tagGroup SexAngel And The Bachelor Party

Angel And The Bachelor Party


I had a large group of friends, and as we got married, each guy got a bachelor party with the works -- dinner out, poker, and finally the stripper. As is customary, the best man took care of the arrangements, though really, we always went to the same restaurant and always got the same stripper. (We'd had her once, really liked her act, and from there on always requested her for the party). So really, the only work was figuring out who's house we were going to use, and when the party would be.

There were ten of us in the 'group', and by the time it was my best friend Michael's turn to get married, about half the group was already hitched. We were getting older, and more subdued, but the parties always stayed the same.

As the best man, I took care of the evening's festivities. We used Pete's house for the after-dinner party since his wife would be on a weekend business trip. I contacted Angel, the 'entertainment' and set everything up. She'd arrive at 10:00 pm and do a 30-minute show for us.

We had a great dinner, and were having fun drinking beers and playing cards when the doorbell rang. I looked at the clock and saw it was a few minutes to 10.

Angel was right on time, as usual. She greeted us all and went into the bedroom to change into her outfit. Angel was drop-dead gorgeous. 5'10" tall, blonde hair, breasts that were at least 36C (enhanced) and a perfect round ass. Her pussy was shaved bare and always smelled magnificent.

Though we could touch her breasts, and she always offered them to us to lick and suck, her pussy was off limits for us to touch. However, she usually would finger herself and offer us her finger to suck clean. Her body was scented with a light fragrance, and I think every guy in the room was in love with her.

We pushed the coffee table to the side of the room and took seats on the couch and assorted chairs. Angel went into the guest bedroom to change into her outfit.

Michael was a doctor, so we had Angel dress up in a nurse's outfit. She came out, and looked incredible. She had a short white skirt, white stockings and a white top that barely contained her huge breasts. We all cheered as she entered the room and turned on her music.

Angel danced around, teasing Michael, who was seated in the front of the room. She took off her top, sat on his lap, and pulled his head to her chest. Michael hungrily sucked on her tits as she rubbed against his crotch.

When the next song started she got up and gave each of us a short lap dance, sitting away from us, allowing us to caress her breasts, but not use our mouths. (Only the groom could do that).

When each of us had a lap dance, Angel got up and pulled off her skirt and stockings, leaving her in just her white thong panties. She danced around the room, teasing us with her hard body, before reaching into her bag and pulling out a dildo. She slipped it inside her panties, teasing herself.

Every guy in the room had a raging hard-on, and several were adjusting themselves to get more comfortable. She got it slick with her juices.

Angel got to her knees in front of Michael, undid his belt and pulled off his pants, leaving him in just his boxers.

She rubbed her face against his crotch, his hard cock straining for release. She pushed him down to the ground and stood over him. She pulled off her panties, giving us a clear view of her beautiful shaved pussy.

Then she laid on top of him, her pussy inches from his mouth. As she licked and sucked on his cock through his boxers, she bounced her ass up and down. Michael kept his tongue out, and tasted her juices with each downward thrust.

Angel kept working on his cock through his shorts until she felt him stiffen, then gave him a quick squeeze as he came hard into his boxers. Angel got up, leaving a spent groom lying on the floor and worked her way around the room.

Standing in front of each of us, she gave us a personal show, playing with her slick pussy -- which was basically at eye level for us -- then letting us lick her fingers clean before moving on to the next guy.

When each of us had finished our private show, she moved back to Michael. Standing in front of him, she reached into her bag and took out a blindfold, wrapping it tightly around his eyes. When she was sure he couldn't see, she started to slide the dildo back and forth against her pussy, getting it all slick with her juices.

She told Michael to open his mouth. She slipped the dildo into his mouth, offering him her juices. Michael gagged at first, but licked the dildo clean.

"You taste wonderful," he said.

Angel took off the blindfold, kissed him softly on the lips, and then laid down in the center of the room. She slid the dildo in and out of her shaved cunt, fucking herself furiously. Fucking herself with one hand, squeezing her breasts with the other, Angel soon brought herself to a mind-blowing orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, she stood up and took a deep bow as we all applauded. Bent over, her pussy was pointed straight at me, and I could see her juices glistening on her bare flesh, and smell her sweet scent. I was in heaven.

