tagInterracial LoveAnd Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 08

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 08

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Josh called the Professor and gave him a list of people he wanted to be hired and sent to Jericho.

"I want psychologists, dominant gay black guys who like turning out white people, as well as financial and legal experts. Mind you, I don't want militants or religious fanatics of any type, I want smart, intelligent, good natured but calm men and women. You interview them and send the ones who make the grade over to me. I will observe them for myself, the ones I like will be hired. I want two, big, nasty black gays as soon as possible. They have to be "doms", but I dont want aggressive, stupid lunatics. I want professionals."

The Professor said he would get on it immediately.

Josh's next step was to get the Sheriff and then the Mayor. Unless he had these two men under his control, he really could not do much in Jericho, for they controlled even the people who passed into the town.

However, first and foremost, Josh was tired of doing things behind Svenia's back. She could tell that he was up to something but he hadn't told her. Therefore, he made a plan, to break her in and get her on his side.

The two gay black "doms" arrived a week later. They were smuggled in with a delivery truck that brought vegetables. The black driver and his assistant were paid generously to bring them in from a neighboring town. One of Josh's guys worked in a vegetable market, and he hid the two black gays in the back until Josh turned up and picked them up in the night. He took them to Rachel's and they were given a room to sleep in. The guys were both tall, muscular and handsome. They said they did like pussy, but were keen on fucking white guys up the ass and making them their whores, and they both had so much experience.

Josh promised them that they would each have a young, handsome white deputy to turn out the following day. If they did a great job, they would be hired on the long term, earning a generous salary for breaking white boys and turning them into their sluts.

Josh went about setting his trap, for two young white Sheriff's deputies that had it coming big time. There was a guy in the black side of the tracks that was a spy for the two deputies. He used to tell them who was selling weed and stuff, and the two wrestling enthusiasts would bust in with their shotguns and beat a brother up and take away his weed, for free, and then sell it to the white folks at an exorbitant price. Shit was getting major, for most brothers could not make a decent dime anymore. The two deputies were cutting the hood out, big time. It was just one of their many sins.

Josh grabbed the snitch and gave him some bucks and kick ass weed. He told him to tell the two deputies to follow him next time he drove out of town, so they could see where Abe kept his weed hidden. The snitch delivered the message.

Josh called Svenia and picked her up near her house that evening. She sank down on the passengers seat and sucked his dick as he cruised down the highway. The two deputies were waiting for him on the road side. They waved nicely to him and he waved right back, his dick all up in Svenia's mouth. The blond was out of sight, sucking her man's big, black cock.

Josh turned off the highway into a wood. He briefly glimpsed the deputies' patrol car as they tailed him but pretended not to notice. He drove up a track and then turned into a clearing in the thick woods and killed the motor.

Svenia blew his dick voraciously, trying to make him cum so she could drink his creamy cum. But Josh told her to wait. He went around the car and opened the trunk, but kept it down. He then laid out a blanket on the soft leaves and pulled Svenia into his arms. She came eagerly, wrapping her itching hands around his thick cock as he devoured her mouth and shoved his tongue down her throat. He soon had his fingers deep in her cunt, stroking her dripping, lubed hole.

Deputies Tim and James killed the motor and slowly sneaked up on Josh's truck, with their pistols drawn. Deputy Tim had some Vaseline He had told Deputy James,

"We gonna have fun with that young buck! I haven't fucked a nigger up the ass in a long time."

"Yeah, lets take his weed and do him. He is impotent anyway, isn't he? Now quiet Jimbo. Psst!"

The two deputies sneaked up the clearing where Josh's truck was parked. They started hearing loud, excited female moans and a man's deep groans long before they could see anybody. Then they reached the edge, and saw a sight that shocked them. Josh was kneeling behind a white girl, who was on her knees before him, ass up, face down. Not only was Josh definitely not impotent, but his thick, long, jet black cock was being pumped deep into a white girl's ass hole. The two deputies exchanged bewildered looks.

"Oh yes Josh! Fuck my white ass. Tear me a new asshole with your big Nigga cock! Kill me with it honey!" the white girl bawled.

Then the two deputies saw Josh grab the white girl by the hair and pull her up. They saw her face and couldn't believe it. It was Svenia, Steve's daughter. Steve was the second most powerful man in Jericho, and this just couldn't be happening.

"What the hell!" James exclaimed.

