tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 15

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 15


That night Mandy locked the door to her room to keep the dirty little nerd Peter at bay. With her eyes closed Mandy lay there in bed thinking of everything that had happened since her first meeting with old George.

As her mind started to wander she questioned herself over why she reluctantly seemed to enjoy being used by these disgusting people. The more she thought about it the more she began to realise where these feelings came from, and she could pinpoint the exact moment in time when it all started.

She remembered an incident that occurred when she was 18, almost a year before she met old George. She hadn't given it any thought in recent months with everything that had been happening, but she does remember that recounting the event in her mind used to always get her so excited that she would often use it when she wanted to enjoy a little solitary self pleasuring.

What happened to her would have been extremely unpleasant and shocking to anyone else, and it should have had the same affect on her but for some reason it really didn't. At the time she knew it was a horrid and nasty thing and it was something that she wouldn't have wished on her worst enemy, but afterwards, although she could never bring herself to admit it, she found she couldn't help thinking about it and getting turned on every single time she did.

It was one of those things that unfortunately just sometimes happens and, although she was the victim, she was too ashamed to ever tell anyone. However she could remember it all in such detail, and the whole experience had a deep impact on her. As she lay there analysing why she found it such a turn on she found her mind drifting back to that day two years ago........

Being a pretty blonde 18 year old college girl meant that you were always bound to get rather a lot of attention. But when you're a pretty blonde 18 year old college girl with unusually huge tits and a college uniform that involves wearing the shortest skirt you could get away with, then you get more than your fair share, in fact it was, of course, constant.

It was a hot summers day and Mandy took a shortcut, as she often did on her way home, across a private field edged by dense woodland. The grass was long but there was a well trodden dusty path that she had used many times before that took you around the edge by the trees.

At about half way there was an old bench, as she approached it she saw a homeless old tramp that she had seen there a few times sat catching the sun. Next to him stood his rusty old bicycle with two old plastic carrier bags hanging off the handlebars stuffed full of all his worldly goods.

As she walked by him she felt a little uneasy at the way he was unashamedly staring at her, ogling her. Being a hot day she had taken her blazer off and was carrying it over her arm, she sort of wished she had kept it on as she was aware that the cut of her white blouse did nothing to conceal the enormous size of her tits.

As she walked past with her pretty blonde ponytail swaying from side to side, she held the hem of her short grey college skirt down with her hand afraid that a sudden breeze might give him more of a thrill than he bargained for.

This went on for several days, her walking by trying to ignore him, and him glaring at her obviously enjoying what he saw. It made her feel uneasy as he looked a little scary, but the alternative was another fifteen minutes on her journey to walk all around the outside of the field and trees.

Friday afternoon came and she was thinking how she was going to spend the weekend as she crossed the field on her way home as usual. Remembering she was about to walk past the old tramp in his regular spot she decided to put her blazer back on, not that it really concealed her huge tits but it made her feel a little less exposed to his gaze. As she approached she saw that he wasn't there, the strange thing was however his bicycle was still propped up against the bench. Confident that he wasn't around and being a hot day she slipped her blazer from her shoulders and continued on past the bench clutching it in her hand.

As she went on another few yards she heard a groaning sound coming from the trees. When she looked she saw the old tramp leaning up against a tree bending forward holding his stomach. Mandy stopped and wondered if she should ask him if he was alright. She felt nervous about approaching him but at the same time she couldn't help being concerned for him, as she stood there deciding what to do he let out another groan as if in some pain.

She couldn't just walk on by knowing this poor old man may need some help so she waded through the long grass towards him.

"Are you alright?" she called out as she got closer to him. She seemed to have forgotten for a moment how uncomfortable he had previously made her feel. Her attention was on the fact that he was in pain, she didn't stop to think how tempting she must have looked in her uniform with her short skirt with her incredibly huge tits trying to bust their way out of her crisp white blouse.

He looked up at her as she got nearer and reached out a hand towards her. "Help me Pretty," he begged. Mandy found his referring to her as "Pretty" as rather sweet, and the fact that he was such a very old man seemed to help allay her fears slightly.

