tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAndi's Summer - Day 04 Pt. 01

Andi's Summer - Day 04 Pt. 01


On Wednesday, I was early, wearing my refashioned school uniform that Tony had requested enhancing it with my white platform sandals that gave me an added two inches in height. I intentionally used just one twist to pull my blouse together; if I knotted it completely I couldn't have the accidental exposure I was planning for Jimmy.

I was so anxious to enjoy Jimmy's hungry eyes and sticky clumsy, yet stimulating hands and fingers today.

Tony had tried to finger my slit on Monday. Since Jimmy had done so briefly yesterday I intended to demand that Tony did it to me today. Hopefully giving him new privileges would give me more time to suckle Jimmy. I imagined him finger-fucking me as I munched on Jimmy's mini-manhood. Maybe I could entice one or both of them to lick my kitty. That would be special!

Removing Daddy's tee I sat on the fifth tier of the bleachers to give Jimmy the same show I had given Tony on Monday. Anxious for the boys to show up, I rocked my knees in and out letting the breeze flow up my short skirt and cool my hot spot. I was so ready to practice on my two so different studs.

A light-brown haired gentleman came into the park from the same direction I had. He was barefoot and wearing jeans. His arms and chest looked sculptured. My eyes honed in on his groin, yet I couldn't make out any noticeable vision of his manhood. He seemed to be approaching me. I thought I recognized him as the owner of the house overlooking the park, but I wasn't sure. I averted my eyes when he stopped at the bottom of the bleachers just below me.

"Hi! You're waiting for Tony and Jimmy aren't you, Andi?"

"Yes." How did he know my name? I consciously closed my legs and tugged at my skirt as he sat down on the lower bench right where Tony had sat that first day and looked up at me with a confident smile. Had he seen Tony sitting there talking to me? Had he seen us behind the bushes?

He definitely fit the tall and handsome category. It was too late to snug-up the tails of my blouse together. The attention of his eyes flitted from my eyes, my breasts and locked together knees.

There would be hell to pay if this neighbor complained to my parents that I was naked under my blouse and skirt in the park.

I put my elbows on my bare knees and rested my chin on my slightly clenched fists allowing my forearms to block his view of my almost fully exposed breasts. Did he just lean to the side to look up under my skirt to get a long look at the bottom of my naked thighs? Could he see more than that? I felt that familiar heat and a tiny throb between my legs.

"They asked me to tell you that I sent them to the lumber yard for me. They will be gone for at least two or three hours. I'm Brad, by the way. Maybe you should have brought your book along to read."

A warning alarm bell went off in my mind. If he knew I had read in the park, he may have seen me doing other things.

He stood up, climbed the three risers between us and held out his hand. I had to be polite and shake his hand which exposed my loosely tied wide-open blouse. He didn't release my hand and sat down facing me on the riser in front of me which put him eye-level with my nearly naked torso.

He kissed my hand and closed his other hand over it, trapping my hand between both of his pulling me forward and slightly off-balance. I had to drop my other arm down to steady myself and as pre-planned for the boys my breasts sprang out and wobbled right in front of his face. I turned ten shades of red.

He ignored my embarrassment and humiliation. "Very, very nice, Andi."

He released my hand, I sat up straight and struggled to pull the ties back together and unconsciously let my knees unlock. He took a quick look around the park. We were still alone. He took advantage of the situation and pushed both of my knees further apart which made my modified skirt slither up my thighs and expose my thickly hair-covered mound and slit.

"What a beautiful pussy you have, Andi. I could just eat you up!"

He was leering and practically drooling. An image of the Big Bad Wolf flashed in my mind and I unintentionally giggled out loud as the heat and throbbing between my legs intensified.

Misunderstanding my apparent joy; Brad winked at me. I rushed to correct the impression my mirth had given this stranger.

"Please mister, I shouldn't... you shouldn't... I... I... I'm a good girl."

"I know that Andi. I've seen you in action. I know you are very, very good."

My worst fear was confirmed. This man had seen my indiscretions. His meaning of 'good' was much different than mine. This man was giving me goose bumps. His confident yet subtle aggressiveness awakened conflicting emotions I couldn't control.

I felt embarrassed and ashamed yet aroused at the same time. This man was surely dangerous. My nipples longed for his attention. My pussy was gushing.

