tagGroup SexAn Unprepared Sitter

An Unprepared Sitter


"I just don't have the sexual drive that you still do anymore. Not that I could ever match that anyway."

I stared at my wife from across the table at the nice restaurant we were currently dining at for our 20th anniversary. The conversation had taken a slight turn from where it had started, that was for sure.

"I know honey, and that's fine. Hell, I wish I didn't have it anymore either- it's hard being this age and still horny all the damn time. I wish I could just turn it off, but I find myself hardwired the same as when I was in my twenties. Used to consider it a gift, now it's turning into more of a curse."

I took a bite of my medium-rare steak, admiring my beautiful and amazing wife Carol as I savored both my meal and the view. She was an incredible spouse to have and an amazing mom to our child, and I loved her dearly. She had managed to maintain her slim figure throughout our twenty years of marriage which was great, but as our conversation let on it may have been better if she had actually packed on a few pounds as then maybe I wouldn't think such dirty thoughts every time I admired her fit form. I myself had kept in shape too, at least I thought I did, and Carol was always quick to compliment my physique whenever I openly questioned it or even just whenever I happened to have my shirt off around the house or at a pool.

Taking a sip of her wine my wife pressed on with the awkward conversation, not caring at all that it was taking place within earshot of who knew how many people sitting around us at this classy joint.

"I know, I just feel bad. I wish you could still get the pleasure you seek; I just don't have the energy for it anymore."

As she spoke my eyes drifted on their own accord to the slight open cleavage I could see under her semi form-fitting dress.

"The way you dress and present yourself sure isn't helping things," I chuckle as I continue to admire her body, her face still managing to redden slightly in embarrassment even after all these years.

Thankfully our conversation drifts to another topic and we continue with our delicious dinner as we chat the evening away.

Having a small child it was rare for the two of us to share a moment like this, but seeing as it was a milestone anniversary we had made sure to call our most oft-used babysitter and have her watch the kiddo for us so we could dine at a fancy restaurant along with catching a movie we managed to somehow both agree on.

Thinking of our babysitter caused my mind to wander slightly to Mandy, who was the 19 year old high schooler who cared for our child when we went out. Being a youthful teen I couldn't help but notice her slim, perky figure, even though she rarely showed up to our house in anything other than jeans and a t-shirt. She had a cute face that I'm sure drove the boys at her school crazy, and her breasts had just reached their max potential, looking great even under that plain t-shirt she always sported. I tried my hardest not to admire the young woman too much as that made me feel like a dirty old man, but it's hard not to notice beauty when it's right next to you, and I often caught my eyes lingering on Mandy's face or body a little longer than they should whenever she was over at our house. I only hope Carol hasn't noticed.

" . . . so I have to true up their budget next week and help them avoid a huge audit. . ." My wife was saying, oblivious to my tuning out of the conversation in order to daydream about the young beauty currently watching our kid.

I forced myself to focus; not only to pay attention to my amazing wife who deserved my full attention but also to stop myself from getting too worked up for a night that would end in almost assured disappointment from a sexual standpoint.

Not knowing the full conversation I had zoned out of I was luckily saved from adding my pretend input when the waiter came up to our table lugging one of those fake dessert trays that showcased their options.

"You'll probably want to choose one of our hot items so you can stay warm out in that storm," he advised the two of us as we pursued the various delicacies.

Having not paid any attention to the world outside of our table both Carol and mine's heads swivel towards the large glass window, where I see thick giant snowflakes coming down heavily.

"That's doesn't look good," I warn my wife as I watch the flakes pile up on the ground outside.

As our house was twenty minutes out of town we always worry when it starts to snow, especially when we aren't with our child.

"I hate to say it, but we may have to skip that movie . . . along with dessert."

Carol gets a sad look on her eyes as we were both really looking forward to this night out of just the two of us, but she's sensible as well and knows what the right thing to do is.

"Okay, okay, but I'm still going to get that delicious looking brownie to go!"

