Angel, Heather, and Kristen


Heather slowly slid her forefinger in Kris's slippery vagina, and was in wonder as to how tight Kris was. Kristen, feeling the waves of pain and pleasure awash her body, squeezed Heather's breasts, and pushed them against hers. She rotated her thighs faster and faster to Heather's beckoning finger, now deep inside her. Finally, almost to the point that she would scream, Kristen came, and Heather could feel Kris's insides swell, and release an incredible amount of juice on to her finger. Kristen was floating in space. When she opened her eyes an eternity later, Heather was smiling out her. They both started laughing and kissed and hugged each other. Then, with a big smile, Kristen said, "Your turn..."

Heather knew what she wanted. She got up, and leaned forward against the tree, arms straight. She parted her legs invitingly, as she offered her sister what she had. Kristen could smell the sex in the air, as she bent down. Running her hands up and down Heather's smooth legs, she put her face close to Heather's shapely ass. Kris used her tongue to massage the outside of Heather's labia, and for the first time, tasted the love nectar of another woman. Savoring its sweetness, her tongue became more aggressive, and began to dart between the lip folds of Heather's aching vagina. Heather arched her back, and moaned incoherent moans. Kristen was aware of what her sister needed, and forcefully shoved her tongue deep inside Heather's throbbing hole.

The waves of pleasure attacked Heather's body without mercy. Her nails dug in to the bark of the tree that supported her. Her naked legs tensed, she knew she couldn't hold out for very long. Then, as soon as one of Kristen's hands touched her breast, she exploded, washing her sister's merciless tongue with her juices. Her heart was pounding, and she breathed heavy. She turned to Kristen. "God, that was fantastic. I can't believe how good you made me feel."

"I wanted you so bad", Kristen sighed," I had to have you. I don't care if it's wrong. You feel so good." Heather paused, and peered at her sister in the darkness. This was the person that took her to heights of awareness. If wrong, so be it. She would not let it go. She said, "I love you Kris." She wanted to cry. "I love you too, Heather!" They held each other close, and kissed to commiserate their new found intimacy.


Angela was very drunk when the two girls got back. And even in her fogginess, realized that there was something different about them. They held hands...they gleamed at each other with slight grins. They couldn't have, she thought...not my daughters...of course, it didn't stop me from feeling up my little girl, she thought in a drunken stupor. Regardless, it was getting late, and the fire was dying.

They all retreated to the safety of the tent. They saw the distant house lights as they zippered it shut, with only a flashlight to illuminate the tent. The three sleeping bags were already out, neatly adjacent to one another. Still reveling from the experience, Heather knew she wanted to sleep with Kris...but Mom would find out. Kris reflected her thoughts, but extended them, adding the memory of her mother touching her breasts, and she touching hers.

Angela, closing her eyes, lifted her t-shirt off, and let her beautiful hair fall to her shoulders. She deftly put her hands behind her back, and unclasped her bra, letting the straps fall off her shoulders. Her large breasts absorbed the night air, as she ran her fingers under them, to wipe the summer sweat. She then noticed it was unusually quiet.

She opened her eyes to discover her daughters staring at her, side by side, with curiosity. Their mother was never this bold before, and with what just happened to them in the woods, their juices were flowing automatically. Angela saw the same look in Kristen's eye as she did in the bathroom. Heather looked the same...they were staring at her shapely breasts. There was a long silence. The alcohol stripped away any embarrassment that might have been there. Angela grinned at her gazing daughters, "I used to let you two suckle...that's how they got this big."

Heather stammered a bit, still buzzed. "Really? Doesn't that hurt?" Angela replied.

"No...except when you were teething. I used to nurse you both all the time. You couldn't get enough, as I recall. I remember back then..."

Kristen swirled. "I just can't imagine...I mean..." She stopped. Angela grinned. A little voice told her not to, but a drunken mind took precedence. "If you try it again, you'll remember..."

Kristen and Heather looked at each other. Unsure, they read each others eyes, and look at their half-naked mother, and her bountiful breasts. They were in the one would know. They leaned forward together apprehensively, and were on their knees in a kneeling position. Kristen's lips tremored as she leaned forward and let her lips touch Angela's warm hard nipple. She felt the warmness of her mother's breast touch her cheek. Heather looked at her chosen breast briefly, and closed her eyes. Her lips too, found the nipple. Both began to suck automatically, as age-old instincts kicked in. Angela's eye closed, and she ran her fingers through her daughters' hair. The sensation electrified her insides as she pulled them closer.