The sound of pre-school kids rang out as they poured out of a bus that had pulled up along the curb across the courts. They ran toward the playground further down the parkway anxious to enjoy the day. I stood up and stepped away from Brad not knowing if I was relieved or frustrated by the interruption. I sensed our little adventure was over.

"I really need to go; I'm supposed to be looking for a job."

"Ah yes, Tony mentioned that. I happen to be looking for a housekeeper. I was expecting to pay $1.50 an hour for six or seven hours every other day."

I did some quick thinking. A dollar fifty was more than the minimum wage. Still, every other day was cutting the weekly wage by some. How much?

"I don't know; I need a full paycheck to help pay for college."

"Maybe we can work out some sort of bonuses, maybe an extra $5 a pop."

He found that humorous.

"Let's walk over to my house and you can take a look at what the job entails? I've got some sweet iced tea in the fridge and it's getting hot out here."

He was right about the temperature, but the moisture between my legs wasn't sweat. My lips were puffy and pulsating and my nipples were screaming. He was still seated below me looking up under my skirt which in reality was like an open umbrella right above his head.

"Is your wife at home?"

"I'm not married." I wondered what kind of man had a big house for just himself.

I had to know.

"How much did you see the last couple of days?"

"Pretty much everything; I videotaped some of it."

He palmed the back of my calf pulling me closer to him. He had a video of me and the boys? I didn't have to imagine what was on it -- I knew.

"A smart girl like you could earn a lot of bonus money.

"And just how would I earn 'bonus' money?"

"It's simple, doing what you did to the boys, and nothing more to me. We can call it a 'boner bonus'. It appeared that you enjoyed doing both of them at once and they punked out before you were finished with them. If I'm not enough for you and you're as good as it appears in the video, maybe some of my friends would let you have your way with them; for a bonus, of course."

I knew I must be dreaming. Here was a grown man offering to let me practice on him and pay me for doing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. He even offered to get his adult friends to pay me too! Men! Real men; not some stupid boys.

I accepted that he would be grooming me to be the perfect plaything for him and his friends. Having an untold number of cocks to suck provided without my having to beg or solicit strangers for the rest of the summer didn't turn me off; instead it sounded like I had hit the jackpot.

It was obviously to my benefit if I pleased Mr. Jacoby in any way he wanted so he would keep his promise.

"If you are not interested or uncomfortable with what I am suggesting I could just deliver the tape to your parents so they could see how their daughter is spending her summer. I was pleasantly surprised that you lived only two streets over. That makes our arrangement so convenient, doesn't it?"

My excitement vanished. I wilted. He intended to blackmail me if I didn't agree. He knew where I lived; he must have followed me home one of the days. How could I explain that I was willing, even anxious to blow him as often as he wanted?

What would Roxanne do? I needed to be like her to get out of this.

"I won't do anything I don't want to do. I'm a virgin and I intend to stay that way." That proclamation in the book had saved Roxy time after time, had worked on Tony and Jimmy, although I wasn't that adamant about the future big event, especially with a mature masculine man like Mr. Jacoby.

"Understood." He ran his warm hand up my leg, under my skirt and patted the backside of my thigh.

"Do you really have a job for me?"

"Yes, of course. I'll even provide a uniform for you." His smile was warm and sincere. At least he didn't expect me to run around naked for him, although that might be fun if he went jaybird too.

Roxanne had always gotten something from her dates before she pleasured them; a dinner, a movie, a gift, money -- something of value.

"I'll need a week's pay in advance." I fidgeted. "I mean, just so I know you are being honest." I felt my demand was pretty bold but I needed some assurance that Brad wouldn't take advantage of me.

"No problem; my wallet is over at the house." He stood up letting his palm slide around up and over my thigh pressing the back of his hand against my mound. Withdrawing his hand from under my skirt he licked the moisture from it and winked. He took my hand and led me down the bleachers and toward his home.

On the way I was thinking about what I was getting myself into. A week's pay in advance was a good thing; my parents would be pleased. Every other day would give me a lot of free time. The bonuses would be for blowjobs. I wondered what his cock would look like, feel like and taste like. How many times a week would he let me blow him? How soon would he let me entertain his friends?