"Lets get this nigger!" deputy Tim said and the two deputies jumped up, holstering their pistols and raising their billy clubs.

Deputy James and Tim descended on Josh, yanking him out of Svenia and beating him with their clubs, kicking him to the ground. Svenia shrieked and tried to get between them and Josh but she got bashed and slapped. The deputies pinned both to the ground and stood over them.

"Your dead, you stupid nigger! How dare you touch a white woman. Boy, we gonna skin you alive! You gonna wish you were dead!"

"Leave him alone, you ass holes!"

"Shut the heel up, you dirty nigger whore!" deputy Tim sneered and smacked Svenia hard, sending her flying. He wanted to stomp her, but Jim caught him and pulled him back.

"Careful Tim, she is Steve's daughter man.".

"Don't hit her please. She is carrying my baby!" Josh said.

"What the hell! We gonna cut her open and rip out that black bastard baby! Go get my hunting knife. We will just say the nigger killed her and then we killed him. We gonna hang you from a tree, boy, cut your balls off and stuff them in your mouth!" Deputy Tim growled. His eyes were shining with madness.

"I don't think so deputies. Now, unless you drop your gun-belts and billy clubs right now, you punk bitches are gonna get shot!" Josh said, with a nasty smile.

"You are the one that is gonna get shot, right between your legs, you stupid nigger!" Tim sneered. Then he saw that Svenia was looking behind him and smiling. Tim and James turned, to find themselves staring into the holes of two double barreled shot guns, held by Rachel and her daughter Marcia.

"Drop it boys, its over. Don't make me have to blow holes through your bellies, coz I will do it."

"Are you mad. Drop your weapons right now, or you in shit, you bitches..." Tim threatened.

Josh snatched the two guys pistols from their holsters. Then they were made to lie face down. Josh took their billy clubs. He handed one to Svenia and told her, "Lets whoop some ass!"

"No! I don't wanna hit these stupid, ignorant dumb animals!"

"Fuck you, you stupid nigger whore!" Tim swore. Svenia snarled and hit him hard, on his back.

"Don't hit his face, just his back and ass," Josh said as he beat up Deputy James like it wasn't even nothing. The two deputies got beat the hell up. When Josh and Svenia were tired, they handed the clubs to Rachel and Marcia, who proceeded to beat the guys till they were moaning and sobbing with pain and writhing on the ground like worms.

"Alright guys, here is what, James, you are driving the patrol car over to Rachel's I will be sitting in the back, with this shotgun. If you do anything stupid, I will blow your fucking head off." Josh fired it at a tree and took away half of the stem, just to show it was loaded.

Tim was stripped, tied up, gagged, blindfolded and dumped into the trunk. James was stripped of his pants and shoes and socks, and drove with a naked butt, all the way to the hood, always casting nervous glances at the shot gun in Josh's hands. It was out of sight from outside, but it was unwavering.

The two cars arrived at Rachel's house. Deputies Tim and James were taken inside. First the naked white deputies got beat the hell up with wet towels, and they were choked, stomped, and head butted or just plain bitch slapped. For two guys who were always acting like kings, they were now reduced to pathetic, groveling wimps.

Just when they thought it couldn't get worse, the two black gays entered. Each picked one white boy, and they chocked them and lifted them off the floor by their throats. Each disappeared with his sweet, little white lover boy, into a room. At first, Josh and the ladies heard them bawling with pain, then they heard nothing more.

"What are they doing with them?" Svenia asked nervously.

"Fucking them. What else."

"Josh! You are playing with fire."

"They deserve it."

Two hours later, the two white guys crawled in, dressed in nothing but red leather thongs, each wearing a dog collar around his neck and a leash that was held by his gay black lover. Cum was dripping down their inner thighs and chins.

By now, most of Josh's militia members were there. They gasped as they saw the notorious deputies, with their hanging heads and cum smeared faces.

The black gays told Josh that the two were good bitches. To demonstrate, the two deputies were made to kneel side by side and suck black dick. Josh filmed it, seeing the white boys do it with ardor, sucking and moaning and slurping like two whores. Then they were laid on the table, side by side and fucked up the ass, and they moaned like bitches. The two black gays were going from gaping ass to mouth and back, with their huge black prongs. They were talking to the two officers, calling them sweet sluts and whatnot, and the two guys were beaming at the compliments and rolling their hips and moaning as they got black fucked.

