tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 30

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 30


Mandy had finally passed her driving test and was enjoying the freedom that came with having her own car. It wasn't much of a car just a small runabout, but it was enough for a 20 year old girl to get around in who, at the same time, was saving hard for a place of her own and so didn't have much money.

It was a warm Saturday night and the pretty big busted blond was on her way home from spending the day with a friend who had moved away about a year or so ago. It was a journey of about 30 miles that took Mandy through some narrow twisty country roads that she didn't know very well at all.

The two of them had planned a couple of games of tennis as they often used to play together, but there was a problem. Although Mandy was dressed for it she had forgotten to wear one of the most important things, her sports bra. The half cup lacy number that she had on was a good fit and an expensive garment but not really the sort of thing that a big busted girl like Mandy could wear for something like a good game of tennis.

So in the end they spent some of that afternoon catching up over a couple of drinks in a local bar. Mandy knew she had to be careful not to have too much as she had the long drive home and having just got her license she certainly didn't want to risk losing it already. But as is so often the case one drink led to another and before she knew it she had probably had one or two more than she should have, she wasn't drunk at all but she was a little concerned.

Anyway the couple of coffees and bite to eat she had before she left hopefully had put things right.....................................

................................Seth Green was your typical middle-aged lazy slob of a man, with a dead end job no money and fat nagging wife that made his life a complete misery. The years of slouching in front of the television swigging beer all night had taken their toll on his already ailing 57 year old body. He hated his life and what he was but he never seemed to try to do anything about it. It had gotten to the stage where everything was so boring and mundane that he sometimes wondered what the point was in going on. Not that he was the sort to ever really consider taking his own life, he was far too cowardly for that, and besides he would probably get it all wrong and fail miserably as he did with most things. He could easily see the rest of his life ahead of him and it wasn't something that filled him with much in the way of optimism. This was not least because he was such a useless lump that who just couldn't be bothered to make things change, so he really had nobody but himself to blame.

On this particular Saturday he had been doing much the same as any other, sitting on his fat sweaty ass watching television while his equally fat and sweaty wife spent most of her time going on at him. He tried his best to ignore her moaning on about the state the house was in and asking him when was he going to do something about it....but it wasn't easy!

By about 5pm he had had enough of the constant irritating sound of her voice and got up from the sofa he had been slumped on all day to go out.

"Oh about time!" She shouted with a roll of the eyes, "not going to actually do something is he!"

Still taking no notice of her he glanced at his reflection in the hall mirror as he passed it. Looking back at him was an overweight unfit lump of a man who seemed to be looking older with every passing day. Pausing for a second he leaned forward to inspect a yellow stain he had noticed down the front of the smelly old string vest he was wearing. He remembered the runny egg sandwich he had for lunch and with a shrug of indifference he just ignored it. The tatty old garment did nothing to conceal his flabby man-boobs or the round hairy beer belly that hung over his trousers.....he wasn't a pretty sight, and he knew it.

Without a word Seth walked out through the front door and went to get into his car, his wife following closely behind asking him in a sarcastic tone where on earth he thought he was going.

Years of practise gave him the ability to just completely ignore her as he got into his car, started it up, and shoved it into gear. "Anywhere where you're not," he grumbled through clenched teeth as he pulled out of the driveway and headed off down the road.

As he drove out of town he stopped at a small corner news agents to buy something before heading off to a secluded spot on a quiet country road that he knew well. His beaten up old car rattled it's way along the deserted narrow lanes until he came to the clearing next to a field where he had pulled in so many times before. He liked this spot because he rarely saw anyone else and he knew he would be undisturbed so he could have some time alone to indulge himself in what was probably the only pleasure he still had in life.

He turned the engine off and reclined his seat a little before opening the brown paper bag containing his new purchase. Inside was the latest edition of his favourite adult magazine. He always picked this one because it came crammed full with pictures of young big busted models, and as far as he was concerned there was nothing better on this earth than beautiful girls with huge tits.

