tagLoving WivesAnjali's Fun Night In Jaipur

Anjali's Fun Night In Jaipur


It was Anjali's first trip to the Jaipur. She had always wanted to see the Pink city, so when her boss offered to send her there for a Women's conference, she jumped at the chance. The whole week had been wall-to-wall meetings and seminars which left very little time to see the sights. Anjali decided to blow off the last day and join a few other ladies from the conference on a guided tour of Jaipur.

Anjali was 34, mother of one and married to her husband since last decade. The last time she was on her own was perhaps before her marriage.

The four women talked to the concierge and got the name of a local guide. His name was Rohan. When they met him in the lobby, Anjali liked his looks right away. She guessed he was in his late twenties, about five or six years younger than she was. His dark brown skin and well-muscled chest and forearms were very appealing.

Rohan showed the group all of the sights. They spent the morning touring the Amer Palace. He showed them the art and culture of the city and the palace. He showed them various forts around it and all the royal temples within it.

As the day wore on, the women started to get tired, both from the long week of business and Rohan's tour. They all decided to go back to the hotel to freshen up before allowing Rohan to take them to a few hip night spots. He told them that he would meet them in the lobby at 8:00 pm. That gave Anjali and hour and a half to freshen up and get ready for her evening.

Anjali took a quick shower. After she dried off, she decided to lay on the bed naked to relax and air dry her damp body a bit. This was a rare week away from her husband and family for Anjali and she wanted to enjoy a bit. With no one familiar around, a little bit of fun would be okay, she thought. She started thinking of what she could do and then she thought of Rohan, his rough body and deep voice. Could she have some fun with Rohan? Would anyone know of that, she wondered? She decided to test the waters and see.

As she lay there, she imagined Rohan kneeling between her thighs, looking up at her with a naughty wide smile on his face. Her fingers slid into her pussy. She began rocking her hips and spreading her legs wider as she imagined his skillful tongue on her wet pussy. Within a matter of moments, she was plunging two fingers in and out of her soaked pussy. The humidity in the air and the heat from her body was making her sweat profusely. She felt her body tense as she neared climax. She imagined Rohan moving his tongue to her ass and, as she slid her own finger in, it sent her over the edge for an incredibly intense orgasm.

She caught her breath and jumped back into the shower. She knew that if she didn't hurry, she would keep the others waiting. She let the cool water rinse the sweat from her body and cool her down. Her clitoris was still tingling. She resisted the urge to finger herself again. She simply didn't have the time.

She got dressed quickly, selecting a a new black thong. She chose a new short, black dress which hit her about mid-thigh, and took a moment to admire her in the full-length mirror behind the bathroom door. Her C-cup breasts filled the dress out nicely and showed off her ample cleavage. She pulled her dark, shoulder-length hair back and let it fall forward so it cascaded around her bare shoulders. She quickly slipped on some dressy black sandals and headed for the lobby.

When she got there, she only saw Rohan standing there in a tight fitting jeans and t shirt.

"Where are the others?" she asked.

"They canceled. I guess they were too tired to continue. Would you like to cancel as well?" he asked.

Anjali shook her head, "Hell no. I was looking forward to a fun night."

Rohan smiled, "I think we will be able to find some fun."

They started the evening at a fancy restaurant. The food was deliciously rich and the wine Rohan suggested complemented the meal perfectly. After the dinner, Rohan asked Anjali if she would like to do some dancing.

Anjali nodded and noticed that Rohan was staring at her bobbing breasts. She licked her lips seductively and thought to herself that she intended to be sucking and fucking his cock by the end of the night. Rohan took her hand as they left the restaurant. They caught a cab and when they took a fairly sharp turn, Anjali braced herself on Rohan's thigh. Her hand was resting firmly on Rohan's semi-hard cock. Anjali gave it a friendly squeeze before apologizing for losing her balance. Rohan just smiled as they arrived at the club. As they entered, Rohan warned her that it could get a little rowdy as the patrons were mostly male. Anjali chuckled to herself, thinking that it sounded like her kind of crowd.

