tagLoving WivesAngela Makes a Cuckold Husband Ch. 02

Angela Makes a Cuckold Husband Ch. 02


A few weeks later, Angela and I were getting ready to go out for dinner and a musical on a Saturday night. We had planned out the evening well in advance, since it was a very popular musical, and the tickets were quite expensive and had to be purchased way ahead of showtime. As Angela was putting on the last touches of her makeup, I waited patiently by the door. Then the phone rang. I answered, and the voice on the other end said, "Hi cuckold. Let me speak to Angela."

It was Jack, and I replied angrily, "Go to hell asshole," and hung up.

A minute later, Angela's cell phone rang and she answered. She nodded, listening intently to whoever was talking to her. "OK, sure. When? Yes, I'll be there," she said. Then she hung up, and told me that her sister needed her to baby-sit that night.

I was astounded. "But we've been planning this night for weeks Angela!" I protested.

"Sorry," she said brusquely. She finished touching up her make-up, and walked out the door in her elegant dress and heels, shutting the door in my face. I heard her start up her car and roar off into the night.

I had heard her mention the name of a motel at the edge of town on the phone, so I decided to hop in my car and see what was going on there. I raced over there as fast as I could. It was the kind of motel that has little cabins in the woods, just off the road. I found her car parked in front of one of the cabins, right next to Jack's car! I parked down the road, and then snuck around to the back of the cabin. There were only trees behind the cabin, so no one could see me.

There was small high window in back. It was too high for me to see into, so I found an old card table that I set next to the wall. Standing on the table, I could look right through the window into the main room of the cabin, which had a bed right in the middle. The window was open so I could hear and see everything easily; but since the window was high up, they couldn't see me.

Angela had apparently just entered the cabin; she was kissing Jack. There was another man in the room, sitting down in a chair, a scruffy looking older guy with a beard and greasy, red, long hair.

Jack turned Angela around to face the stranger, and started massaging her breasts in full view of the other man. Angela looked uncomfortable about being exposed to this scruffy looking stranger and she tried to stop Jack. She whispered to him, "Who is he? I thought we would be alone."

Jack replied, "I promised Tony that if he gave me the sales contract, you would suck his cock."

Angela's eyes widened in surprise. Our company sold truck parts to large trucking companies, and most of our customers were old truckers like Tony. Apparently, Jack had offered up my wife as a whore in order to secure the contract. I could see that my wife did not relish the thought of servicing this rough looking man. He was probably in his late forties, with a beer belly. He wore an old T-shirt, and his arms were covered with tattoos of dragons and naked women and devils dancing around. It was one thing to be gangbanged by Jack's sales associates, who were all clean-shaven young men, but it was something entirely different to suck the cock of this dirty old trucker.

She said slowly, "I don't know Jack. I wasn't expecting this."

Jack impatiently pushed her towards Tony, and said, "C'mon you slut, you know you like it. Suck his cock, and if you're good, maybe we'll fuck you."

Angela walked reluctantly across the room on her high heels, and kneeled down submissively in front of him to unbuckle his pants. She pulled his cock out of his boxer shorts. Still soft, it was easily 9 inches long and thick, very thick. She stroked him with her soft, delicate fingers, and it grew and grew and grew, until it was at least 11 inches long and probably 3 inches in diameter. His dick was rock hard, and Tony smiled in anticipation.

"Suck it now, you slut," he commanded her. He grabbed her long dark mane and pushed her face down to his long pole. Her lips were pursed and she tried to resist, but he kept pushing her down until she finally opened up to take him into her mouth. His cock was huge, and it stretched her mouth and face. It was all she could do to take even the head of his massive cock into her full sensuous lips. Her red lipstick, which she had so carefully applied, was now smeared all over her face and his dick. Tony clamped his hands around the back of her head and steadily pushed her face onto his huge cockmeat. She gagged and struggled, trying to pull back, but there was no escaping his strong arms.

What a sight, to see my sophisticated young wife, always so professional and proper, forced to suck the dick of this gross trucker like a cheap two-bit whore. Holding her head, he forced his pecker down her throat; inch-by-inch, slowly but surely, his dick pushed its way down her smooth white neck. I couldn't believe that she could actually take it, but somehow she did it. The whole length of his cockmeat was lodged in her mouth, and her nose was pushed firmly into his bush of red pubic hair. I wondered how she could even breathe! But apparently her throat was becoming stretched now to accommodate his thick cock. She moved her head up and down on his cock obediently, as he groaned in pleasure.

