tagTransgender & CrossdressersAn Unexpected Surprise Ch. 02

An Unexpected Surprise Ch. 02


Mark was still trying to make sense of what has happened since he met Kelly. The beautiful tall red head with long sexy hosed legs had picked him up at a local bar and brought him back to her apartment. Then he was introduced to her room mate Pam as she was masturbating on their couch while watching a porno and then fucked her while Kelly fucked her ass. But the most outrageous revelation was seeing Kelly's 5" cock. She is a T-Girl; a gorgeous T-Girl but one none the less. Being a straight guy this really put a twist on things. Mark had never had any bisexual tendencies but he found himself very attracted and aroused by Kelly. Her statuesque build, long auburn hair, enormous tits, womanly curves and beautiful face took his breathe away.

As Mark pondered his situation, Pam dismounted him and sat next to him with her right leg back in his lap. Kelly knelt between her legs and buried her face in Pam's dripping pussy. She lapped at the mixture of fluids draining from her room mate. Pam moaned louder with each passing minute. Mark was stroking her silky hosed thigh while he watched Kelly eating Pam out. Pam suddenly went stiff as she climaxed again. Mark continued to stroke her leg as she writhed in pleasure. His cock was semi hard from his own recent orgasm but was beginning to stir once again.

Pam went limp as the last tremors of her orgasm subsided. Kelly sat back on her heels, giving Mark a fresh look at her nylon clad body. Her huge round breasts stretched the body stocking to its limit. The supple curves of her waist and hips transitioned into her gorgeous long legs to finally end at her delicate painted toes hidden behind sheer black nylon. Kelly moved between his legs. Her eyes flashed with desire as she looked at his cum covered pulsing cock.

"Hmmmm...Looks like you need some cleaning too," she said as she ran her hands over his thighs.

Mark didn't respond. He just took a deep breath and waited for what was about to happen. Kelly's tongue snaked along his inner thigh until it reached his glistening balls. Mark jump as if hit with an electrical charge; a battle raged in his head. That battle ended the moment Kelly sucked his cock into her mouth.

"Aaaaahhhhhh," he groaned as all resistance left him.

His bare legs clamped onto Kelly's sides as she gave him sensations he had never experienced before. He had plenty of women give him head before but none were as talented as Kelly. Pam knelt beside him on the couch. She leaned in and kissed him as she fingered her own insatiable pussy once more. Mark's hands migrated to Pam's tits which were swaying near him. Kelly's tongue cleaned the last remnants of cum from Mark's cock. Kelly then stood and took Pam by the hand.

"Let's go to the bedroom and get more comfortable," Kelly said looking at Mark as she pulled Pam with her.

Kelly and Pam disappeared into the bedroom as Mark still sat on the couch. He was still a bit dazed as to what had taken place so far.

"Fuck it!" he said out loud then stood up.

"Are you going to join us?" Kelly asked sticking her head back out the door way.

"I'm coming," he said trying to untangle his feet from his clothes.

"Not yet I hope," Kelly replied with a wicked smile then vanished back into the bedroom.

Mark freed himself and entered the bedroom. Kelly and Pam were in a 69 position on the bed with Kelly on top pumping her cock into Pam's eager mouth. Kelly briefly stopped her furious licking of Pam's pussy to look over her shoulder at Mark as he entered.

"Come on over here big boy, I need that cock of yours in me!" Kelly said wiggling her ass seductively at Mark.

She went back to lapping Pam's pussy. Mark walked to the edge of the bed. He ran a hand over Kelly's nylon encased body. He noticed a bottle of lube on the night stand and proceeded to coat his cock in the slippery substance. He put some on Kelly's ass and used his finger to work it inside her. Mark heard Kelly moan as he continued to finger fuck her tight ass. He removed his finger and placed the head of his cock against her puckered opening. Kelly stopped thrusting into Pam and waited for Mark to enter her. Mark held onto Kelly's silky hips and eased his throbbing cock into her ass.

"Aaaaahhhhh...Yes...that's what I needed!" Kelly cried throwing her head back.

Pam slid out from under Kelly and spun around. She moved back under her with her legs spread wide. Kelly was caught up in the pleasure of Mark's cock sinking into her ass and didn't seem to notice or care that Pam was no longer sucking her cock. Mark held still when his balls touched Kelly's ass. Pam took the momentary lack of motion to guide Kelly's cock into her waiting pussy. Pam's legs closed around Kelly's waist and she held herself tight against her friend. She ground her pussy against Kelly's cock, stimulating her sensitive clit in the process.

"OH GOD...mmmmmmmmm...Fuck me...fuck me hard!" Kelly groaned; now sandwiched between Mark and Pam.

Mark slowly slid in and out of Kelly's tight ass. His hands roamed over both Kelly's body and Pam's legs as he went. The look of the black on black nylon of the two women was turning Mark on more as he fucked Kelly.

"Aaahhh...aaahhh...aaahhh...oh yes...oh yes...YES!" Kelly screamed as she began to shudder.

Mark could feel her ass contracting on his cock as he pounded her. Pam too was moaning loudly and Mark could tell she was about to cum if she wasn't already. Kelly thrust back into Mark with increasing force as her orgasm engulfed her. Mark couldn't take much more of her tight ass without cumming as well. He tried to slow his strokes to hold off the inevitable but Kelly would have nothing of it. She slammed into him harder when she felt him slow down.

"Fuck me damn it...fuck me hard!" she demanded.

Mark complied and thrust into her violently. He was going to cum and there was no use hold back any longer. Mark's cock swelled as he unleashed the first of many streams of hot cum into Kelly's ass. He felt light headed and his knees shook from the unbelievable pleasure of his orgasm. Kelly trembled as Mark filled her with his cum. He kept pumping her even after his orgasm subsided. Kelly collapsed onto Pam and Mark finally pulled free of the tight grip Kelly had on his cock. He climbed onto the bed next to Pam and Kelly and lay on his back panting.

"Holy shit that was incredible!" Mark said after a few minutes.

"There's more where that came from. I hope you will spend the night with us?" Kelly asked; her cock still buried in Pam's pussy.

Mark wasn't sure if he could take much more but he was willing to try. He rolled over and kissed Kelly then Pam.

"I guess I'm up for more surprises," he said.

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