Rohan led her directly on to the dance floor. The music was loud and the floor was packed. The techno music blared. The loud bass made the room shake. Anjali and Rohan danced, moving with the other bodies in the crowd. She felt bodies bumping into her. She felt hands "accidentally" grazing her arm, her back, her hip, and even her ass. She was becoming intoxicated from the constant contact, but she wanted more. When the song ended, Rohan led her to a group of high tables in a dark corner of the room.

The tables were arranged in a semi-circle against the wall. There was a loud group of men at each table. They were all facing the wall, hooting and hollering. Anjali couldn't tell what the commotion was about until she got closer. She saw a woman dancing. She was clothed but was thrusting her hips suggestively to the music. Her hands were caressing her breasts. She was gleefully teasing the men, but being careful to stay just out of their reach. The men loved it. Anjali smiled, recalling her younger days. She imagined herself dancing like that. She loved having all of those eyes on her - being every man's fantasy. Her body was shaking with the beat and pussy was throbbing under her short dress.

Her pussy jerked as she felt someone pressing into her from behind and felt a pair of hands under her short dress from behind. She knew that it was Rohan because he was the one standing behind her. His brazen attempt startled her, but she loved it. She was pushed forward and found herself in front of the whole group of men. They began cheering, encouraging her to be the next dancer. Could she do it? Could she dance like a slut in front of all these rowdy men? Anjali suddenly came into the senses and just stood there. She was a married Indian woman in an alien city with a stranger guy as company in a strange club in front of this group of rowdy looking men, she can't do this. No she can't. Not this Anjali, perhaps Anjali of 10 years back could have!!

Anjali looked at Rohan. He realized that Anjali was slightly confused and drunk as well and decided to take charge. He came forward and took hold of Anjali's hand and dragged her out of the group and took her outside.

Anjali was still filled with lust. Rohan now took her near the rest rooms and both of them entered a cubicle. Anjali was in heat and she had decided now to go all the way with Rohan and she knew Rohan would respond back too. She needed to cum and she didn't intend to leave that room until she did. She dropped to her knees. In one shot, she unzipped Rohan and pulled his hard and throbbing cock out and begins to suck him hard. Rohan was surprised at her ferocity and speed. He was expecting something like this but not this soon and certainly not this way. Anjali could taste the salty taste of pre-cum on his throbbing cock. She could feel the juices from her pussy now running down her thighs. She reached down and removed her thong from under her dress and handed it to Rohan. She put her one hand under the dress and rubbed her clitoris wildly.

Rohan moaned. She sensed he was close, so she pulled his cock from her mouth and grabbed the base tightly. She pulled him by the cock to the floor and down on top of her. Rohan's cock was now near her pussy lips and she pulled him. Rohan entered her smooth passage and slowly sunk his cock deep inside her. He began moving up and down slowly at first and then began slamming into her again and again. Anjali lifted her hips, meeting each thrust. She moaned loudly. Rohan covered her mouth, not wanting to be heard and interrupted. Anjali neared climax. She reached around his hips and grabbed his firm ass and pulled him even deeper inside of her. Rohan ejaculated forcefully and began grinding his cock into her cervix. Anjali's orgasm erupted. Her body shook as the exquisite sensation of release rocketed through her body.

Rohan stayed inside her - allowing her pussy to squeeze every ounce of cum from his cock. The sexual aftershocks continued to pleasure Anjali as she continued to enjoy Rohan's manhood. Eventually, they composed themselves and got up. Anjali adjusted her dress and composure. She presented her thong to Rohan as a memento. Rohan led her out of the club and hailed a cab. He helped her in and told the driver to take Anjali back to her hotel.

Anjali said, "You're not joining me?"

Rohan smiled and laughed, "I can't. I have a date."

Anjali laughed loudly as Rohan shut the cab door. As the cab drove off, the driver asked her, "Madam, is this your first trip to Jaipur?"

Anjali smiled, "Yes, but not the last."

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