Settling the bill a few moments later we exit the restaurant, my wife clutching her brownie in its to-go bag as if her life depended on it. She loved her sweets, and I loved her for it. Clearing our SUV of snow, which had already accumulated several inches, I take off towards our house in the burgeoning snow storm. The weather only worsens the further we go, confirming our decision to cut our night early, and it takes us nearly an hour to go the 20 miles it takes to get home. Listening to the weather station we find out we barely made the cut-off to get out of the city proper as they just closed the road out of town right behind us. Pulling into our almost-blocked driveway Carol perks up suddenly as a thought hits her, and I can't help but feel like her face becomes flushed with excitement.

"You know what this means Todd," she claims as she opens her car door to step into the garage, careful to miss the pools forming under the vehicle. "It means Mandy is going to have to spend the night with us since her parents live inside the city limits, which is now closed off from us."

I have no idea why that would make my wife excited as it just means more work for us setting her up in a room at our house, so I shrug the reasoning off as we head inside.

"Even if they weren't closed I wouldn't want her out there in these conditions, so I guess we'll just have to make up the guest bed."

"Something like that . . . " Carol sing-says as she skips into the house.

I flash back to dinner, wondering how much wine my wife consumed to get her like this, but we each only had a glass so it's not the alcohol talking. Maybe she's just happy to have another female in the house for once . . .

Heading inside we are met by a confused Mandy sitting on the couch watching what seemed to be one of those new reality shows I never could understand the point of.

"Oh, hello Mr. and Mrs. Morrison," she says with surprise as she jumps up off the couch. " I wasn't expecting you for a few more hours."

Carol gives her a large smile, her eyes drifting up and down the young female's body in what looks to me like she's checking her out as it's the kind of appraising look I usually give an attractive female. Curious, my focus turns to Mandy as well, expecting some kind of stain or something on her clothes, but all I see is a tight body inside of a pair of fitted jeans and a quasi form-fitted t-shirt. My gaze lingers on her pert breasts poking out of her shirt a moment longer than they should, and I quickly look somewhere else before I get caught by either woman. Nervously glancing over at Carol I see her staring at me inquisitively for a moment, making me believe my cover is blown, but instead of calling me out she merely looks back at our babysitter, sans any stink eye to say she knows what I was doing.

"Haven't you looked outside sweety? It's a full-blown blizzard out there! We barely made it home before they closed the road . . ."

Mandy's eyes widen as she looks towards the window, even though the blinds are drawn tightly shut to block any view of the winter wonderland going on beyond them.

"The, the road's closed? But that would mean . . ."

"Yup, you're going to have to spend the night here with us!" Carol exclaims with that unexplainable twinkle in her eye as she heads over to the kitchen cabinet and deftly pulls out three wine glasses. "And since we had to cut our night out short and nobody's going anywhere, I guess you're just going to have to help us liven this night up!"

Grabbing a bottle of red wine from the mini wine cellar Carol begins to remove the corkscrew. Mandy looks back and forth between the two of us, a new wave of confusion written across her face, but I can't be any help to the poor girl as I'm just as lost as to what's going on. Opening the wine Carol pours the alcoholic beverage into all three glasses before bringing them over and setting them down on the coffee table. I arch an eyebrow questioningly at her from my post by the garage door where I'm still standing coat and all but she only winks back before sitting down, pushing the other two glasses towards Mandy and I before taking a sip of her own. Mandy eyes the table wearily as Carol shrugs her coat off and settles into the cushion.

"But Mrs. Morrison, I'm only 19, you know that," our babysitter states while staring at the proffered cup. I feel a little twinge in my pants followed by immediate self-scolding for getting turned on by hearing how young the adorable teen was. My wife only smiles over the top of her glass that has now reached her lips.

"Oh please, I know how it is these days. And it's better that you do it on a night like these with people like us than at some random party," she says soothingly as she inches the red wine even closer.

Mandy continues to stare at the glass a moment longer before giving a slight shrug, sitting down and grabbing the alcohol to take a sip. My wife's smile seems to double as she leans back in her chair, crossing her legs as she takes a rather large pull from her drink.

"There you go, doesn't that taste good? Now tell me, was our little one an angel, a demon, or somewhere in between tonight? He's asleep now which means he'll be down through the night as that kid sleeps all night through anything, but what was he like when he was still awake?"

