Philip # 47 walked into the space station lounge. He surveyed the patrons and went to sit with a girl he had met a week ago.

"Hi, Ginger," he greeted her.

"Hi Philip. What brings you out tonight?"

"Three pump modules broke down so I cannot continue until they are replaced."

She didn't offer him a drink because she was fully aware that he was an android, a new model, but an android, none the less. Ginger's curiosity was burning brightly. "Do you have any feelings at all?" she asked.

"No, they are supposed to come out with an emotion card next year, though. I'm not sure I want one."

"Why not? Don't you want the full human experience?"

"I'm not sure that I do. I have seen much apparent pain caused by emotions. I do not know what a strong negative emotion might do to my circuitry. I might get angry and hurt someone. That would not be a good thing."

"That's true, but on the other hand, you would experience joy, love and sadness, all of which are part of the human condition."

"I would like to experience love. But even love seems to cause great sadness sometimes. How could I adjust to that? I have no experience."

"Surely the circuit designers and programmers would compensate for that. After all, we can't have a bunch of angry supermen running around, now can we?"

"I must do some research before I am ready to make a rational decision."

"By the way, are you a fully functional android?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, I am equipped with everything a human male is equipped with."

She took another sip of her drink. "Would you show me?"

"I cannot do it here. To do so would violate my social graces programming and render me inoperative."

"What if we went somewhere else?"

"What are you suggesting?" the android asked.

"I am suggesting that you come back to my place and show me your equipment," she answered, taking another sip of her drink.

"I cannot do it now as you may have already consumed too much alcohol and may not be capable of making such judgments."

"Are you saying 'no? How embarrassing, to be turned down by an android."

"I did not say no. I said, 'not now' perhaps tomorrow."

"Okay, tomorrow, I'll be here and I'll be sober."

"Please be sure that you are willing to do this before you engage in it. Humans are delicate. Androids are not."

"I'll try to remember," she answered as she stepped out the door and started to her cubicle.

When she awoke from her sleep cycle, she remembered the incident with the android. "I can't believe I was coming on to a machine! And, I can't believe the machine turned me down! How horny am I to proposition an android?" she said to herself.

During her work cycle, she thought about Philip and how he had turned her down. It must have been her fault, since Philip did not possess emotions. He could not have been insulting her. Why then, did she feel so bad about not being able to seduce him/it?

Work cycle completed, she headed for the lounge. Philip was not there. She was glad because it gave her a chance to try and clear some of the confusion she felt. Did she want to try an android? Several of her friends had. None of them gave bad reports, but then again, none of them were wildly enthusiastic about the experience. They wouldn't say why. Curiosity was driving her mad. She had to have that android!

When Philip entered the lounge, she was drinking water with a twist. Philip's sensors immediately detected that she was not drinking alcohol. "Hi, Philip," she greeted him.

"Hello, Ginger. How are you today?"

"Sober. I still want to see your equipment," she frankly stated. "How do you feel about that?"

"I cannot 'feel' about that. If you want to do this, I will oblige you."

"Let's go," she said with firm resolve and led him out of the lounge to her quarters.

As soon as they entered her cubicle, she started taking off her clothes. It took about two minutes for her to be completely nude. She had large, round breasts and a shaved pussy. Turning to him she asked, "What do you think of this?"

"You appear to have all the human female equipment," he replied.

"Please remove your clothing. We'll find out if it is operating correctly," she said.

It took Philip less than twenty seconds to divest himself of his garments.

Her eyes went directly to his crotch. She could see that he had a 'sort of' penis. It was small and limp. "I hope it gets bigger," she thought.

"Does your penis get any bigger?" she asked him.

"I can inflate it to almost any reasonable size and consistency. I can make it rotate and/or vibrate when we are coupled. The choice is yours."

"Okay, make it about nine inches long and two inches thick."

At the command, his penis started to swell. Soon it attained the required dimensions. She reached out and touched it, expecting something cold and still. Much to her delight and surprise, it was quite warm and throbbing.

She pulled him toward her bunk and directed him down beside her. Her pussy was absolutely soaked. "Let's get it on!" she cried.

Philip mounted her missionary style and slid the big penis into her vagina. He immediately started thrusting into her. It felt great! "Can you stroke a little faster," she gasped.

"Of course." He answered and picked up the pace. Then she remembered the 'rotate and vibrate' statement he had made. "Rotate it for me please," she requested. Immediately she felt the cock start to rotate inside her. She had never felt anything like this! "Vibrate it please," she asked. Now it was vibrating and spinning within her. She was crazy with lust and the need to cum. She humped him harder and harder as she felt her orgasm approaching. "Can you cum?" she grunted.

"Of course." He answered. "Tell me when."

Between the vibrating, thrusting and spinning, she was losing her sanity. Quickly her orgasm overtook her and she started to tremble. "NOW! NOW! CUM NOW!" she yelled.

A warm liquid shot into her cunt as her vagina clamped down on Philip's dick. It was still as hard as when they started. She waited for him to say something, but nothing was forthcoming. "Let it deflate in me," she ordered and felt it start to shrink. It fell out. Philip got off and stood by the bed, ready for the next order. Now she understood why none of her friends were wildly enthused about the experience.

Although the actual coupling was nice, there was no feeling, no human element. The poets had been right all along. Good sex required at least a modicum of love.

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