While she was kneeling down to give Tony a blowjob, her well-rounded ass stuck out behind her. Jack moved behind her, and pulled her dress up, revealing her white nylon stockings, and her white, tightly stretched little bikini panties. The fabric was very thin and delicate, and he simply grabbed her panties and ripped them off, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy and ass.

He pulled down his pants to reveal his hard and long penis. Kneeling down behind her, he rubbed his cock up and down her wet pussy slit, and she moaned with pleasure as she sucked on the cock in her mouth. He pushed his cock into her tight little slit. Apparently she hadn't had sex for a while, for it took 3 or 4 hard thrusts before the hilt of his cock bumped her soft plump ass, and his heavy balls slapped against her warm thighs. He pumped her hard and fast, and she was clearly enjoying it, pushing her ass back in time to meet his brutal thrusts. They both fucked her unmercifully, buffeting her back and forth between them like a rag doll. Jack's thrusts became even more hard and urgent as he came closer to his climax.

In response to the hard pounding she was receiving from behind, Angela started coming, moaning loudly with her mouth still stuffed with cock. "MMnnnnph, MMnnnph, Uhhnnnph, Nummmnnph" she groaned like some wild animal in heat. Jack body suddenly stiffened, and then he slammed into her full force, filling her abused young pussy with his come. From my vantage point, I could see clearly his come oozing out from her widely stretched pussy and down her thighs, running all over her sheer white nylons.

Angela reached up then and squeezed Tony's balls gently, bringing him off immediately. Tony pumped his come directly down her throat, until she pulled her head off his cock, whereupon he pumped out the rest of his load all over her beautiful hair, eyes, cheeks and mouth. Her make-up and hair, so carefully prepared, were completely ruined. Her face was covered with cum, and cum oozed out her pussy down her legs.

Shakily she stood up and waited to see what was next. Jack ordered her to take off all her clothes. She obeyed, unzipped her form-fitting dress and peeled it down to reveal her firm round breasts, free for the appreciative gaze of the men. Then she pulled her dress the rest of the way down, letting it fall to the floor. There were no panties, since Jack had already ripped them off her.

Naked now except for her white stockings and high heels, exposed and defenseless before the strange trucker, she lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, offering up her pussy to be fucked, just waiting to be mounted. Tony stripped off his clothes, revealing a hairy body with many tattoos, and a beer belly that hung down unappealingly. His cock was becoming hard again already, at the sight of my gorgeous naked wife. He got in-between her legs and rubbed his massive cock against her wet and hot pussy. He asked her, "Do you want my cock?"

"Yes, yes, please fuck me with your big hard dick. Oh, I love it so much. Don't tease me. Fuck me hard and fast. I need it so bad. I can't get enough of your giant cock. C'mon, baby, use my cunt, fill me up with your cum," Angela answered.

I couldn't believe that she was acting so slutty for this guy who was so repugnant to her refined sensibilities.

Tony plunged his cock into her wet pussy in one long thrust, and started fucking her hard and fast. Soon she wrapped her legs around him and even sucked on his lips and tongue, like she was passionately in love with him. She begged him to fuck her harder and faster.

Soon she started coming, and she yelled so loudly that probably every cabin at the motel could hear her. "OOOOHHHH YESSSSSSS! I'M COMMMING. OOHHH, DON'T STOP! YESSSS, THAT'S IT" She bucked up against his cock like a wild bronco and thrashed and moaned and tossed her head back and forth. He slammed into her with equal passion, and soon he exploded into her pussy. I could see clearly the cum oozing out from around his dick so tightly embedded in her pussy, as she took yet another load of warm manly cream.

Jack and Tony continued fucking for several hours, taking her in every imaginable position. Each of them filled her pussy with come at least twice, and came in her mouth at least once. I watched helplessly, mesmerized by the sight of my wife being used as a receptacle for their jism. Finally, they finished with my wife, and she put on her clothes, except for her panties, which had been shredded.

