tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAngry Wife at the Body Shop

Angry Wife at the Body Shop

byGeorge VI©

At breakfast, Jim Huff told his wife, Gail that his Lexus had suffered a serious front corner dent the day before while parked at a garage near his office. He had come home late the night before, and he hadn't had a chance to talk to her. Jim asked Gail to take the car to a body shop and get a repair estimate while he took her minivan to work.

Gail dropped her kids off at school, took the damaged car to a nearby body shop, and waited for an estimate. The man who did the estimate was also the owner, a forty-ish, dark-haired man named Frank. Frank was very polite to Gail, as he thought that the 32 year-old housewife was very pretty. She had brown eyes, high cheekbones, and a thin upturned nose. She had stylish shoulder-length dark brown hair. She was medium height and her toned, slender figure showed that she worked out. Seeing her in spandex pants and a tee shirt that covered the top third of her butt, his opinion was that her best assets were her firm ass and nice legs.

When Gail showed Jim the estimate, she was surprised that he insisted they not submit an insurance claim, for the amount was well over their deductible. Still, she made an appointment and Gail and Jim dropped off the car. This time the mechanic, a large, heavy man named Tony, also noticed the attractive woman's firm ass and sexy walk as she left.

Two days later, Gail was told that the car would be ready after 6:00 PM. When Jim came home from work, they left the kids with the neighbors and went to pick up the car.

Gail and Jim both walked into the body shop. Jim was wearing a light blue suit; Gail sported a clinging white sleeveless shirt, and tight faded designer jeans. Frank the owner said that the car was ready, but before they paid the bill, he asked both of them to step into his office. It was past closing time, and Frank locked the front door. Tony the mechanic, the only other person in the shop, also joined them in the office.

Frank addressed Jim Huff. "The police sometimes ask body shops to keep an eye out for vehicles that were involved in hit-and-run accidents. Tony remembered that it was a white Lexus that hit that woman's car the other night. I hear she was seriously hurt."

Gail recalled hearing about the accident on the news. She looked at Jim. He had an alarmed expression on his face.

Frank continued. "Tony also discovered that some of the paint chips on your bumper match the color of the car that the injured woman was driving."

Jim cleared his throat. "I'm sure that it's just a coincidence."

Frank replied, "All the same we should report this to the police, don't you think, Jim?"

Jim sat silently for a minute. "Please don't do that."

Gail became very angry. Her husband had caused a hit-and-run accident. He had lied to her. Instead of working late, he had been drinking again. This wasn't the first time. He had two DUI convictions in the past. They were a long time ago, and they had managed to keep the incidents a secret from most people, including their children. He had promised that he wouldn't drink and drive again. He had narrowly escaped going to jail. This time he wouldn't be so lucky. She sat glaring at Jim with a silent rage building.

Frank continued. "Well, Tony and I are compassionate men. We don't want to see your personal lives be destroyed and you be sent to jail. But let's get to the point, we expect some compensation for helping to cover this up."

Jim asked, "How much do you want?"

Frank replied, "We want ten grand each"

Gail broke in. "Twenty thousand? We don't have twenty thousand dollars. There's no way we could raise that."

Jim said, "We can pay ten thousand, maybe."

Frank and Tony grinned at each other. "Then we'll take two things, Jim. We want the ten grand, and we want your wife for the evening."

Gail felt her skin crawl and her nipples get hard. "Me? Oh, no."

Frank said, "That's it, that's the deal, final."

Jim sat silent, glancing at his angry wife. Gail blurted, "I can't believe you're even considering it. You want me to have sex with these men to keep your drunken butt out of jail?"

"Honey, I don't want to, but I don't know what to do." Jim was desperate to stay out of jail and keep his job, but had never before dreamed of whoring his wife. Strangely, he felt a tingling in his groin and the stiffening of his cock.

Gail looked at the two pigs leering at her, but her anger was still directed at her husband. After a long silence, she said to the men, "Is that what you really want? Are you planning to just do me right here on the desk in front of my husband?"

Tony chuckled, "Yeah, actually, that's pretty close."

Gail's face was red with rage, fear and embarrassment. She exhaled, stood up, grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and quickly pulled it off. Standing in her small white lacy bra, she looked at the two grinning men. She looked at her husband, who sat in silence. "Just remember that you did this to me!"

Gail's hands were shaking, but with quick angry motions she reached back and unhooked her bra, and pulled it completely off. She stood with her hands on her hips, threw her shoulders back, and stuck her chest out. The three men all stared at Gail's naked tits. They were not large, but they pointed straight ahead, and her stiff pink nipples stuck way out.

"Now those are nice titties!" was Frank's response. Gail had shown her breasts to no one other than her doctors and her husband since she got married. And she had never exposed herself to more than one man at a time. Although she was humiliated and angry, she felt herself getting involuntarily aroused.

Jim was humiliated and mad at himself for letting this happen. Sill his cock became completely hard watching the two men looking at his topless wife. It had been a long time since he'd really noticed how nice her perky tits and long nipples looked.

When the grinning men said and did nothing else, Gail unsnapped and unzipped her tight jeans. Her tits jiggled as she wiggled out of the jeans, exposing her tight pink panties. With quick, agitated movements, she grasped the sides of her panties and quickly pulled them off, revealing her dark brown triangle of pubic hair. She was now naked except for her white socks. She stood in front of the two big, grinning goons in their work shirts. She smiled through clenched teeth and said, "C'mon, boys."

Tony and Frank approached and began to feel Gail's tits. Gail encouraged them. "Go ahead, I'm here for you tonight, whatever you want, I'll do it." There was still anger in her voice. As the two men each groped a tit with their rough hands, Gail grabbed Frank by the back of the neck, and roughly kissed him. She worked her tongue into his mouth. She made sure that Jim could see that she was using her tongue. Both men palmed and squeezed her firm ass cheeks.

