tagAnalAnal Adventures of Alex Ch. 05

Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 05


Alex went to the store to hang out with Jen during the last few minutes... she was closing that night and it being a Tuesday at 10pm there wasn't anyone around at all. Slightly bored as she took stock and cashed out her register, he wandered around the store – not that he didn't already know exactly where everything was.

Edible underwear...


Porn and Hentai movies...





Alex paused. Every so often, when he was using his dildo on himself, he thought about what it would be like to have Jen be the one pushing it in and out of him... for the first time he started wondering what it might be like if she was actually fucking him from behind. After all, she seemed to really enjoy anal sex... almost as much as she enjoyed regular sex... sometimes she even requested it. What would it be like to have her behind him, stretching him open?

He wasn't sure, but his dick was getting hard just thinking about the prospect.

"See something you like?" Alex jumped a little as Jen's hands touched his back and slid around to his front, pulling him close to her so that she could nibble on his ear from behind. He could feel her warm body pressing against him, breasts mashed against his back and her hips pushing against his ass. Shivering a little with reaction, he ran his hands along her arms as she caressed his chest.

"Maybe." Turning he kissed her soundly, parting their lips and letting his tongue slide into her mouth. They stood their, kissing, until she pulled away a little breathless.

Wide eyes, filled with anticipatory excitement, "Well, let's see if we can't find something that you definitely like."

Turning away from him she considered the wall... and picked up one which resembled the dildo that he already had, there were also attachments for her to put into her pussy and ass if she so chose to. Alex knew that she would. He was fully erect, dick pressing against his pants, desperately wanting to bend her over and fuck her from behind. Moving forward, he pressed his groin against her ass cheeks, hands on her hips to pull them back towards him.

Jen giggled, and reached her hand back, caressing the hair on the back of his head... he turned his head slightly to kiss her wrist.

Pulling away from him she turned and started undressing him, kissing each body part as it revealed itself. Alex returned the favor, as best he could, working around her urgency in stripping him down.

As she pulled his pants off she was on her knees, and she kissed his thighs, mouth working up towards his dick... tongue sliding along his balls and he moaned, his hands coming to rest on her head. She teased his shaft with her tongue, flicking the underside of the head of his cock, sliding along the hole. Moaning, Alex thrust his hips forward, trying to aim for her lips. Instead, she just kissed the tip teasingly, her tongue darting out for a quick lick.

He could feel her shifting around in an unusual way as she teased him with her mouth, usually she was solely concentrating on his dick when she gave head, but she seemed to be preoccupied. Looking down, his cock surged with lust as he realized that she was putting on the strap on as she teased him with her tongue, her hands tightening the straps to secure it around her waist. It was a little strange seeing her with a cock, but somehow extremely erotic too.

As soon as she had finished tightening the straps, her mouth engulfed his cock, hands resting in their usual position – one on his thigh, the other at the base of his shaft – as her head bobbed up and down. Alex sighed with relief, pushing his hips forward as he enjoyed the view of his meat between her lips, the way her mouth wetly sucked on him. He stroke her hair, moving it around to get a better view, creating the perfect picture...

Jen slid her mouth off of his dick, smiling up at him, "Turn around and put your hands on the counter."

Feeling intoxicated with anticipation, Alex turned, resting his weight on the counter, which meant that he had to bend forward a little. He could feel Jen's fingers massaging his ass and then pulling his cheeks apart, her tongue pressing against his asshole. With a groan he pushed back, all his nerves tingling as she rimmed him, pleasuring him with her tongue in a completely different way from a minute before. His head hung down as he moved his ass against her tongue.

Then the sensation was gone, to be replaced just moment later by a finger, slick with lube... the nice thing about having all these toys around them was that Jen knew exactly where each of them was, and it didn't take her long to appropriate whatever she needed. Pushing his ass back against the invading digit, he wiggled his ass a little, tightening down on the thin finger... in response Jen pulled it out and then he felt his ass stretching open a little more as she added a second finger.

"Does that feel good?" she asked, her voice teasing, she already knew the answer but she wanted to hear him say it.

"Yes," he replied, his voice breathy with need.

He could feel her stand behind him, her fingers still pressing in and out of him, stretching him out in preparation. Kisses trailed up his back to his shoulder and the pumping action in his ass slowed... and then her fingers retreated completely. Alex pushed his ass back out a little and then froze as he felt the slick, slightly cool head of the dildo press against his asshole.

"Oh god..." he groaned, his hips moving away as the fake cock pressed forward... it was much bigger than her fingers... in fact it felt bigger than his own dildo... and it was very strange not to be in control of something that large going into his ass.

