tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAnal Sex with Stranger on a Train 03

Anal Sex with Stranger on a Train 03


On the way home from work, a man has anal sex on a train with a stranger.

Without even turning around to look at him, she reached her hand around behind herself to touch him, to feel him, and to hold his cock in her warm hand. With her holding his cock in her hand while slowly stroking him, as if giving him a not so subtle sign, this sexy bitch was ready for him to fuck her up the ass. In the way that she wiggled her ass and pressed her ass against him and his exposed cock, in the way that she was leaning back into him while he pushed her forward and humped her ass with his cock, he could tell that she wanted anal sex bad.

Obviously, she was into anal sex just as much as he was into anal sex. This one was a horny, sexy bitch. Most women would never have sex in public. Most women would never have anal sex. Yet, she was a woman not only willing to have sex in public but also willing to have anal sex. She was a one in a million woman who wanted him to do her right here and right now on this train to Boston.

Having already crossed the line in the sexual molestation of her, now for the difficult part. It was one thing for him to hump her ass. It was another thing for him to lift up her dress, expose her panty, and to feel her ass through her panty. Yet, it was something else entirely for him to pull down her panty and fuck her up the ass, that is, unless he could prove that the sex was consensual. With sodomy still against the law in many states and frowned upon by those who aren't gay men, assuredly so, it was rape for him to do what he was about to do.

Ever so slowly so as not to be noticed by the other passengers that surrounded them on the train, he inched down her panty as if he was a Japanese man and she was a Japanese woman about to be sexually accosted on a subway train in Japan. A chance he was willing to take, he hoped when he lowered her panty that she wouldn't come to her senses, realize what he was doing, and reject him by screaming rape. Instead of standing in the middle of a crowded commuter train, he only wished that she was standing in front of a full length mirror in a department store dressing room. He wished he could see her ass and her pussy at the same time while pulling down her panty in the way of pulling up a curtain to reveal a Price Is Right showcase.

Waiting for her to negatively react with her skirt raised and her panties pulled down, he took a big breath. Going all in and playing for all the marbles, when her panty was down far enough, he licked his fingers and lubricated her tight, little ass with his spittle. Wishing he didn't have to use his own saliva, he wasn't eager to part with his own DNA should there be a problem with him fucking her up the ass and with the forensic authorities identifying him. Yet with him not having any lube and not even a condom, after serendipitously getting this lucky with a woman, what else was he supposed to do? Next time, he'll remember to carry some lube around with him and a condom.

Next time? Who's he kidding? A once in a lifetime chance, the perfect storm, they'll never be a next time with a woman wanting him to fuck her up the ass on a train during a snowstorm. Only, too sexually excited to think about such things, he didn't think about the reality of what he was doing in sodomizing a woman on the train. Pondering only her naked, creamy, white ass, he didn't ponder his subsequent arrest, felony conviction, state's prosecution, and long term prison incarceration. His only focus was pulling down her panties and having anal sex with this woman on a train.

As if giving her a medical exam, he felt her jump when he first inserted his finger inside of her anal cavity. Perhaps his finger and/or his spittle was cold. Everything was cold on this train but for the inside of her anal cavity. The coldest day of the year with a blizzard outside, fearing that his skin would stick to anything metal, he didn't dare touch anything metallic on the train without a glove.

Then, instead of trying to move away, she squirmed back into him for his finger to penetrate her deeper. Doing her best to accommodate him, she even leaned forward just a little to give him better access to her beautiful, naked ass. Oh, my God, what a woman, what an unbelievable woman. Whatever he was doing to her, she was willingly going along with it.

Out of all the women on this train, he chose her. What were the odds that she'd not only be agreeable to having anal sex with him but also to having public sex with him on an overcrowded moving train? He couldn't believe his luck.

'Thank you Jesus,' he thought to himself.

Without having a computer preloaded with all of the woman who willing would have anal sex and of all the woman who would willingly have anal sex in public, he was unable to compute the statistical possibilities in his head. What are the odds that he'd pick the right woman who'd be receptive to his sexual assault? He picked the one in a million women who'd be receptive to him giving her anal sex in public on a crowded train. Wow!

