tagErotic HorrorAnathema II Pt. 02

Anathema II Pt. 02


Lindie pressed the button to the left of her seat, and eased her seat back as the plane continued to climb to its cruising altitude. She could have easily have transformed into her otherworldly self and flown halfway across the country using her leathery, clawed wings. She had made the trip in that manner before, but struggled to maintain her humanity after every transformation. It's not that she didn't like the way she looked or felt when she transformed, but she also just wanted to be Lindie once in awhile.

She didn't mind letting someone else do the flying. She felt as if she could use the sleep. Something about riding in an airliner, at 33,000 feet, calmed her. It was as if she were closer to home.

Lindie preferred to dress as casual as possible whenever she knew she would spend several hours in public. Her beauty in her human form was striking enough. Dressing up only created problems, and even caused a few car accidents from gawkers.

Today, however, her white blouse and denim vest were missing several buttons and did little to conceal her braless breasts. She had taken off her boots shortly after the cabin door was closed, and lifted her right foot up to the headrest of the seat in front of her. Her loose-fitting denim skirt rose just enough to allow anyone to satisfy their curiosity as to whether or not she was wearing panties. As was usually the case whenever she allowed herself to be gazed upon for any length of time, several of the men seated around her in first class couldn't seem to see enough of her. She shifted in her seat, eyes closed, mouth slightly opened, and licked her lips. Pretending to be half-asleep, she raised her left foot, shifted down in her seat, and spread her knees, forming a diamond shape with her legs. She released one of her breasts from her shirt, and tugged at the nipple. With her other hand, she reached down and pulled up her skirt enough to place her perfectly trimmed pussy in plane view. She gently caressed her legs and thighs before returning to her pubic mound.

Several of the men subconsciously groaned as their erections begged for more room in their pants. One of the men began rubbing his crotch through his trousers. Another followed. And another. One of the flight attendants, Mimi according to her nametag, returned from the back of the plane and almost tripped as she stared at Lindie rubbing her clit. Lindie didn't open her eyes. She continued rubbing her her nub with her index and forefinger, occasionally allowing them to slide inside her wet slit before returning to a firm, circular motion on her mound.

Mimi was a plain-made-pretty brunette, young and thin, but just curvy enough to not be mistaken for a young boy. She was far from being as innocent as she looked, but when it came to being sexually adventurous, she was self-admittedly tame.

As if sleepwalking, Mimi turned around and drew the curtain that separated the first and business class cabins. She returned to Lindie, bending at the waist, hands on her knees, and whispered into Lindie's ear, "Can I do anything to make you feel more comfortable?" Lindie pushed Mimi's head down to her pussy.

Across the isle, one of the men rubbing his cock through his pants watched as Mimi lapped eagerly at Lindie's pussy. Mimi didn't look up or stop swirling her tongue on Lindie's clit as she felt the skirt of her uniform pulled up to her waist. The man across the isle had gotten out of his seat and positioned himself behind Mimi. He was careful not to damage her uniform, but showed no concern for her pantyhose, ripping them at the seam over her ass, and peeling them down to her ankles. Like Lindie, Mimi wasn't wearing panties. She moaned as she felt two large fingers enter her pussy. The stranger used his ring and pinky finger to rub Mimi's clit while the other two fingers pumped rhythmically in and out of her cleanly shaved cunt. His thumb rested firmly on her asshole. He removed his thumb long enough to spit on the crack of her ass, then returned it to her now-slick rosebud. Mimi let out a muffled moan as the stranger began to press his thumb harder on her tight hole. The stranger's fingers rubbing her clit eventually triggered an intense orgasm, causing her anus to relax and momentarily open just enough for the stranger to push his thumb inside.

In the other isle, the bisexual flight attendant, Kyle, was beside himself as several of the first class passengers now had their pants down around their ankles and were stroking themselves feverishly. A part of him was relieved to see that most were still wearing their seat belts, as they could not always predict rough air. Another part of him wanted to service his passengers, most of whom were businessmen in their late 50's or early 60's. He thought it odd that there weren't any other women in first class. Only Lindie, and of course, Mimi, who was gainfully bent over, face buried in the female passenger's lap. A man from the center isle was standing behind her, slowly coaxing a rather large cock to full erection with his left hand as she bucked against his right. Kyle salivated but jumped when an elderly hand reached out to grab his wrist.