As he pulled it out a smile came across his fat unshaven face as he cast his eyes over the picture of the scantily clad girl on the cover. He wasn't a complete fool, he knew the girls inside were the kind that he could only ever hope to dream about.....but then what's wrong with dreaming? Girls like these didn't exist in his world, and even if they did they would never give someone like him even the time of day, more than likely they would look at him as if he was something they had just trod in. But so what! Seth had a good imagination, and in the privacy of his thoughts he could be with girls like this and they would let him do whatever he wanted.

He made a quiet low grumbling noise as he made himself comfortable by propping the magazine up against the steering wheel so his hands were free. He began to thumb his way through the pages licking his lips and muttering his delight at the pictures of all the beautiful girls inside. The sad old perv' soon came to the pages that contained the photo set of the girl on the cover.

"Mmmmmm ooooh yes, you dirty bitch," he mumbled to himself as he looked her over.

She had everything he loved. A very sweet pretty face, lovely blond hair an incredible firm round ass and, most importantly, an absolutely huge pair of tits.

He took a moment to read the article that accompanied the pictures which told him she was 19 and just out of college. Apparently she loved to have men ogle her tits and, if they asked nicely, she was quite happy to let anyone have a feel.

"Oooh yes I bet you would you cock teasin' fuckin' bitch," he whispered. Everything that was written was complete bullshit of course but the old man obviously knew it, but it was so much better to believe what he was reading no matter how ridiculous it sounded.

The first pictures were of her looking a right tease in some very sexy white lacy underwear sitting on the edge of a bed. Instantly Seths hand dropped into his lap to take care of his swelling erection. He squeezed the ever growing thing through his trousers as he began to imagine himself there in the room with her.

He continued mumbling under his breath, "ooh fuck me....you want some of my cock?"

He looked every bit the filthy old pervert thumbing through his dirty magazine licking his lips as he slowly examined each picture in turn. He could almost hear her voice so soft and seductive in his head......"Ooh yes touch me....please touch me."

He made a strange deep grumbling sound and smiled as he slowly continued through the sequence of pictures. They were the usual sort of thing, laid out on a bed in her sexy underwear very slowly removing it little by little as they progressed. He turned the page to find the next picture was of her laid on the bed with her knees up and wide apart, her bra was gone and her tits stood up like mountains as she held one of them in her hand. Her other hand had slipped into the front of her lace panties making it look as if she was fingering herself.

"Oh yes yes, you want it don't you, you want my cock in your lovely wet pussy...." He continued.

In his mind he could hear her almost pleading with him, "yes yes yes, mmmmmmm ooooh yes please...." With a lick of the lips he began to rub his cock harder and faster through his trousers, the deluded dirty fat old fool was in a complete world of his own.

The next few pictures showed her slowly peeling her panties down her legs. "Yes ooh yes you dirty fuckin' cock teaser," he went on as he now gripped his erection firmly through the material of his trousers and wanked himself as furiously as he dare, he didn't want this over yet.

Now he was looking straight down at her facing him with her legs wide open, her eyes shut with one hand massaging her huge left breast while the other now fingered her glistening gaping pussy.

Old Seth came back to the real world for a second and had a quick furtive look around to make sure there was no sign of anyone else on the quiet country road before unzipping his trousers and releasing his huge throbbing cock. It sprang out with ease standing up hard and straight, he was such a lazy slob that he hardly ever bothered putting any underpants , and today was no exception. The unclean smell of the dirty old thing seemed to fill the car as he turned to the next page.

She had turned herself over and was now on her knees with her gorgeous ass in the air, her face turned towards the camera with a look of pleasure all over it as her huge heavy tits swayed beneath her. The fat old slob puffed and panted as he grabbed his cock firmly in his sweaty fist and pumped it up and down trying desperately not to go too fast, "you want it you bitch You fuckin' want it!"

The next picture was the same only now she had reached down along under her body and was parting her wet pussy lips with her fingers. He could still hear her voice in his head, "ooooh Seth what a huge cock, mmmmm you dirty bastard please I want it in me oooh please...please fuck me with it!"