Something he's never done with anyone before but always wishing that he could do with his wife, his sister, his mother, his mother-in-law, and/or his sister-in-law, surreally erotic, he was finger fucking a woman up her ass that he's never met before. Never even having spoken to her before and someone who he didn't even know her name, so very sexually exciting, he couldn't believe that she was allowing him to fuck her up her ass with his finger. If she was to stop him right now, pull up her panties, and pull down her dress, if this was all that he'd do with her, even though he wanted to do so much more, this was good enough for him.

He'll be masturbating over this wonderful, anal, sexual day for the rest of his life. Finally he was living out his sexual fantasy of having anal sex with a stranger on the train. Even though his cock wasn't inside of her yet, his finger was and if only by the definition of the law, that still constitutes sodomy. Whether a dildo, a bottle, a broom handle, or his cock, she was allowing him to sodomize her with his stiff, middle finger.

* * * * *

Taking a risk and taking a big gamble, fortunately for him, so long as both participants are adults, sodomy is legal in Massachusetts. Yet, what he was doing was still rape, that is, unless she told authorities that it was consensual sex and welcomed as much by her as it was wanted by him. If not consensual and if reported by her, he could go to prison for life. With him on the smaller side and unable to protect himself from someone bigger and stronger, in the way that she was his bitch now, he could be someone's bitch in prison. If caught pulling up her dress, pulling down her panties, and finger fucking her up her ass, already constituting rape, the women aboard this train would surely beat him and stomp him to death.

No tolerance for nonconsensual sex, women had even less tolerance for a man who sexually abused a woman. To make matters worse, they'd show him no mercy for forcing a woman to have anal sex. Yet, even if he told them that the anal sex was consensual, they'd still show him no mercy.

Certainly, if discovered having anal sex with this woman, no doubt with her being a stranger, something he hadn't given any thought to before, she'd throw him under the bus. Even though she seemed agreeable to him having his sexual way with her ass, doing something so nastily forbidden, they were still having anal sex in public on a crowded train. With him a total stranger and her wanting to protect her reputation, no doubt, especially if she was married with kids and had much to lose, definitely crying rape, she'd blame it all on him.

"It was all his fault," he imagined her saying while pointing the finger of accusation at him as if he was Hester Prynne living in Salem Massachusetts in 1642 in Nathanial Hawthorne's story, The Scarlet Letter. "There was nothing that I could do when he lifted up my dress and pulled down my panties. Too strong for me to resist, I was standing there so helpless to stop him from taking sexual advantage of me," he envisioned her putting the back of her hand to her forehead and putting her head back as if she was about to faint.

"What happened?" He imagined the other passengers on the train asking what he did.

Spreading through the train like a wild fire in a forest, the outrage of a man taking sexual advantage of an innocent women in the closed environment of a passenger train car is something they'd never tolerate.

"He lifted her dress," he imagined someone saying in the crowd. "He put his hands and rubbed his exposed cock all over her panties."

"Pervert," he imagined hearing.

"Pig," he imagined a woman saying.

"He pulled down her panties," he imagined someone else saying.

"Degenerate," he imagined hearing.

"That's so nasty," he imagine hearing another woman saying.

"He fucked her up her ass with her finger," he imagined hearing.

"Oh my God, how dare he do that to her? Such a vile, dirty man," he imagined another woman saying.

"He shouldn't be allowed to get away with that," he imagined the women talking among themselves.

"I could have screamed," he imagined the woman he sexually assaulted saying after the other women discovered that he sodomized her with his finger. "But with the train so crowded and in the way of screaming fire in a crowded movie theatre, I didn't want to start a panic. I didn't want to cause any trouble. I just wanted to go home," he imagined her crying.

"Oh, my God, the poor, poor thing," he imagined women talking among themselves. "How could he do that to her?"

"Then, when he pulled down my panties," he imagined his anal victim saying while pretending to sob in her hands, "I couldn't believe it when inserted his dirty, little finger up my ass. I've never been so embarrassed. I've never been so mortified. I've never been so humiliated. I've never been so used and abused, even by my son and his friends when they had their wicked gangbang way with me when they found me out of my mind drunk."

