tagGroup SexAnn: A Love Story Ch. 28

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 28


The van that had been following us turned off the road we were on about 10 miles back. But before they did, they pulled up next to us one last time. The woman in the passenger seat, who was looking more relaxed, and frankly, more attractive by the second, held up a sign of their own. 'See you at 6' was all it said, and then her husband slowed down so they could turn. She gave us a nervous little wave, as he pulled into the turn lane to go left across the divided highway.

"Do you think they'll really come?" I asked Tina.

"He's going to...I'm going to make sure of it. Whether she cums or not is up to you, James. Unless she wants me to help her...but I think that's probably a bit of a stretch."

"You know what I meant, Pussy. Do you think they're back at their house changing their minds right now?"

"Truthfully, I don't know. I hope not. He was cute, and she was hot."

"You got THAT good of a look at them bent over like you were?"

"Well, I can tell you that she's got killer legs. And she looked pretty good for having a couple of kids, even upside down."


The Camaro seemed to drive itself the rest of the way to the hotel. Tina and I were passing the time talking about what had happened during the day. Not about the interviews, or what I had done with Carol, or what she and I had done on the mountain together. We didn't even talk any more about the couple that we'd kind of, sort of, invited to meet us at the hotel. Tina wanted to share her day; what she'd done during the time we'd been apart.

Tina gave me a detailed synopsis of all the things she's seen and done. She gave me a pretty thorough overview of the area. Besides shopping, she talked about the main things you would look for. Schools, health care facilities, restaurants, etc. She talked about all the things to do and places to go. I was amazed at how much, well, recognizance that Tina was able to do from the time she dropped me off until when she picked me up.

I felt good about being able to give Ann some great information to help her know what it would be like to live in the area. Tina even said she'd gone out and taken some pictures of the plant I might be working at. She said it was still under construction, but it was a massive building. As I quickly looked at a couple photos she'd taken, I had to agree. It looked more like they were building a spaceship, like something out of Star Wars.

We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel a little after 5:00, and I closed the top of car while Tina grabbed the bags of stuff she'd bought. Taking Tina's hand, we walked calmly into the lobby. Johnny was there, a huge smile on his face to greet us.

"How was your day, Mr. Thomas?"

"Fine thanks. Is Tammy in today?" I asked.

"Yes Sir. She's at the front desk, looking as radiant as ever, Sir."

"Did you have anything to do with that?" Tina asked.

"Yes Miss Roberts. I had the privilege of dining with her a little while ago. I owed her after yesterday."

"Did you eat WITH her...or did you eat her?" Tina asked. Johnny's grin answered for him, and she asked, "So. How was it?"

"Everything I've dreamed it would be. Is there anything I can do for the two of you? Anything at all?" he said, bouncing up and down, eager to please us as well.

I smiled. "Not right now, Johnny. But I'll be sure to let you know if we need you."

"Very well, Sir."

"That's one happy puppy," Tina said when we walked away, commenting on how Johnny was acting.

"Yeah, and apparently he's been busy lapping," I said with a laugh.

I walked through the lobby with Tina on my arm. With me in my suit, and her in her dress, I felt like royalty walking across the marble floor. Tammy saw us, and she had a sheepish grin on her face as we approached the front desk.

"Good Afternoon, Agent Nichols. Do I have any messages?"

"No, Mr. Bond. How did things go today?"

"Great, I think. I feel pretty good about it."

"That's fantastic. So the mission may end up being a success?"

"It has been so far," Tina said, staring at Tammy's neck. She had a fresh young man-made blemish there, which was totally out of character. Tina became agitated, and snapped. "Agent Nichols, it that a hickey on your neck!"

"Yes," she said, crooking her neck to try and hide it after the fact.

"How can you compromise yourself like that? You could have jeopardized the entire mission. What happened?"

"Johnny got carried away. I'm sorry Pussy."

"That's Agent, or Miss Galore. And as the senior Agent on site, I have no choice but to report you to headquarters."

Tammy was shocked at first, but she finally caught that Tina's anger was all part of the game we were still playing. Playing along, she said, "Please don't Miss Galore. I can't afford to be reassigned again." I laughed a little at Tammy's made up reaction.

"What am I supposed to do? I have protocol to follow."

