tagGroup SexAnal Sex is Addictive

Anal Sex is Addictive


My name is Charles Benedict. A tall young black man from the Windy City. I'm currently hanging out with my buddies Davis Samson and Clyde Blacker, two tall and fit-looking black studs from the same hood. All of us are collegiate athletes currently on vacation. We play Basketball for Magister Institute of Technology, a private four-year college that is divided into two separate institutions. Aurelius Tech, which is an all-male technical college, and Athena Academy, which is an all-female technical college. Both are governed by the same administration, but practice single-sex education. Aurelius Tech is located in the city of Chicago while Athena Academy is located in upstate Illinois.

Aurelius is the all-male technical college. My school. It's definitely a unique place. One of five all-male private colleges remaining in the United States of America. The school only has about three thousand students. Aurelius Tech offer Men's Intercollegiate Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Swimming, Wrestling, Badminton, Cross Country, Rugby, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Track, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Rowing, Football and Volleyball. Athena Academy, the all-female college also boasts of an impressive department of athletics. They offer Women's Intercollegiate Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Wrestling, Badminton, Cross Country, Rugby, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Track, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Rowing, Field Hockey and Volleyball. Attending Aurelius Tech is no picnic. The school is really tough and it's a single-sex environment, and since we're hetero, you know we weren't getting any play. So we decided to sex up some dames during Spring Break 2008.

My buddies and I met up with these chicks at a club. It seems we all had the same tastes. We ended up with the same kind of women. Guess what school they attended? These college women were students of Athena Academy, visiting Chicago during Spring Break. Isn't that something? Like us, they came from a single-sex environment. We got together to satisfy our basic needs, you could say. The chick I ended up with was Fatima, and she's a brick house as they say in the hood. Fatima was a big woman, with a pretty face, full body, large breasts, wide hips and big bottom. I'd say she was around five foot ten inches tall and weighing around two hundred and sixty pounds. Yeah, a big black woman. Just the way I liked them. I'm six-foot-six, so tall chicks aren't a problem for me. Davis, the tall, light-skinned brother with the afro ended up with Janice, a jet-black thick beauty from the hood. This chick had one of the biggest asses I'd ever seen. I mean that, damn! One of those thick and plump, ghetto-fabulous bubble butts. You know what I'm talking about. You be checking them out too! As for my blue-black friend Clyde, he picked Freya, a thick and juicy, large-breasted, big-bottomed, light-skinned black beauty. See? I told you we had good taste. We brought these dames to our hotel rooms for some fun.

Fatima was feeling me up the whole time we were making our way from the club to the hotel. I was feeling her too. She told me that she needed a strong black man to show her a wild time. I think I totally fit the bill. I smirked, and told her what to do. Eagerly, she complied. She got on her knees and unzipped my pants. Out came my twelve inches of long and thick, uncut black man power. Fatima gasped when she saw it. She began sucking on my cock and licking my balls. I stood there, my back to the wall as she sucked me off. Fatima was a damn good cocksucker. Her oral skills were all that and then some. I relaxed and enjoyed as she sucked me off. All I could hear was the slurping sounds she made as she sucked my cock. Nearby, my buddies were having some fun as well.

Davis and Janice were doing their thing. He had the big black woman on all fours, her plump butt cheeks spread wide open. He pressed his cock against her booty hole, and pushed. I don't know jack about Janice but this black beauty was no stranger to anal sex. I mean, she took Davis ten inches of hard black dick up her poop chute with hardly a grunt. I watched as he fucked her, slamming his cock deep down where the sun didn't shine. Davis held Janice by those wide hips of hers, shoving his cock deep inside her ass. Janice was making sexy grunting noises as Davis prick filled her asshole. She was backing up that fat booty of hers, grinding it against his groin. Clearly, she wanted more. He fucked her good. I winked at him. He smiled, and continued to do his thing. What a player!