I hopped down from my perch and walked back to my car. I drove hastily back home, to get there before my wife. I climbed into bed and turned off the lights, pretending to be asleep. Soon my wife arrived home and came to bed. She took off all her clothes, but instead of taking a shower, she crawled into bed and pushed my head down to her come-drenched pussy. I obediently licked and sucked her clean; she came twice before I was done. Then she pushed me away and went to sleep.

The next day, she said we were going shopping. We went to the mall, and she led me to Victoria's Secret. I assumed she was going to buy some nice lingerie for herself. Instead, she led me to the section with little French maid's outfits, and started picking out an outfit for me! She took some items and checked them against my body, and then she went to the dressing room.

"Come on, hubby. We have to see if these fit you before we buy them."

Meekly I followed her to the dressing room. We went in together, and she watched while I tried on the black stockings, garter belt and straps, the tiny bikini panties, a frilly skirt which hid nothing, a bib with white lace, and as a final touch, a bonnet for my head. She stood back to look at me, and seemed satisfied. Of course I was completely humiliated, but somehow I felt powerless to disobey her.

"Stay there for a minute," she told me and left me alone. A minute later she came back with the young salesgirl in tow. They both entered the dressing room, and the sales girl stifled a giggle when she saw me.

"I want to get your opinion on this outfit" Angela said seriously. "Do you think this is a good fit?"

The girl replied, grinning widely, "Oh, he looks marvelous. It's just the right outfit for him, and he looks so sexy."

"Yes, but do you think the panties could be a size smaller? You know how important it is to have tight panties," Angela commented with a straight face. My panties were already strained so tight they practically cut off my circulation.

"Well, yes, of course you're right about that. But those panties are pretty tight right now. I think if they were any smaller they might rip," the salesgirl said knowledgably.

"OK, hubby, let's buy this outfit," she said to me. Then she and the salesgirl walked out leaving me alone to change back into my regular clothes. As soon as they left the room, I heard them explode into gales of laughter at my humiliation.

I took the maid's outfit to the front counter and paid for it while my wife waited out in the hallway. The sales girl smirked at me, and said as I left, "Enjoy your new outfit."

Then Angela took me to the shoe store where she picked out a matching pair of high heels for me. Again the sales girls were entertained by watching me tottering around the store as I tried on the high heels. I would have to get used to walking in these things, I thought to myself.

Every weekend now, I was ordered to stay home wearing the maid's outfit and clean the house while she went out shopping with her friends. If she found one spot when she came back, she put me over her knees and spanked me while I was wearing the maid's outfit. That always got my penis very hard, so then she ordered me to go to the bathroom and jerk off. Sometimes she came into the bathroom and watched me jerk off, giggling at my humiliation. At night she would dress up and go hit the clubs, coming home late with her pussy filled with come, which she always made me clean up.

A few weeks later, I was cleaning up around the house, wearing the maid's outfit on Angela's orders while she was out shopping. She pulled up in her sports car, and came inside with her packages. To my surprise, however, she brought company, a young kid who looked like about 19 years old. I didn't expect any guests, but since he had already seen me wearing the maid's outfit, it was too late to hide. So I stood there stupidly, dressed in my frilly skirt, black nylons, high heels, bib, and silly bonnet. Her guest was about 6 foot tall, tan and buff, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. She introduced me to Stewart and we shook hands briefly, while he seemed to chuckle to himself at my humiliating outfit.

"Stewart is my new boyfriend Tom," she informed me brazenly. "I know you don't mind. We met on one of those internet personal services," she said casually, as if telling me about some new shoes she had picked up at the store. I was shocked. This was the first time she had openly discussed her affairs with me. Then I got the real shocker when she continued, "Since you like being a cuckold so much, I thought you might like to watch this time." She laughed loudly at the shocked expression on my face. But there was nothing I could say. "Well, don't just stand there with your mouth hanging open Tom, get Stewart and me some drinks."

Somehow, I felt compelled to obey her. I asked what they wanted. Stewart wanted a gin and tonic and Angela the same. I mixed their drinks for them while they sat chatting and laughing on the couch. Occasionally they kissed and fondled each other with ardent desire. I served them their drinks, and Angela ordered me to finish cleaning the house.

