An Unlikely Valentine


"Do you want me to lean forward or back?" she asked. Carl just stared at her blankly.

"Do you want to see my tits or my pussy?" she said, rephrasing the question.

"P...p...pussy," he stammered, clearly overwhelmed.

This was the first time Carrie had ever seen him flustered. She was happy with his answer. Carrie released his cock and put her hands on the floor behind her. His erection strained as she leaned back. Bit by bit she kept sliding down his turgid shaft until she simply could not take any more.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," Carl replied.

"Try not to come right away, but don't hurt yourself," she said.

"Uh-huh," he answered, his voice already strained.

Single syllables were all he could manage. Every bit of his concentration was on what was happening below his waist. The sight of Carrie's pussy stretched around his cock was more arousing than he ever imagined. Carl knew his penis was on the large size of average, but seeing it inside Carrie made him realize how much. This wasn't like the porn videos where the woman just bounced up and down. Carrie was clearing straining to accommodate him. He felt a bit of pride in his body. All his knowledge of female anatomy was pushed to the back of his mind. He wasn't cataloging the exact location of clit, or looking for where the outer labia ended and the inner labia began. He could not even pronounce the word vagina right now. All he knew was he liked the way a pussy felt on his cock. It was warm and wet. Carl noticed Carrie was going a little bit faster now. It felt too good. He tried to concentrate on the principles of tantric sex. He tried to hold back his orgasm, but it was a lost cause. He could not look away from the naked woman squirming on his cock as she impaled herself over and over. Carl opened his mouth to tell her he was coming, but no words came out.

Even with her eyes closed she could still see it. The sight of Carl's cock splitting her apart seemed to be burned into her retinas. Carrie threw her head back as she rode up and down on Carl's manhood. The position she was in did not even touch her clit, but the pressure Carl's dick put on her G spot more than made up for it. Carrie put her hand between her legs and stroked her clit. Carl's cock brushed against her fingertips. Carrie raised her head and opened her eyes. Beneath her Carl was still grinning wildly but she could see the tension in his body as he fought to restrain his climax.

"It's okay," she moaned, "let it go. I want to feel you come inside me." Carl relaxed and she felt his cock jerk inside her as once again he emptied his cum into her. She heaved herself forward and pressed her body against his.

Slowly Carrie put her hands on the floor and lifted her upper body away from Carl. He had a huge grin on his face.

"Did you come?" she asked, suspecting she already knew the answer. He had stopped moving, but she had not heard him cry out. He nodded, still grinning.

"Do you want to fuck me again?" she asked, not completely sure she could stand it.

"I do," he answered, finally regaining the power of speech.

"Seventeen minutes?" she asked tauntingly.

"I will do my best," he replied.

Carrie leaned over him so that her breasts were inches from his face, "I think I interrupted what you were doing earlier, feel free to continue."

She glanced at his cock; it was still semi erect. "The clock is ticking," Carrie purred.

That was all the encouragement he needed. Within seconds his lips were again on her breast. Carl circled her nipple with his tongue and cupped his hands around her ass. His long fingers stretched out, seeking the flesh between her legs. He tentatively stroked her pussy. Carl found the warm, wet feel of her sex to be arousing. Soon he was eagerly thrusting his fingers into her and in no time his hands were covered in cum, both hers and his own. Taking a deep breath, he slowly pushed her to the side until Carrie rolled on to her back.

"Are you thinking what I think you are thinking?" Carrie asked.

"I am if the answer is going down on you," he replied.

"Are you sure you want to do that? I mean you just, well, you know," Carrie said.

"I'm sure," he replied confidently. How could I not, Carl wondered. It would be illogical to be stopped by a few drops of his cum when she had swallowed a much larger amount. Carl meticulously kissed and licked his way down Carrie's body. When he finally arrived between her legs, he traced the edge of her neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair.

Putting his hand on Carrie's thighs, Carl spread her legs apart. For a moment, he looked at her, examining her sex with great attention. He ran his fingers around her clit. He spread her labia apart. Carl slipped his finger inside her, probing for her G spot. But as before, scientific curiosity was overpowered by animalistic lust. He lowered his head and repeated his probing, this time with his tongue.

For a moment Carrie thought she needed to remind Carl that they were here for sex, not anatomy class. She indulged his boy-like wonder of her body for a few minutes but was relieved when she felt his tongue circling her clit. His fingers went from gently probing to slow thrusting. Carrie propped herself up on her elbows and watched him. What he lacked in grace and skill, he made up for in raw enthusiasm. None of her partners had ever gone down on her after they had sex. One guy had finger fucked her, but not long enough to make her come again. It appeared Carl had no qualms about what he was doing. His lips and tongue brushed against her like a gentle summer rain. She wanted more.

"Harder, I'm not going to come unless you do it harder," she moaned, "don't worry, you won't break me."

