy decided to keep her head down in the hope that he wouldn't see her. There was of course nothing he could do as she now knew he knew nothing of the tape, but she didn't want the possible awkward confrontation.

At the end of the service Bernards coffin was taken out to be buried in private and everyone was told make their way back to the care home where there were refreshments.

As it was only just around the corner Mandy thought it would be nice to go. Mandy felt quite safe knowing that there was nobody there that knew who she was except for the old drunk, and he was no longer a threat, and so off she went.

As they all left the church Mandy felt something pinch her bum. As she swung around she saw it was the old drunk, still wearing the same old piss stained suite and apparently still quite drunk. As they got outside Mandy pulled him to one side out of earshot of everyone else and told him in no uncertain terms to leave her alone. If he was to touch her again she would scream and call the police.

"Ok ok," he replied holding up his hands as if in surrender. He heard what she said and found it a little confusing, he even wondered for a moment if maybe he had got the wrong girl. A quick glance over her body however soon confirmed that she of course was the same, there could be no mistaking that mind blowing figure.

As everyone walked back to the care home the dirty old drunk followed her unable to pull his eyes away from her gorgeous ass in the short black skirt. With every click of her high heels on the street each cheek took it in turn to give a sexy little jiggle. He couldn't help his smelly cock growing hard in his piss stained trousers as his eyes wandered down her legs in the black seamed stockings. He knew a girl like that wouldn't give someone like him a second look, in fact no female of any age shape and size would, but then what about what happened the other day? He was very confused.

Not one to give up easily he came along side her and asked why she was being like this, after all he was just trying to be friendly.

Disgusted by the stench of his breath and annoyed at his persistence she again told him to go away.

Now he was beside her he couldn't help but stare longingly at her huge tits bounce and sway under the tight black sweater with every step. Fully aware of the filthy old drunk leering at her she picked her speed up and strode off ahead. All he could do was follow on, his frustration growing more and more as he continued to ogle her.

Back at the care home everyone gathered in the common room where there was a free buffet of food and drink. As Mandy helped herself she noticed the old man come back over to her with a large glass of beer in his hand. He stood next to her just staring as he took a huge swig from his glass. The drunken old slob seemed somehow unable to prevent most of it from pouring down his filthy grey beard.

She could tell he was getting more intoxicated from his increasing self confidence, not to mention his inability to stop himself constantly swaying from side to side.

"Oh come on please," he slurred, "lets go to my room, I only want a little feel, eh? come on please!"

"Will you get lost!" she snapped keeping her voice to a whisper so as to not bring any attention.

He staggered a little closer whimpering like a love sick puppy as he looked down at her tits. "Just a quick touch....please!" he begged as, unable to help himself, he brought his hand up.

Just in time Mandy slapped it away before he made his grab. "I'm not going to tell you again!" she said angrily as she turned and stepped away.

The dirty old drunk was so frustrated, she was such a turn on. He knew he wasn't going to get anywhere but he found it so hard to control his lustful urges.

While all this was going on and unknown to Mandy, Ted had arrived and had been watching her from over by the door. He could see the trouble she was having with the disgusting old drunk and an idea came into his head.

He was in need of a second video, having received many requests from his very satisfied customers. He didn't want to be in any of them himself but he wondered if there was a possibility here.

He reached through the crowd and grabbed the old mans arm discreetly pulling him away. He took him out into the hallway and explained that he knew Mandy and may be able to help out.

The old drunk listened intently at what Ted had to say, every now and again he would stumble forward and put his hand against Teds shoulder for support. Ted was not the most hygenic of people himself but this filthy old alcoholic was disgusting.....even to him.

Trying to keep away from his foul smelling booze fuelled breath, Ted explained what he would do. The old man, blinded by the need to get his hands on Mandy, agreed to everything he said without question.

Ted took the drunks room keys and went back to his car for his video camera. Next he let himself into the room and set the camera up on the windowsill with the lens poking through the curtains. As he left the room he walked past the common room he gave the old boy a wink, his signal that everything was in place.

