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Angelic Sex?


College was really getting to me. Was I going to be happy when I had my degree and was truly on my own, leaving this little apartment behind, getting me a real place?

I drove my run down Honda Accord out to Lake Du Bay taking with a blanket and my laptop.

If I had to write a paper I might as well be on the beach doing it!

I found a somewhat shaded spot, laying out my blanket. Setting my supplies down; laptop, reference books, Gatorade, chips, sunscreen and sun glasses.


Opening my laptop, I pressed the On button before rolling over onto my back while waiting for it to boot up. Tucking my interlocked fingers behind my head drawing them to the base of my neck I drew my feet up, bending my knees as I flapped my elbows up and down on the blanket. My eyes were gazing through the rustling leaves on the branches above. Sharp surges of light pierced through the foliage causing me to squint.

"Here, better put these on." Whispered a soft angelic voice as sunglasses dangled over my face.

Startled, I popped up into a sitting position looking to my right as the sunglasses fell to my lap.

No one was there. A chill streaked through my body.

"How did my sunglasses get in my lap?" I asked myself out loud. Putting the glasses on, my eyes searched the deserted beach. There was no one on the shore.

Shaking my head the computer made its usual tingling announcement sound, alerting me it was ready!

Laying back and rolling over on my stomach I positioned myself comfortably in front of the keyboard and began typing away. I must have been typing for hours, shifting my weight back and forth from elbow to elbow as the sand beneath me grew hard and compacted.

The rhythmic sound of rolling surf rushing in was so soothing and listening to the crackling sound of pebbles being ushered to shore by the frothy foam was making me sleepy.

All of a sudden a warning screen popped onto my computer screen. "Low battery. Save work immediately."

I hit the save button right before my screen went black.

"GEZZZ. I hope it got saved!" I shouted out loud rolling over onto my back closing my eyes.

The fragrant scent of honeysuckle was wafting through the air, sweetly attacking my nostrils as I laid there in darkness, sheltered behind closed lids. My mind drifted to the erotic chat I had earlier online with a sweet little angel.

I felt her soft hands cupping my head, drawing my lips to hers as she pressed her ample breasts into my chest. Her weight lowering as hard erect nipples sweetly stabbed into me.

I let out a moan that echoed inside our clenched mouths.

Her rolling tongue toyed with mine as her spread thighs inched in tightly to my hips.

Heat penetrated my shorts as her soft mound lowered, pressing against my bulging groin.

Her soft, curvaceous flesh was melding into mine as I wrapped my arms around her back drawing her even closer.

As our tongues explored each others mouths, our bodies began undulating up and down on the blanket.

My body felt on fire with passion for this sensuous creature as she grinded and rocked, swayed and shuffled, slithering from side to side across my throbbing rock hard cock.

I could feel her fragrant tresses whipping across my cheeks as her pace quickened.

A coolness suddenly swept over my face as she withdrew her lips from mine.

I struggled to open my eyes, to see her beautiful crystal blue jewels glaring down on me, but my eyes would not open.

Suddenly pedal soft fingertips were gliding back and forth across my eyes, my cheeks, my lips...

I stretched out my tongue to taste this little flower, but her fingers were gone, gently opening the buttons on my shirt. Soon her warm breath was washing across my chest before capturing a nipple between her moist lips, suckling one... then the other.

Her soft moans and grinding pelvis were driving me wild. My cock was threatening to burst through the taut material of my shorts.

"Reeeelaxxxxx Patch," A soft angelic voice whispered as the sensation of wet circles on my stomach made be break out in shivers.

Fingertips slipping inside my waistband caused my body to jump and jerk, knowing she would have my organ free at any moment!

I felt her sweet woman juices trailing on my legs as she inched her naked flesh down my body.

I was struggling still to open my eyes, move my hands, arch my hips, anything... but I couldn’t move.

"What was she going to do to me?" Raced through my mind as a cool breeze swept over my now exposed groin.

Soft fingers were toying with my bobbing cockhead, gently rubbing, popping up and down over my well defined ridge.. slowly gripping round my swollen rod, pulling the taut skin further down my shaft. My frenum was stretched to it limits as I felt moist lips graze over it settling on my spongy tip. A coolness washed over my glistening head as her mouth cupped me. She breathed out causing me to twinge as a pins and needles sensation swpet through my aching groin.

I wanted to heave my hips upward, forcing my man meat inside her sweet little mouth, but I couldn't move. All I could do was groan as she sweetly tortured and teased my organ with her lips and mouth and fingers.

I hadn't realized she had stripped my clothing from me. I couldn't remember when or how she had but I didn't care...

Her angelic humming and sweet woman fragrance filled the air as tingling sensations continued streaming throughout my quivering naked flesh.

Her gentle vibrations were traveling up and down my throbbing cock.

All I could feel were the wonderful pleasuring sensations overloading my senses.

I was about ready to explode in her mouth it felt so heavenly.

Then suddenly Nothing... I felt nothing, I smelled nothing, I heard nothing... My mind was reeling, my sex was aching, my longing was unbearable as I laid there in my own darkness... alone, helpless and unable to move.

Then a warmth covered my face. I breathed in deeply smelling a sweet/musky scent. Something soft and fluffy was tickling my nose before warm moist flesh gently touched my lips.

"Mmmmmm..." Broke into the silence as she crushed her sex into my opening mouth.

My tongue was jetting out, piercing between her slippery folds of puffy flesh.

I heard moans, they were coming from me! As she settled her mouth over my flaccid cock.

My tongue was licking and lapping at her sweet juicy pussy while she nursed my cock back to attention.

"Good Boy," She mumbled through her mouth full of man meat.

She was making love to my organ and all I could do was lie there trying to get more of her sweet little garden into my mouth.

Sensually she grinded her hot little pussy on my face in rhythm as she sucked my swelling cock.

Having the urge I raised my arms to grasp her ass cheeks. To my surprise they were embracing her thighs drawing her sweetness even tighter to my mouth as she rocked forward and back on me. I could feel the head of my cock pressing at the back of her throat as her pussy began contracting, drawing my stiff tongue deep inside.

"Yessssssss..." She screamed out, her echoing vibrations bouncing off my now spewing organ as I too erupted in orgasmic tremors! We both clenched our mouths about each others sex as we came together sucking and swallowing each others love nectar.

Moaning and groaning, we flinched and wriggled as we came back from our simultaneous delights.

Suddenly her body was free of mine yet our lips were kissing, tongues thrusting inside each others mouth, sharing our combined juices.

"Mmmmmmm.." I groaned as the sweet salty flavor swished round my tongue. It was intoxicating. My lids slowly opened to view an Angel's crystal blue eyes peering down into mine. A glow was emanating from all around her silhouetted face. I just wanted to touch her angelic...


My eyes sprang open wide capturing the first morning rays of light filtering through the half closed shade, covering my bedroom window.

Time to get up...

How I wish I could remember the rest of that dream!

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