tagBDSMAngela Learns Some New Games

Angela Learns Some New Games


This is a continuation of Angela and Devin's story. You can read more about Angela and Devin in my other submissions. They are written out of time sequence, but each story can stand alone. Chronologically this encounter occurs immediately after "Angela Learns the Rules".


Angela and Devin get out of the city for a little outdoor games, and then a little more fun once they get back home. Devin teaches Angela about back door fun.

Angela woke alone in her bed. She smiled and stretched thinking about last night.

The night before they had sat together in her bed playing backgammon for hours. He slaughtered her over and over, at the same time telling her strategy and coaching her moves. Every time he won he would kiss her senseless. When she complained that is was not fair, that he was too good and she would never win, he just laughed cruelly and kissed her more.

When he finally said it was late and picked up the game to leave, she was vibrating with lust. She had pleaded with him to come back and kiss her more, but he arched his brow and told her to, "Learn to play better, then maybe you could claim a reward of your choosing."

"Baby, my internal clock is all fucked up with all the travel I do. I would never get any sleep in here with you all horny. See you in the morning. Oh, and Angela, don't masturbate tonight."

She had fallen asleep faster than she had expected. Smiling and stretching she got up and went in to pee. Looking in the mirror she grimaced at her hair, it was a wild tangle from her sleeping on it loose. Sighing she picked up her brush and sat down, grabbing a handful she began to work at the tangles. She was about half done when Devin came into her room.

"Good morning." He had a cup of coffee in his hand. Putting it down on the counter he said, "For you."

"Thank you, Sir."

"How long will it take you to get showered and dressed? I want to go check out a property today. Its out of the city. I thought it might be fun to have a change of scenery."

"I can be ready in less than a half hour if I hurry. But Sir, I don't have anything to wear. All I have here is my business suit."

"Put that on for now and we will stop by your place so you can change. It would be a good idea if you grab a few outfits to keep here while you are there. Oh and you can get that vibrator when we are there."

Angela turned scarlet. She had confessed buying the toy and now he insisted she bring it to his apartment. She wished she had never bought it, cursing her curiosity.

Angela had opted to leave her hair in a braid for quickness sake and quickly showered. Soon they were both dressed, Devin in worn jeans and a heavy work shirt, a jacket under his arm, and riding down on the elevator. Angela smiled in happiness when she saw Avery standing beside Devin's town car, talking with Sergio.

Avery practically squealed with delight when he caught sight of her, coming over and giving her a big hug he whispered in her ear, "You look radiant, he must be treating you right." Angela giggled and nodded. Turning to Devin he said, "The food you wanted is in a cooler in the trunk, and the jet is ready and waiting."

Angela's ears perked up at the mention of a jet. Where the hell was this property anyway? "Mr. Devinikos, where is this property you wanted me to look at with you?"

Devin laughed, "Not too far, we should be there in an hour or so, once we are in the air."

At her apartment Devin restlessly paced, openly looking through her stuff, while she pulled on her favorite pair of jeans and a soft blouse. "Wear a sweater and bring a coat. It might be windy." She quickly packed a spare set of jeans and blouse, some workout clothes for the gym, and a fresh business suit. She also packed her special new shampoo and conditioners. Devin was in her bedroom holding the big vibrator grinning when she came back from the bathroom. She shrieked in embarrassment and covered her face.

"I love the way you blush. I can see why this caught your attention, knowing how much you love cock." Angela steeled herself, she was quickly learning to recognize when Devin was in a playful mood, and he definitely liked to play rough.

"It reminded me of you. It certainly made me call out your name, over and over." If he wanted to play she was going to do her best to go along with the game.

"You will have to show me."

"Now?" Angela knew that if he was going to make her play with the big cock shaped dildo, she would have to do it, no matter how embarrassed she was. Her face was flaming hot. She could feel the blushes spreading clear down her chest clear to her nipples, turning them into hard aching nubs.

"Tempting but I have a jet waiting on the runway, that is not cheap. We will have to do this later." He dropped the vibrator into her suitcase, he closed the lid and urged her out the door.

The jet was waiting. They had priority for take off and were in the air minutes after boarding. Once up in the air Devin got some pastries and fruit juice out of the cooler and they ate a light breakfast as they flew south along the coast. "Are you going to tell me where we are going?"

