tagIllustratedAngler's Delights Ch. 08

Angler's Delights Ch. 08

byLong Strongdaily©

Realizing that she had sucked him dry of every ounce of his love juice, Virginia released her grip on his, not yet totally limp, cock! She then allowed it to momentarily rest between her hands as she lovingly adored it with love comments, kisses and licks! Alex, not yet back in the land of the living, moaned at the continued attention she gave his huge cock! Virginia stared directly into the camera with a look of great accomplishment and remarked:

"I told you I'd do it! Didn't I! Honey!"

"Did you enjoy seeing me suck my first big black cock!"

"What can we say! Poor old Allen and I were aghast at the way you worked that poor black cock over! We thought that you were going to swallow it whole! Did you enjoy it as much as we think you did?"

"Sure I did! It was great! And I got another big black cock to go!"

"Did you enjoy that? Did you like it? Did I do a good job on it? Did this big beautiful cock like it?" Virginia asked!

"That was great! What a blowjob! I've never ever been done like that! My God it was good!"

Virginia then noticed some love fluids flow from the tip of Alex's' cock. Pulling his cock towards her, she greedily licked up every last droplet of his love juices, moaning in passion as she did so!

"By the way Alex! What do you call this magnificent piece of manhood? You guys always call them by some name don't you?" Virginia then inquired.

"Pee Wee! I call him Pee Wee!"

"My God! That's not fair. He's the biggest cock I have ever seen! Why would you call him Pee Wee! That's just not fair to a nice hunk of meat like him! You're insulting him!"

"We call him Pee Wee because he's small compared with what Allen has! Allen is much bigger!"

"My God! I don't believe it!" Virginia gasped.

"Nobody can have anything bigger than what you've got!" I stated in astonishment.

"Well now! We'll see about that won't we?" Virginia responded.

Allen was now distraught with passion for Virginia's hot cunt! He was ready to blow his load without any attention from Virginia.

Virginia's neglect to attend to his carnal lusts was more than he could further endure right now and her renewed attention made him feel as if he was about to die and go to heaven!

"Pee Wee! You stay here! I got to go and see your big brother! Don't leave though! I'm not finished with you yet! I'll leave Alex to baby-sit you! Now! Let's see what's hiding from me inside here!" Virginia remarked as she set about to satisfy her lust!

She then repositioned herself between Allen's legs in the same position in which she had just finished off his brother. She placed one hand on his crotch and masseused his cock as she unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts with the other! Allen laid back and closed his eyes and totally surrendered to what he was about to be subjected to! I repositioned the camera to take advantage of a better view of the action! Before she had grasped his cock to release it from it's imprisonment, Virginia cried:

"My God! I don't believe this! This thing is huge! It is bigger! It's much bigger! We're going to have to see this thing to believe it! Oh-o-o-o-o!! This thing is huge!"

I waited in anticipation of seeing the object of her attention as she struggled to free it from its restriction! Allen moaned as he felt a strange female hand in search of his totally erect massive manhood! Virginia was unable to bring his cock from its hiding place within his shorts so Allen unconsciously assisted her remove them! Like his brother he had not worn under shorts.

"Good grief! Just look at this!" she eagerly announced into the camera!

"This thing is inhuman! Any horse would be envious of this!"

"Allen, did you ever measure this?" How big is it anyway? Do you know?"

"Could anyone believe this? I wish I had a tape to measure it before I take pleasure in destroying it!" Virginia remarked with a look of disbelief!

Virginia's comments only heightened the anxiety of all of us! Especially Allen! He was the one who would be on the receiving end of all of Virginia's attention! He moaned softly as she deftly toyed with his manhood! His circumcised cock was absolutely black with a head much larger than the shaft of the cock to which it was attached! Its massive head was a brighter color, almost a light brown, than the remainder of his massive black cock! Taking his manhood between her two hands she gently rose herself to her knees and lovingly led it to her wanting and hungry mouth! She moaned as she placed her tongue on the head of his cock and encircled it lovingly! Allen was lost to her lust! Virginia began licking and sucking up and down it's entire shaft, covering it with her salvia as she did so! She attempted several time to get its entire head into her lusting mouth! It proved difficult! Her passions made her almost oblivious to pain! Virginia eventually accepted its entire first few inches into her mouth!