Barely able to contain his excitement the filthy old drunk staggered across the room, his eyes drinking in the beauty of his luscious young prey as he approached her.

Mandy saw him heading towards her and, as she was about to leave anyway, headed for the door. As she got out into the hallway the drunk called after her, "I just want you to autograph my video for me......you're very good in it"

She stopped dead in her tracks unsure what to do, she realised he must have got a copy of the tape after all. As she turned to see him looking back at her with a huge confident smile on his face she stopped to think for a moment.

"Video? What video?" she asked.

"Oh you know the one," he said.

She didn't want to upset him if he had a copy of the tape, and she had managed to keep him under control so far, so perhaps she would be able to just sign it for him and then leave.

"Ok but thats all," she insisted as she walked back towards him.

She looked just incredible as she approached him, his head was in a spin as he watched her massive tits under the tight sweater seemingly defying gravity as they gently rocked from side to side with every step.

Her slender waist showed off her shapely hips beautifully. Then there was the short black skirt showing off her gorgeous legs encased in black stockings, she was an absolute wet dream come true. If that wasn't enough she was so very pretty too, with her blonde hair and angelic face. He desperately needed this plan to work as he didn't think he would be able to control himself for much longer.

As he turned to make his way down the hall ahead of her Mandy could smell the stink of alcohol and sweat hanging in the air, it was vile.

Once at the room she followed him in and asked where the tape was as she was in a hurry. Seeming to take no notice of what she said he walked around behind her and shut the door. Feeling slightly panicked she tried to remain strong and reminded him that if he touched her he would be sorry.

"That's not what Ted said," he replied.

The words shot through her like a bolt of lightening, "w...what did you say?"

"I said, that's not what Ted said...." he paused to see the reaction on her face, "he said you would be nice to me...."

She backed away until she found herself in the corner up against the wall, she knew now that once again she had been trapped.

He could see from her body language and the look on her face that he had struck a chord with her. She suddenly seemed less confident and he could tell he now had some power over her. "Ooh yes," he said looking her up and down as he moved in closer to her, "you know you've been teasing me all day."

"P...please don't," she pleaded as the filthy old pervert stood just inches away from her. As he smiled at her his dirty grey beard parted revealing a mouthful of broken yellow teeth. As soon as he started to speak she was hit by the intoxicating stench of alcohol from his rotten breath.

"Just a little feel....eh?" he asked feeling confident that the mention of Teds name had had the desired affect.

"N...no!" she replied as she put her hands against his shoulders to try and keep him away.

Unfortunately he was so excited at being alone with her that there was no way he was going to give up, not without satisfying the desperate need to at last have a grope of that incredible 20 year old body standing right in front of him.

He placed his old hands on her waist and took a step closer allowing him to slid them down over her hips and then behind her until they were firmly placed over her ass. As he finally squeezed those firm rounded cheeks that he had been admiring all day he let out a quiet groan of pleasure. Faced with the inevitable Mandy closed her eyes tightly as he placed his filthy bearded face against hers and kissed her passionately on the lips. She felt quite sick as his foul tongue forced its way between them and began to ravish the inside of her mouth.

He was now getting so extremely carried away and started to tremble all over with excitement as his hands felt her ass all over. It was so firm and tight, each cheek a good sized handful. After a few minutes his hands found their way down the backs of her stocking clad legs and then followed back up under her skirt.

As he felt the straps of her suspender belt and her bare skin above her stocking tops he let out a long sigh, he knew it just didn't get better than this. Soon his hands found their way to her silk panties stretched tightly across her cheeks. With his cock rock hard in his trousers and crying out for attention he started to grind it against her.

Mandy felt sickened by the revolting old man but unbelievably and without explaination she could feel her nipples harden and a slight tingle down below. This couldn't be happening, not again, there's no way she could be starting to enjoy this.....could she?

The old man released her ass and pushed her sweater up and over her tits leaving it bunched up under her neck. "Fucking hell!" he cried as, without hesitation, he grabbed at the huge glands and squeezed them hard through the black lace bra. Squashing them together forced more and more cleavage upwards until there was more out than in. The old boy couldn't believe what he had in his hands as he started to drool and slobber all over them, grunting and snorting like a pig.