"There is a nice piece of coastal property in southern Virginia I want to look at. It is several hundred acres. It is a prime location for a small convention, corporate retreat facility with a private golf course. It is one of the last undeveloped pieces of land of that size in that area. Even if I don't build anything it would be a good investment. I have some inside information that I can get a really good deal on it if I buy it now.

The jet landed smoothly at a small airport. Angela was surprised to see that there was no buildings around the landing strip, just a few cars parked and several smaller propeller planes tethered along one side. Devin greeted a man and got some papers from him. Pointing at a Jeep, he ordered her, "Climb in, you are the navigator." He handed her a computer print out of some maps and a larger topographical map. "It should be only about 30 miles, you tell me where to turn. Oh, keep an eye out to make sure I don't forget and drive on the wrong side of the road." Angela looked up in alarm to see him laughing. She wailed in mock terror and covered her eyes.

Devin drove faster than Angela was comfortable with but he had marvelous control of the wheel. She focused on the maps and gave him directions as the many turns came up. Soon they were driving on unmarked farm roads past fields of grass with horses and livestock grazing alternating with small patches of trees. It was a beautiful clear morning, early in the fall with just a few of the leaves begin change color. Soon they came to a locked gate, Devin unlocked the gate, and moved the car through, locking the gate behind them. The road was a narrow dirt lane between trees. After about a half mile they came to a clearing with the foundation of long ago burned house next to it. The lonely broken stub of a chimney stood in the center of the low stone walls.

It was amazingly silent and still as Angela got out of the Jeep. She had been so used to the roar and movement of the city, it felt like she had entered into magical place. The sun filtered through the trees surrounding the abandoned home site, a flock of tiny brown birds flitted across the sky over their heads. Angela took a deep breath, tasting the smell of the earth, decaying leaves, and a hint of salt ocean air. She walked silently to where a tangle of neglected roses grew around what had been the front door of the house and leaned down and picked a late rose bud, holding it to her face inhaling the soft sweet smell.

Devin's voice sounded loud in the stillness. "The seller told me there was a trail going to the beach, lets walk out there." Angela nodded silently, reluctant to disturb the silence any more than necessary. The trail was easy to find and they picked their way through the little stand of trees surrounding the home site and into a wide clear field. She could see dunes in the distance and for the first time heard the soft crash and surge of ocean waves.

They stopped and stood at the top of the dunes looking down at the long stretch of white sand. A flock of white gulls glided along on rigid wings, patrolling for the the beach. Angela felt the ocean breeze tease at her curls.

Devin moved up behind her and put his arms around her. Angela sighed and leaned back against his chest. "Oh Sir, I had forgotten how tiring it is in the city. Its so peaceful here." He leaned down and pressed his lips against the corner of her neck, Angela sighed and tipped her head revealing more of her neck to him. He kissed her neck again, opening his mouth, running his tongue up and nibbling her ear. Breathing a second deep shuddering sigh of pleasure, she resisted the urge to touch him, forcing her hands to hang relaxed at her sides.

His hands suddenly rough and insistent, he pulled her to face him. Seizing her face in his hands he took her mouth with his, his lips hard and demanding, his tongue diving deep into hers. Angela hummed a soft deep moan of excitement. When he released her mouth, his voice was deep and harsh, "Take off your shirt, I want to see your tits."

Taking a step back so he could see her better, Angela unbuttoned her cardigan and shrugged it off. Looking directly into his eyes she unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the ground. Standing before him in her bra, she reached behind her and unhooked it and let it fall to the ground. She stood before him, her breasts trembling with her breath, the cool wind caressing her skin making her nipples tighten.

Devin smiled darkly, his eyes devouring her. Stepping closer he picked up her blouse and slipped it back up her arms. Leaving it unbuttoned he tied it under her breasts, leaving them completely exposed. Then taking her bra, he used it to tie her hands behind her. "Nice." Turning her he leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it deep into his mouth, pulling hard. The simultaneous sharp pangs of pleasure and pain shot through her making her flinch and gasp. "I love your tits. I could play with them for hours." Switching to her other breast, he began suck and jerk on her with his mouth, forcing moans and whimpers from her lips.