Heather began to drift way with this wild sensation. Her touch began darting over Angela's nipple, causing her to moan quietly. Kris cupped Angela's breast and began to suck harder. Their slurps could only be heard from within the tent. Heather could not ignore the eagerness between her legs, as she sucked harder. Angela cupped her own breast for Heather, and her other hand involuntarily went down her own side. Kris opened her eyes and looked down. Angela's hand was in her own shorts, massaging her pussy. Still suckling, Kris pulled aside Angela's shorts, and was given a view of Angela sliding her fingers over her moist and steamy labia. Kris watched and wanted her.

Angela was moving into ecstasy. She began to massage Heather's shoulders, and fearlessly began to massage Heather's breasts, for the first time, through her t-shirt, half noticing she wasn't wearing a bra. Heather moaned, and began to rub her crotch through her shorts, and pulled up her shirt to feel her mother's hand on her naked breasts. Angela felt their warmth and was on the verge of orgasm. Her fingers touched Heather's nipples, felt the weight of her young breasts, and softly squeezed them. Angela plunged two fingers deep inside her hot vagina and moaned loudly. Kris could feel her mother's shudders while sucking her breast, causing her to finger her own hard clit. They all seemed to come together, Angela with her two daughters licking and sucking her bosoms, Kris with her right hand massaging her crotch with a passion, and Heather, practically half naked, with her hand shoved in her own wet box.

The tent was filled with moans of no return and ecstasy. They all seem to rise together, to swell together. Someone squelched. Someone screamed. Then finally, it was quiet. They fell against each other in a sweaty heap. It was not much longer before all three women were nude. They quickly cast aside whatever little clothes remained and invited the summer night air to kiss their eager bodies. Heather was brave, and put her arms around her mother. Their breasts pressed together as they engaged in a deep kiss. Kris pressed against her sister's back, and slid her hands down her sides. She cupped Heather's buttocks, and kneaded her cheeks. Angela swallowed in to the embrace of her oldest. Her hands skillfully fondled Heather's breasts while their hot tongues danced together. Heather moaned as Kris' fingers probed her aching pussy, rubbing her labia and a forefinger manipulating her clitoris. Kris could not help but masturbate, as she watched her mother and sister kiss passionately, and rub each other's bodies against each other.

Heather took the imitative. She turned around toward Kris and was on all fours. With a sixth sense, Kris lay on her back, spreading her young but shapely legs. Heather peered at the eighteen year old's womanhood. It was pink, very wet, and she could almost feel it's hot yearning from the short distance. Her mother's hands caressed her ass as she lowered her head. Kris threw her head back as Heather's tongue explored her outer lips...sliding to her hard clit, sending waves of pleasure up her spine. Heather arched her back, and moaned as Angela's fingers slid very easily in to her hot box. "...yesss....fuck me with your tongue", Kris hissed. She began to grind her hips, pushing Angela's probing fingers in deeper. Heather moaned louder, Angela feeling her daughter's perfect tan legs with one hand, while finger fucking her with the other.

With sexual hunger, Heather sucked the juices from her sister's vagina. Kris cupped her breasts, and pulled on her nipples. She was about to come, and pushed Heather's head in deeper, grinding it between her spread thighs. She watched her mother behind her sister with ecstasy, studying her breasts, and her look on wanton lust. Kris came, waves of pleasure assaulting her senses, and causing her to scream loudly. Hearing her sister come hard, and tasting her young juices, Heather also came hard, her inner walls swelling around Angela's fingers that were deep inside. And Angela, rubbing her own clit, came when Heather turned about and sucked her breasts, and Kris stood up, letting her mother taste her for the first time.

They all made love for the next hours until they were exhausted. The next morning, they woke up around 9am. In each other's arms, nude. At first, no one said anything. This was the time that regrets would fly and promises of secrecy made. But instead, they all smiled...touched each other, caressed each other. They felt closer than they ever did, and would not pretend the previous night never happened. Now, they were one.

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