"Shocking," he imagined another woman saying. "How dare he do that to her?"

"Bastard, he's such a son-of-a-bitch, dirty bastard," he imagine someone else voicing. "I have a good mind to anally violate him with the sharp end of my umbrella."

"Pig," said another woman.

As if he were Julius Caesar, he imagined himself muttering, "Et tu, Brute." Running scared and nervous that he'd be caught and reported, he imagined this beautiful angel, who so willingly returned his humps with her bumps before reaching around to take his cock in her hand to stroke him, now innocently stood before him as if she was the victim. He imagined her turning to look at him before sticking her final, imaginary dagger through his heart in the way that Marc Antony did to Julius Caesar.

He imagined the District Attorney for the prosecution allowing this woman that he sodomized to tell her story to a jury of her peers.

"He pulled up my dress and touched me, felt me, fondled me, and caressed my ass through my sheer panties. Then, he pulled down my panties. Oh my God, I couldn't believe it when he dared pull down my panties. With the train so very crowded, unable to move, I was so frightened. Figuring that he'd finger my pussy, instead he fingered my ass. He raped me when he stuck his finger up my ass," he imagined her saying while turning to a jury of her peers at the trial with a face full of crocodile tears.

"Rape, he raped her. Rape, rape, rape," as if the word raped was a big, biting insect that needed to be swatted and killed, he imagined the word rape passing through the crowd of women who were already angry and tired.

"Then, when he pulled down my panties, I was so humiliated when I felt his cock against my skin. I had to endure him rubbing his stiff prick all over my panty. If it weren't for you women saving me," he imagined her looking around at all the woman on the crowded train while smiling her thanks to them, "he would have fucked me up the ass with his cock. Look! See? His cock is already out of his pants," he imagined her saying while pointing to his stiff prick that proved his guilt.

"Look, his cock is sticking straight out of his pants," he imagined one woman saying while the other women bunched together around him to make a big enough clearing to see his big prick.

"God bless you all for helping me and for saving me from being violated in such a despicable way by such a mentally deranged man, a stranger no less," he imagined her crying. "It would be one thing if he was my brother, my son, or my son-in-law trying to fuck me up the ass at home but he's a stranger trying to fuck me up the ass on a crowded train. He's a man I've never seen before in my life."

"Let's get him," he imagined the crowd turning on him as if he was a drunken Red Sox fan at Yankee Stadium after having just yelled, 'Yankees suck!'

"Let's get the dirty pervert," he imagined someone else saying.

"Push him down on the floor and stomp on his cock," he imagine hearing another woman saying.

"Get the bastard. Get him," he imagined hearing someone else

* * * * *

Even though he was out in the open on a public train and blatantly molesting her, he feared being caught, arrested, convicted, prosecuted, and incarcerated. Not wanting any of that to be his reality, he took care not to be noticed. Still, even with being caught in mind, he couldn't help himself from brushing up against her, pulling up her dress, pulling down her panties, and fucking her up the ass with his finger. His dirty, little, secret to keep, yet with everyone possessing a cell phone, assuredly a video of him having anal sex with a woman in public on a crowded train most definitely would go viral.

He didn't want to be caught fucking a woman up the ass in public on a train but unable to control his sexual passion for her, he was a puppet to his need for anal sex. It's one thing to get a public hand job, it's quite another thing to receive a public blowjob, it's even sometimes acceptable to be caught having sexual intercourse in a public place, a park or in a club. Yet having anal sex was as bad as being caught having incestuous sex with your mother, your sister, and/or your mother and sister. With laws against sodomy in many states, to be caught having anal sex out in the open is illegal, something that men who are caught doing can still go to jail.

The last thing that he wanted was for the other women to know that he was fucking this woman standing in front of him up the ass. Fearing what would happen if they did, he'd have no place to run or to hide. A fear far greater than being in a squared circle with a cage fighter, being in a dark alley with a group of gangbangers, or being out in the wilderness and confronted by a mother grizzly bear with her cubs, is being stuck on a crowded train with a mob of angry, hungry, tired, and bitchy women. If caught sodomizing this woman, they'd tear him to shreds.