I knew I was playing with fire if I didn't want to learn more about sex and that Brad and his friends would want to fuck me sooner or later.

That possibility didn't hamper my enthusiasm; after all with real men available here in town I didn't have to wait until I got to college. Why should I put it off? Would they pay more to fuck me? Could I really become a call girl or escort like the women I had read about?

I took the opportunity to study Brad. He was probably in his late twenties or early thirties. He was fit -- overly so. Did he lift weights? He could probably teach me a lot about sex. I would be crazy to not take the job, even if he wasn't holding the videotape over my head. Maybe if I really pleased him I could talk him into destroying it.

To break the uncomfortable silence I asked him what kind of work he did.

"I'm a fireman, I work 24 on and 24 off. I took a week off to finish the playroom." He didn't elaborate, but that explained all his muscles and why he only needed a housekeeper every other day.

"Here we are."

Brad led me around the side of the house and through a gate leading to a beautifully landscaped backyard with a kidney shaped pool beyond the edge of a large covered patio.

"You can use the pool anytime you want, Andi."

He ushered me through the glass sliding door and I was impressed with the modern furniture and fixtures. Everything was black, white, gray and chrome. The furniture was upholstered in leather or masculine tweed.

There were large colorful abstract paintings on every wall and mirrors across from them creating enormous swatches of color in the room. The place appeared spotless; I wondered why he needed a housekeeper.

"Let's have a drink or two."

After lifting me up onto one of four stools at the mirrored built-in bar that divided the living area and the kitchen. Brad walked around it and poured two tall glasses of tea he took from the fridge. He stayed behind the bar and raised his glass and made a toast.

"Here's to a fun and exciting relationship, Andi."

I raised my glass and smiled. What else could I do?

"Tell me a little about yourself, Andi."

"What... what do you want to know?"

"Tell me what you do alone in your room besides pull on your tits and finger-fuck yourself?"

I thought his question was far too personal, rude and uncalled for.

"I don't see what..."

"Don't be shy, Andi. We're going to be good friends and good friends tell each everything, don't they? I saw what you did to yourself and the boys in the park. You are a free-spirit and very sexy. I am very interested in you and just curious about what you find fun and exciting so we can do those things together. You know you can trust me, don't you?"

I for sure did not know I could trust him, but I had my own curiosity about him. Here was a real adult male that had said he wanted me to suck him like I had the boys. I could learn a lot by being candid with him. He had just said he was interested in me and he thought I was sexy. I decided to try and stimulate his imagination; get him horny so he would let me suck him.

"Well... I do like to play with myself. I dance and exercise nude in front of my mirror almost every day. Afterwards -- sometimes when I'm reading a sexy story I need more than just my fingers so I use... I use..."

"What do you use?"

"This is so embarrassing; I use a... a... big cucumber inside myself." I knew I was blushing and his penetrating eyes saw that.

"Do you suck on the cucumber? I would enjoy having my 'cucumber' sucked all day long."

I giggled because calling his thingy a cucumber was funny. Would he really let me suck on his cock all day long?

"I use a smaller one for that. One about the size of a banana; only longer." Was that too much to share?

Evidently not, because he immediately put me at ease by understanding how I used it.

"Longer? So you can push it down your throat."

"Yes, Roxi does it; I mean she takes a real penis down her throat because she says all the boys love it, so I wanted to learn how to do that."

"Roxi sounds like a smart girl."

"She truly is. Tony wasn't long enough for anything but the head entering my throat which was kind of awkward because he wasn't long enough to stay in my throat. His penis kept getting in but sliding back out."

"And who is Roxi?"

"Roxi is a girl that wrote a book; kind of a diary about her exciting sexual experiences in college. I've learned a lot about sex from her."

"Good to know. Maybe I can show you some fun things too! What are your measurements?"

"Why do you need to know that?"

"To purchase a proper uniform for you."

"Oh. Gee, I don't know for sure. The last time I bought a bra I needed a 34B, but that is pretty full and tight; I might need a C cup now. My waist has stayed around 20 inches and my hips were 36 inches last time I checked but my bubble butt is still growing. It is way too big; and being swaybacked makes it look all the bigger."

"I think you have the perfect figure. What size dress and what is your shoe size?"