"Please. I'm begging you. I'll end up in Alaska this time. I'll do anything."

Those were the magic words Tina was looking for. And in truth, I think Tammy wanted to say them. Tina jumped all over it as soon as they came out of Tammy's mouth.

"That's right, you will! It's apparent that you need more training, Agent Nichols. If you don't want headquarters to discipline you again, I may just have to do it myself. What time is your cover job over tonight?"

"Well, I'm supposed to be off at 6:00, but I know I have to hang over about an hour or so. My replacement called and she's going to be late tonight."

It was either a stroke of luck or a coincidence, depended on your point of view, but that meant Tammy would likely still be behind the counter when, or if, our guests arrived. Tina's mind was spinning, as she tried to figure out what she wanted to do with her newfound power over Tammy.

I wasn't thinking it would be some kind of bondage or S/M thing. That just wasn't Tina, really. And I wasn't really interested. I'd dabbled a little with it with Dawn, and while I knew there might come a time where I may want to delve into that side of my sexuality again, it wasn't in the theme of Bond to tie up a fellow Agent. Yet, that didn't mean Tina couldn't do something out of the norm. At that point, all kinds of things were running through my head, and I smiled at the possibilities.


Tina and I went up to our room and showered. We were tempted to do it together, but thought better of it. I was too charged up. Tina had let me fuck her in that little hideaway park at the top of the mountain, and she'd sucked me some on the drive back for the entertainment of the couple we had encountered there. But she didn't let me cum, and if she'd have been in the shower when I was, we may not have gotten out of there for a couple of hours.

I let her go first, and then I took a nice long hot shower. I probably should have considered a cold one, but I didn't want to shrivel and shrink. I was still somewhat skeptical that the guests we'd invited to whatever Tina had in mind would even show. It seemed a bit of a stretch that they'd really go through with it. If anything, my guess was that they'd just put their kids to bed early, and fuck each other silly thinking about the good old days.

I finished up getting ready, complete with a fresh shave of my cock and balls, and stepped out of the bathroom in my towel. Tina was freshly made up, but she was still naked as she sat on the edge of the bed, talking on the phone.

"See you soon!" she said, ended the conversation just as she noticed me.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"That was Melody."

"Who's Melody?"

Tina smiled wickedly, and she stood up and hugged me as she looked into my eyes. "She's our friend with the black minivan. She and Kyle will be here in twenty minutes."

"And Kyle would be?"

"Her husband, silly. Now hurry up and get dressed. We need to be down in the bar when they get here. I have another call to make."

I was stunned. They were actually going to show up, and they bothered to take the time to confirm first.

"Doesn't that seem odd to you?" I asked Tina, wondering about just how polite it was, like they were confirming a reservation.

"No...it seems like something a wife and mother would do. She's just being practical. She is getting a sitter, after all. All I did was give her a quick rundown of who we are and what we're doing, so they could come ready to have some fun. Dress nice, James...like I said, we're meeting them in the bar downstairs."

I got dressed in a pair of black pants and a white dress shirt, along with the blazer I brought for the interview. It was more casual than the suit Ann had sent, but I thought it fit the bill. That was, until I saw Tina emerge from the bedroom.

She was wearing a shiny silver camisole dress that was mid-thigh. The front scooped down past her breasts, almost to her navel. The back scooped down lower, all the way to the crack of her luscious ass.

The dress was held up by two silver chains that ran from shoulder to shoulder across the front and back along her collarbone. Without them, the two thin straps that hung on her shoulders would have easily slid off. The chains only added to the sexiness of the outfit. Tina also had on another new pair of pumps. These were silver, to match the dress, and were similar to the red ones except they had an ankle strap.

"How do I look, James?"

"Perfect, Pussy. Absolutely perfect."

"Thanks, stud. You know, you might want to..."

"Way ahead of you," I said as I got out of the jacket and started to change back into my suit. The pants still looked pretty good, and the jacket was fine. I kept on the new white dress shirt, which helped me feel fresh. But Tina added the finishing touch. She pulled out a black bow tie from out of nowhere, and tied it on for me. It was a good thing, since I didn't know how. It made me wonder how she did. I was sure she picked up the tie during her shopping, but knowing how to expertly tie one was another thing all together. I looked in the mirror, and it was exactly like something Bond would wear to a bar or nightclub.

