tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 34

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 34


Mandy spent the rest of the day after her encounter with Doctor Smith at the very least feeling betrayed by a man whom she should have been able to trust, and at worst angry at herself for letting him get away with it without putting up more of a struggle. On top of this she was also angry at him for his sheer nerve, who did he think he was? What gave him the right to think he could just take advantage and use her without so much as a care for how she felt, just because he couldn't control his excitement did that mean he could just vent his perverted lust? No of course it didn't, but he clearly didn't see it that way.

Thankfully her shift was almost finished that evening and she managed to get out without seeing the dirty old sod again.

Unfortunately the following evening when she came in he was there as bold as brass and seemingly acting as if nothing had happened. Mandy decided the best way to deal with it was in the same way, she didn't want to raise the subject and would sooner it was all forgotten. The rest of that evenings shift went without incident and the pretty blonde 20 year old was beginning to hope that that was it and the previous evening's events were a one off.

The following evening however the perverted old Doctor was soon back to his old tricks being overly familiar and a little too touchy feely for her liking. At one stage he even approached her from behind as she was sorting some files and patted her gently on the bum before allowing his hand to rest on her firm cheek for a few seconds feeling it through the tightly fitted uniform. Mandy soon straightened up and spun around as she snapped, "kindly keep your hands to yourself!"

The old man just smiled rather arrogantly and simply replied by reminding her that she was in this Sunday and not to forget. How could she forget, she was dreading it, a full 8 hours! All she could hope for was that she would be alone for the day.

"It may be a long boring day, I'm afraid you'll be on your own for the most of it." He saw the look of relief on the pretty young girls face. As he spoke he sidled up next to her and slipped his arm around her waist. Mandy drew her head back as the stale smell of his breath wafted over her. "It's far more casual on a Sunday," he continued as Mandy tried to hold her head as far away from his as she could. "I expect nothing much will happen, so you can dress casually if you like." As he spoke his gaze wandered down the front of her tightly fitting tunic. Mandy felt sickened by the old man and was so busy trying to avoid his stale breath and lustful gaze that she hadn't noticed his hand around her waist had crept a little higher. As she decided to forcibly release herself from his overbearing embrace she suddenly realised his hand had reached under her arm and his fingers were blatantly feeling the outer side of her breast.

So with a shove and a quick sidestep the busty blond managed to remove herself from his grip and, after cutting him a look that left him in no doubt of her annoyance, she turned and went back to her desk.

These little instances seemed to keep happening more and more, nothing had been said about the other day's events but it was clear that he seemed to be under the impression that they were somehow closer now and he could get away with more than would be considered acceptable. So when Sunday came she was glad to think that she would have a day off from the dirty old perverts wandering hands.

When Sunday came Mandy remembered what she had been told regarding what she could wear and so decided to dress in a more comfortable and casual way. It was a hot day and she figured if she was going to be alone for much of it she would be able to get away with her little white cotton vest top and her short pleated powder blue skirt. It was the sort of outfit that did draw a lot of attention and had men gawping at her in disbelief. The tiny little skirt draped teasingly over her cheeky ass and swayed as she walked giving onlookers the hope that they might catch a glimpse of the unbelievable treat hidden beneath. Her top too had men drooling with lust. The skimpy tight white number demonstrated the incredible size shape and firmness of her 34GGs as it stretched across them. With the upward swell of her cleavage visible due to the low neckline it was clear what a miracle of nature they were, particularly as the visibility of her protruding nipples made it obvious she had on no bra. The outfit was finished off with a pair of white shoes with a 5 inch stiletto heel that made her ass wiggle even more with every step she took.

She knew how sexy she looked and wondered if she wasn't tempting fate a little by dressing in such a way. She decided to take a cardigan just in case anyone turned up so at least she could conceal to a degree her bountiful bust.

When she arrived at the surgery Mandy was pleased to find the place deserted and quickly settled down to do some filing. After about an hour or so she had finished and slowly began to realise it was going to actually be a long and boring day. The pretty young girl was about to find however that a boring day maybe would have not been such a bad thing.........

