tagBDSMAngel's Story Ch. 02

Angel's Story Ch. 02


Angel hung helpless between the two palms. Her shoulders ached from the inadequate suspension of her body. Her cunt and ass still felt as if they were on fire after her abductors had used her for their own lustful pleasures.


The islanders referred to her simply as "Mistress;" nothing more. She was always talked about in hushed whispers if anyone dared to talk of her at all. As far as they knew, her family had owned this island for generations. The locals were allowed to live there in relative peace and quiet as long as they obeyed her explicitly and never, ever contacted the outside world.

Mistress Marna was not demanding and very rarely contacted the locals. She provided certain "comforts" when they were requested, but rarely left the estate. The arrangement was satisfactory to both sides.

Since the last "delivery" and the damage which incurred, Mistress Marna had an extensive surveillance system installed around the island and estate. She stared at the monitor and zoomed in the hidden camera on the two men from the plane. The scenario taking place angered her the more she watched. Of course she was recording the entire transgression.

"Lance, come in here," she spoke into the intercom.

A few moments later a tall muscular man entered the room wearing only a rubber penis prison locked with a small padlock. He was five foot nine inches tall with sandy brown hair, blue eyes and skin that showed a beautiful tan.

"Yes, Mistress Marna." He started to knell, but she waved him over to the monitor. He observed with her as the abuse started. When the woman started screaming in earnest, he fought to control his excitement. Mistress Marna knew that screaming turned him on and he was struggling to control himself.

"Take Drew and prepare the tranquilizer guns. Put on your loincloths and meet me at the jeep in ten minutes," she briskly spoke. "Tell Andrew to prepare three cells and have them ready before we return and inform the doctor to stand by."

Her dark mood spoke volumes and Lance felt his excitement fade as he said, "Yes Mistress Marna." He left quickly to do as she commanded.

Marna left the monitor room and walked to her own room. She never wore clothes feeling they were always too confining and damaging to the skin. She donned her gauzy see through flowing robe and grabbed the metal briefcase of cash. The element of surprise would enable her to catch her prey.


Marna had always been known as extremely beautiful. Her well formed body elicited the term "goddess" from those of the Inner Circle. She was five foot eight inches tall, auburn hair with some golden highlights, body bronzed by the sun, and green eyes that seemed to dwell into your soul.

The Inner Circle was an organization that recruited slaves to be trained for a Master or Mistress. Slaves signed contracts and were paid for their "services" depending on what their owners wanted to use them for. The Inner Circle had contacted Mistress Marna with a proposition to train a new slave owned by Master Ted.

They knew she didn't need the money, but suspicions about this Master had been surfacing lately and they needed her help in discovering the truth. She agreed and in exchange they installed a new surveillance system.


The two men were sitting under the wing of the plane in the shade. They looked up when they heard the jeep approaching down the runway. When it stopped five feet from them, Marna stepped out with the briefcase in her hand. The sight of her and the fact that she might as well had been naked made the two men gawk like teenage boys.

They had never seen her before. She usually conducted their business via the two men that had accompanied her. The men hadn't moved from the jeep, but she was standing in front and placed the briefcase down on the hood.

She popped the two latches, turned and smiled, "I thought I'd bring the money myself today boys."

She stepped away from the unlatched case. The men got up and approached the jeep ... the last thing they felt was the tranquilizer darts hitting their chests.

"Lance. First cut her down and then tranquilizer her for the return trip. She's experienced enough for one day."

"Yes, Mistress Marna," and with that he set off at a fast jog.

"Drew. Load this garbage into the back of the jeep," said Marna as she looked down on the crumpled bodies of the two men.

"Yes, Mistress Marna," said Drew as he started dragging one of the men to the back of the jeep.

Marna smiled at Drew as she stepped forward to lock and retrieve the briefcase off the hood of the jeep.

Drew was five feet six inches tall; small and wiry. His pale skin tended to sunburn easily so she preferred him to stay inside most of the time. His red hair flamed as much as his desires and his hazel eyes always seemed to be laughing.

He was completely dedicated to Marna in every way possible. There wasn't any task he didn't do with enthusiasm simply because she commanded him. The simple joy he felt to obey her every wish was expressed in his features.

