tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 32

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 32


The recent encounter with Ernie had left Mandy questioning many things about herself. She knew deep down she had always enjoyed being a tease. Even way back when she first encountered old George she knew she got a certain thrill from seeing the affect she had on him, and this thrill was something that had been becoming more and more obvious as time went on.

She knew all the men she had encountered were disgusting, but at the same time she also knew that if she had really and truly wanted to she could have refused their demands, surely that's what most people would have done! So why didn't she? After all she was a beautiful 20 year old blond with a body that staggered everyone she met, she could have literally any man she wanted without question. So what was it about these dirty sad old men that she despised without question that left her feeling so aroused?

The answers to these questions were staring her in the face, they always really had been, but she only began to accept it one morning as she awoke from a deep and satisfying sleep. As is often the case she couldn't remember what she had dreamt about, all she knew was that whatever it was it had left her feeling very moist between the legs. So much so that the lovely 20 year old needed to play with herself to bring about a quick and desperately needed orgasm before she could even get out of bed.

This was when, for the first time, she had the courage and self honesty to accept the answer to the question that had been bugging her for so long. As she brought herself to a very powerful climax she saw the faces of all the sad and lonely old men flash before her eyes. Every one of them appeared a disgusting and filthy specimen of a man, not the sort that you would normally expect a pretty young thing like Mandy to think of when needing to fulfil her sexual urges. It was then that the reason hit her, of course, it suddenly seemed so obvious. It wasn't their ugly faces that excited her........what she truly found exciting was the expressions on them!!!

You see she knew just what a sexy girl she was, and she knew the almost unbearable temptation these men felt when in her presence. At the same time she knew just how deprived and desperate dirty ugly old men like these had to be, which led to them being ultimately so incredibly grateful. They would have dreamt of girls like her so many times, and they would know they would have more chance of flying to the moon than ever even meeting one. Then she would come along like an answer to their prayers, with the gift of her incredible body being flaunted before them like some sort of dream.

They couldn't help being the way they were, they were only human and still had the same urges as any younger man. The trouble was they were never given the opportunity to vent them in the same way. This was what made them more grateful, and it was that gratitude and disbelief that she saw in every one of their lust fuelled faces.

So, still feeling incredible horny and with these thoughts flying around in her head, Mandy dressed for work. Even yet she debated with herself whether to even consider giving in to her true desires or not, after all the very idea was almost perverse. She knew it was wrong and anyone would be disgusted if they knew, but she couldn't help but wonder about the satisfaction she might get from teasing some poor unfortunate.

It was a lovely sunny day and as she made her way on the bus to work she was soon presented with a situation that she could maybe use to try out her theory. She wasn't going to throw herself at anyone, but she did wonder if she might get a small thrill from teasing some poor unsuspecting guy.

Mandy wore her estate agents uniform as usual but being a hot day she had decided not to wear her jacket. She knew how she looked in the crisp white blouse that hugged her figure tightly as it struggled to contain that massive pair of 34GGs. Her short red skirt too attracted a lot of attention, the tightly fitting garment displaying the most incredibly sexy ass imaginable. As a change from the usual, and partly because of the way she was feeling, she wore a fine pair of black seamed stockings that looked so sexy with the red of her skirt.

It was standing room only, as always, and Mandy had noticed while waiting at the bus stop a scruffy old man that she guessed to be about 50 - 60 with his dull and dreary looking wife. He looked familiar and after pondering why for a moment she realised she had often seen him walk by her house.

She caught him craftily eyeing her up, not in an obvious way, more in a sneaky terrified of being caught sort of way. There was nothing unusual about this, it happened all the time with men of every age. But this man looked a bit of a sad old boy with nothing much going for him. It was obvious too that his wife looked like the typical sort of old battleaxe that had long since closed the door on any sort of sexual activity. He wasn't doing anything wrong, most other men at the stop had checked her out too. But he was obviously being careful though in case the wife caught him looking.