The black militia studs lined up and Tim and James worked down the line, to meet in the middle, sucking black cock. Then they were fucked, with a dick in the mouth and another in the ass, and they were moaning like whore. Then the women lined up and the two deputies cleaned their ass holes with their tongues. Josh told James to radio the Sheriff's office and say he and Tim had smoked too much weed and would only be coming in the next day, something which wasn't rare. James did it.

Then the two guys were left to the gay black studs. Josh told them that just in case they got funny, he would send their colleagues the tapes of them sucking and fucking big black cocks, two at a time. Even if they got Josh, they would be finished.

Josh took Svenia to Abe#s. She was in a state of shock,.

"What is going on Josh?"

"I am liberating Jericho. We cant be treated like a slave now. And you heard, they wanted to cut you open," was all he said. She nodded.

"I hope you do the same thing to the rest of these bastards!"

"Don't even worry," he told her so sincerely, and then eased his cock into her.

Chapter 2

Josh now made plans to move in on the Sheriff. He wanted to get the Sheriff first, for without him, the Mayor wasn't that strong. Therefore, he decided to seduce the Mayor's wife first. The Mayor's wife, Phylis, was a regular buyer of weed from Abe. Josh decided to starve her of the weed for a while. He never gave her some, lying that Abe had nothing. He didn't give her two best friends, Marge and Julia any either. He could see that Phylis was getting all jittery and nervous from lack of the good weed.

Josh was cautious. Sheriff Gray was a dumb but violent and dangerous man. However, he was easy to figure out. Him and his wife were white trash, probably raised on TV in some trailer park, watching too much wrestling and day time soaps. Josh did not hate poor white people, he felt like they were also victims, just like other under privileged people. However, ones like the sheriff just pissed him off. They needed it and were gonna get it.

Josh arrived at the sprawling house in the suburbs where the sheriff lived and hooted at the gate. He was dressed in a tight wife beater and his cut off denim shorts and boots. The electric gate soon slid open and he rolled in his truck up the driveway to the front porch. As he climbed out of his truck, the midday sun beat hotly down on him.

The front door to the house opened and Mrs Gray came out. Mrs Gray, also known as Phylis, was a 40 year old white woman. She was a housewife, whose two children aged 19 and 20 were both in college away from home. Her husband was at work, doing nefarious things to blacks, no doubt.

Mrs Gray was a tall, buxom woman with strawberry blond hair. She had a jowly face, with small, bright green eyes and a sharp nose. She had a small, thin mouth that was constantly sneering, and she had lines on her forehead from constantly frowning. She was wearing an emerald green bikini top, which struggled to contain her thick jugs. Her exposed belly was beginning to go round. A thin cloth was wrapped around her hips. Her face and skin were glistening with oil.

Her eyes looked bloodshot. And she wore an unfriendly expression on her face. She looked at Josh with open disapproval because of his skimpy outfit.

"Afternoon Mrs Gray," Josh greeted her warmly. "Sorry for disturbing you ma'am."

"What the hell are you doing here? Ain't you supposed to come in tomorrow"

"I finished my other job early and thought I'd do my chores today, if you don't mind ma'am."

"Well, all right then. But stay out of my way."

She turned on her heel and returned into the house.

"Fucking cunt!" Josh said under his breath, even as his eyes gazed at her full, thick ass cheeks working under the cloth around her waist.

For Mrs Gray and her kind, he was not a human being, and not a man. But he would show the bitch. If she left one crack, he would be in the door.

As Josh went about his work, he saw her walk to her swimming pool. She was carrying a jar of ice. She cast him a baleful look as he snipped away at a rose bush. The pool was surrounded by a short wooden fence. Careful not to be caught, Josh watched the thick housewife remove her wrap. She was wearing tiny bikini panties that were swallowed up in the deep crack between her pliant, dimpled ass cheeks. She poured herself some alcohol and juice, added ice cubes and laid herself down on her belly on a deck chair to sun herself. Josh gazed at her thick ass cheeks as if they were hot, tasty buns. Damn!!!

He noticed that Mrs Gray seemed to be worked up about something. She kept refilling her glass and drinking. She picked up her phone and dialed, and then she was shouting angrily. Her voice carried over the garden to him. Out of curiosity, he listened.

"What the hell do you mean it is my fault, you fucking bastard. I sacrificed myself to raise your fucking kids and now you say I am a lazy cow. Fuck you Martin. Fuck you! Don't you fucking dare hang up on me! Martin! Martin!!! Ass hole!!!"