Drew was finishing putting the second man in back when Lance had arrived carrying Angel.

"You'll have to hold her in your lap for the ride," said Mistress Marna.

Lance eased himself into the seat and cuddled Angel on his lap with her head held against his shoulder. Marna slipped into her seat and Drew set off for the estate.


Angel woke feeling dizzy. At first she thought she had had a nightmare, but when she sat up she realized that she was in a small room. There was a bed, sink, toilet and a stand with a pitcher of water and glass. She was still completely naked.

Fear overtook her as she remembered how the two men had assaulted her. She also remembered with shame of how she had begged them to make her cum.

"I see you are awake," said a woman's voice from a metal speaker set into the wall. "I'll be by shortly with some food."

Angel didn't know how long she had sat there when the door finally opened. The lights went from dim to bright. A naked woman stood in the doorway and looked at her with a reassuring smile.

"My name is Mistress Marna and you will address me as such during your stay here."

She stepped back and a man with sandy brown hair came in with a card table and set it up. Her mouth dropped open and she stared at him. She had never seen a man walk around naked before except for this rubber thing he had over his penis. And his pubic area was shaved!

"This is Lance. He is one of my slaves. He will not speak to you or acknowledge you unless I direct it," said Marna as she observed the new slaves reaction.

Lance left and came back almost instantly and set down a tray of food. He left and brought in two chairs; one he sat at the table and one in the doorway. He then went over to the wall and knelt on the floor by the door facing Angel. Mistress Marna sat down in the chair in the doorway.

"I expect you to eat at the table; not on your bed," stated Mistress Marna. "I also expect you to wash up before you eat." She nodded toward the sink.

Angel stood up and swayed for a moment and then walked to the sink. She washed her face and hands and dried them on the provided towel. She felt self-conscious about being naked and blushed.

"We do not wear clothes here. It is something you will get use to," said Marna.

Angel looked up at Mistress Marna, "I would like to ask a question."

Marna's anger could be sensed as she glared at Angel. Angel didn't miss the fact that Lance blanched and his eyes got wide. "I-I mean Mistress Marna, may I ask a question?"

"That's better. Since you're new I will overlook that transgression for this one time," stated Marna coldly as she glared at the new slave. "You will find that any further transgressions will be dealt with harshly and swiftly."

"Slaves do not look at their Masters unless they are asked to. You know there should be no eye contact. I expect you to follow the rules."

Angel quickly looked down at the tray of food very confused. "B-but Mistress Marna, I don't know anything about what you're talking about. I was kidnapped and brought here!"

"You were what?!" Mistress Marna exclaimed. She stood up quickly knocking over her chair with a loud bang.

Angel still had her head down and Marna could tell by the way her shoulders were heaving that she was crying. She went over to the new slave and pushed back her black hair; raising her chin to look into her eyes.

As if comforting a child, Mistress Marna bent down and kissed her forehead. "There, there, no more tears. Let me look into what you've said and I'll inform you on the results."

Angel started sniffling back her tears and used her napkin to dry her face.


"Yes, Mistress Marna."

"Retrieve my chair and I will sit with her while she eats."

"Yes, Mistress Marna."

"I want you to go up and draw a bath. Come back in 15 minutes and we'll be ready."

"Yes, Mistress Marna." Lance got up, retrieved the chair and set it opposite Angel's. He then left the room and closed the door.

Angel lifted of plate cover. It was some kind of grilled fish, peas and some other vegetable she didn't recognize. When she smelled the food, she realized how ravenous she was and wasn't too sure about how long she'd been without food.

"Well, that's better. You eat and I'll try to explain what I do know," stated Marna as she looked over at Angel.

"First of all, you were examined by a doctor after your ordeal with those two clods that brought you here. Nothing torn and physically you're fine."

Angel stopped eating and looked down at her plate. "Why ... why did they do that to me? Do you know?"

"As a matter a fact, I do. Being a Mistress I comprehend more about the desires of men than most men do themselves. Ahh, I see be your face that you are confused. What exactly confuses you the most?"

Angel didn't know where to begin. "I guess all of it ... I mean, I know what a slave is, but I don't think you mean it the same way that I mean it. I guess that's confusing too ... I just don't understand any of this!!!"