"Hey pretty boy, let me see your pretty ass," the old man cackled. Kyle pulled away from the old man, but the old man was stronger and quicker than he looked and placed Kyle's hand on his old, exposed dick. Kyle acted disgusted, but was not convincing. He looked over his shoulder as Mimi reached behind her and guided the stranger's large cock into her pussy. She never looked up, and never stopped licking Lindie's pussy. Kyle bent over and placed the old cock in his mouth.

Mimi wanted to cry out, "I'm a good girl. I don't do this kind of thing... much." But she couldn't. She had a boyfriend, or two. Maybe three. She also had her favorite routes, knowing that at least one of the pilots would fuck her silly at the end of the day. Fucking her silly is now exactly what the stranger from across the isle was doing. His cock was big, but comfortable. His thumb, however, never left her asshole. Most guys would tap on her shoulder, or slap her ass when it was time for him to come, and she would instinctively turn the shortest distance possible so that his cock found her mouth, or if he preferred, her face. The stranger did neither. He pulled his thumb from her asshole, causing Mimi a surprising moment of disappointment; seconds before filling her pussy with come. He seemed to continue fucking her several minutes after shooting his load, pausing for a moment, pulling out, and then shoving his refreshed erection back in. Had she looked over her shoulder, she would have seen the line of men forming in the isle, each waiting to have their turn with her wet, loose pussy, and eventually, her relatively tight, inexperienced asshole.

Kyle was no stranger to giving head, and prided himself on his ability to make both men and women come quickly with his oral talents. He was a fair-looking young man, but never thought he was attractive enough to draw a second look from an attractive girl. At just over five feet tall, he was short and had a very young, feminine face. Had he worn a wig, he would easily pass for a girl -- and the idea crossed his mind more than once.

Men, young and old, married or single, straight or gay, regularly gave him their phone numbers or hotel information at least once per flight. He liked the attention, but his escapades that he actually saw to fruition could be counted on one hand. Four of the men kicked him out of their hotel rooms immediately after they came in his mouth. Of the four, two were violent, demanding that Kyle swallow. He had almost given up trying to meet someone while working when only a few weeks ago, a fifth man propositioned him.

The fifth man, an older gentleman, was not violent or demanding at all. The older gentleman washed Kyle in the shower, had Kyle lay on the bed, and proceeded to tongue his asshole while stroking Kyle's cock through several orgasms. Kyle was instantly infatuated with the older gentleman, and went so far as to offer his virgin asshole to him. But the older gentleman refused, and politely asked Kyle to leave. Kyle never saw him again, and would spend several hours on several flights, wishing the older gentleman would choose his airline again.

Kyle gagged as someone pushed his head down onto the old man's cock. He could feel the cock spasm in his throat, and felt the warm semen enter his stomach. Kyle felt the hand ease off his head and allowed the old man's cock to plop out of his mouth. A larger man grabbed Kyle by his necktie and pulled him into the isle.

"Take off your clothes, pretty boy," the larger man said. "I bet from behind, you look almost as good as that whore pulling the train over there." He looked at Mimi in the other isle.

The six or seven men that had lined up behind Mimi paused for a moment. Lindie got out of her seat and licked the come from Mimi's body. Lindie licked Mimi's arms, legs, face, and neck. When she licked the come from Mimi's pussy, the men applauded. When she sucked the come from Mimi's asshole, they fell silent. Lindie smiled, stood up, and slowly removed her clothing. Come from Mimi's asshole was still on Lindie's lips and nose. A long tongue slid out of Lindie's mouth and caught the semen in one sweep, prompting Lindie to make a "mmmm" sound as she swallowed.

She directed Mimi to remove her clothes, and then had Mimi kneel next to her. Lindie knelt next to her, turned, and kissed her. Lindie could smell the corrupt, the evil, the unworthy, but she refrained from transforming and turning first class into a blood bath. Her taste for come was greater than her need to pass judgment. They were mostly good men. Mostly.

Erect dicks moved in closer, and soon filled each of their holes.

Kyle stood before the larger man, naked, hands covering his semi-erect cock.