It seemed like an eternity of her standing looking out at the beautiful beach, letting the waves of pleasure spread across her when he stood and pulled her face close to his. His face dark and frightening. "Angela, I want you to run away from me. I want you to do everything in your power to fight me off. No matter what happens I want you to resist everything I do to you until I say 'Game Over'. The only rule is no biting. Do you understand?"

Still somewhat dazed, she nodded and turned, running inland toward the fields and woods beyond. It was hard to move very quickly with her hands behind her but she was quickly freeing her hands from the lace and elastic of her brassier. He waited a few seconds and charged after her. He had almost caught her when she tore her hands free. She dodged quickly to one side. She was surprised to see he could run faster than her, but she was more agile and quicker in acceleration. When she could hear him closing on her she could quickly change direction and gain some distance, but he was getting closer at every turn.

She shrieked as she felt him shove her hard between the shoulder blades. She over balanced and tumbled onto the soft grass. She rolled quickly to her feet but before she could run again he had a vice like grip on her wrist. She twisted around and struck blindly at him with her free hand. He laughed delightedly, blocked her blow and deftly grabbed her wrist on her second swing. "Got you now, bitch." Slipping his foot behind her ankles he pushed sharply and went down with her trapping her on the ground. He straddled her, pinning her hands. She squealed and squirmed trying to throw him off. Smiling evilly, he leaned down and began to suck on a nipple. She shrieked and arched trying to turn over on her stomach. He let her turn but at the same time he quickly turned and sat on her facing her feet, holding her tightly between his knees. He reached under her, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. "I'm going to fuck you so hard." He began to slowly push her jeans and panties down her hips, then her thighs. She fought him every inch, holding her legs together, trying to bring her knees up.

He stopped and pulled off his belt, doubled it and smacked it hard across her ass cheeks. She yelled and bucked under him. He struck again and again until she lay weeping and sobbing under him. He pushed her pants off along with her shoes in one long shove. He looked down at her scarlet ass cheeks and ran his fingers down the crack of her butt and pressed at her small virgin asshole. She shrieked and fought, clenching her ass cheeks tight against his exploring finger. "I am so going to fuck your ass." She wailed in terror. "But sadly not today, maybe tomorrow." Sliding down further he slid his fingers into her. "Your cunt is so wet, you want me to fuck you don't you."

Angela wailed, "Yes, Yes I want you to fuck me. I always want you to fuck me."

Devin reached behind him and grabbed her long braid and stood up. Holding her hair firmly in one hand he began to unbutton his pants. She tried to stand but he gave her a firm shake with her hair. She dropped to her knees, swaying, holding onto his wrists to ease the pull on her hair. He could tell she was starting to over load, not fighting at all, just trying to survive.

Pushing her onto her back he pinned her hands above her head and began to push into her. She half heartedly tried to avoid his entry, but it was too late, he plunged into her deep. Her hips betrayed her, tipping and surging up meeting his thrust. He growled into her ear, "OK, baby game over. I win. Lets just fuck now."

Laying still, impaling her to the hilt, he pulled her face to his. At first she turned her face from him, still sobbing, trying to catch her breath. "Kiss me, baby." Blindly she turned her face to him, her lips tremulous under his, her mouth soft and passive. He kissed her softly, his mouth gently insistent demanding her response. He began to stroke deep and slow. Angela moaned a soft moan, her tongue creeping to meet his, her hips rocking and pumping to meet his thrusts.

He could feel her tension building her body tensing and shaking, her moans deepening to groans, her cunt tensing. "Oh god Sir, fuck me, fuck me hard."

"Turn over, baby. Lets finish this right."

"Oh yes." Angela turned to her hands and knees. He gripped her hips and began to plunge deep and hard. "Oh fuck yes." Angela arched and screamed as she began to come, her body convulsing in long shudders of ecstasy.

His hands gripped her hips, and growled deep in his throat as he slammed deep into her. She screamed again as he pumped her full of his hot come.

It took a long time for Angela to stop trembling and spasming as he gently moved against her, easing each of them back down to reality. He gently kissed the back of her neck. "Baby, are you OK?"

"I wasn't expecting that. It was pretty intense."