The door swung open and Mandy looked up to see the one person she really didn't want to....Doctor Smith! Thinking she had better quickly reach for her cardigan the blond beauty was surprised as he just walked by barely acknowledging her except for throwing a file across the reception desk towards her.

"Oh I forgot I have a private clinic today..........the details are all there," he announced as he vanished into his consulting room.

Mandy was both shocked and annoyed. He obviously knew he had this planned for today and probably didn't tell her in case she didn't turn up! She opened the file to see that he was running a drop-in clinic for men with "Erectile dysfunction and sexual problems " the sort of thing that men of a certain age would maybe rather not see a regular Doctor about.

"Oh great!" Mandy thought as she began to regret coming in. What was supposed to be an easy and relatively boring day, had soon turned into a day with a steady stream of older men coming and going, most of them taking the opportunity to enjoy the view Mandy presented them with.

One, a very scruffy unwashed man easily in his sixties, came in off the street and instantly had Mandy feeling very uncomfortable. He was clearly not quite all there and obviously homeless, but what unsettled her the most was that he made no attempt to conceal his appreciation of the busty young blond. He smiled widely displaying a mouth void of any teeth as he openly ogled her massive tits tightly stretching the flimsy white cotton top. He gave his name and Mandy went to the filing cabinet behind her to get his file.

"Phwoar," she heard the old man quietly say as she bent to open the drawer. There was then a silence and she knew he was staring at her bum in the short pleated skirt, she could almost feel his eyes burning into her. She took care not to bend too far and show him more than she should, but she knew what was obviously on his mind.

As she returned to the desk he continued to stare at her magnificent bust and made no attempt whatsoever to hide the fact. "You're very pretty," he said in that rather loud and clumsy way that simple people speak. Mandy just looked up at him and smiled politely. His unshaven dirty face and lack of teeth was one thing, but the froth that formed in the corners of his mouth and the saliva dribbling from his bottom lip are what really turned her stomach.

He sort of chuckled and then shocked the beautiful 20 year old by blurting out , "you've got big tits!" Again he was quite loud and seemed unaware that he had said anything wrong.

Mandy was extremely embarrassed and didn't know what to say or do, and so, red faced, she just gave him his appointment card and told him to sit down and wait to be called.

"Thank you," he said still in that rather embarrassingly loud simple tone. This was followed by a few awkward seconds where he just stood there staring at her before going to take his seat.

Unable to avoid her curiosity Mandy quickly thumbed through his notes to see what he was all about. It turned out she was right, he was homeless and used the local Y.M.C.A. as his contact address. Also there was no date of birth but the form showed it was estimated that he was at least in his late sixties. As she read on she saw he had been in and out of both mental institutions and also prison for much of his life. Remembering this was a clinic aimed at sexual problems and not mental health she looked further down his notes.

It turned out that he had been in prison for a number of minor sexual offences brought on it seemed by his erectile dysfunction......... Mandy had always assumed that that meant men who could no longer get it up, but it also means, as it does here, men who struggle to keep it down. Reading onto his diagnosis she saw that he suffered from an almost permanent state of arousal, hence is minor offences. He had been given tablets to help control things but he was notoriously bad at taking them and despite his age he would get an erection at the mere sight of an attractive woman. The notes went on to show that due to his age, his simple mind and being homeless he had had no close female contact for years which only compounded the situation, basically making him about as frustrated as it's possible to be.

As Mandy looked up from the notes she saw he had gone into the consulting room. A few minutes later she watched him come out with a small glass jar and head off into the toilets. Before he did however he stopped and took a long lingering look at Mandy, which she of course pretended not to notice.

Not more than two minutes had passed when he returned and approached her desk with a huge grin on his filthy old face. "Sample for the Doctor!" He loudly announced as he handed the jar out for Mandy to take.

Somewhat taken aback and without thinking she reached out and took it from him. As she did she quickly placed her other hand underneath it as she felt it begin to slip through her fingers.