The dirty old wanker imagined himself kneeling behind her rubbing his swollen purple helmet against her gorgeous juicy slit. He wanted it to last as long as possible but the thought of forcing his cock into that lovely wet cunt was almost too much to take.

Just then his concentration was broken by the sound of a car coming along the road.

"Shit!" He cursed as he dropped the magazine onto his lap to cover his erection and quickly leant his elbow on the door handle and rested his head in his hand trying not to look suspicious.

It came from behind and the old boy closed his eyes so it would look as if he was just having an innocent nap in the peace of the countryside. As he heard it drive by he pretended not to notice it and waited for it to carry on it's way. After a few seconds he figured it safe to open his eyes, but as he did he was annoyed to see it had pulled over on the side of the road about 50 yards ahead.

"Oh for fuck sake!" His anger soon grew as he noticed from the slight angle it was parked at that it seemed to have a flat front tyre. "Oh shit! Might as well fuck off home," he grumbled.

The driver was Mandy, and as she turned her engine off she sat in there for a second trying to figure out what to do. Something was wrong, she had no idea what, all she knew was that the car felt funny and was making a funny noise. As she got out it didn't take her too long to see what the problem was, she had a flat tyre. This was a first for the novice driver and instantly she felt a mild panic wash over her....now what was she supposed to do?

From where Seth was parked the car obscured his view, but he could definitely see she was a girl, and a blond one at that, suddenly he seemed in a little less of a hurry to drive off.

Mandy wasn't even sure exactly where she was, and even if she knew she couldn't call anyone because she had no signal on her phone. She instantly felt anxious and close to tears as she just stood there at a complete loss. It was then that she looked back down the road at the beaten up old car that she had just passed with the old man sleeping in it. Knowing she was miles from home and feeling rather frightened at the prospect of being stranded out in the middle of nowhere she wondered if the old man might be the sort of good samaritan to help her out.

With no choice other than to give it a try she started the brief walk back down the road towards him. She prayed that he would know what to as the alternative didn't bear thinking about.

Old Seth saw her walking towards him and sat up straight as his eyes focused on her. He hurriedly stuffed his swollen erection back into his trousers and slipped his dirty magazine under his seat.

"Fuck me!" He muttered as he watched the gorgeous young blond coming closer and closer.

It had been a hot day and Mandy was still dressed for the game of tennis that never happened.

She wore a yellow cotton vest top with a fairly low scooping neck that displayed an ample portion of her impressive cleavage. Being yellow it showed off her golden tan beautifully, but Seth wasn't paying too much mind to that, he was too busy ogling the clearly massive pair of tits that were gently bouncing and swaying within. The little stretch cotton top clung tightly to her curves displaying for his hungry eyes the phenomenal contrast between the size of her incredible knockers and her tiny slender waist.

In recent months Mandy had found her bras getting a little tight and having gone out to get fitted for some new ones she found she had now gone from a spectacular 34FF to a mind blowing 34GG.

As if that wasn't enough she wore the sexiest little white tennis skirt that was so short that that it offered a very real possibility that it may reveal a little more than it should.

"Jesus Christ!" Seth whispered under his breath as she came alongside the car.

"Excuse me," Mandy asked politely,leaning forward so she could speak through his opened window. "I don't suppose you know anything about changing wheels do you?"

Old Seth couldn't quite believe his eyes and couldn't help but stare straight down into her huge swollen cleavage. Without realising it the pretty 20 year old was treating him to a spectacular view of the full firm roundness of her incredible breasts.

"Look at the size of those fuckin' tits!" He thought to himself. Still feeling the pulsating erection in his trousers he wondered if he was dreaming, it was as if someone had sent him this "angel" as an answer to all his prayers and wishes. It was one of those unbelievable situations where you kind of wish there was someone else there to witness what was happening. But there wasn't, and it was real....and he had to answer her question before she started thinking he was some sort of weirdo.

