tagIncest/TabooAn Unexpected Desire Ch. 03

An Unexpected Desire Ch. 03


If you haven't read Chapters 1-2, please do so. They lay the foundation for this series. As always, the chapter in this series is a mixture of truth, fantasy, and fiction.

A tremendous thanks to my editor sweetmary21 for her quick yet hard work. She's been great to work with and I look forward to many more stories with her input and suggestions.

Chapter 3

A few weeks had passed since I began talking to my niece on a daily basis. One would think an 18-year old would want to do more exciting things with her nights than talk to her Uncle but it soon became our "thing". I'd get off of my shift, hit the gym, shower, and then jump online to talk with her for a few hours. I'd laugh to myself in regards to her impatience which consisted of a message flashing, "waiting impatiently." It seemed the more adorable she became the more I was wrapped around her finger, and as crazy as that was, I was incredibly turned on by it.

I learned a lot about her in those few weeks. What was it she said? "You're my new diary Uncle Pat!" I was more than happy to be her blank page to write on. She told me everything from rants about her boyfriend to outlandish parties with her friends. We continued our suggestive flirting as it soon became second nature. Tonight would be no different; however, I was not expecting what I would this night.

My niece had another party at my sister's house a few days ago; not an uncommon occurrence (I mentally thanked Facebook once more for the notification); however, before I answered her message, I began combing through her most recent party pictures. I had to say, she definitely had a lot of good looking friends! One of them in particular was a girl named "Em", short for Emma I would learn later. She was definitely a hot looking number to say the least. A tanned Hispanic girl with shoulder length dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and a very tight and sexy body; there were numerous pictures of her and Em together. My first thoughts were, "Damn they look hot as hell together." True to form, my cock didn't stay dormant for long as I viewed my niece in a pair of tight-fitting cutoff shorts with a snug half shirt, exposing her flat stomach, complete with belly ring, and proudly displaying her perky "B-cup" breasts. Em was also wearing a pair of extremely short cut-off shorts and a tight-fitting tank top. Her breasts were definitely larger than my niece's, definitely a firm "C-cup" I imagined. I was hoping there would be a lot of pictures of them two together and I wasn't disappointed. A large number of the pictures showed Em and Nic being playful and even some of them feigning kissing each other or spreading their fingers in a "V" and licking. Those in particular caught my, not to mention my now hard cocks, attention. I laughed to myself and thought, "This has to be the wild side she warned me about."

Another message popped up on my messenger, snapping me out of my lustful daze. This time, "Drumming fingers" popped up. "Wow, she IS impatient!" I said to myself. Oddly I found it adorable, almost childlike. She loved attention and when she wanted it, she definitely wasn't coy about making it known.

Patrick: Wow, some1's antsy ;)

Nic: hehe, u know u luv it

Patrick: I'm not complaining lol

It didn't take long for her to begin writing notes in my "mental diary" for her. Of course I eagerly hung on her every word without fail.

Nic: I HAVE 2 tell u bout a party the other night

Of course I feigned surprise. I didn't want to make her think my life was beginning to revolve around her and our daily conversations so I played along. In spite of me being somewhat submissive to her, my natural dominant side actually welcomed it.

Patrick: Hmmm partied eh?

Nic: OMG u didnt look at the pix?

Patrick: No ... should i? lol

Nic: YES!!!

Patrick: ok lol

After a few minutes I messaged back.

Patrick: Wow!

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: That was 1 hell of a party I take it!

Nic: U have NO idea

I decided to redirect the conversation for a little bit. Curiously, I wanted to know why her boyfriend wasn't at the party (from what I saw).

Patrick: I didn't see the bf lol

Nic: he pissed me off

Patrick: What happened?

And honestly I wanted to know. In spite of my lust for her, I did care about what happened with her. We talked a little while about her boyfriend, what irritated her about him, and how she was growing tired of how he wasn't "connecting" with her. Part of me began to think she was beginning to love how much attention I paid to her child-like mannerisms while her boyfriend didn't. "I'm definitely not letting up that's for sure," I thought.

Patrick: Do I need to wake his ass up? Lol

Nic: lol

Nic: He needs 2 b like u!

This definitely piqued my interest. "Wow," I thought. "I need to explore this further!" I never thought I'd interact with my niece like this but it was becoming obvious there was a strong connection there, despite the large age difference. Obviously I was filling a void or better yet, a need that she wanted and the more I thought about it, she was filling one for me. Again, the fact it was my niece didn't matter. Mind, body, and soul craved it.

Patrick: Aww ... thanks Nic!

Nic: just dont let it go 2 ur head

Patrick: Me? Never!

