tagIllustratedAngler's Delights Ch. 11

Angler's Delights Ch. 11

byLong Strongdaily©

"Alex! I always heard you black men like to fuck white women! I never thought though you could fuck them like you fucked Virginia! Boy you got staying power!"

"When you find a good woman like Virginia that can take all of Pee Wee you got to fuck her like that!"

"You got to take advantage of it because you might never find another piece of tail like her again! God! Can she ever fuck! She just loves good stiff cock! The bigger the better! Doesn't she! She can really give a guy like me a ride!"

"No! You're wrong! She likes good stiff very large stiff cocks! Just like you and Allen got! I don't believe there is anyone else alive who could get her do what she's done, like you two!"

Alex and Allen resounded their confirmation as Virginia came back into the room dressed in her finest and all smiles! Looking at Alex she remarked:

"Well! Tell me! How did Pee Wee enjoy his play time with pussy?"

"Utterly and tee totally unbelievable! It was fantastic! I'm telling the truth! Nothing in my life even comes near the fucking you gave me! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Did you?"

"I don't kiss and tell! What do you think?" Virginia replied.

"You look satisfied to me!"

"Satisfied with what Pee Wee gave this sweet hungry pussy of mine! Yes-s-s-! Anyone woman would be satisfied with that! But like all good things, pussy knows that there is still food on the table and she's still hungry! What do you think Pussy Tamer!" looking towards Allen's still massive erection!

"I could do no less than agree!" Allen remarked with his lust yet to be fully satisfied.

"Well he'll just have to wait just a little longer till pussy gets her second wind!" Virginia replied.

"That's O.K. with me any day!" Allen responded.

Virginia's desired rest was much less a concern than getting fucked by the biggest baddest cock available that night. Her anticipation and anxiety of getting this battering ram pounded into her poor pussy was far more important at this moment than resting! Virginia wanted to be fucked by Allen's Pussy Tamer "now" and rest could come later! She motioned to me to move as she moved over to direct her attentions to matters now occupying her mind, body and soul! Allen assisted her remove her scant garments as his huge, eleven inch, erect black cock swayed wantonly as he shifted his position on the bed. Virginia lay on the bed as Allen reached down between her legs, gently moving them apart as he placed his massive body between them. Virginia complied by moving herself so as to be positioned properly for what was to be!

She gazed in amazement at the huge black cock swaying above her hot wet hungry cunt as she did so! Allen, elevated on one arm, looked down as Virginia reached for his cock and placed it at the opening of her hungry cunt! Allen moaned gently, his anticipation and passion reaching fever levels! Virginia pulled his massive member tightly into her pussy, lifting her hips as she did so! Allen complied with her desire, as he pushed forward gently, neither saying anything. I had now placed the camera so as to extract the best view from between their legs. Feeling this huge cock against her cunt, Virginia moaned loudly. Allen strained as he attempted to enter the depths of her soul! On the first attempt it failed to penetrate it's objective! He pulled back as Virginia, still holding his stiff shaft, permitted him to so! Allen pushed forward into her love nest again, she assisting his efforts by pulling his cock harder into her waiting orifice! They moaned in unison as each attempted to enshrine his cock deep within her wanting cunt. Neither of them distracting their vision of the happenings between her cunt lips! This attempt was no more successful than the first!

She told Allen to hold still as she pulled his cock towards her cunt and met this forward action with a corresponding action of her own. Allen's head fell backward as he delighted in her efforts. Virginia now made circular movement with his cock around her cunt lips as if trying to ensure that his cock was well lubricated and at the best possible position for the entry into its destination point. After several seconds, an uncontrollable reaction caused Allen to thrust forward! Virginia counter maneuvered and screamed with hurt and passion as they succeeded in getting the first few inches of this massive intrusion into her hot moist cunt!

"Oh God! It's in me! It's in! Oh God! It's so-o-o g-o-o-o-d! Don't pull it out! Don't pull it out!" Virginia screamed.

Allen complied and now lay his body against hers, his weight supported by his knees and elbows! He placed his hands around Virginia's head and placed his head near hers on the pillow! Virginia responded by grabbing his buttocks and bringing her pelvis towards his with as much force as she could muster! Allen matched her every effort! This stretched her cunt to its maximum without giving birth! This time she took almost half of what Allen could offer! They were both in a hot sweat and now lost to the world around them!

"Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she implored Allen as if he were in need of encouragement!

Allen responded with long slow strokes of his massive cock into hot pussy, each stroke forcing it a little further into her hot wanting cunt! They were both panting and screaming as he did so! Virginia reached her orgasm within seconds of his first entry into her hot spot! Allen's passions, now nearing the flash point, now that they had managed to force her cunt to accommodate his oversized weapon, threw all caution of hurting her to the wind! He sped up his thrusting, with each thrust bringing a verbal reaction from Virginia! Allen would pull out his massive "Pussy Tamer" almost to its head and would then drive it back its remaining length into her cunt with a vengeance! His fucking her didn't slow for almost fifteen minutes! His stamina was incredible! It was if he would never be ready blow a load into her cunt! I repositioned the camera to capture the scene of this massive pussy tamer pounding into Virginia's over-stretched cunt! It massiveness was impressive at it did its duty to satisfy Virginia's pussy's needs. Virginia's buttocks were read from the beating Allen's massive balls administered with each stroke of his cock into her hungry cunt! She, however, found no need to complain! While viewing this scene I noticed that Virginia's pussy was making strange sucking noises as Allen pounded away at it!

When he pulled out her cunt would seem to suck air in, when he shoved his cock into her it would almost fart as it exhaled air! This amazed me! Allen had now commenced to French kiss Virginia as he placed one hand beneath her buttocks, holding her tightly against his every thrust, he fingered fucked her asshole, which drove her to depths not known to her before! Virginia by this time had experienced several orgasms, each succeeding one a little more intense than the one previous! Allen had now reached his point of no return! Virginia felt the reflexes of his cock deep within the walls of her hot cunt! Virginia now stopped moving and strengthened her pussy's grasp around Allen's cock. The pleasure of this feeling, which he had never experienced before, was the last call, he blew his load into her, as she needed him to do! They both attained their orgasm together as each held still while his deposit was being made deep with her pussy! Recognizing Allen's mussels relaxing, Virginia again exercised her cunt mussels around his still massive and erect cock. She was intent to milk it of its last remnants of love juices. Virginia's actions caused Allen to cry out in delight of the sensation! They now lay holding each other in the afterglow! I had captured it all on camera as best I could. After several minutes Virginia came back to life and lifting Allen's head between both hands she looked him in the face and said:

"How did I do! Did you like it! Did you like the way I fucked your Pussy Tamer?" She said smiling!

"Like it! Did I like the way you fucked me? Did Pussy Tamer like it! My God! What questions! We both died and went to heaven! I don't think he'll ever come out of where he is right now! God! You can fuck like no other woman on earth!"

Allen now eased himself up on one arm and looked at the sight of his black cock still buried in Virginia's beautiful white pussy! Virginia shared the view with him!

"Looks nice doesn't it! My black cock deep in your white pussy! What a sight! Do you like it?"

Virginia reached down and felt all around his still massive and erect cock and her stretched pussy! She closed her eyes and whispered to herself as she did so! Allen remained motionless to allow her to continue to enjoy the moment!

"Oh! God! That feels good!" she whispered loudly. "I'll never let you take this out of me! Never! I want it in me forever!"

Her actions and vocabulary led Allen to retain his erection and stay deep within her. Virginia now began to rotate her hips, still playing with what lay below and occasionally bringing his massive balls to within her asshole! By this time Alex's cock had re-arisen! Virginia opened her eyes, noticing his condition, motioned him toward her! He needed no coaxing! Reaching for his cock she bought it to her lips and commenced to kiss, suck and lick his erect black cock! The excitement of having a black cock in her and another to suck on quickly rekindle her waning passions, as well as those of her lovers! Allen again commenced to pump her harder and faster! Virginia matched his every effort and thrust. All three were now moaning and screaming with heightened passions! The sight of two black men fucking her like this was more than I had imagined and caused me to again orgasm in my pants! The sound of me going caused a chain reaction! First Alex blew his load into Virginia's mouth and, as before, she willing and lustfully, swallowed every last droplet!