Angel told us we were her last show for the night, and asked Pete if it would be OK to use his shower. Pete stuttered something that must have sounded like yes, because Angel gave him a quick kiss and said "Thanks" as she headed for the master bedroom.

We could hear the water running and were all making crude remarks about joining her in the shower, how much we'd like to fuck her, and the single guys busted on the married guys about how they'd be too afraid to get caught to do anything, even if Angel gave them a chance.

I took this time to go around the room and collect extra money from all the guys as a tip for Angel. Although we paid her for the show, we still kicked in extra money at the end.

As best man, it was my job to collect the funds and give them to Angel. I heard the water turn off and headed to the bedroom. Even though she'd just given us a fully nude show, I didn't want to just barge in on her, so I knocked on the door.

"Come in," she said, in her sweet, song-like voice.

I entered the room, and Angel was wrapped in a towel, sitting on the bed. I sat next to her and handed her the money.

"This is for you," I said.

"Thanks you," she said. "You guys are always so sweet. I really like dancing for you guys."

"Well, we love having you come. I know all the guys really enjoy your shows.'

"I can tell," she said, laughing. "All your hard cocks rubbing against me kind of gives it away."

"Yeah, well...." I said, embarrassed.

Angel looked down at the bulge in my pants. "Looks like you're still a bit excited."

I blushed. "Yeah, well, just sitting this close to you, I can't help it."

Angel reached down to my crotch and rubbed my cock. "Well, maybe I can help you with this," she said. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper. My cock was straining against my boxers, the tip poking out the top of the waistband.

"Ohh my," said Angel, slipping her hand in my shorts. "How big are you?"

"About 7.5 inches," I managed to reply.

Angel kept rubbing my cock softly, making me moan. "Lay back," she said.

I kicked off my sneakers and laid back on the pillows. Angel pulled down my pants and boxers, my cock springing out, standing fully at attention. Angel's towel fell off as she moved next to me, kissing me as she rubbed my cock.

My hands explored her body as we kissed, her hand never leaving my shaft.

Angel broke our kiss and turned sideways. Kneeling on the bed next to me, she began kissing and licking my cock. I moaned again, as Angel looked up at me and smiled. Wordlessly, she lowered her mouth, sliding my cock deep down her throat. She moved one hand to caress my balls as she moved her mouth up and down, swirling her tongue all over.

As Angel sucked on my cock, I reached out to caress her body. Angel moaned softly and turned towards me, letting me reach down to her pussy.

As my fingers slid inside her warm hole, she moaned louder, the vibrations tingling my cock. The faster she sucked my cock, the faster I fingered her pussy, until she had me so close to cumming that I absently stopped fingering her, concentrating on the incredible pleasure she was giving me.

As my orgasm hit, I cried out, "Ohhhhh GGggggddddd Angellllllll"....

My cock exploded, shooting my cum down her throat. Angel sucked me harder, swallowing every drop of cum as I collapsed into the pillows. Angel squeezed my cock, milking the last drop of cum from me, before pulling away and looking up at me.

I pulled her to me and kissed her, tasting my cum on her lips. Before she could say anything I rolled her over and started kissing down her body. Angel closed her eyes and put her hand on the back of my head as I kissed down her stomach to her beautiful pussy.

Angel spread her legs for me as I kissed and licked her all over. I dragged my tongue slowly up her lips, making her squirm. I sucked her clit in between my lips, sucking it in and out like a little cock. Angel moaned loudly and clenched her legs around my head.

Angel smelled and tasted so clean and wonderful, I attacked her pussy like a man possessed. I made love to her with my mouth, and when she came I eagerly lapped up all her delicious juices.

I moved back up her body, kissing my way to her mouth. She put her hands on either side of my face and pulled me in for a long, passionate, kiss. After what seemed like hours of kissing, Angel rolled me to the side of her.

I laid there for a moment, my cock regaining it's fullness as Angel got off the bed. I thought she was going to get dressed, but instead she locked the door and went rummaging through her bag. She found what she was looking for, and hid it in her palm.

Angel straddled me, a leg on each side of my chest, her perfect breasts dangling invitingly in front of me. I reached out to feel them, rubbing and squeezing them in my hands. Angel moaned again, her nipples sticking our like small pink erasers.

