...and Leighton Makes Three


And I watched as this young, amazingly beautiful, perfect bodied woman slowly got her face fucked by my man. I was jealous, excited, helpless, all of these things. I watched his cock slowly inch deeper and deerp in his mouth as his hips pumped her. His rythmn sped up. He pushed her deeper. Not quite all the way. Maybe five inches of him. I could tell he was close to coming. Part of me hated watching, part of me could not help it.

"Should I come in her mouth, Charlotte?" I knew she would have done it. She was as much under his control as I was with my ties. But I could also tell she was afraid.

"No." I said, my voice husky. "Pull out. Shoot on her."

He nodded, pumping her faster and faster.then suddenly pulling back and pulling her face from him. His cum shot and grazed her chin, and landed on her neck, dripping down to her breasts. Her chest rose and fell. Her hands reached up and touched his cum as it slid down her breast. A look of amazement, like she could not believe what had just happened to her.

And she probably couldn't.

A few minutes went by. Paul's cock grew flacid. Paul gentlu moved her to one side of the chair.

"Stay there." he said.

He got up and untied me. He led me off the bed. Standing, kissing me gently, he untied the rest of my corset, then stood back and let it fall to the ground. He sat back in the chair. "Now," he said, "Show her how it's done."

I so wanted to do this right. It had been exciting watching her suck Paul, but he was mine, and I strangely felt I had something to prove. I know sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, Paul can be sucked hard a second time. He claims he knows almost immediately after coming if he has the second go around in him. I was hoping he knew this time and was setting me up for the best. I took his half hard cock in my mouth.

I worship Paul's cock. Honestly, it's crazy how much I love it. I love the taste, I love the feel of it (He shaves it smooth). I love how it feels in my hand, in my lips, in me. It's the perfect sze. and the way it responds to me is like a constant reassurance of how much he loves and desires me.

For a minute or so, nothing happened, but then I felt it stir in my mouth. I set on it in earnest then. I was hungry for him. And he responded, growing harder and bigger. It's my feeling that on these second go arounds, he's bigger than the first, but I've never been able to prove it. But he feels bigger.

I glanced at Leighton, and she was staring. It was like she was mesmerized, watching.

Paul grew to his full size. And then he began to pump my face. Slowly. Deeply In and out of my mouth. After three years, and lots of practice, I know that I can take all of his nearly seven inches. I can take him and once I have worked him in, I can let him totally face fuck me, all the way, hard in hard out, until he comes. And that is what I could tell he wanted tonight. He didn't hold my head. He knows I will simply do it for him, that I will let him have his way with my mouth until he comes.

And he did, with one hard thrust deep into my mouth, the last little dribs of cum from his first go around filling my mouth with that salty taste.

I looked at Leighton again. She was crying and smiling. "That was amazing." she said. "I want to be able to do that some day.".

From there, we fell into bed. Paul got undressed and the three of us spooned, Paul against my back, Me against Leighton's back. We slept.

Yes, there was sex the next morning. I won't go into detail on that because it was something different, more spontaneous, less crazy. But good. Maybe another story even. But the magic of this night was watching another woman get initiated into submission the right way, where she feels respected and protected, yet able to be taken and commanded. That was a gift she gave us that night, and a gift we gave her. It was amazing.

We stay in touch. She's still, two months later, sifting through her emotions. I don't know if we'll meet again. Generally we don't with the people we play with. It's a one night thing. But there is something about her. With her, we might. We just might.


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