Allen drove his cock the furthest ever into the prison now holding it, and unloaded with its second delivery there that night! Virginia screamed as she entered her final orgasm of this event! All three then fell silent! Alex now took his cock from Virginia's hand! She had earlier refused to surrender it to him. Allen elevated himself up once more; Virginia again took his cock into her grasp, as he gently pulled it from her pussy. Virginia moaned as he did so! As expected from previous experiences earlier that evening, Allen recouped every last ounce of love juices from her engorged cunt as it was now being forced out by her once hungry cunt! Virginia moaned, but was gone beyond the point of another orgasmic experience! There was by this time no fuck left in anyone! For now anyway!! Allen, Alex and Virginia laid, totally in the nude, lay on the bed for some time. All three were exhausted from their marathon event! I sat in a chair in the corner of the bed room and awaited for whatever might happen next, if not, for them to recoup their energies and we'd call it a night!

I also enjoyed the sight of Virginia's white body as she lay between the blackness of Allen and Alex's bodies! Occasionally Virginia would reach between her legs to her love nest and gently massage her well worn wet pussy! It was as if it needed some consolation after a stressful work out! Likewise, once in awhile, Allen and Alex would touch their cock, and/or balls, as if offering them similar comfort for a job well done! Virginia was the first of the three to come back to life! She first lifted her head as if to see where everyone was. She acknowledged my presence with a smile as I sat in the chair! Virginia gazed at Allen and Alex as they lay beside her in the bed! Then, gazing back at me as if to suggest: "I'm not finished yet!", looked at the condition of Pee Wee and Pussy Tamer! Reaching down at Allen's limp cock, she startled Allen as she took his limp cock into her hand and massaged it gently! Allen's initial shock dissipated quicker than it appeared as he gently moaned with delight at Virginia's renewed interest in his manhood! Alex now moved, his attention attracted by the renewed action of Virginia and Allen! Alex reached for his manhood as Virginia's attention to his brother's cock grew!

Virginia next moved herself down between Allen's legs and commenced to give his, now coming back to life, black monster a blow job! She took his manhood into her mouth long before it commenced to have an erection! She loved the sensation, she would later relate to me, of feeling Allen's massive cock grow within her mouth! As it grew it became increasingly difficult for her to maintain her mouth hold on it consequently she licked and sucked his cock with a fervor she hadn't shown before. She seemed compelled to ensure that she was going to have this cock stand at its fullest erection and satisfy her hungry cunt at least once more this night.

Virginia played particular attention to Allen's balls, below his balls to his asshole, in her effort to ensure her objective was attained! Allen didn't disappoint her! His cock took her loving attention in stride and rewarded her with an erection, which by appearance at least, was bigger than anything we had earlier witnessed! Successful now in securing Pussy Tamer's attention, Virginia was ready to have it penetrated her hot cunt once again! She was ablush with passion as she moved herself in a position, on her knees, above Allen's massive black cock! Virginia, taking Allen's cock into her hand, placed the head of it and placed it at the orifice of her hungry cunt, wetting it in her flowing love juices! Allen only looked with satisfaction at her action, his passions rising with her every movement! Virginia lowered herself gently onto the black engorged cock that she held to her cunt! Both Allen and Virginia moaned as each felt the tenderness of the others love tool! Using her weight as leverage, Virginia caused Allen's cock to penetrated her cunt hole ever so slowly! Her actions causing Allen to thrust upwards into her cunt!

Virginia screamed with delight as this black intrusion, once again, successfully entered deeply into her cunt hole! Allen reached for her hips and began to pound her cunt for all it was worth! Virginia screamed loudly with renewed passion shooting through every inch of her body and soul! After several minutes of Allen's unmercifully pussy pounding, Virginia orgasmed! Allen however was not yet near the point of satisfying his own passion! Allen pulled Virginia down upon his own body and held her tightly as her continued to pound Virginia's hot pussy! Virginia, if indeed she had wanted too, was useless to resist Allen's invigorated pounding of her cunt! Allen's pounding took another toll as it sent Virginia into her second orgasm, and impelled her to ask for "mercy!" Allen responded by remaining still, but retained his massive cock in her pussy as he held her tight! Virginia responded with a sigh of relief at his consideration! After some rest, Virginia was the first to notice that Alex was by now in a state of total exasperation, holding his massive stiff cock in one hand and massaging his balls with the other! I had been too busy filming the whole scene to care! Virginia reached for Alex's cock and massaged it lovingly, and responded as if it had questioned her intentions.