She moved backwards on me, and I heard the familiar ripping of a condom wrapper. Angel took out the condom and slowly rolled it down my shaft. She took my cock in her hand, looking down at me as she rubbed it back and forth against her slit.

"I've never done this at a party before," she said. "But for some reason, I just can't help myself tonight."

I looked deeply into her soft, blue eyes. "I know," I said, reassuring her.

She continued rubbing my cock against her wet pussy, as if unsure if she was going to continue. I could hardly stand it.

"Ohhhh Goddddd Angel. I want you so much," I said.

Angel smiled at me. "I want you too, Jake."

With that, she released her grip on my cock and pushed down, easing my cock inside of her. I breathed in sharply as she lowered herself on me. I moved my hands to her hips, helping her down as my cock filled her tight cunt.

Angel leaned down and kissed me again, as she dropped all the way down, my cock filling her to the hilt. As we kissed, she raised herself up and down on my cock, as I thrust against her, trying to keep myself deep inside her as she pulled up. Her pussy was so soft, so wet, and so tight, I felt like my cock was wrapped in a velvet glove.

I pushed back on the bed and got into a sitting position. Angel wrapped her legs around my back as we rocked together. I could hardly believe what was happening, as I watched my cock disappear deep inside of her again and again.

Angel wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned back, letting me suck on her magnificent breasts. I moved my mouth back and forth, licking and sucking her hard nipples as she thrust back and forth on my cock.

I reached between us and found her clit. I rubbed her clit in hard, fast circles as Angel thrust hard against my cock. We were both moaning loudly as our orgasms built. I was sure all my friends in the living room could hear us -- surely they knew what was going on -- but I didn't care.

As I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy, I could feel my balls filling. We were both crying out.

"Ohh God... Ohh God," Angel moaned. "I'm so close... so close..."

I fingered her clit faster.

"Ohhhhhhhh Godddddd Jake..." Angel came hard, clenching her pussy around my cock. She squeezed me tight inside of her as she came, her muscles clenching and unclenching around me.

It was all I could take as I came again and again. Our arms wrapped around each other, we collapsed on the bed. Reluctantly, Angel pulled away, my cock sliding out of her.

"Good Lord, Jake. That was amazing," she said.

"Incredible," I answered, as I rolled off the condom. I reached to grab a tissue off the night table but Angel pushed me back. She bent down and sucked my softening cock into her mouth. She cleaned off my cum, making me moan softly.

Angel, satisfied that she got all my cum, pulled her mouth off my cock. We kissed again. "Think they know?" she asked.

"Yeah, probably," I said. "Do you care?"

"Not really. Do you?"

"Not at all," I said. "To be honest, I’ve fantasized about this since the first time we met you. I bet all of them have, too."

Angel blushed. I put my hand on her bare thigh. "This might sound weird," I said. "But I was wondering if I could see you sometime."

Angel smiled. "I'd like that."

She took one of her cards and wrote her personal cell phone number on the back. "Give me a call later."

Angel got up and got dressed. She kissed me again. "Talk to you later, Jake."

With that, she left, and I got dressed. I could hear her saying goodbye to the other guys while I quickly pulled my clothes on.

I heard the front door close and quickly used my cell to call hers. I looked through the bedroom window as she answered the phone, sitting in her car. "Hello?"

"Is it later enough yet," I asked.

Angel laughed. "C'mon Jake. Meet me in my car."

I left the party, all my friends still in shock at what happened. I left the front door open so they could see me get into Angel's car.

She drove us back to her place, and we fucked two more times before passing out together. We spent the whole weekend together, having sex at least a half dozen more times before I had to go home. We dated for around six months after that. She still worked her private shows, and afterwards, we'd fuck like crazy.

Eventually, though, we grew apart. The sex was still amazing, but both of us knew we needed more than that. We broke up, but still saw each other occasionally.

She got married to some guy, and had a couple of kids. I saw her once a few years ago at a restaurant with her family. We didn't say anything to each other, but she smiled at me, and I smiled back. I could tell we were both thinking the same thing -- we were remembering our first night together, with nearly a dozen horny guys in the next room.

As great as our six months together were, nothing will replace that first night, with all it's passion and spontaneity, in my memory.

And hers too, I'm sure.

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