* * * * *

Something his wife would never allow him to do, he couldn't believe a stranger allowed him to lift up her skirt, pull down her panties, and fuck her up her ass with his finger. Even while it was happening, he couldn't believe she allowed him to lift her dress to her waist. Even while it was happening, he couldn't believe she allowed him feel and fondle her panty clad ass before rubbing his cock all over her panties. Even while it was happening, he couldn't believe she allowed him to pull down her panties. Even while it was happening, he couldn't believe that she allowed him to fuck her up her ass with his finger. He couldn't believe it. His sexual dream come true, he just couldn't believe it.

Leave it to a stranger to be so sexually adventurous to give him what he wants, anal sex, and what he needs, anal sex. Wanting to make this a pleasurable experience for her as much it was for him, over and again, he licked his fingers to lubricate her ass before slowly and gently inserting his long, stiff, middle finger inside of her. Each time he inserted his finger, he inserted it just a little deeper and left it there just a little longer while wiggling it as if it was a lure on the end of his fishing pole while trying to attract a fish. Each time he inserted his finger, she leaned a little more forward but, with not much room for her to move without bumping into the woman in front of her, she was just as careful not to attract anyone's attention as was he. Obviously she wanted to remain the victim and not be deemed a consensual player.

This time, going for broke, grabbing for all the gusto, and taking his once in a lifetime opportunity in hand and in ass, no longer caring that he may be beaten to death if caught or arrested and jailed, instead of inserting his finger, he inserted his cock. To finally have anal sex on a train with a stranger, in the way of a bear grabbing for honey in a bee's nest, was worth the risk in being caught. A perfect fit, obviously she was no virgin to anal sex. As if she was totally lubed, his cock slid right inside of her and that told him that she's been fucked up the ass plenty of times before, the slut. Oh, yeah, definitely, this woman was an anal whore.

Certainly, without a doubt, she's a slut for allowing a stranger to lift up her dress. Without a doubt, she's a tramp for allowing a stranger to pull down her panties. Absolutely she's a whore for allowing a stranger to fuck her up the ass in public on a crowded train. Only, glad that she was a slut, a tramp, and a whore, he only wished his wife, his sister, his mother-in-law, and/or his sister-in-law was more like her. For sure, they all could take a lesson from this woman in how to take care of a horny man.

Not only was he having sex in public but also he was having sex on a crowded commuter train. Not only was he having sex on a crowded commuter train but also he was having anal sex. Not only was he having anal sex but also he was having anal sex with a stranger, a stranger who he didn't even know her name. Moreover, except for the back of her head and her side profile, he's yet to even see her face.

Now wondering what she looked like head on so that he could dream of her tonight, yet what did it matter what she looked like? He didn't need to see her face. What revved his motor was seeing her naked ass. What mattered more was that he was finally having anal sex with a stranger on a train.

Going with the gentle swaying movement of the train, he was fucking her up her ass now. For the first time, a dream come true and finally living out his sexual fantasy, he was having anal sex with a stranger on the train. As if they were glued together in the way of two dogs in the street having sex, as if they were dirty dancers who rehearsed their dancing routine on Dancing with the Stars, and as if he had anal sex with her dozens of times already, he was fucking her up the ass.

As the train rocked and rolled when moving and bucked forward when starting up after stopping, keeping rhythm with the windblown train, she rocked and rolled with him too. Humping her harder and with her returning his humps, he could feel his cock sliding deeper until it was buried all the way inside of her ass. Accommodating him without being obvious so as not to be noticed, she leaned as far forward as she could for him to penetrate her even deeper. He was fucking her now, really fucking her up her ass.

In the way that he wished he could tell his wife, he wondered if she'd go home to tell her husband, her boyfriend, her lover, her son, or her son-in-law that she had anal sex with a stranger on the train. Who knows, maybe they shared the same sexual fantasy. Maybe she always wanted to have anal sex with a stranger on the train too. Yet, if only by the extended size of her anal cavity, he knew that this wasn't her first time having anal sex.

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