Mandy actually felt a little sorry for the bespectacled little man while at the same time having to stop herself from giggling as she looked him over. He wore a pair of old khaki shorts that hung baggy around his scrawny white legs. On his feet he wore grey ankle socks and open toed sandals, not a good look. He had on a plain white t-shirt that had obviously had all the shape washed out of it as it didn't seem to fit all that well. The most noticeable thing though was his greasy grey hair, or rather its style. He was obviously bald on top but had combed his hair forward from halfway down the back of his head, it looked quite ridiculous.

Everything about him looked old and tired and rather sad, from the scruffy baggy old shorts to the ludicrous comb over. The sight of Mandy in her work attire was probably the highlight of his day. Every time she glanced in his direction he quickly looked away, it was obvious that he couldn't take his eyes off her....and who could really blame him.

His wife had managed to get the last seat on the bus and didn't seem to care that her husband was left standing. The seat was near to the front and the poor old boy was left out in the centre aisle gradually being pushed further and further towards the back. Mandy too was left standing and as the bus filled up she too was shunted further and further back until she was standing right in front of him.

There was an unpleasant whiff of body odour in the air but that didn't deter Mandy from her thoughts. She knew that if she wanted to this would be a golden opportunity to be rather naughty and do some serious cock teasing. She found herself standing with her back to him and as the bus lurched off couldn't help but wonder what thoughts would be going through his mind.

As she glanced around the bus at all the early morning "zombies" gazing blankly out the windows she noticed a chrome light fitment just above her head. It was almost mirror-like and as she checked herself in it she noticed the old mans reflection right behind her as clear as day. With nobody much paying any attention she could clearly see him looking down and soon figured he was staring at her bottom. He had no idea she could see him and probably wasn't even aware that every few seconds he was licking his lips as his eyes feasted on the glorious sight right before him.

Mandy again glanced around the bus. A couple of guys were obviously checking her out as they looked away rather awkwardly when they realised they had been caught. Other than that nobody was paying much attention to anything. She again looked at the old boys reflection and watched as his eyes roamed up her back before moving his head slightly to one side as if trying to see over her shoulder. As he kept on ogling her in a not very subtle way it quickly became obvious he was trying to have a sneaky look at her magnificent bust.

She knew that like all the others he would have probably given anything to be allowed to reach around and take them in his hands, a thought that, as it so often did, made Mandy feel rather smug. She continued to watch as he looked furtively around the bus before again casting his old eyes over her fit young ass.

She didn't know why but the urge to give him a treat was beginning to overwhelm her, all she knew was the affect she was clearly having on him seemed to excite her. It must have been the devil within but she just knew what it would mean to the pathetic scruffy old guy to accidentally get a quick touch of the untouchable.

That was when she decided to do something. She arched her back a little which caused her shapely ass to stick out even more than usual and waited for the bus to slow down. She again checked the reflection and saw the old man looking down at her rear, the expression on his sad old face was a picture. Now she was feeling mischievous and all she needed was a way of breaking the ice with this pathetic looking loser, and so quickly came up with an idea.

As the bus picked up speed again she pretended to lose her balance and stepped back to steady herself. As she did she felt her bum make contact with his groin area and, acting as if she lost her balance, she fell backwards against him. In an instant he instinctively grabbed her by the waist to steady her. Mandy grabbed his wrists, apparently by accident, to save herself from falling. The lucky old boy just stood there as she pushed them down as if she was trying to hold herself up, and in doing so she moved his hands down over her hips. Then, taking a second to compose herself, (and giving him a generous opportunity to freely feel of the smooth tightness of her skirt), she turned to face him keeping his hands in place the whole time.

"Oh thank you," she said quietly enough so as to not draw attention to the situation. Standing extremely close and with her breasts now lightly pushing against his chest the cruel little cock teaser looked straight into his eyes.