"Compliance," Carl said has he immediately followed her instructions. He was a man on a mission. Carrie felt her muscles weaken as her climax built. She lay back down on the floor and surrendered herself to Carl's oral assault. She wondered if he planned on licking her pussy for the entire 17 minutes.

With Carrie's blessing, Carl began to thrust his fingers into her with more force. He stopped lapping at her clit and flattened his tongue against it. She moaned and pushed her pussy against his face. Carl's intellect surfaced just long enough to guide his fingertip to Carrie's G-spot. Unlike his orgasm, Carrie's was not an explosion. It was more of a storm that built in intensity until it overwhelmed both of them, and then faded away.

Although she was not sure if either of them had the capacity for more sex, Carrie still found herself saying, "Time's up, are you ready?"

"I am," Carl answered. He thought this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and planned to make the most of it.

"Okay," Carrie responded, trying not to show her surprise as his answer, "This time you get to choose how we do it."

"I want to bend you over the principal's desk and fuck you from behind. I'll probably get an erection every time I get sent to this office, but it will be worth it."

Carrie slowly stood up. She bent over and put her hands on the edge of the desk, then spread her feet apart. She could feel Carl's presence behind her. Carrie looked over her shoulder at him.

"I like it hard, fuck me hard," she hissed.

Carl put his hand on his cock and guided it between Carrie's legs. Instead of sliding into her pussy, he felt her firm ass. A bolt of panic shot through him. She would probably be furious at him, thinking he wanted to fuck her in the ass. He tried to apologize but no words came out of his mouth.

Carrie gasped as the tip of Carl's erection pressed against her ass. She enjoyed anal sex as much as anyone, but there was no way she was taking Carl's big dick tonight. Someday she would, but not today. She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, reaching back and pulling his erection towards her pussy.

"Let me help you with your aim," she moaned.

Relief flooded through him as Carl felt Carrie pull his dick towards her body. She stopped him just as the tip splayed her lips apart. Once again she looked over her shoulder at him, deliberately making eye contact.

"Now fuck me hard and make me come with your big thick cock," she said in a needlessly seductive voice.

The words echoed in her head. Carrie locked her elbows and braced herself for Carl's onslaught. She did not have to wait long. With one strong thrust, he buried his cock inside her. Over and over he penetrated her with his throbbing erection. She wanted more; she wanted every bit of his cock. She pushed back against him, driving him in even deeper. He was bludgeoning her cervix with the engorged head of his penis, but she did not care. She wanted every inch of his glorious cock insider her dripping wet cunt. She wanted to go home a well fucked woman, and she wanted Carl to remember this night for the rest of his life.

"Oh yes! Harder! Harder! Make me come all over your fucking cock!" she screamed.

Carrie hoped Carl had it in him to bring her to climax one more time. She had been close the first time his cock was in her, but he did not last long enough. Surely he did not have another orgasm left in him. This was going to be all about her.

Digging his fingers into Carrie's hips, he pulled her back with every bit of strength his wiry arms had in them. Carl could see the reflection of her breasts in one of the framed diplomas hanging on the wall behind the principal's desk. Her tits were flailing in all direction as he rammed his cock into her. She wanted rough and he wanted to please her. Carl looked down. Carrie's shapely bottom blocked his view of her pussy, but it was quite a sight itself. He put one hand on her ass cheek. He could feel the impact of his thrusts reverberate through her firm flesh.

"Don't stop," Carrie cried, 'I'm coming, I'm coming, don't stop, don't stop."

Her words degenerated into unintelligible sounds as her body was racked by her climax. As it faded, her cries of ecstasy turned to a soft whimper. Carl put his arms around her. He held Carrie tight against his own body.

Carrie glanced at Carl as she wiped her cum-striped legs off with some tissues from the principal's desk. Carl gazed back, his eyes grazing her body, a huge unapologetic grin lighting up his face. "Best. Valentine's Day. Ever," he sighed happily. Carrie laughed, his unadulterated joy was apparent; the kid (man now, Carrie reminded herself) was practically glowing. "I can't deny that" she said, regretfully pulling her dress back on.

He began to put his clothes back on without cleaning up. He wore the smell of sweat and sex like an award. Once they were dressed, the two of them navigated the dark halls back to the gym. Carl paused at the door they had come in through and pulled out his smart phone. The pounding bass of a hip hop song was audible through the wall.

"What are you doing now?" Carrie asked.

"I'm looking at the camera on the other side of the door. Wait just a minute."'

"Shit," Carrie exclaimed, "Are there cameras in the hallway?"

"Yea, but they are not set up for low light. All they would capture is a blur. I doubt anyone even looks at the footage unless there is some kind of incident," Carl replied calmly.

"So, can we go back to the dance?" she asked.

"Yea, open the door right now."

The dance was still in full swing. Carl and Carrie slipped through the door completely unnoticed and headed back out to the dance floor.

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