Allen, unconsciously, placed his hands about Virginia's head and held it gently, but firmly! Perhaps he shared his brother's fear that Virginia would try and release her grip on his manhood and destroy the moment! However there would never be a fear of that! Not now at least! Virginia's passions had no known limits placed on them this night! Allen and Virginia, both lost in passion, moaned with every lick of her hot tongue against his stiff cock! Virginia, her mouth over-stretched and sore due the hugeness of the cock she was trying to digest, directed her attention back to the shaft of Allen's black cock. She licked and sucked at every morsel of it as if she were a kitten licking its first bowl of milk!

"Would someone please get me something to measure this thing with?"

"If I going to work this thing over I got a right to know what I'm taking on!"

Virginia implored "someone", not missing a stroke! Allen was still oblivious to everything around him, other than the passion within him! I acknowledged her request and retrieved a measuring tape I carried in my fly vest.

"Oh! Go-o-o-d! Now let's see how much this big boy has grown up shall we!"

Virginia remarked as I passed her a measuring tape!

Allen gazed at her for a moment, released his grip on her head, and again closed his eyes!

His state of mind was such he really didn't care much at this time just what she did, just so long as she didn't neglect what she was doing to him!

"Good God! Honey! Come and see this for yourself! Am I measuring this thing right or what! Come on! Hon, you won't believe this!"

Alex and I laughed as we looked on at Virginia's eagerness and astonishment as she measured Allen's massive "Pussy Tamer!"

"I told you he was bigger than me! I wasn't lying! Was I?" Alex interjected!

"Good grief! No you weren't! Hon! Come over and see for yourself!" Virginia implored.

Observing another's man's cock was never my cup of tea but, in this circumstance, an exception was definitely in order! I couldn't refuse her invitation! Looking at the tape I felt my eyes were somehow being deceived! I glanced with disbelief at Alex and Allen, said nothing and went back to my camera! I noticed Virginia had now placed the tape around the middle of the massive black member in front of her! Looking into the camera Virginia remarked:

"Now we have all of you people out there in movie land looking at this and can witness just how big a cock this guy has on him! This cock is a full eleven inches long and almost eight inches in circumference! Horses are not hung like this! Sorry I can't share this with anyone out in movie land!" adding: "I'm too hungry for a cock this size to share it with anyone!

This is one big black stiff cock that I intend to destroy all by myself! I don't intend to leave any of it for anybody! You can look and fanaticize about it but I'm not sharing it! What I'm going to do to this beautiful cock you girls can only dream about!"

Virginia, returning her attention back to Allen's cock, gave exclusive care to satisfying its immediate needs! Allen moaned at the renewed attention his manhood was receiving!

Placing her hands around Allen's cock Virginia began gently massaging it! Both Allen and Virginia moaned all the while! Virginia, tiring of this, resumed caressing, licking, sucking, moaning, salivating all over his massive black erection. Allen responded with wild thrusts of his pelvis as if wanting to drive his huge cock down her willing mouth! Virginia, having enjoyed these delights for almost half an hour, arrived to the point where she was determined to bring Allen to a climax and suck him dry! "Perhaps it was something Virginia felt in the muscular reflexes of the cock she was holding that signaled its intentions to unload its love juices!" I mused to myself. Virginia, as she had previously done, placed the head of his cock in her mouth!

She was ready for the inevitable explosion of love juice to be blown down her throat! The knuckles on her hands clearly indicated that Virginia had significantly tightened her grasp around Allen's cock! He began moving his hips faster, fucking her mouth with everything he could muster! His moaning grew louder! Virginia moaned with the passion only a nymph could produce! Alex and I began to masturbate, our excitement bought on by the scene we were witnessing! The sight before us was more than anyone could have otherwise expected us to do! Allen was nearing his journey into the land of unbridled orgasms!

"Oh! Oh! Oh-h-h-h-h! That's it! I'm coming!"

"My God! I'm Com-m-m-i-n-g-g-g-g-g!"

Allen's reflexes drove his stiff black cock deep down Virginia's throat and commenced delivery of its load of love juices! Virginia gagged as she swallowed the first delivery of Allen's of love juice! Quickly regaining her composure Virginia began to suck and swallow greedily! She did not want to waste a single droplet of his precious fluid! Allen screamed as if in pain! His reactions causing Virginia to tighten her grip on his massive cock! Like his brother, Allen delivered his complete load into Virginia's willing and wanting mouth after which he vainly attempted to gently push her aside! Like his brother, Virginia was having no part of it, not until such time as she felt assured she had ingested every ounce of his come! Allen continued his attempt to escape but without success! He moaned gently! Virginia, recognizing that he had nothing further to deliver, released his cock from her mouth and eased her grip! Then, looking at it as if it were a living thing of its own, spoke to it lovingly! Virginia, noticing some remaining cum leak from his now going limp cock, eagerly lapped its every last droplet! It was evident that she was more than satisfied with every inch and every ounce of Allen's offering! Virginia now turned to Allen, who had by now returned back to the world of the living, and said to the black cock she still held:

"There big boy! Did you enjoy that! Did you expect this treatment tonight?" Virginia asked Allen's cock, as it were a third person whom she intended to satisfy!