For a few seconds the old man didn't know what to do, being this close he could have so easily leaned forward and kissed those succulent pouting lips, the temptation was mouth-watering. At the same time his mind was focusing on two other things that had grabbed his immediate attention. First his hands resting on her hips and his fingertips now just reaching the start of the swell at the top of her delicious ass. Secondly the two magnificently huge firm knockers that were now gently pressing into his chest.

"Y...you're welcome," he replied politely but clearly very nervously.

Mandy noticed his ever reddening face and, as she slowly stepped back from him she asked, "I know you don't I?"

"Er...y....yes yes," he replied sounding rather surprised. "I live behind you, er, m...my garden backs onto yours."

"Oh yes!" Mandy replied as if she now remembered. The truth was she had never known who lived in the house behind theirs, she had never really paid it much attention at all, but he clearly knew who she was.

They exchanged pleasantries for a few seconds, all the time the old boy was clearly embarrassed, he seemed to trip over his words as he tried to speak and his face grew redder by the second. The fact was the old man wasn't used to speaking to attractive young women especially ones that look like Mandy.

Soon the conversation dried up and they both turned away and gazed off out the window. Mandy couldn't help but wonder if he was excited by this brief and apparently innocent experience. She wondered what thoughts were really going through his mind, and if she had caused him to have any swelling down below.

Just then the bus stopped and a few people got off leaving a seat available next to where they were standing. Mandy pretended not to notice it and so the elderly man sat himself down next to some kid with headphones on in a world of his own staring out the window into the distance.

Now rather enjoying her teasing little game and feeling the urge to give the stranger a bit more of a thrill Mandy stood a little closer holding onto a ceiling strap with one hand. Turning away slightly she discreetly popped the third button on her blouse, the one under the most strain directly between her outward thrusting tits.

As she turned back to face him she appeared to casually gaze out of the window apparently unaware of her slight wardrobe malfunction. But as she glanced down at the old boy it was clear that he had noticed straight away. He fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat and, although he knew he could get caught at any minute, he couldn't help but take advantage of the situation and feast his eyes on the cock hardening spectacle.

She had positioned herself so her chest was directly in front of his face and just a matter of inches away. She knew he exactly what he could see, the pretty little red bow between the two huge 34GG black lace cups of her bra. Not only that but also, she felt sure, a small part of her deep cleavage. She felt so powerful and smug as she took a few quick glances down delighting in the gormless expression of complete wonderment all over his silly old face.

Then, as the bus went over a bump in the road, the huge pair bounced and swayed gently in their lacy confines giving the old man a treat that caused him to gulp down the excessive saliva welling in his mouth.

Just then the bus stopped and the guy sat by the window next to the old man stood up and got off the bus leaving the seat vacant.

"May I?" Mandy asked gesturing towards the empty seat.

"Oh yes, s..sorry," he quickly replied with an air of nervous embarrassment. It must have crossed his mind to let her clamber across him, but he couldn't, that would just be too obvious. Instead he shuffled across leaving his seat for the pretty young blond to sit down on.

Mandy now had another opportunity to exploit in her mission to mercilessly tease the old boy.

She sat so close that her thigh was hard up against his and then, acting all innocent, she crossed one leg over the other exposing the dark black band of her stocking top. This was too easy, she knew she had to be sending the poor old boys head into a spin. From the corner of her eye she could see him furtively glancing down every few seconds at the wonderfully sexy spectacle she was freely giving to him. With her hands clasped together on her lap she pretended not to realise, and as she gazed down the bus she was surprised by his next move, a move that confirmed what she was doing to him.

He seemed to have an itch as he scratched his knee quite vigorously for a few seconds. When he finished however he left his hand on his leg and it seemed to somehow "accidentally" slip down between them so the backs of his bony old fingers were now touching her stocking clad thigh. Mandy pretended not to notice but he was definitely trying to have a feel as his fingers moved slightly as if rubbing against the nylon.