"Er, yes...yes, I think so, let's have a look. I..er...I'll just get me jack out of the back and I'll follow you back over there."

Mandy was so relieved to hear his words that she didn't pay any mind to how fat old and dirty he was, she didn't even notice the fact that as he got out of the car he had a suspicious looking lump in his groin area. All she could see was a knight in shining armour who was going to save her from this nightmare situation that she found herself in. She was so pleased that she could easily have thrown her arms around his neck and given him a huge hug, but as he was a stranger and may have thought her a bit weird she decided best not to.

Old Seth got his jack and wheel spanner and started to follow her back up the road to where her car was. It was only then that he got a good look at the unbelievable shape of her cheeky ass draped in the sexy little skirt. He had never seen a girl with so much going for her, her ass was as perfect as her tits. He could feel his cock harden as he watched the movement of each beautifully rounded cheek thrusting out in turn stretching tight the fresh white fabric of her skirt.

"Ooh you fuckin' cock teaser," he thought to himself as he watched the sway of her fit young ass in that lovely short skirt. "You know what you're doing you little bitch, you know I'm looking too don't you..."

The fact that he had been interrupted mid-wank was enough in itself to leave him in an excited state, but this girl was sending him over the edge, it was almost unbearable. This couldn't be happening, all the times he had dreamt of the gorgeous girls in his magazines and now here he was presented with a girl that, as unbelievable as it sounds, easily put them all in the shade.

As they got to her car he could feel his heart pounding in his chest like he had never felt it before. Sweat broke out across his forehead and his mouth dried as his eyes continued to roam up and down the body of this stunningly beautiful fresh blond haired girl.

"See!" Mandy said pointing at the wheel, "flat as a pancake!"

The old man had to quickly avert his gaze and focused on the tyre. "Oh yes, I see," he said as he struggled down onto all fours to have a look, puffing and wheezing as he did.

"Anything I can do?" Mandy asked feeling a little awkward at seeing this overweight old man struggling, he was doing her a huge favour and she couldn't help but think she should be doing something to help.

"No no," he puffed, "it's okay I can manage." As he spoke he took the wheel spanner and started to loosen the wheel nuts. "Shouldn't take too long," he told her as he started to jack the car up off the ground.

The trouble was being so out of shape he found the physical exertion of changing the wheel quite hard, but the real problem was the hardness in his trousers. All he wanted to do was finish what he had started earlier....preferably all over this lovely cock teasing little bitch!

"Oh my names Mandy by the way," she said as she sat on the grass verge at the side of the road.

"Seth," he answered, "my names S...." His concentration was broken by the view he suddenly found himself presented with as he looked over at her.

Mandy had no idea that from the way she was sitting, quite low to the ground with her head in her hands and her elbows resting on her knees, that she was giving him a view straight up her skirt. He couldn't believe his luck! Although he tried not to let her see him looking he couldn't help himself, he could see all the way up to what was clearly the white of her panties between her lovely tanned legs.

He just stared with his mouth open as his eyes focused on what he could now see was a thin strip of very sexy white lace, and not only that, he was sure he could see the crease of her pussy pressed against it.

The sex hungry old man's mind was now racing. She had to know he could see! Was she doing it on purpose? Was she deliberately trying to wind him up?

It was only the briefest glimpse as Mandy suddenly realised what she was doing. "Ooh sorry about that," she said as she quickly repositioned herself. Quickly realising that she was never going to hide her modesty sitting there she got back to her feet.

Old Seth tried to focus his attention back on the job in hand, but it wasn't easy. She was just so beautiful in every way and he couldn't get the image of what he had just seen out of his mind.

But he had to concentrate and with some effort he soon had the wheel off. He looked it over and could soon see why the tyre was flat. "Here's your problem," he said, "look!"

Mandy crouched down beside him this time with her knees tightly clamped together as he pointed out the small nail sticking out of the tyre. She pretended to be interested, but to be honest she didn't care what the problem was, all she cared about was if he could fix it so she could be on her way.

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