"So you're turned on by being naked in front of me?" the larger man laughed. "Put your hands on your head and turn around, pretty boy."

Kyle reluctantly did as he was told. He had recently shaved his pubic hair during a kinky episode while on layover. Mimi had talked him into it after a long night of drinking and subsequent fucking. She struck out with her usual pilot lay, and Kyle was bi and cute in his own way. As long as he promised to use a condom, Mimi agreed to let Kyle fuck her whenever the opportunity presented itself. It was part of her private crusade to bring him back to the hetero team, but it hadn't been working, and she almost never came with him. Kyle would not turn down a sympathy fuck, though.

His five-inch cock wasn't very thick, and now without any hair above his cock, around his balls, or on his legs, he looked very young, and even more feminine. As he turned around, he could hear several of the other passengers that were still in their seats leaning to get a better look at his round bubble-butt.

"Mmmm," the larger man said as he stepped out of his pants. From behind, Kyle looked like a girl with short hair. Even his hips had a girlish shape. "Ever take a dick in that cute ass, pretty boy?"

Kyle shook his head "no" and turned to see the larger man taking off the rest of his clothes.

"You like to suck cock, though, don't you?" The larger man asked. Kyle nodded and his eyes grew wide at the sight of the throbbing dick bobbing a few feet away.

The larger man had a large cock. Larger than Kyle had ever seen in person, and on par with some of the largest cocks he'd ever seen online. Kyle took a few steps toward the larger man and the plane shook.

The Captain announced that everyone should take his or her seats, as the ride was about to get bumpy.

Kyle, Mimi, and the passengers in first class ignored the request. Kyle knew that Mimi always carried a tube of KY in her purse, just in case she met a guy with an enormous cock. Judging by the amount of come that was filling Mimi, he thought he might need it more than her. He looked like a shy schoolgirl as he skipped past the larger man. There was a look of disappointment on several of the passenger's faces. Grins returned when Kyle held out the tube of KY. He knelt in front of the larger man, and proceeded to give an incredible performance.

He couldn't deepthroat the entire length of the larger man's cock, but Kyle came close. As he licked the larger man's scrotum, Kyle wondered what it would be like to be fucked by this large dick. He tongued the larger man's asshole, kissed his feet, and worked his way back up to a fully rigid cock. It seemed to point up at a forty-five degree angle, and it was as thick as Kyle's wrist.

Several of the passengers had already ejaculated on the floor, watching Kyle service the larger man.

Kyle was wondering if he was ever going to come when the larger man laid flat on his back in the isle. Kyle looked at the erect cock jutting up from the larger man and quickly squeezed the entire contents of the KY tube into his asshole. He carefully stepped over the larger man and found places for his feet so that he could lower himself without falling.

"I think they'd like it better if you turned around," the larger man motioned behind Kyle.

Kyle looked over his shoulder to find a line forming in his isle. Several of the men had gotten out of their seats with their pants down and cocks out, apparently waiting to be serviced by Kyle's talented mouth. They weren't in a hurry, though, and some weren't even hard. Kyle thought that would change as soon as the larger man was in his ass. He was right.

Lindie looked at Mimi with a look that said, "isn't this fun?" but Mimi couldn't respond. She was thinner and smaller-framed than Lindie, and not nearly as strong. Mimi had sex with as many men before, but that was over the course of two years, not twenty minutes. And she had never done anal. At least, not like this. She had toys and a butt plug, but she never had six guys fill her bowels with come, and she certainly never had some strange girl suck all that come back out of her. Lindie's tongue up Mimi's ass felt incredible, though she tried not to show it. A voice told her how gross that was, but that voice was coming from some distant room, behind several closed doors. She leaned over and kissed Lindie, allowing a fresh load of come to leave her mouth and drip into Lindie's.

Kyle could barely get the tip of the larger man's cut cock past his sphincter. It hurt. Badly, at first, but then the pain went away. He tried to lower himself further, but his asshole was too tight. The larger man groaned, but didn't rush Kyle. Instead, he lifted Kyle by holding each cheek of Kyle's bubble butt, and gently let go. Kyle quickly picked up on what he was supposed to do and began short squats on the large cock poking his ass. With each downward motion, a little more cock found its way inside his anus, and what was already inside, moved easier. It started to feel good, too. The good feeling momentarily stopped when the plane bumped hard from turbulence. Kyle lost a handhold on an armrest, slipped, and yelped as half the larger man's cock impaled his smooth, round ass. They both remained still as the pain once again subsided. The man first in line for Kyle's mouth was now stroking a seven-inch hairy cock. A black man with a nine-inch cock was right behind him.