As our babysitter recants her night for us I can see her start to relax more and more, gradually taking more sips of wine as the conversation flows. Hanging my coat up I return to the room and sit down on the couch next to Carol, mainly staying quiet as I let my wife drive the conversation.

After listening to the older female finish talking about one of the various trips we had taken Mandy looks down to find an empty wine glass in her hand.

"Oh my," she stammers as she sets the empty glass down on the table. "I didn't think I was drinking it that fast."

It seems Carol is excited by that statement, but I have no idea why- maybe she's wants to get the poor girl drunk and then take care of her for some weird reason. Once more I shrug it off and turn to the teen sitting on the couch, catching my breath as I watch the young woman lift her arms above her head as she stretches out, the hem of her shirt lifting to expose a flat, tight stomach underneath. My eyes wander up as our babysitter holds her pose and the focus shifts to her perky chest, which has been thrust outward with the stretch. Lowering her arms Mandy yawns as Carol strikes up a new conversation, my eyes still lingering on our guest's slender frame.

"I like your shirt there Mandy, that's a cute logo on it. Don't you agree Todd?"

As my gaze automatically goes to the logo on the girl's shirt my heart sinks as I find the print smack dab on our babysitter's bosom. I meekly stutter out a "Oh, uh sure," as I worry what the night will bring now that my wife must surely be using this to call me out on staring at our babysitters youthful assets.

That sly smile of Carol's returns however as she stares at Mandy.

"You must workout as you have a lovely figure - I remember back when I was so youthful and . . .energetic."

Before the teen could respond to that extremely awkward comment my wife stands up and grabs the bottle of wine, a dangerous sparkle in her eye that I hadn't seen in many years and thought had been fully extinguished until now.

"We'll, looks like someone needs a refill, and the night is still very young," she purrs as she steps over to refill Mandy's glass. The young woman bites her lip nervously about having more alcohol but remains silent as my wife approaches her.

Leaning over to fill up Mandy's cup Carol stumbles at the last moment, spilling the bright red liquid all over our babysitter while she sits helplessly on the couch.

"Oh my goodness I am such a klutz, I am so sorry!" my wife stammers as our shocked babysitter stares down at her soaked clothes. "Here, come upstairs with me, I will get you cleaned up."

Grabbing Mandy by the hand Caro quickly takes the drenched girl upstairs. I check the couch for any spills but magically all the wine had seemingly gone right onto Mandy's lap. With nothing to do in the living room I eventually decide to head upstairs to see if I can be of any help.

Hearing voices from the master bedroom I make my way there to find Carol rummaging through the dresser drawers. The bathroom door is closed which tells me Mandy is inside, causing my face to redden as I suddenly realize that the only way for my wife to clean the young woman's clothes is for her to remove them. Carol only waves me to the bed upon seeing me though, speaking in a hushed tone.

"You just go sit over there, I've got everything under control."

I do as she asks, plopping myself down on our bed, wondering why my wife didn't just tell me to go back downstairs. Grabbing an article out of the dresser my wife walks over to the bathroom door, opening it up a crack. Trying not to look I can't help but crane my neck to peek a glance inside, but from my vantage point all I can see is the light spilling out of the other room.

"Sorry Mandy I don't seem to have any clean pajamas, but I found something of Todd's that should basically work as a nightie for you."

Stepping fully inside the bathroom I am surprised when Carol doesn't close the door behind her.

"Oh dear, your clothes are soaked through aren't they? Here, I'll need you bra and panties too, you can't go around wearing those in their current condition, you'll catch a cold for sure."

Hearing that statement causes a twinge in my pants for the second time that night as my mind immediately goes to the wonderful scene my wife must currently be witnessing as our bubbly babysitter strips off her undergarments. I quickly cross my legs to hide my semi-erection as Carol emerges a moment later, holding a pile of clothes in her hands. She pays me no mind however as she marches off towards the laundry room, yet before I can even try to adjust myself she pops back in the room, shooting a playful smile in my direction as she holds up a matching bra and panty set.