"I like to play rape sometimes, it appeals to the brute in me."

"It was brutal. I am all dirty and I am getting cold."

"Part of the fun, baby. Lets go find your clothes. I have some water in the car. We can try and clean up a little."

He stood and helped her to her feet. She was a mess, her skin covered in dirt and grass stains, her hair coming out of its braid, tangled and full of grass. Her hands were shaking so hard she had trouble pulling on her panties and jeans. He quickly pulled on his clothes and knelt and tied her shoes. It took a bit of searching to find her bra and when he untangled the knots they found the back hooks had torn off. She made a sad face and put the scrap of lace in her pocket.

"Don't be sad baby, use it for an excuse to go shopping and spend some more of my money."

"Don't think I won't."

Picking up her cardigan, she pulled off her soiled blouse and buttoned up the soft sweater over her bare breasts, jumping and shivering as the wool scraped softly across her nipples. "Wow, that tickles."

He chuckled and reached under her sweater and pinched her nipples. She giggled, "Brute."

He pulled her to him, holding her gently. Tipping her face up to him, he kissed her softly. "You did a good job playing that game with me. It takes a lot of trust not to panic. I am very pleased with you."

Angela melted into him sighing, her voice soft, "I love you."

"I know Baby, lets go back to the car and clean up a little and get something to eat."

Back at the Jeep, Angela used a bottle of water and her cotton blouse to wash her face and hands. She used her fingers to pick the worst of the grass out of her hair and pulled it into a tangled ponytail rather than fighting it back into a braid.

Devin spread a blanket in the quiet little clearing next to the Jeep and opened the cooler and got out some sealed plastic containers. "Come sit, beautiful." He pulled her down beside him. Opening some containers of chicken salad, cherry tomatoes, olives, and a loaf of crusty French bread, he began to eat, feeding her bites. Finishing up with soft rich chocolate brownies, he kissed away a stray crumb from the corner of her mouth. "We need to head back soon."

"Do you think you will buy this place?"

"It would be a good investment, even if I never develop it. I could turn around and resell it for a decent profit as is."

"I like it here."

"Nice memories?"


Angela dozed on the flight home, only waking when her ears popped on the decent into the city. She was not looking forward to being seen covered in dirt and grass stains but she knew there was no solution other than holding her head high and ignoring curious looks.

Sergio drove them to Devin's apartment. It was a busy late Saturday afternoon and Angela could feel curious eyes on her as she got out to the town car. Slipping her hand through Devin's arm she stared straight ahead, a soft smile on her lips.

Once inside his door, she started giggling. "Next time you want to play in the dirt, tell me to pack a change of clothes. No offense, Sir."

"Go take a shower."

"Yes Sir."

Walking into her room Angela spotted her suitcase on the foot of her bed. Opening it she pulled out her special shampoo and conditioners. Stripping off her clothes she stepped into the shower. It took some serious scrubbing to remove the grass stains from her knees, the water stung the many tiny scrapes and abrasions on her legs and arms. Carefully leaning over and lifting her legs one at a time she shaved her pussy lips smooth, shivering a delicious quiver as she stoked her fingers across the silky soft skin. Then she washed her hair and let the conditioner soak in.

It took quite a while to comb the tangles and the last of the grass out of her clean wet hair. She braided it wet rather than take the time to blow dry it. Devin was looking through her suitcase when she walked out into the bedroom. "Looking for something?"

"Just stealing your underwear."

"Do you think it will fit you?"

Devin chuckled evilly and held up the vibrator. "Or maybe this?" Angela could feel her face turning scarlet and the heat slowly spreading down her chest. She swallowed nervously and forced herself to look him in the eye and tried to smile a brazen smile. She cursed herself silently as her lips began to tremble. His grin grew broader and more predatory as he watched her grow more nervous. He beckoned her to come closer. "Come here, Baby."

Angela moved to stand close in front of him, avoiding looking at him or the big cock shaped vibrator in his hand. "Look at me." Angela looked up at his face, he was still smiling but his eyes were calculating. She nervously licked her lips. He lifted the dildo and touched it to her mouth, rubbing it slowly along her lower lip She could feel the soft latex covering, a long nervous shiver shook her.

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