Mrs Gray started sobbing heavily. Josh felt no pity for the drunk wife. In fact, he smiled. She picked up her phone again and spoke in a loud, drunk, sorrowful voice. Josh listened, thinking she would be fighting with her husband again like some kind of soap opera.

"Hallo. Marge, this is Phylis. Oh, I feel like shit. Its fucking Martin. He is treating me like air. I feel so used by these three assholes. The kids are bastards, they do not even call me, yunno. Listen Marge, I need something to smoke. Do you have something? Fuck. Abe's guy is useless. This nigger never brings me shit. Worthless jerk. Fuck!"

Chapter 3

Josh nodded to himself. This white bitch was gonna get it. Phylis called him. She was standing at the pool fence, which went up to her hips.

"Hey! Hey you! Come here!" she snapped.

Josh dropped his tools and walked over to her. They faced each other over the fence.

"What's your name again?" Her eyes were red from tears, anger and alcohol.

"Josh, ma'am."

"Listen Josh, this stays between us, all right?" He nodded. "Can you get me something to smoke. Something good. I need it. I will pay you good..."

"Well, ma'am. Abe has nothing, like I told you..."

"You don't understand. I need it now. Just stop whatever you are doing and go and get me something," she said impatiently.

"I have a little something. I was planning on smoking it after work, but we can share it, if you like."

"Cant you just give it to me. I will pay you." Obviously, she was reluctant to share a joint with a nigger.

"Its my last stuff. We can share it, if you don't mind." Josh said firmly. His eyes looked levelly into hers. "Its very good stuff ma'am."

Without waiting for an answer, Josh walked to his truck and got the pack of cigarettes that contained his blunts. Phylis was still standing at the fence, looking nervously at the high fences that bordered the neighbors houses. She need not have worried, she was invisible from their sight. But what she was about to do was unheard of for a southern house wife in her town, the sheriff's wife, smoking weed with a nigger. Nigga what!

Josh vaulted over the fence energetically. The white woman backed off. She had wrapped the cloth around her curvy hips again.

Josh pulled up a deck chair next to hers and sat himself down. Phylis sat down nervously on the edge of her chair and faced him, gulping down her stiff gin and juice drink and avoiding looking at him. In silence, Josh fired up a fat blunt. He took three long, leisurely puffs, exhaling thick clouds of smoke at her.

As she inhaled the pungent fumes, Phylis' appetite for the weed was whetted. By the time Josh held the blunt out to her, she snatched it and puffed away greedily. She hogged the blunt and took many puffs before finally handing it to Josh. She was feeling light headed as she mixed herself another stiff drink.

"Where you from? You accent is not from here?" she asked him suddenly.

"New York ma'am."

"What the hell are you doing here? In this boring little hole!"

"I needed to help my Uncle. Besides, this place is full of beautiful southern women." Josh looked pointedly at her thick breasts. Phylis snorted and took a deep sip from her glass. Then she simply reached for the blunt and took it out of his hand as if she owned it. Josh smiled as she puffed heavily. That was pure, kick ass weed in there. Phylis didn't know what she was fucking with.

As the joint roached, Phylis felt numb. She was stoned immaculate. She raised the back of the deck chair and eased herself onto it, reclining at 45 degrees, pulling her legs onto it.

"You may go now," she said to Josh.

"We can smoke a last one, if you don't mind."

Josh produced another blunt and fired it up. He puffed deeply. Then he handed it to her. Phylis' eyes were getting all glassy and her severe mouth was relaxing. Josh caught her looking at his body. Her eyes were roving over the scarcely clad, muscular, dark young man, gazing, lingering.

Halfway through the blunt, Josh nodded at her glass of juice and Whiskey.

"Mind if I take a sip ma'am. This heat is killing."

"Well, you would have to go to the house and get a glass. But you cant go in with them dusty boots."

"Well, maybe I can just drink from your glass. After all, we are both putting our lips to the blunt." Josh reached for her glass and drained it.

"You are cheeky, aren't you? Just shows you didn't grow up around here, or you would know your place," Phylis sneered, and then she chuckled. "Boy, are you suicidal, walking around half naked, showing off those black muscles. In the past, you would have been hanged from a tree till your neck snapped."

"Why? Just because I am a sexy, black motherfucker or what?" Josh teased, laughing dirtily, making her produce a mixture of a sneer and a smile.

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