Still she ignored what he was doing, he was now obviously excited as he lay his other hand in his lap directly over where he was undoubtedly having trouble with his swelling erection. As Mandy was now approaching her stop she decided to "notice" her unbuttoned blouse and subtly she fastened it back up.

With her little game now coming to an end Mandy readied herself to get off the bus. As she did she slid forward on the seat and, holding the back of the seat in front, paused a moment before getting to her feet. The old boy must have had a near heart attack because in that moments pause Mandy had exposed not only her stocking top, but also a portion of her bare thigh together with a length of black lace suspender strap. Then, feeling quietly smug, the naughty little tease got to her feet and left the bus.

As she began to walk the short distance to work she heard a woman's raised voice behind. A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed it was the old man's wife, they had got off at the same stop. She was giving him all sorts of grief over what had just happened. Although he was completely innocent of any wrong-doing it didn't seem to stop her from accusing him of all sorts.

Mandy slowed her pace to try and listen to what was being said. "You stupid pathetic old fool," she ranted, "I saw you drooling over that blond tart like an old pervert!" The old man just looked down at the ground mumbling some sort of apology.

"Tart?" Mandy thought to herself, "how dare she!"

Still it didn't take away the feeling of power that came with what she had just done, not to mention the slight turn-on of knowing the frustrated state she had probably left him in. Mandy smiled to herself as she imagined the pathetic sex starved old man alone later desperately poubding on his cock masturbating over the whole experience, even though it seemed pretty mild and innocent to her.

Anyway the events of her working day soon put the whole thing to the back of her mind. Until, that is, she was again on the bus heading home. She remembered that the old guy had said he lived in the house behind hers, and with it being Friday and with the whole weekend ahead of her she felt the teasing little devil within once again begin to stir.

When she got home she poured herself a glass of lemonade and went to sit out in the garden for a while before getting changed. With the sun still hot and the early evening breeze she relaxed back in her chair and decided to take a short while to just chill out.

Still dressed in her skirt and blouse and with her legs sheathed in the black stockings she decided to undo the top buttons of her blouse to catch some sun on her cleavage. She considered removing her stockings so her legs could get the sun too, but figured it wasn't worth bothering with as she would be getting changed to go out shortly anyway.

Sitting out on a reclining chair on the lawn she began to doze off in the heat of the sun. For about 20 minutes she sat there in that half asleep half awake state when she suddenly thought she heard a rustling sound coming from the bushes at the end of the garden. The pretty young blond listened for a moment before coming to the conclusion that it had to be birds.

After a few minutes she heard the noise again but still thought nothing of it. Looking down herself she undid another button on her blouse and spread it open revealing even more cleavage along now with the edge of her pretty black lace bra.

As she settled down to enjoy just another 5 minutes in the sun there was an almighty crash that sounded like something heavier than a bird hitting the fence and landing in the bushes. It was quickly followed by a strange groaning sound.

Mandy quickly leapt to her feet and went to see what all the commotion was about. The fence at the bottom of the garden was quite high but with the aid of a conveniently positioned rock she managed to peer over the top and down the other side.

"Oh my goodness!" Mandy exclaimed as she saw in a crumpled heap on the floor surrounded by broken bushes the old man she had met earlier. Laying across his chest was an old stepladder, he seemed to be in some pain. "Don't move!" She cried.

Without hesitation the kind hearted girl rushed as quickly as her stilettos would allow out into the street and around the corner to the old mans house. She rushed through the gate and into the garden where he had managed to crawl out from the bushes and onto the lawn.

As he lay there staring up at the sky he heard the "click click" sound of her heels on the garden path as she hurried over to him.

"Where does it hurt?" The concerned 20 year old asked.

"M...my leg," he groaned as he held the top of his thigh. "I...I think I've pulled something." His face was beaded with sweat and his expression was one of somebody in pain.

"I'll go and get your wife."

"She's not home, she's away now for the rest of the weekend," he replied.

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