"Now, now," said Marna. "Don't get all upset again, it'll make your stomach upset and you do need to eat.

Angel nodded her head up and down and started to finish her food.

"I can tell that we should take small steps here ... a little at a time. I am going to look into what you've told me and how we proceed will stem from what I find out." Angel finished her meal. Marna stood and opened the cell's door.

"Come with me," and she stepped out and over to a panel on the wall.


"Yes, Mistress Marna," came from the speaker.

"I require your assistance and Lance, stay in the bath."

"Yes, Mistress Marna," came simultaneously from the speaker.

Angel observed Mistress Marna as she placed her commands at the intercom. She was regal like a queen giving an order to a commoner. One thing was perfectly clear; she expected to be obeyed.

The door opened at the end of the corridor and another man walked through. Angel had the decency not to stare this time. Dressed, or I should say not dressed, similar to Lance, this red haired man walked up and knelt down at Mistress Marna's feet.

Marna looked down at the man at her feet and smiled, "She might need some assistance getting to the bath Drew. I suspect that the tranquilizer might make her too weak to navigate the stairs safely."

"Yes, Mistress Marna." Drew stood and offered Angel his arm.

Angel gladly took it since her legs did in fact feel weak.

Angel did need Drew's help to climb the staircase. Upon entering the bathroom, Angel was overwhelmed by what she saw. It was beyond huge or enormous ... those words being too small to convey the decadence of "the bath."

She had never seen a bath house before, but Angel imagined that this was as similar to it. The bathtub was like a small pool, all tiled and three feet deep. She could see the steam rising through the huge layer of bubbles.

Drew walked her into the bath where Lance was already standing.

Mistress Marna briefly looked over everything. "Drew and Lance will bathe you including your hair. Is that understood?"

Angel nodded her head, "Yes, Mistress Marna," and eased herself into the water.

As far as she could remember, she hadn't been "bathed" since she was a toddler.

"I will go make inquiries. You will remain with her until I return. Take her to the spare room if you finish before I do," instructed Mistress Marna and then she left.

"Yes, Mistress Marna," they both replied in unison.

Drew and Lance stood in the water waiting. Angel was unsure of what she was supposed to do or what they were waiting for. Angel laid back and ducked under the water. When she surfaced, she tried to stand. She started swaying again and Drew came over and helped her up.

Lance took two huge sponges and bent over dipping them into the tub. He proceeded to walk over to a depression she hadn't noticed earlier and rolled them around in it and brought them back. He handed one to Drew.

Drew turned her around facing him. Lance moved her hair aside on her back and started to circle the sponge over her shoulders and back. The foaming soap gave off a distinct perfumed fragrance that she didn't recognize.

Drew worked in almost identical circles starting at her neck and down her chest. He was very careful around her bruised breasts, but kept working down. Angel closed her eyes and smiled as the sponges caressed her body.

Lance had finished her back and started down her arms. She had never had such luxury in her life. By the time Drew started on her stomach, Lance started on her ass. The combined circling of the sponges was having a stimulating effect on Angel. Without even thinking, she spread her legs apart.

Drew carefully sponged her cunt and then proceeded down her legs. When he finished, he stood up and took her arm and elbow to guide her into a sitting position. Lance had already knelt behind her and she was leaned back onto his thighs.

Lance gently massaged her hair with shampoo, but she still couldn't identify the fragrance. It carried the same perfume as did the water and soap they had used.

Drew went over and swiveled what appeared to be a flattened pipe into the bath. Without even moving, water started flowing into the tub like a waterfall. Lance helped her to stand and walked her over to rinse off. It was just slightly cooler than the bath and it invigorated her.

They both walked her out of the tub and started drying her off with large thick towels. She felt like she had fallen into a cotton bin; they were so very thick and soft.


The spare room was also enormous. A huge queen sized poster bed occupied a wall facing sliding glass doors that led to a balcony overlooking what appeared to be a pool. Lance brought over a velvet cushioned bench and she sat down. He proceeded to towel dry and then comb out her hair.

Mistress Marna appeared in the doorway holding some legal sized papers in her hands.

Lance and Drew immediately went over and knelt down at her feet.