"Mmmmmmm," he groaned as he looked at the jar in her sweet delicate hands. It was only then that she realised what she was holding. The small glass container was full of what Mandy instantly recognised as the old man's sperm, and not only that but it was all down the outside and she now had it all over her hands. She quickly placed it down on the desk and the old boy couldn't hide his excitement as she looked down at her hands to see the thick white goo strung between her outstretched fingers.

"Huh huh, lot aint there," he chuckled, "did it all thinkin' bout you."

Mandy was disgusted and felt sick as she quickly grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped her hands clean. "I....I'll see the Doctor gets it," she said as she placed it over to one side. There was indeed a hell of a lot and she knew he had just that minute produced it, she had to admit to being rather amazed. "He must be so desperate," she couldn't help thinking as she recounted everything his notes had said.

There was an awkward silence as he continued to stare at Mandy for a few minutes before saying goodbye and just walking out.

After that little episode the day went quiet and with about 2 hours still to go Doctor Smith appeared from his consultation room for the first time and announced he was going home.

"Can you just get that file for me?"

"Oh...o...of course," Mandy replied as she picked it up and walked around her desk to hand it to him.

Instantly his eyes lit up as he admired the voluptuous 20 year old in her teasingly short pleated skirt and oh so tight top. He couldn't resist reaching out to slip his hand around her waist in an attempt to pull her in close to him. But Mandy was too quick and as he did she thrust the file against his chest and stepped away forcing him to grab it as she let it go before it hit the floor.

"Ooooh you look good today," he said in a creepy tone as he stepped towards her licking his lips while his eyes roamed over her voluptuous curves. Again Mandy was too quick and as he brought a hand up to grab at one of her huge outward thrusting tits she swatted it away and shouted at him to stop it.

"Mmmmm, feisty eh," he continued as if she was just playing a teasing game. "Come on, you didn't mind the other day," he said as he again reached out for her. It was then that the pretty young blond suddenly turned and threatened to tell the other Doctors what he had done if he didn't leave her alone!

That seemed to do the trick and the old man just stood there for a moment as his mood changed to one of anger. He told her that it was all her fault for being such a cock teasing bitch and with that he turned and walked out of the building.

Mandy was left shocked by his angry outburst, as if it was all her fault! But she was just glad to see him get in his car and drive off as she realised at last she was alone again. One look at the clock however told her that she still had about 1 hour 50 minutes to go before she could leave.....

She decided to use the time sorting out the filing cabinet that stood against the wall behind where she sat. It was in a right mess and the busty blond wasted no time in getting stuck into it. Every drawer was crammed full and she could see it was a task that would certainly keep her occupied until it was time for her to go home. As she was expecting nobody else in she put the radio onto her favourite station and turned the volume up to help her with the boring task ahead.

She was soon so engrossed in what she was doing that she didn't hear the door open and someone come in. It was the old homeless guy from earlier. He stood there watching while Mandy busied herself at the filing cabinet, his face was alight with a smile that stretched from ear to ear as he delighted in the sight that greeted him. The beautiful busty blond stood with her back to him bent at the waist rummaging through the drawers as he walked around the desk and approached her as quietly as he could. The sight of her short pleated skirt flowing over her shapely ass barely covering it was one to behold and in no time at all the dirty old man had an erection that stood out as stiff as any he had ever had. He could tell she had no idea he was there and he found himself struggling to control the urge to just reach out and touch her. Even tougher was resisting the urge to just slip his hand up under the back of her skirt, it was so tempting, he could see the short flowing garment offered no protection and knew he could easily reach under and touch that cock hardening bum. It was a once in a lifetime chance for a homeless old pervert that had never been lucky enough to enjoy such pleasures.

As he stood there staring he seemed to go into some sort of trance as he reached forward with his left hand and slowly lifted the hem of her skirt. Mandy still had no idea he was there as she now rooted around deep in the back of the middle drawer trying to sort the mess that it contained.