With his bearded face pressed into them he went from one to the other sucking licking and chewing them all over muttering, "oh yes yes....oh God yes yes yes mmmmmm yes."

The excitement was all too much and suddenly he felt his balls tighten and his cock begin to pulsate, he knew he was soon about to come and had gone beyond the point of being able to hold it back.

"Quick, oh God quick!" he cried as he fumbled to undo his trousers knowing he had no time to lose. As he undid them with one hand he pushed her down to the floor with the other.

As she fell to her knees she opened her eyes to see his swollen rock hard cock sticking out of his smelly piss stained trousers, the bulbous purple head wet with pre-cum and pointing straight at her.

"Come on come on, quick!" he pleaded with desperation.

Knowing what had to be done Mandy opened her mouth and without a moment to lose he forced it in all the way to the back of her throat.

"Oh yes!" he cried with relief as he felt the warm wetness of her mouth envelope it. He placed one hand against the wall for support and the other on top of her head as he started to pump her pretty face with his filthy smelly cock.

"Suck it hard, go on, harder," he barked.

It felt incredible as it ran along the crease of her tongue, which was now pressed hard against its underside, with every stroke

Unable to hold back he looked down at her beautiful sweet face just as he exploded his thick creamy spunk to the back of her throat. He let out a cry of relief at finally offloading the huge quantity that his balls had been carrying around all day.

All Mandy could do was close her eyes tight as she swallowed it all straight down. With the back of her head against the wall unable to move he kept on ramming his cock deep down her throat emptying more and more of the stuff into her. With every inward thrust her pretty nose became buried in his stinking thick pubic hair and his fat hairy stomach squashed against her forehead. After a minute or so he started to run out of steam and drew his cock back and ordered Mandy to lick the tip clean, which she had no choice other than to do.

As soon as she had finished she got to her feet and rushed to the bathroom to wash her mouth out. Before returning to the room Mandy straightened her clothing and took a moment to compose herself, she hoped that that was it.

In the meantime the drunken old man sat himself on a wooden bedside chair that he had pulled in front of the door. As Mandy returned to the room she saw where he was sat and realised that he was blocking her way out.

The old man had pushed his trousers and underpants off so he was sitting there with his lower half completely naked, not a pretty sight. He was holding a silver hip flask that he took the occasional swig from as he continued to look her all over.

As she stood in front of him he offered her the flask, "go on, take some," he said.

She paused for a moment and then took it from him, "anything to help me through this," she thought as she swallowed a good mouthful. She coughed violently as it went down her throat, she didn't know what it was he was drinking but it nearly blew her head off.

"Right," he said taking the flask back from her, "strip!"

"W...what?" she asked, hoping she hadn't heard him right.

"You heard," he said, "strip!....the top first."

From the hungry look on his face and the constant need to lick the drooling saliva from his lips she knew he was serious.

After a moments pause she quickly pulled the black sweater off over her head and threw it on the bed behind her. The old pervert seemed to jump in his seat with delight, his pleasure clear to see, not only from the expression on his face, but also from the swelling hardness of his cock.

He watched wide eyed as she unhooked the back of her skirt, slid the zipper down and let it fall to the floor. Now standing in her matching black underwear complete with stockings and suspenders the old drunk couldn't believe how incredible she looked, just as if she had stepped straight off the pages of a high class porn magazine. He never believed that he would ever be lucky enough to see a girl like her in the flesh let alone have one completely at his mercy.

Excitedly he watched, his breathing getting heavier as she reached behind and unhooked her bra strap, it seemed to fall away from her almost in slow motion as simply the most fantastic pair of breasts he had ever seen came into view.

"Oh fuck yes," he whispered amazed at how they gave a little bounce as they sprang free. He stared in awe at the way they defied gravity, the bra seemingly serving no real purpose as they remained almost in the same position with or without it.

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