Gail was for the most part conservative in bed, but now she was trying to think of every sleazy thing to do that she could. Gail wanted to humiliate Jim any way she could. This was also a defensive mechanism, to anticipate what these goons would do to her and lessen her umiliation. She reached down and rubbed both men's hard cocks through their pants. Frank reached between her legs and rubbed her furry pussy mound. She spread her legs and let Frank finger fuck her. She was surprised that she was so wet.

Jim watched helplessly as the two men pulled off their pants and flashed their long hard cocks at Gail. Part of him was totally depressed and humiliated, and another part was enjoying every little thing that the men and his wife were doing. He was hoping that they would stop, but got more aroused at every new thing that they did.

"Oh, both of your cocks are so big!" Gail said as she grabbed their hard cocks and stroked them. She took turns kissing Frank and Tony as they felt her tits. "Pinch my nipples! Suck my tits!" She was smiling, but it was a hard, firm-jawed smile.

Jim had never heard Gail use some of these words. She was usually quite reserved when they had sex. He correctly sensed that some of this was to show him how angry she was, but he wondered how much she was enjoying the action, too.

Frank got on his knees between Gail's legs and burrowed his face into her muff. "Oh, yes, lick me, eat me!" Gail lied back on the desk. Anger and humiliation were still Gail's main emotions, but she actually was getting quite aroused by the two rough men. "Put it in me, Frank! Fuck me, please!" Tony moved his cock up to her face, and she began sucking it.

Frank stood up, laid his cock on Gail's pussy, and started to slide it in. As Frank banged into her, Gail thrust her hips to meet him. "Yes, fuck me hard, lover! Oh, that's the biggest cock I've ever had!" She raised her knees up high and wrapped her legs around Frank's lower back.

Jim couldn't help himself. He reached down and rubbed his hard-on through his suit pants.

Gail was being a noisy lay. She was squealing and moaning, even while sucking Tony's cock. She licked Tony's shaft and balls, things she never did for Jim. "I'm going to cum!" She thrashed about, screaming, in a wild orgasm. As she slowed down, Frank shot a load of jism into her pussy. When he pulled his shaft out of her cunt, Jim could see his final spurts drip onto Gail's stomach.

Tony commanded Gail to turn over. Gail got off of the desk and bent over it. Tony rammed his cock into her pussy from behind. Her firm ass cheeks rippled as he slammed into her over and over. Gail was again squealing and grunting obscene encouragements. "Yea, fuck my pussy raw, give it to me big boy! Slam it home!" Tony banged her so hard that her feet were leaving the ground. He grabbed her hanging tits and squeezed them as he fucked her.

Tony suddenly stopped and pulled his dick out of her. "No, don't stop!" Gail cried.

"Relax, I'm just putting it into a different hole." Tony aimed his glistening cock at Gail's asshole, and started to slowly insert it. This is something that Gail had never allowed Jim to do. Jim was sure that Gail would object to this. Instead, she encouraged the big man. "Oh, lover! Oooh, bugger my little ass!" The big man ravaged her asshole while she screamed, "Yes, YES!" Tony spanked her ass red as he slammed into it. Tears streamed down her checks, but she continued begging for more.

Frank had recovered enough to stand on the other side of the desk and offer his gooey pud to Gail's mouth. She took it and rapidly bobbed her head up and down on it in rhythm to her ass-pounding. Tony grunted and shot his cum into Gail's asshole. He slowly pulled his unit out, dripping jism over her red ass.

Gail quickly got on her knees between the men, and began to suck on Frank's cock. She took turns sucking Frank and Tony's dirty cocks; stroking whichever one she wasn't blowing. Frank sat back on a chair, and Gail climbed on his lap, straddling him while facing him. She lowered her pussy over his hard dick. When she settled in, she put her arms around Frank and slowly fucked him. Frank toyed with her tits and chuckled, causing Gail to giggle. Soon Gail was arching her back and thrusting her pelvis rapidly.

Jim watched his wife's ass bucking and hips thrusting, bouncing up and down on Frank, her ass and thighs shaking. Frank sucked on her tits for a while before Tony stood to the side and put his cock into Gail's mouth. Jim slowly unzipped his pants, reached in, and played with his hard cock.

The other three were laughing and having a good time. Gail fucked like a whore on amphetamines. Frank was fucking her pussy and grabbing both of her bucking ass checks. Gail alternately sucked and stroked Tony as he pulled on her nipple, pinching it until Gail moaned. Gail was screaming again. She shouted, "I'm cumming, baby!" She erupted witha long orgasm. Simultaneously, Frank came in her, and Tony painted her face with multiple shots of jism.

Jim felt himself cumming in his pants. He quickly pulled his cock out and squirted his large jism load over his pants and the floor.

As Gail weakly stood up, she looked over at Jim and the mess that he made. She gave him a pathetic look as the two men laughed at him.

Frank grabbed a stack of paper towels from the closet. He threw some at Jim and said, "Here, clean yourself up. Then wipe up my desk and the floor." Gail wiped her face and body off. She was covered with cum and sweat. Then she rounded up her clothes and silently got dressed in front of the men. Worn out and sore, her movements were slower now. She still had an angry, clenched jaw, but her eyes revealed shame and humiliation.

Before Frank let Gail and Jim out the front door, he told Jim, "Make sure you have the ten grand here by noon Saturday."

Jim stammered, "I don't know if I can get the cash all at once without arousing suspicion."

Frank thought about it, and said, "Then bring me a thousand dollars a week for ten weeks."

"And," he added, "Have your wife deliver it."

The end.

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