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Anal Sex Harem Ladies


I love my fellow Haitians. Seriously. Nothing but love for them. My name is Pierre and I'm a tall, jet-black, muscular, sexy Haitian brother living in America. I'm a student at Boston City Technical College, a four-year private school. I'm majoring in Criminal Justice. Someday, I'm going to be a policeman. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the journey through the world of higher education. College life isn't easy. Especially if you're a black man living in the early twenty first century. However, if you're a smart man and you play your cards right, with a little bit of luck things can turn out alright for you. I'm a very active and adventurous sort. For me, at first college was kind of nuts, then I got the hang of it.

My school offers lots of activities and opportunities to students. I'm a member of the Boston City Technical College Men's Varsity Volleyball Team. It's been a fun year for me. Attending college while playing the sport I love is fun. Boston City Technical College didn't always have Men's Varsity Volleyball. They added it this year. Last year they had Men's Intercollegiate Basketball, Baseball, Sailing, Lacrosse, Swimming, Nordic Skiing, Cross Country, Rifle, Track, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Bowling, Wrestling, Football, Rugby and Gymnastics along with Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Sailing, Lacrosse, Cross Country, Rifle, Nordic Skiing, Track, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Bowling, Wrestling, Rugby and Gymnastics. They added Men's Volleyball along with Women's Field Hockey. We took the sports world by storm. Also, I've been having so much fun it's not even funny. I'm gonna tell you all about it.

There are some fine-looking chicks at Boston Technical College. One of them in particular got my attention. Samantha Villeneuve. A tall, large-breasted, narrow-hipped and big-bottomed black female from the islands. We had the same Business Class together. Yeah, she caught my attention. Like a lot of black females these days, she acted like she was all that when approached by a black man. Black chicks are the most dramatic of all females. And they're always whining about black men, saying that we don't love them anymore. To piss off Samantha, I paraded around the school with a lot of white women. I was a tall, good-looking black athlete so finding young white women who were interested in me was easy.

I also told my buddies to do the same. Basically, all the good-looking black guys on campus went parading around with their white female friends, ignoring the black chicks. How's that for revenge? I mean, seriously. A black man who approaches a Hispanic or White woman and asks her out will get one of two answers. Yes or no. Black chicks will give you a third answer. And a fourth. They'll make fun of you for daring to ask them out in the first place. Do they want you to ask them out? Sure they do. But they also want to make you suffer. Cause they have a love-hate relationship with the black man. Well, ladies, and I use that term loosely, two can play that game. All the black guys at Boston College went on an interracial dating frenzy. We hooked up with Latin chicks, White chicks, Asian chicks and Middle-eastern females. Not a single one of us asked out a black chick. I guess the sisters were getting lonely on campus.

I work at a hardware store and I saw plenty of black chicks from campus buying batteries. I guess their vibrators were working overtime to compensate for the lack of loving they were getting. Oh, man. I am so wonderfully devious. I had so many women offering me some pussy it's not even funny. Let's see. There was Patricia Broncos O'Shea, a tall and lean, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Irish-American gal from the Women's Volleyball team. White chicks give the best head. Black men have known this for years. I had a lot of fun with Patricia. We would meet up in her dorm for some wicked fun. Patricia was a sexual freak. She would get on her knees and suck on my long and thick, uncut cock like her life depended on it. Oh, yeah. Watching this blonde-haired, sexy white chick suck my dick and lick my balls was the highlight of my day. When I would cum, she'd drink my manly seed without complaint. I liked her a lot, as you can guess.

There was almost nothing that Patricia wouldn't do. I even fucked her in the ass. Yep, I put her on all fours, spread her sexy butt cheeks wide open and shoved my dick into her asshole. Patricia loved getting fucked in the ass. Especially by big black dicks. And I was definitely the man to give it to her. I would grab a handful of her long blonde hair like I've seen sexy black male porn stars do to white chicks in the movies and yank her head back while drilling my cock into her asshole. Patricia loved every second of it and often, she begged me for more. Yeah, we had a ton of fun together. She loved it when I came in her ass. Sometimes, I would fill her asshole with my cum, then watch as she drank the cum. Damn, this woman was freaky. Is it any wonder that I liked her so much?

I was having lots of fun with Patricia Broncos O'Shea. However, I needed variety. That's why I hooked up with Maria Mendoza, a chubby Latin beauty from Mexico. Maria stands about five feet two inches tall, thick-bodied, with wide hips and a big, plump ass. She too had a craving for black dick. We had a lot of good times in her dorm. Maria Mendoza was by my own definition one of the world's best cock suckers. I swear she could get cum out of a steel pole! She sucked my dick and licked my balls like they've never been sucked and licked before. When I came, it was like a frigging fountain! I don't know where this chubby Latina learned her skills but she was awesome!

