tagLoving WivesAn Unexpected Surprise

An Unexpected Surprise


I pull into my driveway cursing myself under my breath for my carelessness. I can't believe I've misplaced my wallet! I was sure it was under the driver's seat the last time I saw it.

I had been on my way to hang out with friends and had driven 20 minutes to my usual gas station planning to fill my tank when I realised it was missing and had to head back home to look for it.

But what the fuck is this? A strange car parked in my driveway?

My heart starts racing instantly. Palms get sweaty.

I kill my lights and park a distance from the house. I slip out of my car and ease the car door shut quietly. Using shadows around the house I slink to the back door and enter the house as quietly as I can.

In the living room I see two almost empty wine glasses. There is porn showing on the flat screen television. There on the screen Jada Fire is riding the shit out of Lex Steele's dick,

My brain does the calculation in my head -- strange car outside when I'm not supposed to be home plus two wine glasses plus porn showing on television equals... HOLY SHIT! "Oh no this bitch aint getting her freak on with another dude in our muthafucking house!" I mutter under my breath.

I pull a nightstick out of the hall closet thinking to myself, "If's she's giving some no good son of a bitch the business in my fucking bed then so will I!"

As I approach the bedroom door I hear a loud smack of skin on skin and my lady's voice squeal in delight, "It's so fucking big!"

My heart stops beating and I start to tremble with rage. I can't believe the nerve of this bitch! I hear the sound of her loud moans over the bed creaking noisily and I hear her again, "Spank my ass and put that sweet dick in me, Baby!"

I can't stand it anymore! The rage boils up in me like water in a kettle. I try the doorknob slowly with trembling fingers -- it's unlocked. I raise the nightstick over my head yelling as I push the door in hard that it slams against the wall behind it.

I hear two loud gasps and the sight before me freezes me like a statue.

My lady looks up at me standing there frozen with the nightstick held high above my head ready to kick ass and take names. The initial look of shock disappears from her face and is replaced by a wicked smile.

She's wearing my favourite red and black lace crotchless lingerie. She's on her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her is a statuesque Amazonian beauty with long wavy jet black hair and big full perky tits.

She's wearing a leather corset which exposes her tits and her caramel skin glistens. This exotic beauty is also wearing a strap-on and had clearly -- until the moment I had busted in like the SWAT team, at least -- been giving my lady the business! From the sound of it she'd been rocking her world. She still holds a handful of hair gripped firmly as her face breaks into a stunning smile.

Clearly the look of confusion on my face screams for an explanation. "Looking for that?" my lady purrs at me while pointing next to the bed on the nightstand. Following her finger my eyes rest on my wallet! "I eased that out of the car to make sure you'd be back," she says in a low sexy voice. "I didn't want you to miss all the fun."

"Matt, meet Sabrina." The name "Sabrina was moaned in delight as the Amazonian beauty chose the moment my lady called her name to stroke her deep with the strap-on.

Clarity finally starts to dawn on me -- she'd set this all up! I was speechless! I realize my mouth has been hanging open gawking. Finally I stammered an awkward "Hi" to Sabrina. I became vaguely aware of my dick stiffening at the beautiful scene before me.

Sabrina picks up a rhythm with her strokes and gives me a naughty smile while my lady groans and grips the sheets. "Hey, Tiger. Wanna hop up on this bed and stick your dick in my mouth while I fuck the shit out of your bitch? She tells me you got a sweet dick and I've been dying to taste it!"

I finally realize I'm still holding the nightstick so I drop it and begin fumbling with my belt and zipper. Sabrina licks her lips and smacks my lady's booty as she drives the strap-on home deep. Looking into my lady's eyes I can see she's on the verge of a massive orgasm. Finally I find words to sum up all that I feel and say to her, "Andrea, I love you!"


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by Anonymous

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by Sigint07/29/17

Twenty Minutes

Lingerie. Strap-on. Wine. Video. Lube. Get to fucking.

All in twenty minutes.

How sexy/romantic.

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by Schwanze105/11/17

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