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Angie checked her appearance carefully in the full-length mirror in the lavish hotel room. She smiled in satisfaction. She thought the silver dress was absolutely perfect. She wasn't wearing any panties or bra under it because that would spoil the look. The metallic material shimmered over her body as she moved. Its tightness outlined her ample breasts, and the lush curves of her waist and hips. She adjusted the tops of her stockings on her thighs.

Smoothing the skirt, she slipped her feet into her matching stiletto heels. A final touch at her long auburn curls, and she was ready. She put the magnetic keycard into her handbag, and exited the hotel room. When the elevator door opened, depositing her on the ground floor of the casino, she smiled as the sound of gambling reached her. She knew Las Vegas was going to be her kind of town. A twenty-four hour town was just right for her, and a party town on top of it. It seemed like everywhere she looked that people were partying and having fun. Just what she liked.

While she waited for her car at the valet, she was pleased to note all the admiring gazes she was attracting. From both men and women. She pretended nonchalance, smoothing her skirt, and touching her hair. The valet held her door for her to get in her car, and she carelessly allowed her skirt to ride up her thighs, exposing the tops of her stockings. She didn't bother to adjust it, just allowed him to look his fill at her smooth skin. The drive to the dance club didn't take her long. She had learned from the bellhop at her hotel that it was the best country dancehall in Las Vegas, outside of the casinos. Most dancehalls were located inside the casinos, but she didn't want that. She wanted to go somewhere where she would meet more local people than tourists. She wanted to meet some hot men, and see how Las Vegas partied on it's own turf, not in the glitz and glamour provided for tourists.

Angie parked her car and strolled to the entrance. Two big muscular bouncers were standing at the front door, checking identification of the people going in. She watched in amusement as they confiscated the fake identification of a couple of teenage girls. The girls were turned away. Then it was her turn. She handed her California drivers license to the huge man on the right, who couldn't take his eyes off her cleavage long enough to give it more than a cursory glance. She smiled when he told her he would be inside in a couple of hours, and asked her to save a dance for him. He watched her ass sway as she walked into the club.

Angie found a vacant barstool between two handsome men, and ordered a tequila sunrise from the bartender. She sipped her drink and looked around. The man on her right struck up a conversation with her right away, using unimaginative lines like "do you come here often?" She was bored with him even before his girlfriend walked up with a hurt expression on her face. The man on her left never even looked at her. She knew why when another man walked up behind him and put his arm around him. She decided to find a new place to sit.

There were no more empty barstools, so she began to walk toward the small tables placed on the outskirts of the dance floor. She smiled at the whistles and catcalls that followed her. She sat at an empty table and sipped her drink.

Her searching eyes finally found what she was looking for in the form of a tall, blond muscular man dancing a line dance. He didn't appear to be with any woman, but she watched a while to make sure. Her eyes traveled over his sexy body while he danced, taking in the tight fitting western style shirt, and travelling down to his ass when he turned, encased in form fitting blue jeans. When he turned again, her eyes were at just the right level to see the impressive bulge in the front of his jeans. On down his legs her eyes went, to take in the simple brown cowboy boots. Good, she much preferred men in classy simple boots than the ones who wore the fancy 'look at me' boots. His boots were scuffed indicating that he obviously got a lot of use out of them.

Her eyes went back to his face and studied his strong jaw, and sensitive mouth. She couldn't see what color his eyes were from this distance. His hair was worn a little long, curling around the collar of his shirt. When the dance ended, she let her eyes follow him off the dance floor. He headed straight to the bar and purchased a single beer. Good, he didn't buy a drink for a girlfriend. He walked to a table with several men sitting around it. She didn't study any of the other men; she had eyes only for him. The next time he went out to dance alone, she would maneuver herself next to him.

She watched him for a while, but it looked like he was settling in for a while at his table. She accepted an invitation to dance from a passing cowboy, and was led onto the floor for a slow dance. Her partner kept sneaking gropes of her tits and ass as they danced, and she teased him to an erection by grinding against his cock. All the while, she kept her eye on the table that her target was at. She refused a second dance with her current partner, watching in amusement as he walked away from her table trying to conceal his erection.