Nic: lol

Patrick: So tell me about this party *opens mental diary*

Nic: u dont have a bad ticker do u? lol

Patrick: lmao

Patrick: Am I about to see your bad side?

Nic: *evil grin*

She began telling me about the party, and much to my delight, in generous detail. I was glad she didn't expand on the issue with her boyfriend. The little bit she did tell me of him the more I realized how much of a tool he was. On the bright side, I listened intently while she told me about her night and her friend, "Em". Apparently they'd been friends for a long time and Em was the girl she'd "experimented" with. Not surprisingly they'd both drank quite a bit at the party and the pictures I'd seen came from the effects of too much Corona and Goldschlager.

Nic: u can guess what happened ;)

Patrick: No way

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: damn Nic!

Nic: lmao

Patrick: What'd u 2 do?

Patrick: U know for diary purposes ;)

Nic: lol sure

Nic: you see the amount of pix with Em?

Patrick: yeah she's def a hot one

Nic: we fooled around

Patrick: Damn really??

Nic: mm hmm ;)

Patrick: wow!

My cock was hard as a rock. Images flashed through my mind of her and Em kissing each other, and caressing each other's bodies. Unconsciously, I slowly slid my cock out of my boxers and began stroking it. Instant gratification welcomed me as I felt my cock coming alive in my tightened grip, the pulsing and throbbing of the soft skin against my fist. Instantly, as what continued to happen when I thought of my niece, clear precum poured from the tip of the swollen head and dripped down the sides, lubricating the smooth rhythm of my hand. I bit down on my lip to stifle the moan that wanted to escape my lips. I knew I couldn't ignore my niece or she'd know I was up to something. Reluctantly I slowed the pace of my hand and maintained a steady slow rhythm on my pulsating cock. It probably didn't help that I had the picture of Nic and Em up in the background, almost inviting me to watch them.

Nic: Uncle Patttttttttttt

Patrick: hmmm?

Nic: *grins* watcha doin?

Patrick: lol nothin

Nic: Come on tell me

Patrick: My mind wandered for a sec lol

Nic: wut were u thinkin?

Patrick: *smiles innocently*

Nic: dont make me beg *pouts*

Patrick: ugh don't u dare

Nic: *bites lip and pouts*

"Oh my gosh, she did not just do that," I said to myself. I had to take my hand off of my cock or I would have came instantly. The hardest part was ignoring the impending need for my cum to rise up from my tightening balls, through the hard shaft and explode out of the head and give me some much needed sexual release. I concentrated on calming myself down, meanwhile my cock waved in the air, slowly bobbing as the blood flow stubbornly slowed down. "Fuck she turns me on something fierce," I said.

Patrick: That is SO not right Nic lol

Nic: *grins* is it working?

Patrick: Ummm yes and WAY to easily

Nic: hehe .. now tell me

Patrick: I was thinking how hot that was

Nic: that right?

Patrick: yeah

Nic: u like the idea of me and Em fooling around?

Hell yes I did! Now it seemed even her words, with controlling undertones, could make me cum. She had me. She had me bad and I felt my last bit of resistance slowly fading away. She KNEW what she was doing and she loved it.

Patrick: yeah ... it's a hot image

Nic: even if its ur niece fooling around? *grins*

Patrick: Mmm hmm

Nic: I bet your cock is hard

Her words jolted me from lustful stupor. "Did she just ask me that?" I looked at the response again,"I bet your cock is hard" flashed through my mind repeatedly. I felt my heart flutter then begin to pound harder against my chest. "She wants to know if my cock's hard. She's getting turned on by this!" I said to myself.

Patrick: *no comment*

Nic: tell me pleeeeease?

Patrick: ugh you're BAD

Nic: I warned u *evil grin*

Patrick: Yes it's hard

Nic: damn thats hot

I couldn't believe what she said. She thought the idea of me getting hard over her was hot. I never expected where she was taking our conversation to next.

Nic: how big r u?

Patrick: Blunt huh? *winks*

Nic: Mmm hmm

Patrick: lol ... 8"

Nic: damn thats nice

Nic: id go crazy with that

Fuck she was driving me crazy! I began visualizing Nic on her knees, running her hands up my thighs and unbuttoning my jeans, biting her lip and looking up at me with lust filled eyes. I could feel her pull the waistband of my boxers down and gasp lightly as my hardening cock sprang free; her small hand reaching up, and pulling the waistband down and licking her lips enticingly as she saw my cock for the first time. Her hand sliding up and milking the shaft slowly, sliding her tongue over the sweet precum forming on the head and moaning lightly as the taste hit her tongue. Feeling every inch of my cock slowly stretching her tight throat as her tiny mouth slid down the long hard smooth shaft hungrily. Pumping my cock and sucking softly, her soft wet mouth moaning and vibrating up and down my cock.