When she got close enough to him he reached out and grabbed her forearm, at the same time he let out another painful groan and held his stomach.

"Should I call for an ambulance or something?" she asked him.

"No no Pretty, just give me a few minutes and I'll be OK."

She couldn't help feeling nervous at the way he had a firm hold of her arm, as she looked at him she could see just how old and disgusting he was. He wore a long ragged coat that was absolutely filthy and torn all over. He had a dirty thick grey beard and his craggy old face, that she had thought was just very suntanned, turned out on closer inspection to be just plain dirty. His calloused old hands too were black with dirt and the underneath of his finger nails were absolutely thick with muck.

With one hand he held her arm and the other he held his stomach, holding his dirty old coat together at the same time.

Mandy was aware of the way he was looking her over and wished she hadn't taken her blazer off as she caught him several times sneaking glances at her tits.

Again he groaned, "ooh its so painful...it hurts."

"Can I do anything to help?" she asked him feeling rather concerned.

"Well...maybe you can Pretty," he answered and then paused with a shifty look in his eye.

"Well?" she asked, "what can I do?"

"I have this problem, and you, more than anyone else, I'm sure can help me."

He opened the front of his old coat and Mandy just froze, she couldn't believe what she saw. His filthy old trousers were unzipped and his huge dirty old balls were hanging out. But more shocking for her was what was standing up above them. He had a huge erection, his cock did indeed look painful, it was so big and hard with a swollen purple head that looked as if it could explode. It seemed to be as thick as her forearm and was all gnarled and dirty with veins bulging from it up and down its length.

As she stood there rooted to the spot unable to move, the old tramp smiled at her displaying a mouth completely void of any teeth. She knew what the situation meant, he wasn't in pain at all it was all just a trick.

"Maybe if you would just rub it for me Pretty, I'm sure it would start to feel better," he told her. "I...I would do it myself but my hands are so hard and rough that it would hurt even more."

Still unable to move or even speak Mandy just stared at it feeling too scared to say anything that may upset him, but at the same time feeling intrigued, even mildly excited.

He raised his hand to her face and gently brushed the back of his fingers over her cheek, the smell of his hand so close to her face was awful. "You're so soft Pretty, help a poor old man out of his agony...mmmm?" he said as he licked his lips expectantly.

As he let his hand drop slowly from her face he brushed the back of his fingers across her left breast, pausing for a moment while he pressed against it slightly feeling its firmness.

He lowered his hand further, took her other wrist and guided her hand towards his swollen cock.

"No!" she said as she pulled it away from his grip. She knew she should have screamed or ran or something, but instead, for some strange reason, she just remained where she was unsure what to do.

"Ooh come on," he said, "don't tease a poor old man like this." He reached out and again took her wrist and moved her hand towards his aching cock, "just touch it for me....please...just for a second."

She wasn't sure if it was fear or excitement that was affecting her, but reluctantly this time she allowed him to place the palm of her hand against the underside of his cock and she gently wrapped her fingers around it.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," groaned the filthy old tramp as she held the disgusting smelly thing in her hand. It felt huge as she slowly began to feel her way up and down it. She was amazed at how hot it was, and the way his skin seemed to ripple over the hard deep ridges that covered it from base to tip seemed to fascinate the beautiful and naive 18 year old.

"Slowly slowly," he quickly told her as she started to rub it for him, "that's it nice and gently, oooh yes Pretty, I want this to last."

She could hear what he was saying and knew that she definitely shouldn't be doing this, especially for a disgusting old tramp like him. But she could see the incredible pleasure he was experiencing and somehow that gave her a good feeling inside. This was probably why she did nothing when she felt his dirty calloused old hand against her bare outer thigh and start to move up higher and higher until it vanished under her short college skirt.

She could see he was starting to shake with excitement as his hand slipped around behind her and started to feel her ass through her white cotton and lace panties.