Kyle began to bounce on the larger man's cock again, and once again, it began to feel good. He was almost as surprised as the larger man when his smooth ass cheeks brushed against the larger man's hipbones. Kyle had allowed the full length of the larger man's cock inside him. The larger man, who had been relatively gentle up until this point, grabbed Kyle's round ass and held him down on his cock. Kyle had wondered what it would feel like to have another man come deep inside his bowels, and when he found out, Kyle came uncontrollably.

Before he could reflect any further on what had just happened, the black man in line was helping the larger man off the floor, and taking his position. "I got to get me some of that bubble ass," the black man said. His black cock wasn't as thick, but it was every bit as long. Kyle, had an easier time lowering himself on this cock, and once he was positioned well enough, he leaned forward to suck the first cock in line.

Mimi hadn't really been much of an active participant. Not at all like Lindie, who was skillfully servicing five dicks at once. Mimi wasn't doing much of anything. She barely looked conscious. The men lifted her off one deflated cock and lowered her onto a stiff one. Someone would get between her legs while another would squat down and fuck her mouth. One guy insisted on jerking off on her feet, while two others fucked her hands. She was too exhausted to jerk them off, so they opted to masturbate using her hands. Lindie stood up and went to the lavatory. She stepped out only a few minutes later looking as clean as if she had just stepped out of the shower. She stepped around Mimi and the six men coming in and on her, stood at her seat, and continued to watch Mimi get fucked while she dressed.

"I hope I don't get pregnant," Mimi muttered. "I'm on the pill, but that was a lot of come."

She no sooner got the words out of her mouth than she felt another load of ejaculate enter her pussy. Seconds later, the man beneath her came in her ass. The gentleman face-fucking her filled her mouth, and she swallowed out of convenience to both of them.

"We've been cleared for landing. Flight attendants, prepare the cabin for arrival," the Captain announced.

The passengers returned to their seats in such a synchronized manner, it looked as if they had practiced the maneuver for years. Mimi was covered in come. She looked at Lindie, half hoping that she would lick her clean. Lindie tapped her stomach, "all full, thanks," Lindie smiled.

Mimi went to the lavatory, naked, only to find the door locked. She knocked, and a minute later, Kyle stepped out. He made a good effort, but he still smelled of come and KY. Mimi grabbed her clothes, stepped into the lavatory, and stepped back out just in time to open the cabin door and allow the passengers to deplane.

Lindie opened her eyes, yawned, and told the gentleman next to her that she just had the most incredible dream. He was staring at her breasts when she grabbed his chin and brought his eyes to hers.

"I said, I just had the most incredible dream," Lindie growled as her eyes flared, momentarily.

Everyone paused in first class as if listening and awaiting further instructions. Seconds later, they resumed pulling luggage from the overhead compartments and crowding one another.

"Bye-Bye," Mimi smiled.

"Bye-Bye," Kyle smiled and accepted yet another business card with a carnal invitation on the back. That made five in one flight. It was a record. It must have been his new cologne, he thought.

Neither had any recollection of what had transpired over the last two hours, but Mimi could have sworn she had worn pantyhose this morning. Both thought the first class cabin smelled a little musty. Come dripped down Mimi's inner thigh, but she didn't notice.

The first officer stepped out of the cockpit and asked Mimi if she wanted to get some dinner. She smiled and said, "Of course. I don't remember nodding off, but I must have taken a short nap because now I'm wide awake."

"Hopefully, not too wide," the first officer grinned. He had fucked her several times before, and for some reason, thought of her as his best friend with benefits. Mimi had no idea what he was referring to, but hoped he'd be up to fucking her silly, tonight. After all, she always liked to get fucked silly before going to bed.

Kyle hoped that the older gentleman would call him. He felt like he was finally ready to feel a cock up his ass, and could think of no other better candidate as his first. Well, either him or the larger man in 3C.

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