"Come on Pee Wee! Come on over and join your big brother and me! You can mount me from behind if you want! I can handle you both at the same time! Come on! Don't disappoint me!"

Alex needed no coaxing as he placed himself on his knees, between his brother's legs, and placed the head of his cock at Virginia's asshole! Virginia squealed with delight and passion! Allen again began to fuck her cunt hole!

"Alex, be careful! I never took one up my bum before! Don't hurt me!" Virginia implored!

Alex was passed the point of hearing anything, or caring! After several attempts to enter her asshole, he attempted to lubricate it with love juice from her cunt and around Allen's massive cock! Virginia screamed with the delightful sensation this caused her! Allen appeared interested in only getting his load discharged within Virginia's cunt as quickly as possible! Fearful perhaps that Virginia wouldn't have the staying power to accomplish the task! After several more attempts, with cooperation and assistance from Virginia, Alex succeeded in penetrating her asshole! The feeling of one black cock up her cunt, another up her asshole, Virginia continued to scream in passion! She had never been fucked like this in her lifetime, but she loved it! She had several more orgasms! Now totally exhausted, even more so than ever before, she lay limp in the arms of Allen as they continued to pound away at her cunt and asshole!

She could feel the two cocks touch inside her with each thrust they made into her! Then, now to her delight, she felt spasms in their massive intrusions, as they exploded deep within her cunt and asshole! She had now accomplished more than she had ever dreamed of, she fucked two black men at the same time, in every conceivable way possible! Alex and Allen withdrew their now limp cocks from each of Virginia's orifices and lay on the bed, all three were totally spent, any sign of an erection was only a happy memory! Virginia's cunt and asshole now felt sore, but for this time at least, totally satisfied! Some thirty minutes later, Allen and Alex came back to life and slowly made their way to the door themselves! Virginia lay asleep on the bed! I got a blanket and placed it over her! She had a look of absolute and total satisfaction on her face! She sighed a sigh of appreciation and was gone!

I went into the kitchen, poured myself a glass of cold wine! I placed the first disk of the evening's happenings into the video machine and sat to review what I had captured of the night's events. I looked out the window and witnessed the sun as it came up above the horizon! It was a blazing red sunrise! The last thing I remember after that was my loving wife waking me up at seven p.m.! I looked up and stared at Virginia through red sleep deprived eyes! Virginia looked striking and refreshed! She wore tight fitting black denim jeans, white blouse over which she wore a black vest, which together, always accentuated her beautiful curved figure! Her deep brown tan and almost blond hair accentuated her gorgeous looks! She was a sight to behold! Her tight jeans were clearly making visible the outline of her most private possessions! She was a thing of every mans dreams and I loved her!

"You getting up sleepy head?"

"Yes! What time is it?"

"Seven o'clock, time for dinner! I've made reservations for eight-thirty for us! That o.k!"

"Sure! Sure! Oh God! I feel like I've been run over by a train!"

"You sure do! Go get a shower and get shaved and dressed. Then you'll feel better!"

I did as directed, without protest, or conscious knowledge of really what was happening at that moment, or of what had happened the night before! After several minutes in a cold shower I began to regain my composure! My memories became clearly vivid! I now realized as to how casual and unconcerned Virginia had been as I left to shower! I now became anxious to shower and dress as quickly as possible! I was smitten by her response to her evening's experiences! I entered the living room where Virginia sat glancing through magazine with one hand, again, stroking her vagina! I went over and kissed her on the head and gently rubbed her loins!

"There! How's that? Do I look better!"

"You sure do! Honey! How you feeling!"

"I'll feel a little better when I get some good food in me! How about you?"

"I'm starving! Other than that, sore but happy!"

"What do you mean, sore but happy!"

"After what those two put me through last night with those giant cocks of theirs my pussy is sore! I think that it will take at least a couple of months for her to fully recuperate! Those two couldn't get enough pussy last night! God they were horny!"

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