tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnd She Cried, "Oh!" Ch. 01

And She Cried, "Oh!" Ch. 01


It was another cold, windy night in Boston. Fortunately, there was no snow tonight; there was only the harsh wind, half-frozen sidewalks, and icy streets. Just as fortunately, Brigitte Spencer's 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora had brand-new winter studs and the heat still worked. Walking into the darkened condo after a long day of typing up reports from half-finished notes, the twenty-eight-year-old romantic advice columnist for the Boston Globe sighed. Closing the door, she locked and dead-bolted it before walking down the hall into the living room and flipping the lights on. She shrugged her dark-blue fleece overcoat onto the easy chair in the corner and pulled the scrunchie from her fire-red hair. Shaking it out, the beautiful mop of loose curls signifying a recent perm fell to the middle of her back and hung there elegantly.

Pulling the blinds to reveal a wall-to-wall window of inch-thick glass was hardly a romantic event, but the view from that window was. Brigitte lived alone on the twelfth floor and her only real comfort was that she could see a substantial portion of the city from her home. She kicked her Reeboks off as she looked out of the window. The sun had already set despite it being only five-thirty, but that was normal for mid-December and she wasn't complaining; she'd always liked her view of the city better at night than she did during the day. The nocturnal hours were, after all, dark and mysterious; there was much to be imagined about something one could not see -- a strange shadow cast by a yellow streetlight or a gray cat hiding atop a dumpster, for example -- that couldn't have been less interesting in the daytime. She smiled at the thought.

That smile faded quickly, however, for working for one of the largest newspapers in the state (not to mention one of the most famous in the country, right alongside the New York Times and similar papers) had given her deep insight into what else prowled the night. Being faced with almost constant news of potential rapists, murderers, serial killers, violent thieves, and vandals had completely disillusioned the rich little princess as soon as she'd graduated from Bunker Hill Community College. Her father was a hard-nosed reporter himself and had pulled strings to get his charming daughter into the business despite her mother's protests; her mother was an accountant and felt that working for the newspaper (or doing anything else outside the home, for that matter) was far too dangerous for Brigitte.

But she'd been working for the Globe since she was eighteen as a copy girl; the only difference now was that she'd added her own column to the work load. On the plus side, she'd hired Stacie Ritter a year previous and the attractive twenty-five-year-old blonde had worked out quite well; she was good at staying on top of the ball and getting things done quickly. She was bold, too; she'd make a fine reporter someday.

Thoughts of this nature, however, were quickly swept from Brigitte's mind as she walked into the large bathroom and stripped off her nylon stockings. Her pink silk blouse followed them into the hamper seconds later, followed in turn by her short blue miniskirt. Kyle Johnson, her editor, had a habit of stating on a regular basis that he could care less what his employees wore as long as they did their jobs well enough to suit him; what he failed to mention, naturally, was that he -- like all men -- seemed to give her and the other women in the building far better reviews when they dressed like sluts. The man was a pig, but he was a controllable pig.

The long, slender legs unveiled by removal of her miniskirt were athletic in build; she loved to run early in the mornings and she often showed up to work around ten as a result. In truth, it gave her a thrill to feel the cold air brushing her body through the thin fabric of her t-shirt; the fact that her c-cups had never really felt comfortable in a bra made it all the better. That was why she kept her lovely pussy, now revealed as she slipped off her hot-pink thong underwear, shaved: she had only one thing on her mind when she returned to her condo after a morning jog; it involved deft fingers and a smooth entry. Overall, the whole experience gave her the energy and good mood she needed to deal with the cretins that seemed to dominate the Globe.

She filled the massive circular tub with steaming-hot water and dumped in some strongly blueberry-scented bubble bath. From the bathroom, she had an excellent view of the parking lot and the park across the street; she didn't care who saw her naked, so she never bothered to close any windows when she was home. She stood there stark naked as she waited for the bath to get full enough. A number of cars were pulling in below her, most of them people just getting off of work; there were a couple of cars that she didn't recognize -- including a brown Lincoln Continental that seemed to sit in the parking lot with the engine running and cigarette smoke pouring out of the driver's side window forever -- but that was hardly surprising. Boston was a big city.