Then her chance came. The blond Adonis was making his way to the dance floor for another line dance. There was no woman going with him. A couple of the other guys at the table were though. That didn't matter to Angie. She stood quickly and followed him. When the lines formed up, she had maneuvered herself so that she was right behind him. When they turned, he would be behind her. She smiled in anticipation. The first time she turned, he was still facing her when she turned back.

She smiled innocently at him and kept dancing. He continued to dance facing the opposite direction as the rest of the line, just so he could look at her. He held her eyes for a moment, then let his eyes travel over her body, lingering at her breasts, bouncing tantalizingly under the shivery dress. She turned again, and did the sexy hip and ass movement that was part of the dance. She hoped he hadn't turned. She knew how good her ass looked moving like that. Another quick turn and she was facing him again. She was right, he hadn't turned. She noticed with a quick glance that his friends were watching her too. She didn't bother with them. Her target was right in front of her, and she had his undivided attention.

She moved her hands, bringing his attention to her body, while he watched her run her hands lightly over her breasts and down her stomach and to her hips, she lightly rested her hands at her hips while she danced. His eyes were riveted to her crotch, and she felt a trickle of moisture seep out of her pussy at the thought that nothing but a thin bit of material separated his eyes from her naked cunt. All too soon the dance was over, and he was following her back to her table. She sat, and watched his eyes rove up her legs to her stocking covered thighs exposed by the short skirt. She crossed her legs, and revealed the stocking tops to him. He stammered as he offered to buy her a drink. She picked up her drink and took a sip. He watched the straw slide between her red coated lips. She flicked her tongue out and licked her lower lip.

"I don't think I need another just now." She said.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked. She decided that a little teasing would keep things lively, so she said she was just resting for a while, maybe later.

He was obviously disappointed when he walked away, but she knew he would be back. She turned her attention to the other people around her. She knew he was the one doing the watching now.

Several songs later, she decided to test her theory. She made her way out on the floor and joined in a line dance. Sure enough, there he was, right beside her. She let her eyes roam over his body, from his western shirt to his casual slacks. She was confused for a moment. She thought he had been wearing jeans a little while ago. Her brow furrowed in confusion when she noticed that his boots were black and not brown. What was the matter with her? Was she going batty? She gave herself a mental shrug. What did it matter. She stared at the sizable bulge at his crotch. Well that was still the same. Her eyes traveled up over his broad chest and to his eyes. He was watching in amusement as she surveyed his form. She smiled and shrugged slightly. The motion caused her boobs to bounce, and his eyes instantly looked there. She wasn't embarrassed by being caught looking at him. He was doing the same thing.

When the song ended, the music went right into a slow dance. Without even asking, he pulled her into his arms. She didn't fight it because it seemed like the most natural place for her to be. He pulled her tight, without talking, and nuzzled his face at her neck. She shivered when she felt his tongue tracing patterns on the sensitive skin below her ear. She ran her hands down his shoulders and across his back, exploring the muscular contours with her fingertips. His hands roamed her back too, stopping barely short of her rounded ass. When the dance ended, they slowly separated, loathe to part. She took a couple of steps backward, holding his gaze with her own. He still hadn't said a word. Finally she began to turn.

"Wait." It was more a command than a request. She turned back to look at him again. "You can't just walk away from me, leaving me no way to find you. I've been totally intrigued by you since the moment I saw you walk in the door, and I can't stand the thought of you walking out of my life before you are ever really in it."

Angie paused and studied his sincere face. She could almost believe that he had fallen in love with her at first sight, but she knew from the growing bulge in his slacks that it was lust, not love. She smiled approval at him.

"That's very good." She said in appreciation of his pickup line. He grinned sheepishly.

"I thought so. Took me weeks to work that one out."

"It was well worth it." Angie continued to her table, only to find him there, and holding her chair for her to sit.

"Since you like my line, how about it? Are you going to take pity on me, and allow me to get to know you?"