"Petite or one-size and six, I think. I have small hands and feet."

"Good. Well, let's get this party started." My mouth salivated. I was so thrilled and excited; expecting I was finally going to get to suck on him -- and maybe more.

"I would like to show you the tapes."

"I really don't want to see them." Actually I was curious, but thought it better to sound reluctant.

"He frowned and picked up his wallet from the end of the counter, pulled out some bills, counted them and held some bills out to me. I took the folded cash and without counting it stuffed it in my waistband as my school uniform skirt no longer had patch pockets.

"You can tell your parents that Mrs. Jacoby hired you as a housekeeper. Understood?"

"Yes sir." I was grateful that he had paid me and that he had thoughtfully suggested that I conceal our true arrangement with a make-believe Mrs. Jacoby.

"You are now my employee and I insist you watch the tape. I want you to see what you're missing if you'll indulge me."

I really didn't want to watch the tape with him. Maybe alone, but it would be so humiliating in front of him. I determined I didn't really have a choice. I decided I would pretend to watch it just to please him. I could just zone-out.

"OK - I guess, Brad."

Still frowning he laid down the law -- at least the first of many rules I would soon follow.

"I am now your employer and you will address me as Mr. Jacoby, understood?"

I was taken aback by the required formality but he had a point, I was his employee.

"Yes Mr. Jacoby."

"Good. Now take off your blouse, skirt and sandals."

"But you said I could wear a uniform."

He repeated my concern. "But you said I could wear a uniform, MR. JACOBY."

He waved his arm as if he were going to slap my face.

"I'm sorry. You said I could wear a uniform, Mr. Jacoby."

He gently slapped me for real. "Never, never say you are sorry, Andi."

"I -- I -- ... FUCK!"

"Fucking is not part of the arrangement we have, is it? Not yet, at least. You need to understand that your tits, cunt and ass belong to me now. I'll have your uniform on Friday."

"No sir, I mean yes Mr. Jacoby. Thank you, Mr. Jacoby."

I was totally flustered. At least he was thinking about fucking me in the future. That was a good thing. Was I mentally committed to let him?

"Sir is polite, but I prefer you address me as Mr. JACOBY. Now please strip, CUNT!"

I cringed at his calling me "Cunt" but was gratified he had said "please".

Stalling, I took a long drink of my tea; it tasted sweet yet it burned my throat as I swallowed. I stood and removed my skirt first after wadding the bills in my fist.

The countertop hid most of my lower half from Mr. Jacoby's view; at least I hoped it did. My blouse came free easily as I shrugged it off. I bent to remove my platform sandals.

"Wait! Leave those. Please walk across the room and back for me first. Let me get a good look at you."

Again, he included "please". Maybe he was a nice man, although I sensed I wasn't going to get away with hiding anything from him.

I plucked up my courage and walked away from the bar fully aware that he could see my big butt rolling, then across the room so he got a good profile of me and then facing him took a big breath and slowly returned to stand behind my stool with my breasts and muff on full display.

"Interlock your fingers behind your head. I want to see you sashay and shake your ass walking away from me and bounce your tits as you return, Andi. High step and put one foot right in front of the other."

I turned and began walking away from Mr. Jacoby doing the runway walk I had often practiced at home to perfection, although in front of my mirror at home my hands had swung freely at my sides, were planted on my hips or cupped my breasts. I recognized that this new posturing was sure to exaggerate the bounce and jiggle of my (his) tits and ass.

I stomped my feet on the tile each time I took a step. My gait couldn't pretend to be a natural mode of movement. There was little doubt that the position of my arms with elbows pulled back was begging for attention to be drawn to my very deliberate showgirl-like performance.

I realized that I didn't have to pretend that a man or men were fascinated watching me deliberately strut; Mr. Jacoby was my first live audience.

I noticed my physical reaction as preconceived in my room at home was that my nips were hard and pointy and a warm glow and moisture formed between my legs. I was enjoying my demanded circumstance as much or more than my spectator.

I made three tours of the room without further instruction to give him a good long, hopefully stimulating view from every possible angle.

I returned and stood behind the stool that had mysteriously been moved out away from the counter which gave Mr. Jacoby a full view of my frontal everything. His warm smile delighted me and I felt so alive.

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