"There. Now you look like Bond," she said as she looked at her handy work, saying what I had just been thinking.

I put the holster back on and put the jacket over it.

"Are you packing," I asked Tina, nodding toward her crotch.

She grabbed mine, fondling my cock and balls, and said, "Yes I am, but not as much as you are."

"I can't believe you have that strapped to your thigh in that little dress."

"Me either. I can tell you it feels pretty great though. Every time I take a step, the butt of the gun hits my clit."

"It sounds to me like you planned it that way."

"No, there's just not a lot of room down there. But I can tell you, either the gun is going to go off, or I am," she said with a smile.


As we stood in the bar, waiting on the waitress to bring us our drinks, I asked Tina who she had called.

"I called down to Tammy. I wanted to give her some instructions about what I need her to do." Tina winked, and I knew she wasn't going to be any more forthcoming with answers than she already had, so there was no sense asking any more questions. Unless of course, I wanted to interrogate her to make her talk.

I'm not sure why, but I ordered a Bond. Vodka martini; shaken, not stirred. I wasn't really a martini drinker. Or a mixed drink drinker for that matter. My taste ran from beer to wine, depending on the setting. But I felt compelled to order it, in a way.

I thought it would sound odd ordering it, but the waitress just smiled and nodded. Tina had a white wine, and we sat down and waited for our guests to arrive. It was surreal; a double blind date, but with a couple. I was a little nervous, but the martini calmed me pretty quick, and it was better than I expected. Tina was cool, her mind formulating her symbiotic plan where one event would unfold and intertwine with another. There was very little talking between us. She was plotting and scheming, directing what she hoped would happen in her mind before they got there. I was listening to the live band.

And we waited. And waited. Before long, it was well past the time we were told they would meet us. The Bond watch that Ann had sent me had them over twenty minutes late.

"They're not coming, Pussy," I said as I sipped my second martini.

"They'll be here, James. They have kids. They just can't pick up and leave at the drop of a hat. Be patient."

"That's easy for you to say. I believe I gave you a couple of huge orgasms...but I seem to remember you fucking and sucking me and there was no happy ending."

"Your whining is not very becoming of you, stud. You know it's only going to be better because you had to wait. And remember...this is a big step for her, and for him. Do try and be the charming and suave James Bond I know. Please don't be in a rush to get your rocks off just because I didn't do it for you."

"That could be a problem," I said with a smile.


I nodded toward the entrance of the bar. There stood Tammy, who was looking around the room. Standing next to her was the happy couple...or the nervous couple. They were nervously happy. Kyle stood about 5'10, and he was both handsome and fit, with dark hair. His wife, Melody, was a knockout, proving that the body below the window of the van that was just as gorgeous as her face. She stood equal to Kyle, so her three-inch heels put her at 5'7", and her short blue dress confirmed Tina's assessment that she had killer legs. She also had a very nice rack. Her lowcut dress showed a lot of her 36D cleavage. She was shifting from foot to foot as she scanned the room, holding her clutch in front of her with both hands. That caused her arms to create the wonderful side effect of pushing those nice melons together and jutting them out.

Tammy saw us, and pointed toward where we were sitting. Tina made a little wave, gesturing them over to us. I could see Kyle smile at Tina, while Melody gave a bashful grin. It wasn't hard to tell, even from across the darkened room, that she was turning a delightful shade of red.

Leading them to us, Tammy was very professional. But she also looked nervous, which made me wonder why.

"James, Pussy...I'd like to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Kramer."

Kyle stuck out his hand and said, "Actually, that's just our cover names...Kyle and Melody Kramer. But Bond and I have worked a lot of missions together over the years. Good to see you again, James." He winked at me, and I immediately realized he was more than willing to play our game with Tina and me. It was amazing to me that seemingly everyone we came into close contact with wanted to be a part of our little fantasy. But I think I was more amazed that everyone seemed to know Bond...well.

Taking a guess that I'd be right, I said, "Felix Leiter...how good to see you. How have you been?"

"Good. I know it's been a long time since you've seen her, but this is Honey Ryder. You two were together on that island, I believe." Melody smiled as she hunched her shoulders a little. She was embarrassed, either by her new name, the situation she had gotten herself in, or perhaps a little of both.