When the bath was full, she stopped the water and slid in slowly. She didn't wince as she slipped into the water, her pussy and red-nippled tits lapped pleasantly by the bubbles, for she liked her water the way she liked everything else: hotter than the devil's own hooves. Her mother had always called her a freak because of it, to which she had often replied with a brief description of what to do with herself. As she napped in the tub, she didn't hear the dead-bolt being cut from the outside with a hack saw; she didn't hear the lock being picked or the door sliding slowly open. Brigitte was completely oblivious to the B&E occurring in her very own home that evening. What she was fully aware of was the soaped-up pink pouf she slowly slid down her body. She scrubbed herself well enough, but she was a little gentler on her tits -- especially her nipples, which were rather sensitive.

Of course, as the soap slid down her tender flesh and the hot water burned away all the flecks of dirt and exhaustion from her athletic body, she couldn't help but play with her nipples a little more. She squeezed them and pinched them and twisted them, all the while starting to rub her red lower lips. After a few moments, her stroking started to make her breathe a bit heavier. She squeezed and pinched and twisted her nipples harder as time went on, and even stuck two fingers inside herself after a few minutes' play. She started slowly at first, just soothing the inner walls of her pussy with her gentle touch, but her finger quickly grew more swift. It wasn't long at all before she was moaning and gasping, coming ever closer to climax. And, after nearly ten minutes, her pussy exploded under water. Moans of pleasure erupted from beyond the open bathroom door, and when they were done, there was a different kind of smile on the reporter's face.

After she toweled off over an hour-and-a-half later, she hung the towel over the rack and walked naked into her living room. Her condo retained heat very well and she turned it all the way up now; it was getting very cold in there even with the heat rising from the condos below her and coming from the condos around her. As she stepped into the kitchen, she noticed that the light was on. She figured she must have forgotten to turn it off last night or something; she rarely paid attention to such things as she usually grabbed a quick bite to eat on the way to work, which was why she didn't have very much in the fridge other than a few apples and a case of Budweiser. She cracked a beer open now and downed a long guzzle of it, ending the drink with a contented sigh.

She walked into the living room and set the beer down on a coaster resting on the coffee table in front of her black leather couch. She picked up the remote and flipped it to MSNBC, where someone was going on about Obama's recent election to the position of the most powerful man in the world. She put the remote down and was just turning to go back into the kitchen when a rag was shoved over her mouth from behind. The smell was not a good one, but she hardly noticed; she struggled futilely for only a few seconds before her vision blurred and she blacked out...

The next thing Brigitte was aware of was the feel of her own silk sheets beneath her naked body. Her hair was tied into pig tails that trailed down the front of her body and her hands were bound behind her by a t-shirt from her dresser. Her ankles were similarly bound and there was a pair of her own panties wrapped around her head much in the same manner that dentists used to treat toothaches; they were tight enough that she couldn't open her mouth to speak, let alone scream. Across the darkened bedroom from her was a man hidden in shadow; his clothes were in a pile atop his shoes next to her dresser and a bottle of Brigitte's best scotch was dangling from the man's hand. The bottle was half-empty.

There was something else dangling in the light from the lamp in the corner of the room that was far more enticing than the bottle of scotch. That long, slender muscle was dark and strong; it must have been a full ten or twelve inches when soft, but it definitely wasn't soft now. The man's legs were muscular and tanned; clearly, he was an athlete of some kind. For some reason, just the thought of that large cock inside her -- a thought that appeared suddenly and from which she couldn't escape no matter how much she struggled against it -- hardened her apparently already-perky nipples.

Brigitte's body felt tense and relaxed at the same time; her pussy, tits, and ass all ached. It was immediately clear what had happened, but she didn't dare think of it. Instead, she tried to struggle again; it was futile. She couldn't free herself. The bottle in the man's hand lifted. A few seconds later, the man stood. When the bottle rested upon the dresser, its clunk resounding in the silent room like a shot ringing out in the still night air, she knew she was doomed. She was about to be raped again -- and this time, she would be conscious.