Nic: Ahem ... u ok? Lol

Patrick: Umm yeah *feigns innocence*

Nic: Mind wanderin again? *grins*

Patrick: That's an understatement lol

Nic: I think u should show me a pic

Patrick: Of wut?

Nic: Ur cock ... I have to make sure you're not lying *winks*

Patrick: lol that right?

Nic: Mmm hmmm

Now this was incredibly hot. I couldn't believe she wanted to see my cock. If she was getting turned on by all of this, where else could we take this I wondered?

Patrick: Ok ok I'll send u one

Nic: I don't want an old one ... take one now

Patrick: demanding little thing aren't u? lol

Nic: maybe ... *smiles sweetly*

I took my camera and set it up, taking several pictures of my hardened cock, making sure the precum shown enticingly on the head. Looking at the pictures I was pretty proud of myself; working out was paying off as my cock stood rigid against my tight stomach.

Patrick: Ok it's done

Nic: Yay!

I loaded up the first pic and sent it through. With my heart racing I waited for her reply.

Nic: Omg

Patrick: Wut?

Nic: that's hot!

Patrick: u like I take? Lol

Nic: u have NO fckng idea

Nic: none of my bfs were that big

I grinned. If she only knew my sister told me the same thing many, many years ago but that, in itself, is another story for another time.

Patrick: well that's good u approve lol

Nic: oh I approve trust me *wicked grin*

Nic: do u cum hard?

Patrick: Mm hmm .. I whimper when I cum

Nic: omg are u serious???

Patrick: lol yes

Nic: Damn I wanna hear that

I knew I had piqued her interest. I had been told I whimpered when I came, which girls loved. I fully intended on letting hear and see this. If she loved the picture of my cock then she would LOVE hearing me whimper when I came.

Patrick: How bad?

Nic: Pleeeease Uncle Pat? *pouts and bites lip*

Patrick: well wut if I send u a video?

Patrick: You can watch and hear me cum ;)

Nic: omg are u serious?

Patrick: remember that taboo friend of mine?

Nic: mm hmmm

Patrick: I have videos of us

Nic: I wanna see!

Patrick: ok I'll send it 2 u

I knew exactly the video I was going to send her. A video of my friend Sandy, dressed up as a school girl (her "Daddy's" favorite outfit), complete with pig tails. Although I hadn't told my niece yet, Sandy was my ultimate fantasy to date; an incredibly hot Latina with full lips, big brown eyes, tanned skin, a thick firm ass, and an incredibly submissive demeanor. We had videotaped a lot of our sexual encounters, one of many things that turned her on. The one I was going to send to my niece showed her coming home from "school" and making her tired Daddy "feel" better.

The one thing I was sure of, this video would turn my niece on. I was always, and currently still, turned on big time by Sandy and it showed whenever I came. Whenever she would suck my cock, she would moan and whimper lightly, whisper how much she loved her Daddy's cock and would tell me, "I want your cum Daddy. Cum for me please?" This one in particular, instead of swallowing me, she stroked my cock slowly and flicked her tongue at the head while my throbbing cock shot load after load of hot cum across my chest and stomach. This was also one of the videos where she could clearly hear me whimpering when I came.

As I uploaded the video to her email, I couldn't help but tease my niece.

Patrick: Ok ... how bad u wanna see the video?

Nic: *bites lip submissively*

Patrick: holy shitt that's fucking hot

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: You're wrapping me around ur finger lol

Nic: u like being there?

Patrick: Umm that's an understatement ... it's a huge turn on

Nic: *smiles sweetly*

Her pouting and submissiveness were weapons she used without thought and they worked on me like a charm. Little did she know, or maybe she did, but she found my ultimate weakness and I was forever under her spell.

Nic: omg!!!

Patrick: lol u got it?

Nic: omggggg

Patrick: I take it u like? Lol

Nic: beyond like ... omfg!

Nic: u weren't kidding!

Patrick: about me cumming?

Nic: that whimper is hot!

Nic: Ive never heard a guy do that b4

Patrick: I do it a lot

Nic: And ur cock when it came ... fuck

Patrick: U like?

Nic: you have NO idea *grins*

Nic: oh, and that Sandy is hot too

Patrick: told u so *winks*

Nic: u cum hard with her

Patrick: VERY

Nic: how u sound plus how hard u cum

Nic: damn that's hot as hell

Nic: and damn ... ur cock

Patrick: U like?

Nic: uh huh ... a pic is one thing but video is ... damn

This was the opening I had been waiting for. Now I decided to start turning the questions towards her. If she was as turned on as I was, this would start to get very, very interesting.

Patrick: the vid made u wet huh?