"Oh yes Pretty, you are good at this, ooh it feels so nice," he muttered as she continued to feel her way up and down his swollen old cock.

Amazingly she still did nothing as his grubby fingertips wormed their way under the edge of her panties and started to feel their way over her lovely tight ass cheek. Soon his hand was right inside feeling her bare ass, he squeezed it tightly feeling its wonderful round firmness, as he did his fingers carefully moved lower down between her legs.

Mandy allowed him to continue without protest, something that she realised must have been a great surprise to him, not to mention an even greater and unbelievable treat. A treat that only got better as she moved her hand down to the base of his shaft so she could extend her fingers and experience the feel of his huge balls with her fingertips. She then placed the palm of her other hand over the throbbing purple head of his cock and started to gently squeeze and massage it, she found it's wet coating of pre-cum meant her hand could easily glide around over it.

With both of her hands now lovingly caressing his filthy hard cock there was no way he could resist raising his free hand and cupping one of her gorgeous huge tits. Mandy knew he was close to coming as he groaned with excitement, his hand lifting squeezing and mauling one tit then the other, the filthy thing leaving grubby marks all over her fresh clean white blouse.

Suddenly she felt his hand groping her ass reach down further, his middle finger extended until it was between the lips of her now wet pussy. A smile came across his dirty old face as he slipped the finger up inside her.

"Ooh I know what you want Pretty," he whispered, and with that he started to flick his finger in and out of her slit making her wetter and wetter.

Finally she gave the first indication that she was starting to enjoy it, "oh God...." was all she could say as the splashing sound of her juices against his finger became louder and louder. She knew it was all so wrong but she couldn't deny she was getting so turned on by it all, she felt like such a naughty cock teaser.

Soon he was pushing her panties down her thighs until they fell to the floor. At the same time she started to wank his cock faster, when all of a sudden he pulled away.

"Whoa!" he cried, "no no no not yet," he whispered, "I'm not going to let this chance go by."

Then, without asking if it was OK with her, and some sense of urgency, he quickly turned her to face the tree telling her to put her hands out in front of her and lean against it. Next he put a foot on the ground between her legs and nudged her feet apart. Now standing about 2 or 3 feet away from the tree with her hands against it she had a pretty good idea how she must have looked.

With her back arched inwards and her incredible ass jutting out with her little grey skirt draped teasingly over it, only just concealing her now naked pussy, she had a good idea what was coming next.

She looked over her shoulder to see him shrug his scruffy old coat off. He then stood there for a second or two feasting his eyes on the unbelievable sight before him. "Oh look at that," he whispered in a tone of utter disbelief.

She couldn't believe that she was just standing there waiting, she knew she should tell him to forget it, it wasn't what she wanted but she felt she had no choice other than to allow him to have his way, after all she had driven him to it and it wouldn't be fair to expect him to stop now.

She felt him place his calloused old hands on her hips and hold her firm as he stepped up behind her. He squeezed her slender waist so tightly that his fingers almost met under her stomach. Her skirt was so short that as he stepped up behind her his huge erection simply vanished straight up under the back of it. Suddenly she held the tree tight as she felt his dirty swollen cock nudge against her soaking wet cunt lips.

"Ooh fuck Pretty, yes oh yes," he sighed as he pressed against her and his purple head slowly slipped inside. Then, unable to control the urge any longer, with one huge groan of pleasure he drove himself straight up inside her, burying his cock deep in her incredibly tight wet tunnel.

Mandy had never experienced such a thing, the walls of her cunt were stretched more than they had ever been.

"N...no please, don't please," she finally managed to say in an attempt to save herself from the indignation. But he just ignored her and as he slowly started pumping into her she found the sensation caused by the deep ridges along the length of his massive hard cock surprisingly just so amazing.

Suddenly he started pounding into her harder and harder, moaning and groaning as he did. "Oh fuck yeah," was all he kept on saying over and over.