Perhaps it was the adrenaline. Perhaps it was the excitement that dangling cock gave her. Whatever the cause, she was both scared and lustful as the man approached her. He rolled her over onto her stomach roughly. His hands were large and rough; he was a man of hard labor, Brigitte knew -- a tough man forged like iron out of the kind of sweat only a physical job could produce.

Brigitte's nipples got even harder (or so it seemed) as she felt his knees push the mattress down on either side of her pale body; he was straddling her and it was clear what he intended to do. She didn't have long to wait before she felt his hands grasping her ass cheeks firmly and moved them apart with a practiced touch. His long dick slid deep inside her pussy then as he pushed his hands forward, moving her ass up to better accommodate his length. Brigitte screamed as best she could with the panties wrapped around her head, but that scream turned into a moan all too quickly. She could hardly believe she was actually enjoying this, but oh! The pleasure was indescribable as her rapist thrust himself deep inside her pussy and worked her like a piston. Her moaning continued as he pumped her hard, fucking her like the whore he probably thought she was; she felt like a whore, too, as she was enjoying every minute of it. By the time he was about ready to cum inside her, she had completely forgotten that he was raping her; all she knew was the sweet, hot pleasure flowing through every part of her body as she came at the same time as her rapist. Her juices flowed as freely as water from a spring while her pussy was filled with the man's hot junk.

When at last he pulled out of Brigitte's pussy, she moaned and sighed involuntarily. Her chest heaved as she drew in air after her hard fuck. Then she was rolled over onto her back once more as she drew in air desperately. Though closed during her orgasm, Brigitte's eyes now popped open as she felt an entirely new sensation; just a few seconds later, her eyes were rolling back in her head. Her rapist's tongue started in on her pussy lips slowly, delicately, but it didn't stay there. Deeper and deeper his tongue went, prompting moans from Brigitte as her back arched. She bucked gently against his tongue as it pierced her flesh. Her breathing got heavier and her moans got louder as he played with her. When his tongue briefly touched her g-spot, Brigitte's eyes widened dramatically and she screamed in pleasure. Her eyes rolled back into her head again as the man's tongue touched her g-spot a second time. He touched her there with his tongue again and again, just briefly enough each time to torture her until she was on the verge of a massive orgasm. When he pulled away, she painfully squirmed about. He vanished from sight, slipping into the shadows as she succumbed to the agony of having come to the edge before being dragged roughly back.

When he appeared again, she was halfway back from that orgasm. This time, there was the smell of a cigar in the air. She saw the smoke flow from his mouth, but there was no sign of the source; most likely, he'd found some small dish of Brigitte's to use as an ash tray. Damn him! Now she'd have to...

That thought was gone in an instant as his fingers tore into her pussy roughly. What he had previously attempted with his tongue he now accomplished with three fingers. She squirmed fiercely as he fucked her, her moans and half-screams evident of the pleasure that was being invoked by her rapist. Finally, she reached the edge -- and sailed over it boldly. Her body tensed so much during her second orgasm of the evening that her panties ripped; they didn't come completely undone, but they came undone enough for her soft, pale pink lips to part slightly. Her moans and screams were of pure ecstasy as her entire body was racked by an Earth-shattering, mind-numbing, unbelievably powerful orgasm that would've made a nun convert to Satanism in a heartbeat. For a full minute or better, she shook and convulsed; she screamed and moaned; toward the end, she even laughed. This man had come here for one purpose and one purpose alone: to rape her. He had accomplished his task in full, but he had done so much more: he had made Brigitte love it. She didn't just like what he'd done to her; she loved it. It was the greatest joy she'd ever felt during sex.

When her orgasm was done, the man kissed her over and over again; he was making out with her and she didn't have the energy to resist. Instinctively, she responded in kind. Then he pulled away and started in on her again; this time, his mouth encompassed one of her nipples and his tongue went to work. All she could do was enjoy it.

(To be continued...)

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