Nic: maybe ;)

Patrick: uh uh c'mon and answer

Nic: actually VERY

Patrick: that just made my mouth water

Nic: *grins* u like knowing u made my pussy wet?

"Oh my gosh," I said to myself. Hearing her say that floored me. In one aspect, I could hear her saying those words to me in a seductive voice and getting turned on by the idea. In the other, I could see how she changed the conversation from me being the controlling one back to her controlling things.

Patrick: It's hot knowing I can get u wet

Nic: oh u got me wet trust me

Nic: Your cock is still hard from thinking of me and Em isn't it?

Patrick: I may have to take a cold shower lol

Nic: *smiles innocently* why?

Patrick: cuz I have precum all over me

Nic: Mmm damn that made my pussy tingle

Patrick: Mmm damn

Nic: now why do u wanna take a shower?

Patrick: I'll end up exploding lol

Nic: oh that sounds better ;)

Patrick: u like that idea huh?

Nic: oh yeah .. now that I've seen it

Nic: dont u wanna cum *bites lip*

Patrick: Mmm Nic u have no idea

Nic: I turn u on don't I?

My heart was pounding in my chest. She knew how much I wanted her and I loved her direct approach. I would tell her or do anything she asked me to at this point.

Patrick: VERY much Nic

Nic: *smiles*

Nic: Tell me when did I start turning u on?

I broke down and told her about seeing her pictures on Facebook and seeing the picture that made me realize how hot and sexy she was; the picture of her on her hands and knees with her ass perked up in the air. I also told her about the other pictures of her; her in pigtails, blowing kisses into the camera, the one of her in the Halloween costume.

Nic: those made ur cock hard huh?

Patrick: in spite of guilt yeah

Nic: U felt guilty huh?

Patrick: Yeah ... because ur my niece and I was lusting after u

Nic: I would have thought that was weird then but now the idea is hot

Patrick: Mmm really?

Nic: mm hmmm

Nic: did u stroke ur cock to the pictures?

Patrick: a lot

Nic: damn that's fckng hot

Nic: silently lusting after your sister's daughter

Nic: U still have the pics don't u?

I was amazed at how blunt she was and how she knew my actions and thoughts already. It was as if she knew my sexual desires for her more than I did myself. She was a dangerous addiction but I was more than willing to have her as my fix.

Patrick: a lot of them yeah

Nic: u know how wet that makes me? knowing u lust after me?

Patrick: really?

Nic: mm hmm .. it shouldn't but it does

Patrick: Mmmm damn that makes me....

Nic: Want to do naughty things to my pussy?

Patrick: omg ... BAD

Nic: mmmmmmm so not right Uncle Pat

Nic: Taking advantage of your little niece *grins*

Patrick: Damn u drive me crazy Nic

Nic: I like doing that

Nic: hehe

Nic: so tell me ... wut pic do u stroke ur cock to the most?

Patrick: The one of u on ur hands and knees

Nic: Open that pic up

Patrick: Ok

With that, I opened up the picture that brought me down this path. Once again, there she was; on her bed on her hands and knees, her back arched and her half shirt on with tight fitting jeans. The image alone could make cum quite easily without even using my hand. The look on her face had that, "You know you want to fuck me" look.

Nic: is it up?

Patrick: yeah

Nic: how bad u want me Uncle Pat?

Patrick: Fucking BAD!

Nic: You've wanted me for a long time huh?

Patrick: you have no idea ... ever since I saw that pic

Nic: I wish I knew then what I know now

Nic: when r u coming back home?

Patrick: VERY soon ... less than 2 weeks

Nic: Will u cum visit me?

Patrick: omg u serious?

Nic: mm hmmm

Patrick: I will ... just 4 u

Nic: *BIG smiles*

Nic: my mom will be here but we can sneak around that *grins*

Patrick: omg that just made my cock even harder

Nic: It'll be kinky but it's hot ... especially with her around

Patrick: hell yeah that's a hot idea

Nic: *grins*so ... will u stroke ur cock for me?

Patrick: Mmmm now?

Nic: Uh huh

Patrick: Anything for my niece

Nic: *smiles sweetly*

Nic: I still have ur video up

With that I looked at her picture while I slid my cock out of my boxers. The instant I gripped the hard shaft, precum oozed from the head in clear streams, sliding down the side of my cock and lubricating my hand instantly. I couldn't help but moan in satisfaction at the feeling coming over me. The more I stroked my cock the more precum poured from engorged head. I could feel the heat and pulse radiate through my hand.

Patrick: *moans lightly*

Nic: Mmm how does ur cock feel?

Patrick: it feels incredibly good

Nic: mmmm is it throbbing?

Patrick: yeah and leaking all over my hand

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