They continued talking and making out on the couch, as I could see when I passed through the living room. Angela got up to use the bathroom, and when she came out, she told me sternly that there was a water spot in the sink. "You'll have to punished little girl."

She had taken to calling me "little girl" when I was wearing the maid's outfit. She sat down on a chair, and ordered me to lie down on her lap. I lay down with my face almost touching the floor, and my panty-covered butt exposed to her view as well as Stewart's. She started slapping my butt as hard as she could. Then she pulled down my panties, and spanked my bare butt.

Finally she said, "Stewart, I'm not strong enough to punish this little girl the way she deserves. Come here and give her a few good whacks with your strong arms dear." Stewart got up with a grin, and came over to where Angela was sitting. He reared back and started hitting my ass with the full force of his strong muscles. It hurt so bad that tears came to my eyes, and I found myself crying and begging for him to stop. Angela laughed as he continued to hit me, and then she asked me if I had learned my lesson.

"Yes mistress" I answered meekly, tears of pain streaming down my face.

She pushed me off her lap and I fell heavily onto the floor. I stood up, and pulled my panties back up. My hard-on was clearly visible through the thin fabric of my panties. With a laugh, she said to Stewart, "Look, our little girl is excited. Why don't you go masturbate in the bathroom, little girl?"

I was always so hard after she spanked me that my balls ached, and I had to jerk off. I went off to the bathroom, and she followed me. "Stewart," she said, "let's see the little girl touch herself." They came into the bathroom with me, and laughed while I masturbated to a climax. I was so excited from the spanking that I came almost immediately. As I cleaned myself off, she ordered me, "OK, little girl, come to bedroom now and you can watch your wife get fucked by a real man."

They went off to the bedroom and I followed, still wearing my maid's outfit. They laid down together and starting making out, while Stewart fondled her breasts and ass. They both stripped off their clothes, and my wife lay on her back with her legs spread and her knees up, while I watched submissively in the corner.

As Stewart got in-between her legs, and prepared to mount her, she said, "Wait a minute lover, I just had an idea. Come here little girl, and put my lover's cock in me. You can help out." I sat down by the side on the bed and reaching in-between them to grab Stewart's massive hard cock. I then inserted his cockhead into my wife's pussy, as she moaned with pleasure. I could see a close-up of my wife's pussy filled with his huge cock as he pushed his way into her tight snatch.

"That's a good little girl. Now I want you to put your head under Stewart's ass and suck his balls while we fuck," Angela ordered me. At the foot of the bed, I lay on my back and slid in-between his legs as they fucked noisily. My head reached his huge balls, and I took them into my mouth one at a time, first one and then the other. My nose was pushed up against the base of his cock, as he plunged back and forth into my wife's pussy.

It was an uncomfortable and awkward position for me, but I persevered in sucking on his balls while they fucked. Just inches from my eyes, I could Stewart's huge dick plunging in and out of my wife's slit, so tightly stretched around his giant hardon. Finally, their movements increased in tempo, and I heard my wife moaning as she came, urging him to fuck her harder and faster. Then his balls tightened up against the base of his cock as he came, filling my wife with his come. My face was so close to her pussy, that when his come oozed out from her tiny pussy, it dripped onto my face, and I licked up his cream with my tongue.

They disentangled themselves and then my wife ordered me to clean off Stewart's cock with my mouth. I obeyed eagerly, licking the juices from his long smooth cock and balls until he was completely clean. Then I was ordered to clean up my wife's pussy while she and Stewart fondled each other. When I was done, she pushed me off the bed with her feet, and I fell to the floor clumsily. I sat on the floor, awaiting her next order while she made out with her new boyfriend.

"You know, Stewie, I just had a funny idea," Angela said.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Well, I think our little girl is old enough to become a woman. Would you help her out?"

Stewart laughed and agreed.

"Little girl," she said, "come up and get on my lap again." She sat on the edge of the bed, and I bent over her lap again ready to be spanked. But she had something else in mind. She pulled down my panties exposing my bare ass, and then she told Stewart to come over. She stroked his big cock until it was rock-hard. From the nightstand, she took out a jar of vaseline and smeared it all over his massive dick while he stood in front of her. Meanwhile I was bent over her lap with my bare ass in the air and my face practically to the floor. She took Stewart's huge cock in her hands, and pushed it into my virgin asshole.

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