"How was that? Did you enjoy it? I just love these black cocks! Wish I could take them home with me!"

"God! That was sex like I never ever had it before! You're fantastic! This is like dying and going to Heaven! No kidding!" Allen responded.

"By the way! Alex calls his cock Pee Wee! What do you call yours?"

"He's known by "Pussy Tamer!" He been called that for sometime. I don't know how it came about, but that's what he's called!"

"Little wonder he's called "Pussy Tamer"! I bet he has tamed many pussies! Right?"

"No! Not really! Maybe three or four! When women see it, or feels it, they become afraid it'll hurt them so they usually don't go any further!"

"Silly girls! What a waste of good stiff cock! We'll see if he can tame this hungry pussy of mine! I bet she'll put him through his paces! It'll be a long time before he fucks another pussy like the one he's going to fuck tonight! What do you think "Pussy Tamer!"

"But she has to rest a little and then pussy will take care of all your most intimate needs!"

Allen was now beside himself! Alex and I were now about to blow our loads! Virginia, recognizing this possibility, rushed to me, took my cock into her mouth just in time as I blew a full load down her throat. To my amazement, and for the first time ever, she swallowed ever ounce of my cum! Not taking the time to lick my cock clean, as she had done previously with Allen, her attention went immediately from me to Alex! Virginia knew that he was about to explode his second load of the evening! Virginia motioned Alex to her where she was kneeling on the floor in front of me! She would finish him off while he stood in the middle of the room! Under the circumstances he didn't hesitate. Rushing to her, he held his cock as tightly as possible in an attempt to prevent premature ejaculation, Virginia rose to her knees and took his all into her mouth! She began to suck him hard and within seconds he laid his head back, yelled, and blew a full load of love juices down her waiting gullet! Virginia moaned with delight! Regaining his composure he put back on his shorts sat on the sofa, laid back and closed his eyes! Alex was washed out! Allen recovered his shorts and retreated to the bathroom and returned only after the most recent incident had ended! It was at this point that I retrieved my belongings and went to the bathroom, leaving all three in various states of exhaustion in the living room. I so thought at least! When I left the room Virginia was sat in the lazy-boy, Allen and Alex were on the sofa! No one was saying anything.

I excused myself, took a very quick shower, brushed my teeth and returned to the living room! The whereabouts of everyone when I left was now totally altered! Alex was sitting in the lazy-boy observing what was going on between his brother and my wife! Virginia was on the sofa, her ass to its edge and her leg's spread eagle! Allen was on the floor between her legs chewing pussy as if it were the Last Supper! Virginia's head was laid back with her eyes closed and holding his head between her tightly clenched hands. She had entered the land of the orgasmic unknown! Neither of the them had noticed my re-entry into the room! I stood and enjoyed the sight that lay before me! It was a strange, but yet comforting, feeling knowing that she was enjoying this as much as, possibly even more than, I was at watching her enjoying it!

I felt happy for her that she could let herself go like this! After all we had both agreed to it and I didn't feel the least bit threatened by either Alex or Allen! It was then that I noticed that the camera was still running! I shut if off, placed in a new disk and re-set it so as to get the best pictures possible. I decided to get some good close-ups of the two now making love on the sofa. I moved over to the sofa and for the first time, Allen acknowledged my presence! He lifted his head from between Virginia's legs and was a little unsure of what my reaction might be! I reassured him by giving him a tap on the head and a wink of the eye! Allen immediately went back to chewing Virginia's pussy as if it were the last pussy on the face of this earth! Virginia was too far gone to care! I looked over at Alex; he was totally intent at the sight of his brother chewing a white pussy! I felt sure he was saying to himself: "Leave some for me Bro." "There's was no fear of that!" I thought: "These things don't wear out and there's enough for everybody! In good time my friend!" Not wanting to further distract Allen, I asked Alex:

"Did she have a go yet!"

"Yes! Two brutes! I'll bet she's about ready to go again too!"

"Yeah! I want to get good pictures of her face as she orgasms! I love that look she gets on her face as she's having a go! You know what I mean?"

To Be Continued...

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