Drooling from the corners of his mouth the old man slowly raised the skirt up and nearly passed out as he saw her lovely white lace panties stretched tightly across the most perfect and beautiful set of firm young buttocks he had ever seen. He couldn't resist such temptation and without a care or thought for any consequences he brought his other hand up under the powder blue skirt and placed it over her right ass cheek giving it a firm squeeze as he did. Instantly Mandy leapt out of her skin and spun around somewhat unsure of what was going on. About to shout her objections at who it was behind her she suddenly stopped as she saw she was confronted with the old tramp from earlier. He filled her with a nervous fear and she was unsure as to how he would react if she got angry at him, and so she instead decided to firmly tell him he should perhaps be the other side of the counter.

"Doctor said I need to come and give another sample," he blurted out in his loud and simple voice.

"W...what?" Mandy said, "w....when?"

"Erm, just now. He said to come and give another sample to the pretty girl."

Mandy realised he had obviously gone straight to see him as a way of maybe teaching her a lesson. She was now unsure what to do as the old man didn't take her hint to get the other side of the counter and instead he just stood there in front of her blatantly staring at her huge tits with his tongue partially hanging out.

Again she tried to suggest he go the other side of the counter but still he didn't move.

"Need a jar," he said while still staring wide eyed at her phenomenal chest.

Mandy side-stepped him and reached for an empty jar that was on the shelf to her left. "H.....here you go," she said thrusting it into his hand.

Now cornered with a desk to one side of her and the filing cabinet to the other the big breasted blond was rather hoping he would take the jar and head off to the toilet to produce his "sample".

Instead however the simple minded old pervert just stared continually at Mandy's huge bust straining the flimsy white cotton top and unzipped his trousers right there in front of her. She didn't know what to say, she wanted to yell at him but was still too afraid to upset the unpredictable old simpleton. He smiled and licked his lips displaying the disgusting sight of his toothless old mouth to the pretty girl as he opened the front of his trousers and his rock hard cock sprang out pointing straight up at her!

"Ooooh," his voice trembled, "p....please....just want to touch for a minute," he went on as he eyes devoured her ample chest.

Mandy was too afraid to object, knowing he wasn't quite right in the head and knowing he had spent time in prison meant she wasn't about to do anything to upset the feeble minded old boy.

Saliva dribbled from his toothless old mouth as he brought his trembling hands up towards her huge heaving breasts. His watery eyes widened and he let out a long slow gasp as he took each one in his hands and held them for a moment before sighing as he began to gently squeeze them.

"Oooh nice," he said in a trance like state, "nice big tits." He began to fondle them in his grubby leathery old hands, "oh yes.....I like big tits," he went on as his eyes bulged from their sockets and his hands roamed all over them.

Still Mandy was too afraid to say or do anything simply chewing nervously on her lip as she allowed him to continue. "Oooh you're so pretty," he went on in his simple monotone voice, "so very pretty."

Still unsure of what to do Mandy looked down and saw a steady stream of clear slimy fluid trickle from his twitching stinking cock, a cock that was so hard and swollen that it looked like it might burst wide open at any minute.

"See them, oh yes want to see them," he went on, his voice now sounding more and more desperate. Without waiting for a response from Mandy he pulled the shoulder straps of her tiny white vest top down her arms. Slowly he peeled it down revealing more and more until eventually her huge naked boobs sprang out into view.

"Jar!!! Get the jar!!!" He suddenly shouted.

As Mandy reached for it and offered it up in front of his pulsating dribbling erection the old tramp squeezed her naked tits hard amazed by the solid feel of them. "Oh yes yes yes," he went on as he mauled and groped them all over before stooping forward and stuffing as much of one as he could into his mouth. Grunting and groaning he sucked and chewed on her now swollen nipple with the desperation of a starving man.

Mandy knew what was coming and with his squeezing and chewing on her tit becoming ever more painful she decided it best to get things over with as quickly as possible. So without a word she held the jar in place and gently slipped her delicate soft finger around his hot raging erection.

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