Maria Mendoza also had the sweetest asshole I've ever fucked. Her hole was warm and tight. I loved sliding my cock in and out of it. There's almost no pleasure greater than sliding your cock into some willing woman's asshole. You can trust me on that one. I'm a good guy, not the type to lead you astray. I loved making Maria scream. I would grab her short hair and slam my cock into the forbidden depths of her asshole. She would scream loud enough to wake the dead. When I was done, I would leave her lying on the bed, happy as a clown, my hot cum leaking out of her now gaping asshole. Why? Because I am the anal conquistador. Got it?

Women talk about their sexual exploits even more than Men do. Let no one tell you otherwise. Word was fast spreading among the campus women about my sexual prowess. I guess stuck-up sistah Samantha Villeneuve wanted to know what the fuss was about because she came calling. I knew she'd come around. They all want a piece of my action. I acted like the smooth seducer. And she fell for it hook, line and sinker. I took her out for a night on the town. I made sure she had a good time, complete with dinner, a movie and some hot dancing at a club. At the club, some white chicks were flirting with me. That ticked off Samantha, who told them that I was her man. I looked her in the eye and told her that she couldn't consider me her man until we had sex. Until then, I was a freelance lover. That didn't please her but she was desperate not to lose a sexy stud like myself. So we sealed the deal in her dorm that night.

They say that black chicks don't like to suck dick. Oh, please. All women will suck dick. I once paid a lesbian to suck my cock and I even fucked her pussy and ass. See what I tell you? It's all about the Power of Persuasion. Everyone wants something. Figure that out and you can make them do whatever you want. Anyhow, I went home with Samantha for a night of fun. And yes, I made the proud black chick suck my big dick. Samantha quickly got on her knees and began sucking on my long and thick black cock. I smiled and winked at her as she sucked me off. See? I told you so. She sucked my dick and licked my balls. When I came, she drank my cum. End of story.

Next, she was all that eager to have me shove my dick into her pussy. Lots of black chicks think they have what's called a Killer Pussy. Truth be told, I've fucked enough pussy to know that they're all the same. And their owners too. However, assholes differ. Did you know that the bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole? Yes, that's the truth. No lie, folks! I told Samantha that I wanted her ass. She blinked and told me that she didn't get down like that. I smiled and told her that I knew someone who would. Then, I got up and began walking away. I turned around as she called my name. I looked at her. She swallowed hard, and told me that there was a first time for everything. She was willing to try anal sex just this once. Just to please me. I smiled from ear to ear.

In no time, I had Samantha assume the position. Face down and ass up. The very best position for all anal sex encounters. She was a little nervous and I had to promise her to be gentle, even though I had used enough lube on her ass to lubricate a small country. Without further ado, I rubbed my long and thick black cock and placed my dick head against Samantha's asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. Samantha gasped as I entered her asshole. I smiled. So, bitch, how does it feel to have my cock in your ass? She didn't answer. She was too busy screaming and moaning. I thrust my cock deeper into her ass. Samantha's ass felt so warm and tight around my cock. I've never fucked a tighter ass in my life. I stopped for a moment and asked her a question. Did she used to be chubby? Cause only big women have such tight assholes. Samantha confessed that yes, once upon a time, she was a big gal. I smiled and smacked her ass. I knew it! Big women really do have the tightest assholes!

I began to fuck Samantha's asshole with renewed passion. She howled as my cock plowed into her asshole. Her screams were music to my ears. Man, taming this uptight black bitch was the best thing I've done all year. I mean, I felt so damn great. So frigging powerful. The arrogant and uptight Samantha was on her hands and knees with my cock in her ass. And I could tell that she was loving it. I needed to make sure, though. Hey, it shouldn't be good only for me. It should be fun for her too. I'm not a selfish lover, you know. I grabbed a handful of Samantha's long hair and yanked her head back. I asked her if she was enjoying herself. Was she loving the feel of my cock in her tight black ass? She said yes. I was thrilled! So I fucked her even harder. Drilled my cock into her asshole like a miner looking for gold. Until I came, sending my hot seed deep inside Samantha's asshole. She squealed. I laughed. This was fun.

A little while later, Samantha and I still lay on the floor of her dorm room. She had tears in her eyes and was sobbing softly. I asked if she was alright. She smiled at me and thanked me for the most fun she's ever had. I smiled from ear to ear and nodded gravely. Oh, man. I've converted another one! We hit the showers, then I left myself out, promising her more nights of fun if she behaved herself. She nodded happily, and waved me goodbye. I returned to my dorm, happy as a clown. Over the next few weeks, Samantha and I hooked up many times. I slowly but surely transformed her into an anal sex addict. As part of my multi-ethnic harem of gorgeous, anal-addicted lovely dames. What can I say? College life was turning out better than I could have dreamed of!

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