"Hey Mandy, there's nothing special I need to do for your bra and panties, right? They just seem so . . . fancy that I didn't want to accidentally ruin them."

I don't even hear the teenager's response as I am transfixed by the small pair of frilly undergarments in my wife's hands, once again dreaming of what they normally contain behind them. Getting some kind of response Carol shoots another devious grin in my direction before taking the undergarments away. My erection is now in full bloom and just as I decide I can't leave my position until it subsides Carol struts back in.

"Well Todd it would only make sense if we get ready for bed too since Mandy has to stay the night now," she states as she heads towards our walk-in closet. Hoping I could just wait until she closes the door and then dash over and grab some pajamas when the coast was clear my heart drops when she stops and looks at me pointedly.

"We'll don't just sit there grab some pajamas before Mandy gets done in there."

Knowing there will be hell to pay I begrudgingly stand up, my pants becoming immediately tented by my still very present erection. Instead of becoming angry, however, my wife looks down at my bulge and actually smiles! Saying nothing she darts inside the closet, as if she had just been waiting to see if I had a hard on . . . Shaking my head and not knowing what was going on I quickly go over to the dresser and pull out some flannel pajamas, relocating to the hallway bathroom so I could safely change into them without anyone else seeing my hard-on. Tucking my erection into my waistband I head back into the room, where Carol is standing outside the bathroom door in a pajama set nearly identical to my own.

"Okay Mandy, you can come out now, coast is clear."

A timid voice comes back through the door, but my wife pays it no heed as she pulls the door all the way open.

"Oh you'll be fine, it's only Todd and I here and once your clothes dry you can hop right back into them."

Pulling our babysitter by the hand Carol leads her out of the bathroom, and as soon as I see her my jaw instantly drops open. Clad in one of my old t-shirts Mandy walks into the room, the hem of the shirt barely crossing mid-thigh on the lankier girl. I don't understand my wife's choice in outfits and as the young girl steps into the light I am even more baffled and of course turned on as I can clearly see two pokey nipples peeking out of from the rather threadbare white shirt. My choice to tuck my dick in my pants instead of just waiting it out becomes a great decision as my member throbs violently against its elastic band prison. I find myself involuntarily sitting down on the bed as the beautiful teen in front of me pulls down on her t-shirt shyly while timidly staring at the floor.

"Mrs. Morrison are you sure there's nothing else I can wear? This shirt just seems a little, revealing . . ."

"Oh don't worry about it, it's a very comfortable shirt and like I said it's just me and Todd here. Why don't you just take a seat next to Todd here and we can figure out what our game plan for you being our guest tonight."

I shift in my seat uncomfortably as Mandy takes a step towards me and tentatively sits down, holding the shirt down with both hands so she doesn't expose herself; my mind flashes back to my wife holding the girl's dainty panties in her hand telling me if the shirt does ride up there would be plenty to see.

I have a hard time sitting still as our nearly naked babysitter positions herself on the bed next to me, the shirt too short to sit on causing her to sheepishly pull it up above her butt as she fully sits down in order to cover her front. A beautiful girl half my age has her naked ass cheeks pressing into my bed sheets. . . I swallow hard as Carol closes the bedroom door and plops down on the other side of Mandy. Looking over the young woman's shoulder she gives me that devious wink she's been perfecting all night.

"Now Mandy, you're going off to college real soon - next week actually, right?"

"Yes Mrs. Morrison, that's right."

My wife laughs.

"Well first off I guess we will need to find a new babysitter then. Oh, and you can call me Carol - after all, you won't be working for us anymore and we're all adults here."

I'm trying to focus on the conversation, but all I see are those perky nipples protruding through MY shirt and a pair of bare slender thighs exposed right next to me. I have no idea how those two are carrying a normal conversation with our current set up, but my wife is seemingly trying her hardest to put Mandy at ease.

"That's got to be exciting starting a whole new chapter of your life . . ." Carol says soothingly. A hand suddenly rests on the younger girl's shoulder reassuringly as my wife continues on with the conversation.

"Now you may have had this talk with your mother already, but college is a time for new experiences in . . many ways. Are you prepared for all of them?"

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