"It could be a strong possibility," she hedged.

"Well, how about another dance then?" he asked.

"Maybe in a few minutes. I need to rest my feet. These heels aren't the most practical for dancing in." Angie stretched her leg out in front of him, and ran her hand lightly down the calf, watching his eyes follow the motion of her fingers. She was so tempted to continue up her leg to her thigh, but it was a little too soon for that. He licked his lips, and stood quickly.

"I will get us some fresh drinks, and we can talk while you rest." She nodded, and watched his ass as he walked away. When he was lost in the crowd at the bar, she turned her attention back to the dance floor.

Joey met Roger at the bar. Women were panting at the sight of the two identical blond giants. Roger glanced back over toward her table to make sure she couldn't see them.

"That was incredible!" he told his twin brother Joey. "She is one hot babe!"

"I know, I can't believe you got her so close, after the brush-off she gave me."

"Did you see those tits? Man, I thought I was going to come in my pants just watching those nipples harden!" Roger said, groaning.

"My turn now," Joey said, taking the two drinks from his brother's hand. "What did you talk about?"

"Nothing. We're going to talk when I get back."

"What's her name?"

"I don't know yet," Roger said impatiently, embarrassed by the lack of knowledge to give his brother.

"Does she know your name?"

"No, not yet."

"Well, she's going to know Joey."

"I'm not sure I feel right doing this. It's not really nice to play games like this with her."

"Hell, bro, she's playing games too. Why do you think she's here dressed like that?"

"You're right, but she has to know before the night is over," Roger insisted. "And be careful, I think she noticed something."

"Probably the pants. I told you to wear jeans." Joey tossed over his shoulder on his way to her table.

She saw him as he walked up, and openly allowed her eyes to take in his entire form. He felt his cock twitch as her eyes lingered at the bulge in his jeans. He knew she was definitely playing games. Well she would get more games than she bargained for tonight.

He handed her a drink, allowing his hand to caress her fingers as she took it. He sat in the chair nearest her, which placed their knees almost together. She crossed her legs, allowing her leg to brush against his in the process.

Angela studied him carefully. She had only had one drink so far; she couldn't be this far gone. But here he was, wearing jeans again. Her brow furrowed in confusion as she noted the brown boots. This was really strange. "I think the first thing we should do is introduce ourselves. I'm Joey." He held out his hand to her.

"Angie," she said simply, putting her hand in his. He took her hand to his mouth, and kissed the back of it. Turning it over, he kissed it gently in the center, and allowed his tongue to slip out and trace little circles in her palm. She shivered with desire as the tingles spread from her palm all the way through her body and received an answering tingle from her pussy.

"I'm a construction worker, and I'm 29 years old, single, and I love to dance," he stated, looking into her eyes.

"I work in an office, I'm 25 years old, and I am just moving to Las Vegas. I start my new job on Monday morning. Tonight is my first night here. I like to dance, and I'm out to have a really wild and crazy night tonight. One fling before starting my new life on Monday."

"Saturday nights are good for having a wild and crazy time here," he said with a smile, thinking that Roger and him could really show her a good time.

"That's what the bellhop at my hotel told me." She looked to the dance floor. "I love this song, would you dance with me?" It was a slow song that would allow her to grind her body against his.

"Absolutely," he said, standing and holding out his hand for her. He held her hand while he escorted her to the dance floor, where he immediately pulled her close. She pressed against him with a sigh. She knew he could feel her hard nipples pressing into his chest, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and let her fingers play in his hair.

"I love it when men let their hair get a little long. It's nice to run my fingers through." She laid her head on his chest; he was much taller than she was, even with her five-inch heels. He lowered his head and nuzzled her neck. She shivered as his tongue lightly licked her neck. His hands began to wander over her back, and he was a little bolder this time, running his hands lightly over the swell of her ass cheeks. She sighed and pressed her groin against his.