Jen moved her hips slightly, letting just a little of the head push in and out of his ass, getting him ready for when she popped the whole head in. Shuddering and groaning, Alex clutched at the counter as his ass was stretched, in a slightly painful but also good way... his breathing got heavier as she pushed inward.

"Fuck..." he said through gritted teeth, bending over more to try and relax himself, "OH GOD!"

The head of the dildo had popped in. He panted, as Jen held still, holding just the head in his ass. Then he felt it recede and pop back out... then push back in, his ass opening and closing around the bulbous part.

"Tell me if I need to go slower," he heard her say. Nodding his head, he closed his eyes and just tried to relax and enjoy the sensation... because it was an enjoyable sensation, just also overwhelming... slightly frightening in the lack of control he had over the situation, and yet that in and of itself was a bit of a turn on.

Even with all the lube there was a slight burning sensation as the cock pressed deeper, he could feel Jen's hands on his hips, making him feel slightly feminine in the way that she was holding him... it felt like she was in control, empowered. He groaned as the cock dug deeper and then pulled out a little... returning and then receding... his own hard on was starting to return as the dildo pushed a little deeper each time

Jen's hands ran up his front and under his arms, hooking around so that she could get a grip on his shoulders as the cock finally bottomed out... They both moaned a little, and Alex wondered what it was like for her, with the attachments in her pussy and ass... what it felt like for her to be fucking his ass. He felt incredibly full, almost too much so, and yet it was an almost euphoric feeling at the same time.

Gasping a little, Jen pulled out and rammed back in, making him brace himself against the counter... she had really fantastic leverage from the position that she'd put herself in and she started going at his ass with a kind of fervor that he found incredibly hot. In fact, she was moaning just as much as he was, and it turned him on even more to know how much she was enjoying fucking his ass.

Although his dick was up to half mast, he wasn't sure it was gonna get better than that... the dildo in his ass was so big, so distracting to his body, that he couldn't concentrate on anything else... especially since it hurt a little. But it felt fantastic... he could tell Jen was really enjoying herself, and he moaned, pushing back against her oncoming thrusts...

They fucked like that for awhile, until he could hear the change in her breath that indicated she was getting close to cumming.

Then he stood, which completely changed the angle and the strap-on dildo fell from his ass with a pop... he felt suddenly empty, but also still extremely aroused.

Turning he faced Jen, she looked a little confused, and said, "My turn."

Kissing her deeply, he deftly undid the straps around her waist as he pushed her forward towards the counter. Moving around her, he undid the last strap and pushed the contraption down, hearing her hiss of breath as the dildos fell from her pussy and ass. Bending her forward a little, he smiled as she put her own hands on the counter... both her holes looked wet and ready.

Without saying anything, Alex lined up with her ass and pushed it, slowly but firmly... he figured that since she'd just had something in it he probably didn't need to warm her up, and he was right. Jen whimpered a little as her ass was stretched around his cock, which was bigger than the attachment recently occupying it, but she didn't protest at all. Accompanied by her gasp, Alex bottomed out on the first long thrust, and he groaned as her tight ass clenched around him.

Since she was already ready, and they were both so close to cumming, Alex just gave over control to his lust. Jen cried out with pain and pleasure as he ravaged her ass, thrusting hard fast and deep, with no preamble. Her cheeks clenched as she pushed back against him, tightening her ass as he forced his way through with thrust after thrust, his hands moving up to the same kind of position she had been, hooked under her arms and hands gripping her shoulders to get the best possible leverage.

Spreading his legs wide, he plundered her anally, pushing her further and further down onto the counter, the way that he liked to feel her slowly giving way to his thrusts. Jen cried out with pure ecstasy, her ass becoming unbelievably tight, gripping him as he continued to thrust, her body writhing beneath him as she came, he could feel his balls slapping wetly against her splayed pussy.

Pulling himself back upright, he put his hands on her hips and gave several punishing thrusts, ramming hard into her body as he enjoyed the view of his cock splitting open her asshole, her cheeks quivering as she continued to orgasm, his dick pressing deep into her hole. Feeling his own orgasm rising, Alex thrust hard and fast, ramming in and out of her tender ass as he started to groan.

"OH GOD..." he cried, and Jen shrieked as his thrusts rammed in and out of her, both of them shuddering with gratification, her ass milking his cock as he began to spurt inside of her, creaming the inside of her ass.

He fell on top of her, his dick lodged in her tight hole, both of them gasping a little as she clenched and a shudder of pleasure rippled through them both. Caressing her tired body, Alex kissed her shoulder, feeling her sigh of contentment as they both relaxed, their breathing returning to normal.

"So we're gonna have to buy that strap-on," she said, laughing a little.

"I'm ok with that," he grinned as he kissed her shoulder again.

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