"You may stand," a smile of delight playing on her lips. "You both shall be offered a reward this evening. I am pleased."

Drew and Lance both stood with their hands behind their backs, feet apart and heads down.

Mistress Marna laid the papers on a near by table. She walked over to Lance first. Her hand caressed his shoulder and lightly stroked down to his nipple.

"Kiss me," she breathed and he bent down and gave her a deep sensuous probing kiss. Her hand continued down until it rested at the top of his cock.

Angel couldn't believe what she was witnessing. She was trying to grasp how this woman had complete control over these "slaves."

Mistress Marna gave Lance's cock a gentle squeeze. "Go bring me the key," she directed.

Lance panted, "Yes, Mistress Marna," and walked quickly from the room.

Mistress Marna walked over to Drew and repeated the same commands in the same manner as she had on Lance. She was just a bit taller than Drew and she bent down to for his deep sensuous kiss. She was still kissing Drew when Lance returned.

Angel was even more confused when Lance smiled at their embrace. She expected him to be angry, jealous ... something other than happy.

Lance held out a key in the palm of his hand. Mistress Marna, with her hand still on Drew's cock, took the key. It fit the little padlocks on each of their penis prison's which she unlocked and removed.

"Each of you may free your penis until I direct otherwise. Go now; you have other duties to attend to."

"Yes, Mistress Marna," they both said and then left.

"Well," Marna started. "Is your name Angel Nelson and is your father Harry Nelson?"

"Yes, Mistress Marna" Angel replied.

"I had your contract FAXed to me." Marna walked the papers over to Angel. "Is this your signature and your father's signature?"

Angel looked down at the signatures. "That's my father's, but this isn't mine."

"From what I've found out so far, your father was in trouble financially and has sold you," Marna said as she sat on the bed.

Angel's mouth dropped open and she felt numb. Why would her father do that to her? What right did he have?

Marna eyes never left Angel's face, "And do you know a man named Ted Baxter?"

Angel felt like her world was slipping out from underneath her. "Y-yes. Teddy. I dated him a couple of times, but couldn't stand him so I dropped him."

"He's your Master and he arranged for you to be here for training."

Angel just kept shaking her head "No" while tears streamed down her face.

Marna got off the bed and sat on the bench next to Angel. She put her arm around her to try to offer some comfort. "If it helps any, I've contacted someone concerning you."

Marna lifted Angel's head and looked into her eyes. "We have two good options and one not. We can do your training and give over to him. I can buy your contract and you will be indebted to me. The second allowing certain individuals the satisfaction of dealing with Ted Baxter as they see fit."

"And the third option," Angel asked in a scared voice.

"You can be terminated. It is not something I wish for, but I would have to abide by the "Company's" policy. I would prefer one of the first two options."

"Who's the "Company," asked Angel.

Marna's eyes grew stern, "I am referring to this organization as the "Company" as that not being their real name. I do not wish you to be burdened with knowledge that can be lethal to you."

Angel nodded her head to signify that she understood. "H-how long is this contract?"

Marna sighed, "It's ten years. Your price was one million dollars."

"Will I be free to go after I work my contract off? ... or will I be terminated then?" Angel asked already sinking into a depression.

"If you are my slave, you would be given the option of freedom or staying. But I must tell you that I've only had one female slave before. She didn't work out as she kept trying to entice my male slaves to have sex with her." Marna rose and walked over to the sliding glass doors.

"I do not like what has transpired here, but I can't afford to lose my balance of power with the "Company" either." Marna stared at the copy of the contract she held.

"If I take you on, do you wish to be a sex slave or would you be willing to be a household domestic servant?" Marna looked intently at Angel.

"Let me make one point perfectly clear before you answer. I am Mistress here and there will be no others. I own this island and all its inhabitants."

Angel nodded her head, "Yes, Mistress Marna."

"As a sex slave you will be trained to be used for sexual pleasure, not your own, for males or females. This is the type of training you were sent here to receive."

Angel still nodded, "Yes, Mistress Marna."

"As a household domestic servant, you will not get sex here from any of my slaves. You will either have to masturbate or find a local to take care of your needs. Let us not forget, it will be for the next 10 years."

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