They swayed to the music, totally oblivious to the other dancers on the floor as they explored each other's bodies with their hands. Angie slipped her hands down his body slowly, exploring the bulges of his muscles as she worked her hand lower and lower. He gasped as her hand slipped between their bodies and rubbed his cock through his jeans. His cock began to stiffen under her exploring fingers. It was all he could do not to throw her on the floor and fuck her right there, especially since his hands on her ass had felt no panties under her dress. The thought of her pussy naked under that short dress excited him.

Angie knew the exact moment he had realized she had no panties on. His hands had roved over her entire ass, as if seeking them, even rubbing between her cheeks as if looking for a thong.

She felt the moisture from her pussy moistening her thighs, and knew she had to get to the ladies room before it became obvious that she had almost had an orgasm on the dance floor. When the dance ended, she excused herself right away to go take care of that little problem. She promised Joey that she would meet him at the table.

Unknown to Angie, Roger met him first. Joey was nearly panting with his need by that point. Roger noticed the erection straining against his brother's jeans, and laughed. "You won't be laughing when it's your turn. You wouldn't believe how hot she is! She was rubbing my cock right there on the dance floor!"

"You're serious?"

"Absolutely! And she isn't wearing any panties either."

Roger felt his cock stir to life at that news. Her tits bouncing unrestrained under that skimpy dress was tantalizing enough, but this was too much. Joey quickly filled Roger in on all the information he had gleaned from her, about her name, age, etc. Joey slipped away as Roger spotted her returning from the restroom. The situation was definitely heated up at this point. She didn't bother with her chair this time, but sat in his lap, and kissed him passionately, while her hands roamed between their bodies. Angie was disappointed when she touched his cock between their bodies. He had lost his erection while she was gone. The thin material of his slacks allowed her to feel more of the contours of his cock as it hardened in her hand. She leaned back and looked at him in confusion. Slacks? Something weird was going on. She began to get a glimmer of an idea of what it was, and the thought made her pussy spasm in anticipation. She shrugged her shoulders as if she didn't know for sure about the difference, and decided to ignore it for now.

Angie noticed that he was acting a little restrained, his hands holding still at her waist. She took one of his hands in hers and gently guided it to her thigh. She smiled in satisfaction as his hand began to inch upward under her skirt. She so enjoyed being such a brazen hussy once in a while. It relieved the boredom of her humdrum life.

Angie kissed him lightly and was surprised when he deepened the kiss, probing into her mouth with his tongue. Their tongues dueled while their hands were busy. She spread her legs slightly apart to allow him access to her hot and slightly damp pussy. It had been an inner struggle to resist bringing herself to orgasm in the restroom. When his fingers touched her clit, she moaned and ground her pussy against his hand. He used his thumb to pleasure her clit while he slipped two fingers inside her cunt. She wriggled on his lap, trying to plunge her cunt down on his thrusting fingers. With his other hand, he held her still while he fucked her with his hand. His mouth on hers quieted her moans as she was brought to her long awaited orgasm. He held her, continuing to fuck her pussy while she shuddered in her orgasm. Her hands were busy at the same time, he hadn't realized it before, but when her hot hand closed around his cock, he knew she had opened the zipper on his slacks.

Angie pulled his stiff cock through the opening in his slacks, and was jerking him off right there at the table. She pulled on his cock with one hand while the other was half in his pants massaging his balls. He quickly released her mouth and looked around. From where they were sitting it looked like nobody could see what they were doing. He decided to let her continue. He was curious to see how far she would go. She surprised him when she turned and straddled his lap. She pulled her skirt around her, so nothing could be seen. She didn't insert his cock, but she rubbed her pussy against it while she kissed him and fucked his mouth with her tongue. Roger was nearly embarrassed when he started to cum. He should have been able to hold off longer, but the wantonness of this woman was just too much. He realized that anyone who was watching would think they were fucking right here. The knowledge that Joey was watching, along with all their friends was too much. He quickly found her mouth again, and moaned into it as his cock shot cum all over her naked pussy. She produced a cocktail napkin that she had been holding in her hand, and reached between her legs to clean him up. When she got off his lap, his cock was back in his pants and the pants were buttoned and zippered. He thought she was very efficient at being able to do all that between her legs.

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