Meanwhile, Clyde and Freya were having themselves some fun. We're all best friends here but we got different styles. Me, I like to make a female suck my cock before I stick my noble tool into her pussy or asshole. Davis is not a patient man. He's usually the one who gets straight down to business. His style is to get the woman to bend over and open wide. Why? Cause he's the man and he's coming inside! This sexy black stud loves to give it hard to the women who love having his cock up their assholes. That's his style, if you can call it that. Whatever. A true artist never rushes. He enjoys the sights and sounds rather than speeds through the landscape. That's how I do it. Fatima was working my cock like there was no tomorrow. I wonder where this woman picked up her oral skills. She sucked me off until I came, sending my hot cum deep into her mouth. When I came, she eagerly drank my cum. Yep, she drained me of my masculine juice. I sighed in pleasure, and nodded in appreciation. The woman had some skills! I decided to return the favor. So I spread her plump thighs and went pussy diving. I began licking and fingering her wet pussy. Fatima grinned, and encouraged me as I went on. I fingered her pussy, and licked her clit. I even bit it gently. By the time I was done with her, she was screaming my name. I made her cum, and watched her squirt all over the place. She looked at me, shocked. I smirked. Women are often surprised by my oral sex skills. They swear only lesbians eat pussy as well as I do. I say I can eat pussy better than a lesbian. Especially if she's not into it or doesn't know what she's doing. Word!

Yeah, I had gotten Fatima's rocks off. Now, I needed to get mine off. How do we do that? Let's see. I've got something to confess. I don't like to fuck pussy. I'll eat it, lick it, and finger it. But I won't stick my dick in it. Fucking pussy is so commonplace. It's boring. I'm an ass man. Pussy is common and ordinary. Fucking the ass, now there's a thrill. The ass is tighter. It feels wonderfully around your cock once you've penetrated it. Anal sex is something else, man. It's addictive. Lucky for me, there are plenty of anally addicted women out there. Yeah, they're out there, but hide it. They don't know why they're into it. They get a craving in their asses. Way deep. Down where the sun doesn't shine. And they can't help it. Sometimes, they can't reconcile their personalities and professions with their anal cravings. Some nuns love to get fucked in the ass, as do some military women and female executives. I'd love to tell these women to relax, and be cool. Just bend over and spread them wide. I'm coming in! Trust me, I'll make you feel good.

Please allow me to demonstrate. At my urging, Fatima goes on all fours and spreads her plump butt cheeks wide open. I smile, and come up behind her. I press my cock against her backdoor, and push. As I penetrate her, I am thrilled to discover that this woman is definitely no stranger to anal sex. Her asshole is too supple and smooth. Nope, she's experienced backdoor bonanza before. Smiling from ear to ear, I held her hips and pushed my cock deeper inside. Fatima proved herself to be a far more energetic sexual partner than I thought. This feisty big dame gave as good as she got. She was bucking wildly as I fucked her, screaming obscenities. She told me to fuck her harder, to give her that good anal fuck. Laughing heartily, I did as requested. I invaded her asshole like the frigging army, and I took no prisoners. To her credit, Fatima fully surrendered to me. She was backing that ass up, as they say in the hood. I've never fucked an ass like hers before. It was wonderfully warm and tight, and totally radiating with energy. I filled up her hole, craving her heat, wanting to possess her more and more, and capture her energy. Howling in primal sexual fury, Fatima took all that I had to give. We dry-humped till I came, drenching her anal furnace with my hot manly seed. Our orgasmic screams erupted from our mouths almost at the same time. I've never experienced anything like it before, or since. We lay on the floor, still basking in the afterglow. Fatima looked at me, grinning. I smiled too. Damn, she was a sick, twisted, freak...just like me.

Around us, the others were doing their thing. Humping away like sex was going out of style. Fatima and I watched them, smiling. Clyde and Freya had switched positions. Now, she was on top, impaling herself onto his thick member while he gripped her hips. Davis and Janice were in the middle of a very hot session of sixty nine. I smiled. My buddies were definitely enjoying themselves. Fatima and I headed to the showers. As it turns out, the gals hotel room was downstairs. We hooked up once more in the shower, frolicking happily until Clyde and Davis came in, followed by Freya and Janice. We showered together, and had a blast. Come morning we parted ways, never to see each other again. It was just a hookup, albeit one between six individuals. I'll always remember it, though. It was the most fun I've had in a long time.

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