I took her hand and kissed the back of it. "Of course I remember Honey. Who could forget her in that lovely white bikini, looking for seashells on the beach? I'm Bond. James Bond."

Melody giggled and said, "Nice to meet you. I mean...nice to see you...again James."

Tina kicked me lightly on the leg, and said, "Are you going to introduce me properly, James, or are you going to continue to undress her with your eyes?"

"I was thinking about using my hands, actually," I said as I looked into Melody's deep brown eyes, which widened when she heard what I said. I smiled, and turned to Kyle.

"Felix, I'm not sure you've met one of the CIA's newest agents. This is Miss Pussy Galore. She helped me on a mission in Tennessee a few years back, and signed on with you boys in Langley not that long ago."

Kyle leaned in and kissed Tina on the cheek. "I've not had the pleasure of getting to know Pussy. But I'm looking forward to it."

Tammy rolled her eyes and let out a little laugh. Tina snapped her head and said, "Do you find this funny, Agent Nichols?"

"No, Miss Galore," Tammy said, looking down at the floor.

"I didn't think so. Go get things ready like I told you, and then call Johnny to let us know when everything is set."

Tammy nodded and turned, practically running toward the entrance of the bar.

Tina shook her head. "I'm sorry about Agent Nichols. She's a new agent, and she has a lot to learn."

"Are you in charge of training her?" Kyle asked, trying to get a read on what was going on.

"Sort of. She's currently assigned here, and I've taken her under my wing. But this is my last night with her...so hopefully, she'll get an eyeful of what it takes to be a successful female Agent."

Melody looked at Kyle, but he just smiled and shrugged and ordered some drinks for him and his wife. We sat down at our dark table in the corner. The guys and girls sat across from each other, so I had Tina to my left and Melody to my right. When the drinks were delivered, Kyle took a long draw on his beer.

Putting his mug back on the table, he said, "So, James. What cover are you using on this mission?"

Tina and I had a distinct advantage. At least, that's what I thought. I didn't know what Tina had told Melody on the phone. We knew their real names, but I didn't know if they knew ours. I toyed with the idea of keeping that secret, but I worried about the inequity that would create for the evening. I didn't want to do anything that would be a deal breaker. "I'm Neil Thomas, who's a manufacturing supervisor from Indiana. And Pussy is Tina Roberts. She supposedly owns a beauty salon."

Kyle sat back and said, "How do those two relate on a mission?"

I felt compelled to give them a version of the real reason Tina and I were there. I wanted them to be a part of the fantasy, if the wanted to. But I also felt that we needed to be honest. So I spun it in a way that bound the two together.

I had just finished, when a cute waitress came over and said, "Which one of you two girls is Pussy?" Tina raised her hand, and the girl said, "Dammit", and handed her a note.

"What's the problem?" Tina asked.

"Nothing. I just lost a bet, that's all."

"A bet?"

"Yes. I thought this was a prank, and that you'd be insulted. How was I to know?"

"Who did you bet?"

"A kid named Johnny...the notes from him."

"What did you bet?"

"I'd...rather not say," she said with a smile. "I just can't believe he was telling the truth."

"Sorry to disappoint," Tina said as she opened the note.

"Oh, you didn't. The name fits you, sweetie." Tina smiled, but didn't dwell on whether that was praise or an insult. In her mood, she was only going to take it as a positive.

She read the contents of the note, and stood up. "It's time for us to go. Dinner's almost ready."


Tina had taken the liberty of ordering dinner for all of us, to be delivered to our room. We all rode up the elevator together, with Melody still clinging tightly to Kyle, which was understandable. She was nervous. But she was also loosening up, and I was sure the glass of wine she had in he bar helped.

When we got to the room, the dinner hadn't arrived yet. So, we sat in the living room area and made small talk, trying to get to know one another while still playing the spy game. Kyle was my age, 28, while Melody was 26. They'd been married 6 years, and they had two girls. One was 3, and the other was about to turn 1. Kyle and Melody had been much like Ann and I, or Dawn and I...or at the moment, Tina and I. They had been adventurous and daring sexually. But along came kids, and the stigma that comes with that incredible responsibility totally changed that side of their lives together.

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