She looked down to see his huge balls swinging back and forth between her legs as he hammered into her. The temptation to reach down and take hold of them was strong, but as she went to touch them she met his hand reaching around her as he tried to undo her blouse. He was failing miserably so she pushed it aside and took over, she undid the buttons of her blouse quickly followed by the front clasp of her white lace bra.

As soon as her tits tumbled free he reached with both hands from either side of her and grabbed them.

"Oh fuck yes! God what big fuckin' tits, oh yes!" he cried as he massaged them roughly over and over, squashing and squeezing them in his filthy smelly old hands. His breathing got heavier as his pace quickened, faster and faster he pounded his dirty big cock into her, mauling her tits as if he had never felt anything so incredible in his life.

As Mandy reached down and grabbed his balls in her hand he suddenly let out a cry. "Oh fuck fuck fuck!" he shouted as he was unable to control himself any longer. Instantly he released one of her tits and grabbed her pony tail pulling her head back towards him.

She felt his balls tighten as he cried out, "OH YEAH TAKE IT YOU DIRTY BITCH TAKE IT ALL!!!" Then all of a sudden as if a canon had gone off inside her she felt her cunt suddenly fill with his dirty hot spunk. He slammed into her over and over, pulling her hair and squeezing one of her huge firm tits as hard as he could as he pumped load after load of his filthy seed deep inside her.

At the same moment out of nowhere she felt herself being thrown into a most incredible orgasm. It was so intense that it caused her knees to buckle under their joint weight and they both collapsed to the floor. Now on her hands and knees he continued to squeeze every last drop from himself into her, taking the time to allow his hands to have a good feel of her amazing young body.

All too soon it was over and his cock slipped from inside her and he fell back onto the ground.

"Aaaw don't go," he said as she got to her feet and pulled her panties back on. Picking her blazer up from the floor she didn't even look back at him as she ran off buttoning her blouse back up as she went.............

..........That was two years ago and in all that time Mandy had never felt any anger towards the old tramp, she knows the affect her appearance has on men of all ages and he was, of course, only human, she knew how it must have teased him every time she walked by, and understandably it got to the point that he could stand it no more.

Unknown to Mandy, while she had been sleeping the night away, Peter had been dismantling his video recorder to retrieve the tape. After an hour or so he managed to free it and was pleased to see that, although it was a little chewed, it was still in one piece and so he crept downstairs in the middle of the night to watch it on the player in the front room.

He was stunned by what was on it and soon realised why it was so important for her to get it back, he simply couldn't believe what he was watching. He quickly saw this as a golden opportunity, one that comes along once in a lifetime, if you were lucky, an opportunity that had to be seized with both hands.

He knew he had got her! She didn't know it but she was about to see a very different side to the little nerd, the real Peter, a sex mad little pervert frustrated by an almost constant erection and a head forever spinning with a million disgusting thoughts.

Mandy awoke and readied herself for work, as she dressed she could hear that Mary was up and about and so felt it safe to venture downstairs. However halfway down the stairs she met Mary coming back up saying that she was going to take a quick shower. Mandy didn't want to be alone with the spotty jug-eared little geek Peter but now had no choice other than to make her way to the kitchen alone to get herself some breakfast.

As she walked in she noticed Peter sitting at the table munching on his cereal. Determined to get this situation under control she turned to him and told him in no uncertain terms that yesterday was a one off and that she wanted that tape back right away. She knew he was a pathetic and weak little runt and hoped that the stern tone with which she spoke to him would let him know she meant business and catch him off guard.

Unfortunately it wasn't going to work, he knew exactly what power that tape gave him and he was brimming with a cocky confidence that didn't really suit him.

Sitting there in a dressing gown that seemed to engulf his skinny frame, he pushed his breakfast bowel away and got to his feet.

"I've been waiting all night for you," he said as he placed his hands on his hips to display the obvious erection forming a huge tent in his dressing gown.

He just stared at her, very pleased with what he saw. She wore a simple pure white t-shirt that looked just incredible clinging to her huge tits showing them off beautifully, their magnificent size and shape emphasized by the tight fit around her narrow waist and flat stomach.

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